Rorick Farm Cemetery

Town of Ridgeway, Orleans County, New York

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BLAKEMAN, Alfred May 7, 1782 Aug 8, 1821  
HAYWARD, Lucinda BRACE 1793 Aug 29, 1821 Wife of Elisha HAYWARD, Dau of Joseph BRACE
HOWELL, Cynthia 1781 Feb 14, 1832 1st Wife of Col. Gilbert HOWELL
HOWELL, Cynthia 1816 Jul 20, 1826 Daughter of Col. Gilbert HOWELL & Cynthia
HOWELL, Gilbert Col. 1776 Dec 16, 1848 Hus of Cynthia & Phebe (Died: Ridgeway, NY)
HOWELL, Phebe 1792 Mar 30, 1855 2nd Wife of Col. Gilbert HOWELL
MORRISON, John 1792 Sep 9, 1828  

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