Town of Albion - C

CAHILL Lawrence 50 M Ireland Laborer 725
  Ann 35 Wife Ireland    
  Margaret 8 Daughter Orleans    
  Johanna 6 Daughter Orleans    
  Mary 4 Daughter Orleans    
  Ellen 2 Daughter Orleans    
CAIN John 40 M Ireland Laborer 671
  Ann 36 Wife Ireland    
  James H. 10 Son Orleans    
  William J. 7 Son Orleans    
  Mary J. 6 Daughter Orleans    
  Richard 3 Son Orleans    
  Joseph M. 6 mo Son Orleans    
  Willie 12 Adopted Son Orleans    
CALHOUN James       see ALVORD 524
CAMPBELL Edwin       see ERWIN 493
CAMPBELL Robert       see Jaynes 209
CAMPDEN Mary       see PORTER 509
CARPENTER         see DOLAN 199
CARPENTER Charles       see COANN 627
CARY         see BENTLEY 211
CARY Eliza       see THOMAS 468
CASTALDI Rev. John 28 M Italy Roman Catholic Priest 217
Cunningham Michael 30 M Ireland Servant  
Blake Ann 30 F Ireland Servant  
CASTLE Philo A. 36 M Canada Hotelkeeper 306
  Franciski (Murphy) 22 Wife MD    
Castle Lewis G. 27 Brother Genesee Livery  
Murphy Miss Georgia 24 Sister-in-law MD    
Bayne David 30 M Orleans Hotel Clerk  
Flynn Bridget 27 Servant Ireland Waiter  
Linehan Mary 20 Servant Ireland Waiter  
Miller Jessie 26 Servant Ireland Cook  
Smith Jennie 18 Servant Ireland Cook  
Sullivan Kate 24 Servant Ireland Chambermaid  
Weed Harry 64 Servant CT Porter  
Chamberlain William J. 58 Boarder Cayuga Merchant  
Coann Rev. Edwin 34 Boarder Oneida Epis. Clergy  
Coann Florence 25 Boarder Jefferson    
Coann Charles 2 Boarder Oneida    
Goodsell Thomas 43 Boarder Oneida Civil Engineer  
Goodsell Henrietta 29 Boarder Montgomery    
Goodsell Ada 9 Boarder Orleans    
Gordon Charles 18 Boarder MA    
Rawson Martin E. 25 Boarder Orleans Clothier  
Rawson Hattie E. (Farnham) 25 Boarder Orleans    
See Jerome 35 Boarder Orleans Miller  
See Gertrude 35 Boarder IN    
Sickels Charles 24 Boarder Cayuga Clerk  
Squire Eckley 14 Boarder Orleans    
Thomas Myron P. 33 Boarder Orleans Clerk  
Thompson Irving M. 34 Boarder Ireland Lawyer  
Vaile Miss Elizabeth J. 30 Boarder Orleans Physician  
CASTOR Phoebe       see DIBBLE 684
CATON Ellen       see McCONNELL 470
CATON Jeffrey       see FIELD 443
CHAMBERLAIN William       see CASTLE 306
CHAMBERLAIN William       see TUCKER 455
CHATSEY Miss Augusta 23 F Monroe Teacher 491
Beston Miss Lydia 36 F Orleans    
CHESTER Andrew J. 49 M CT Bank Cashier 533
  Elizabeth W. 43 Wife NJ    
  Frank 13 Son Orleans    
  Libbie F. 6 Daughter Orleans    
Flagg Mary 16 Boarder IN    
Shearer Susan A.E. 21 F Orleans Servant  
CHRISTIE Capt. James 64 M Scotland   545
  Hannah Samantha 43 2nd Wife Monroe nee Randall  
CHURCH Fidelia (Sanford) 40 F Orleans Widow of John 299
Sanford Miss Maria L. 27 Sister Orleans Dressmaker  
CHURCH Sanford E. 50 M Otsego Lawyer 460
  Ann (Wild) 46 Wife NH    
  Nellie 17 Daughter Orleans    
Church Miss Aurelia 47 Sister Otsego    
Kingsley Charlotte 25 F Orleans Servant  
CLARK         see BROWN 499
CLARK Abram V. 58 M VT Manufacturer 185
Buchanan Mary 24 F Allegany Housekeeper  
Buchanan Lucy 28 F Allegany Housekeeper  
Brown Levi 55 Boarder Canada Weaver/Widower  
Klino Christian 20 Boarder Prussia Spinner  
McGannon Delia 27 Boarder Ireland Weaver  
Miller Robert 21 Boarder Genesee Spinner  
VanDerkar Peter 49 Boarder Albany Foreman  
CLARK Asa       see SMITH 271
CLARK Caroline Rathbun 40 Twice Widowed Monroe Widow of Thomas 565
  Charles D. 22 Son Orleans Printer  
  Hattie F. 20 Daughter Orleans    
  Augusta R. 19 Daughter Orleans    
  Thomas S. 17 Son Orleans Telephone Operator  
  Frederick J. 12 Son Orleans    
CLARK Myron       see Davis 472
CLARK Roswell 60 M Albany   224
  Eliza M. 54 Wife Albany    
  Edmund F. 20 Son Orleans Clerk  
  Roswell S. 18 Son Orleans    
Croose Job 34 Boarder England Soldier  
Croose Rebecca 44 Servant England    
McCarty Johanna 19 Servant Ireland    
CLARK Samuel       see ABEEL 569
CLARK Truman 33 M Orleans Bookkeeper 613
  Helen 30 Wife Orleans    
  Hattie 3 Daughter Orleans    
CLARK Zephiniah 70 M MA   477
  Sophia A. (McHare) 54 3rd Wife Albany    
  Howard K. 18 Son Orleans Telephone Operator  
  Fannie M. 15 Daughter Orleans    
  Franklin 13 Son Orleans    
  Kittie S. 11 Daughter Orleans    
Lavery Minnie 25 F Orleans Servant  
CLEARY Lawrence 24 M Ireland Laborer 655
  Nellie 28 Wife Ireland    
  Mary 2y 6m Daughter Orleans    
  Daniel 1 Son Orleans    
CLEMENT Laura A. 60 F Oneida Baker/Widow of Joseph 495
Devereaux Daniel T. 35 Boarder Chautauqua    
Devereaux Louise E. (Taylor) 28 Boarder Niagara Wife of Daniel T.  
Titus Charles F. 23 Boarder Monroe Picture Dealer  
CLEVELAND Benjamin P. 51 M Madison Shoemaker 498
  Caroline D. 40 Wife Monroe    
  Henry D. 25 Son Monroe Shoemaker  
  Frances E. 10 Daughter Orleans    
Phelps Virgil P. 32 Boarder Orleans Clerk  
Phelps Aflinda 29 Boarder Orleans Wife of Virgil P.  
Phelps Blanche 2 Boarder Orleans Their Daughter  
Sawyer James M. 29 Boarder Tompkins Shoemaker  
CLEVELAND John 41 M Orleans Shoemaker 603
  Sophronia 41 Wife Monroe    
  Augustine 20 Son MI    
  Sarah 19 Daughter MI    
CLIFF George       see KING 292
CLIFFORD         see LOOMIS 243
CLOAKEY Eliza       see DORRANCE 557
CLOSE Gilbert 70 M CT Farmer 163
  Lucy P. (Hobby) 70 Wife CT    
  Caroline 38 Daughter CT    
Griswold Charles 29 Son-in-law Orleans Clerk  
Griswold Frankie (Close) 26 Daughter Orleans    
Meade Eliza (Close) 72 Sister CT Widow  
Cooper Miss Olive 29 Boarder Wyoning    
CLYDE George 35 M Orleans Erie Canal boat captain 141
  Jane (McGowan) 33 Wife Ireland    
  William 13 Son Orleans    
  George 12 Son Orleans    
  Helen 11 Daughter Orleans    
  Kate 8 Daughter Orleans    
  Henry 2 Son Orleans    
McGowan Jane 75 Mother-in-law Ireland Widow  
COANN         see CASTLE 306
COANN Ezra Titus 36 M Genesee Merchant 627
  Marcia H. (Clement) 37 Wife VT    
  Fannie M. 12 Daughter Orleans    
  Pearl C. 10 Son Orleans    
Benham Vina 15 F Orleans Servant  
Carpenter Charles 22 Boarder Orleans Clerk  
Coffee Kate 19 Boarder Orleans Servant  
Curtis Judson 22 Boarder Cattaraugus Clerk  
Fowler Hattie 21 Niece Genesee    
Perkins Jennie 38 F VT Clerk  
COANN Fannie (Hull) 68 F CT Widow of Ezra 540
Burrows Mainville 18 Boarder Orleans    
McDonald Elizabeth 25 Boarder Scotland Widow  
Tryon John F. 26 Boarder Livingston    
COATS Erastus 60 M Oneida Laborer 345
  Mary H. 59 Wife Ontario    
  Harriet 13 Niece Monroe    
COFFEY Jeremiah 48 M Ireland Laborer 678
  Johannah 34 Wife Ireland    
  Anna 8 Daughter Orleans    
  Millie 6 Daughter Orleans    
  Willie 4 Son Orleans    
  Bridget 3 Daughter Orleans    
  Thomas 1y 6m Son Orleans    
COFFEY Kate       see COANN 627
COFFEY Michael 55 M Ireland Laborer 727
  Elizabeth (Toban) 44 Wife Ireland    
  Julia 20 Daughter Albany    
  Michael 14 Son Orleans    
  Patrick 12 Son Orleans    
  John 10 Son Orleans    
Toban Julia 4 Niece Onondaga    
COHOON Edwin 47 M CT Painter 144
  Julia (Backus) 45 Wife CT    
  Francis E. 22 Son OH    
  Adah J. 20 Daughter Monroe    
  Emma E. 18 Daughter Monroe    
  Elihu B. 14 Son Monroe    
  Augustus C. 10 Son Monroe    
  Ida S. 4 Daughter Monroe    
COLBURN Dr. Hanford 65 M MA Physician 296
  Nancy 60 Wife CT    
Smith Caroline A. 38 Daughter Tioga Widow  
Smith Henry C. 12 Grandson Oswego    
Staats Samuel W. 31 Son-in-law Canada Cotton Dealer  
Staats Eliza J. (Colburn) 31 Daughter Oswego    
Staats Kate 12 Granddaughter Tompkins    
Staats Carrie 7 Granddaughter WI    
COLBURN Abijah B. 35 M VT Lumberman 585
  Anna Eliza 32 Wife Allegany    
  George 3 Son Orleans    
COLBURN Caleb 45 M VT Lumberman 584
  Elizabeth (Hill) 38 Wife England    
  Charles H. 15 Son Allegany    
  Frank 6 Son Allegany    
COLBY Jesse 52 M Monroe Farmer 412
  Sarah 50 Wife Cayuga    
COLDEN Michael       see WHITE 377
COLE         see POWELL 418
COLE Dan H. 54 M Cayuga Senator 214
  Frances M. (Elliott) 48 Wife Monroe    
  Mary J. 24 Daughter Orleans    
  Joseph 17 Son Orleans    
  Dan H. Jr. 15 Son Orleans    
Cole Miss Laura A. 63 Sister Cayuga    
COLE Robert 48 M England Carpenter/Widower of Angeline 365
  Henry 22 Son Orleans    
  George 20 Son Orleans    
  Jane 16 Daughter Orleans    
COLE Rynalds D. 25 M New York Nurseryman 564
  Libbie 23 Wife Brooklyn    
  Stanton 2 Son Orleans    
  Albert 4 mo Son Orleans    
Reynolds Miss Jane 17 F Canada Servant  
COLEMAN Henry       see LINDEN 680
COLLINS Hannah       see HOPKINS 258
COLLINS Harry B. 52 M Herkimer Painter 574
  Louisa J. (Hale) 40 Wife Orleans    
  Caroline 19 Daughter Orleans    
COLLINS Milton       see FIELD 444
COLLINS Patrick 36 M Ireland Laborer 440
  Julia 33 Wife Ireland    
  Esther H. 14 Daughter Erie    
  William 9 Son Orleans    
COLLINS Susan 43 F Ireland Washerwoman/Widow of Michael 423
  William 22 Son Orleans    
  John 15 Son Orleans    
  Julia 10 Daughter Orleans    
  Robert 7 Son Orleans    
  Alice 4 Daughter Orleans    
  Annie 2 Daughter Orleans    
COLLINS Willis P. 64 M CT Grain Dealer 620
  Harriet W. (Fitch) 44 2nd Wife Orleans    
  Fitch P. 18 Son Orleans    
Gormley Bridget 23 F Ireland Servant  
COMSTOCK         see SMITH 668
CONNOR Julius A.       see CURTIS 215
CONNOR Stephen 36 M Orleans Clothing Cutter 555
  Sarah 33 Wife Orleans    
  Alice 15 Daughter Orleans    
  George 8 Son Genesee    
  Fred 4 Son Genesee    
COOLEY Mary C. 38 F Onondaga Widow of H.P. 441
Leroy Sarah 28 Boarder Erie    
COOMEY         see ACHILLES 462
COON Abigail       see MUNDERBACH 542
COON Merrick       see BATES 231
COOPER Lydia A.       see STILES 352
COOPER Olive       see CLOSE 163
CORNELIUS Miss Elizabeth       see MILLER 320
CORNELL         see TUCKER 455
CORNELL Thomas M. 46 M Saratoga Bank Cashier 661
  Jane M. (Cole) 44 Wife Washington    
  Mary A. 12 Daughter Orleans    
  J. William 10 Son Orleans    
Farrell Mag 30 F Ireland Servant  
COULSON William 36 M England Blacksmith 234
  Elizabeth 32 Wife England    
  William M. 9 Son Canada    
  Ralph J. 6 Son Canada    
  Samuel J. 5 Son Canada    
  Thomas 2 Son Canada    
COUNSELL Henry W. 30 M Monroe Milliner 500
  Elizabeth A. 24 Wife Germany Milliner  
  William A. 5 Son Ontario    
  Charles 2 mo Son Orleans    
Dunham Amelia 19 Boarder Livingston Milliner  
Squire Amelia 19 Boarder Ontario Milliner  
Brooks Nancy 19 Boarder Orleans Milliner  
COVENEY Ann       see PAINE 283
COX George 49 M Greene Carpenter 563
  Martha 43 Wife VT    
  Jero 18 Son Orleans    
  Ella 15 Daughter Orleans    
  Sarah 3 Daughter Orleans    
Tibbitts Miss Delia 29 Boarder Oneida    
CRASMAN John       see TAYLOR 318
CREGO         see GREEN 520
CREGO Abram 68 M VT Laborer 194
  S. Margaret (Eyghama) 65 Wife Greene    
  Warren H. 23 Son Onondaga Soldier  
CROOSE         see CLARK 224
CUNNINGHAM Michael       see CASTALDI 217
CURRAN Dennis       see STEWART 464
CURRAN George 25 M Orleans Soldier 756
  Sarah (Sears) 20 Wife Orleans    
  John 6 Son Orleans    
CURRAN John P. 30 M Herkimer Laborer 755
  Almeda 17 Wife Orleans    
CURRY Amos F. 40 M Tompkins F.M. Clergy 146
  Electa E. 33 Wife Allegany    
  Thornton F. 4 Son Cattaraugus    
  Lena M. 2y 6m Daughter Allegany    
Abbey Celia A. 48 Boarder Albany    
CURTIS Hiram 61 M MA Manufacturer 215
  Mary (Dodge) 46 Wife Onondaga    
  George 21 Son Orleans Soldier/Married  
  Cordelia 18 Daughter Orleans    
  Ada 13 Daughter Orleans    
Curtis George A. 21 Nephew WI Farmer  
Connor Julius A. 46 Boarder Erie Soldier  
Henion Tunis A. 46 Boarder Orleans Carpenter  
Howard Charles B. 21 Boarder Herkimer Soldier  
Kirby John 23 Boarder Orleans Soldier  
Randall Clark 34 Boarder Orleans Soldier/Widower  
Randall Charles A. 12 Boarder OH    
Randall Thomas A. 9 Boarder OH    
Rich Albert 21 Boarder   Machinist  
Snyder James H. 21 Boarder Rensselaer Soldier  
CURTIS Judson       see COANN 627
CURTIS Nancy 55 F Seneca Widow of Henry R. 456
  Henry R. 22 Son Orleans    
Dolley Jeptha G. 33 Boarder Orleans Homeopathic  

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