Town of Barre - C

CADY Henry R.       See BENEDICT 101-D1
CALKINS James 42 M Orleans Carpenter 74-D3
  Jane 38 Wife Genesee    
  Sarah S. 15 Daughter Orleans    
  M. Alice 13 Daughter Orleans    
  Anjenette 7 Daughter Orleans    
  Edwin 2y 4m Son Orleans    
CALLARD Elizabeth       See COLLINS 60-D3
CALLARD George 47 M England Laborer 93-D3
  Mary 45 Wife England    
  John 23 Son England Laborer  
  William H. 12 Son England    
  Charles 7 Son Orleans    
CAMPBELL Edward       See FELLOWS 186-D2
CARMAN James 54 M Cayuga Farmer 232-D2
  Emily 42 Wife Oswego    
JOHNSON Delia 14 F Herkimer Servant  
CARPENTER Alvin 23 M Saratoga Laborer 154-D3
  Sarah A. 23 Wife PA    
  Chrisey 3y 11m Son Orleans    
  Addison 11 mo Son Orleans    
CARPENTER Daniel 68 M Saratoga Farmer 295-D2
  Fanny G. (Stiles) 59 Wife VT    
  Electa E. 25 Daughter Orleans    
  Wilbur H. 24 Son Orleans    
  Charles C. 21 Son Orleans    
  Sarah W. 18 Daughter Orleans    
CARPENTER David F. 49 M Saratoga Laborer 166-D3
  Amanda 47 Wife Saratoga    
  Jane E. 18 Daughter Orleans    
  Adelbert D. 12 Son Orleans    
  Angelia 6 Daughter Orleans    
CARPENTER Franklin 27 M Orleans Boatman 67-D2
  Jeanette (Grinnell) 26 Wife Orleans    
  Newell 3 Son Orleans    
CARPENTER Polly 55 Mother Cortland    
CARR Sophia       See ALLEN 114-D3
CARR William 46 M England Farmer 123-D2
  Esther (Hubbard) 44 Wife MA    
  Charles 16 Son Orleans    
  John 9 Son Orleans    
  Alice 1y 6m Daughter Orleans    
NAPIER Rosetta 20 F Saratoga Domestic  
CARTER Eliza       See WILDER 230-D3
CASATT Eliza       See PAINE 186-D3
CASE         See MARTIN 40-D2
CASE John 46 M Albany Farmer 23-D1
  Martha 44 Wife Onondaga    
  William H. 12 Son Orleans    
CASE Orson Monroe 23 M Orleans Farmer 226-D2
  Sarah A. (Wybrow) 20 Wife England    
CASE Wanton 54 M MA Farmer 256-D3
  Maria 52 Wife Rensselaer    
  Rhoda 16 Adopted Orleans    
CASH John T. 49 M Germany Farmer 104-D1
  Barbara 44 Wife Germany    
  Elizabeth 19 Daughter Oneida    
  Albert 17 Son Oneida    
  Caroline 9 Daughter Oneida    
  Elizabeth 6 Daughter Oneida    
  Mary 4 Daughter Oneida    
CHADBOURNE Samuel 60 Hus #2 England Farmer 150-D3
  Elizabeth 65 Wife #2 Westchester    
CHAFFEE Michael 48 M Monroe Farmer 114-D2
  Betsey 48 Wife Orleans    
  Alonzo 17 Son Orleans Farmer  
  Bradner 15 Son Orleans    
  Edwin 12 Son Orleans    
  Andrew 5 Son Orleans    
CHAMBERS William 40 M Monroe Laborer 34-D3
  Rhoda J. 34 Wife Orleans    
  Emma E. 6 Daughter Orleans    
  Willie 3 Son Orleans    
  Burton 1 Son Orleans    
SKINNER John 26 Boarder England    
CHAPIN Marvin E. 77 M VT Farmer 109-D2
  Lucinda 62 Wife Montgomery    
CHAPIN C. M. 40 M MA Farmer 235-D3
  Harriet E. 33 Wife Orleans    
CHATTENDON Dewitt       See WHITNEY 50-D1
CHENEY John       See Orleans County Home 315-D2
CHURCH John 53 M CT Farmer 247-D3
  Mary 56 Wife Monroe    
  Frances 26 Daughter Orleans    
  Charles M. 23 Son Orleans    
CHURCH Perry W. 30 M Orleans Farmer 248-D3
  Rosetta S. 25 Wife Orleans    
POMPEL Frank 19 M Germany Servant  
CLAPP Benjamin Dr. 58 M Albany Physician 139-D2
  Laura 53 Wife #2 Genesee    
  Laura A. 18 Daughter Orleans    
CLAPPER Barnard 38 M Rensselaer Farmer 53-D1
  Sarah Jane 39 Wife MA    
  Alvira 9 Daughter Rensselaer    
  Mary 5 Daughter Rensselaer    
BILLS William L. 23 Stepson Rensselaer    
BILLS Charles H. 20 Stepson Rensselaer    
BILLS Albert 18 Stepson Rensselaer    
BILLS Frank 11 Stepson Rensselaer    
CLARE William G. 44 M CT Shoemaker 44-D1
  Mary 32 Wife Canada    
  William H. 14 Son Orleans    
CLARK         See SHOLTS 285-D3
CLARK A. Matilda 38 F Orleans Widow of Thomas 171-D2
  Julia A. 11 Daughter Orleans    
  James B. 6 Son Orleans    
  Flora M. 10 mo Daughter Orleans    
ANNIS Sophia 20 F Germany Servant  
CLARK Ann       See LINSLEY 221-D3
CLARK Caroline       See DANIELS 66-D3
CLARK E. Henry 34 M Orleans Farmer 152-D2
  Betsey 31 Wife Orleans    
  George H. 11 Son Orleans    
GOULD James 26 M NJ Farm Laborer  
CLARK Loammi 61 M Rensselaer Widower of Sally 247-D2
  Alzina 22 Daughter Orleans    
  Lucy A. 15 Daughter Orleans    
  Francis 25 Son Orleans    
  Jane 23 Daughter-in-Law Niagara    
  Hattie A. 2 Granddaughter Orleans    
  Benjamin L. 8 mo Grandson Orleans    
CLARK Lucy       See FARGO 238-D2
CLARK Matthew T. 32 M Rensselaer Farmer 62-D2
  Diana P. (Mattison) 40 Wife Columbia    
BOURNE Charles 21 M Orleans Farm Laborer  
CLARK Orra 70 M MA Farmer 128-D1
  Sophronia (Phelps) 60 Wife Orleans    
  Eber R. 23 Son Oneida Farmer  
  Laura E. 17 Daughter Orleans    
PATNODE Rasina 16 F Canada Servant  
CLARK Samuel 60 M England Farmer 162-D3
  Esther 62 Wife Herkimer    
  Harriet 17 Daughter Orleans    
CLARK Stephen 21 M Orleans Farmer 286-D3
  Elizabeth 18 Wife Orleans    
  Ada 2 Daughter Orleans    
CLARK Thomas J. 60 M Ontario Farmer 154-D2
  Abigail (Harding) 56 Wife CT    
BOYCE Josephine 32 Daughter Orleans Wife of Amos  
CLEAVOR John 46 M England Blacksmith 179-D2
  Hannah 38 Wife England    
  John S. 19 Son Niagara Farmer  
  George 12 Son Michigan    
  Fred 10 Son Michigan    
CLEMENT John 37 Hus #2 Montgomery Laborer 176-D3
  Emeline 35 Wife #2 NH    
  George   Son Orleans    
  John H. 13 Son Madison    
  Mary J. 12 Daughter Madison    
  Catherine M. 10 Daughter Orleans    
  Delia Ann   Daughter      
LUCE Laura          
CLIFF Annon       See PHELPS 207-D3
CLUTE Jacob       See Orleans County Home 315-D2
COATS Fred       See MOSHER 98-D3
COBB Esther       See HOPKINS 238-D3
COLE         See KELSEY 273-D3
COLE Cordelia       See Orleans County Home 315-D2
COLE Curtis 72 M Washington Farmer 115-D2
  Mary Gilbert 61 Wife Ontario    
TURNER Lydia A. 29 Niece Erie    
COLE Frank G.       See MATTISON 15-D3
COLE Veeder 37 M Orleans Farmer 122-D1
  Caroline C. (Smith) 36 Wife Orleans    
  Mary 3 Daughter Orleans    
  Clara 2 Daughter Orleans    
ALLISON Joshua 19 M Orleans Farm Laborer  
COLE William 45 M England Farmer 127-D2
  Mary A. 35 Wife Ireland    
  Margaret 13 Daughter Orleans    
  Martha 10 Daughter Orleans    
  Thomas 8 Son Orleans    
  Jennie 5 Daughter Orleans    
  Eddie 3 Son Orleans    
COLE William 68 M Otsego Farmer 272-D2
  Aseneth (Williams) 61 Wife Otsego    
  Winfield S. 19 Son Orleans    
COLLINS Lorenzo F. 56 M CT Merchant 60-D3
  Augusta (Butler) 52 Wife VT    
CALLARD Elizabeth 20 F England Servant  
COLLINS Lorenzo F. Jr. 25 M Orleans Merchant 61-D3
  Sophia 19 Wife Orleans    
CONKLIN Sophia 73 F MA Widow of Lee 5-D2
GATES Emily G. 67 Sister MA    
CONLEY Joseph       See Orleans County Home 315-D2
CONNELLY Dimis       See MIX 40-D3
COOK William       See TRUMAN 59-D1
COPE N. E.       See Orleans County Home 315-D2
CORNELL Mercy       See NICKERSON 95-D2
CORNELL Peter 56 M Dutchess Farmer 18-D2
  Jane 40 Wife England The Widow VanSTONE  
  Cornelius A. 22 Son Orleans Farmer  
  Isaac 20 Son Orleans Farmer  
  Amanda J. 15 Daughter Orleans    
VanSTONE John 14 Stepson Niagara    
  Ellen M. 12 Stepdaughter Niagara    
CORNELL Ruth A.       See MOSHER 98-D3
CORNELL Stephen 68 M MA Farmer 102-D1
  Mary 60 Wife Madison    
COX James W. 32 M Rensselaer Farmer 92-D3
  Caroline 32 Wife Rensselaer    
  Mary 11 Daughter Rensselaer    
  Eliza Ann 9 Daughter Orleans    
  Phebe C. 3y 7m Daughter Orleans    
  Caroline 1 mo Daughter Orleans    
COX Michael       See Orleans County Home 315-D2
CRAGEIN James       See STOCKHAM 269-D3
CRAIG Delia       See MORSE 36-D2
CRAMER Charles       See CULVER 200-D2
CRANDALL Christopher 55 M Cortland Farmer 113-D2
  Salomi (Whitmarsh) 53 Wife Cortland    
CRANE Alonzo 22 M Orleans Laborer 144-D3
  Lucy L. 19 Wife Orleans    
CRANE Harrison 26 M Orleans Farmer 143-D3
  Sophia H. 21 Wife Orleans    
BREED Henry E. 25 Boarder   Laborer  
BREED Annette 23 Wife Orleans    
BREED William J. 2y 4m Boarder's Son Orleans    
CRANE Jerra 67 M Saratoga Farmer 164-D3
  Orissa (Fisher) 65 Wife Otsego    
  Judson 35 Son Orleans Carpenter  
  Sophia 24 Daughter-in-Law Chautauqua    
  George 20 Son Orleans    
  Lewis 16 Son Orleans    
NOBLE Martha 30 Daughter Orleans    
NOBLE Sylvanus 32 Son-in-Law Orleans    
NOBLE Freddie 6 Grandson Orleans    
NOBLE Emma J. 4 Granddaughter Orleans    
CRANE Orrin D. 66 M Ontario Farmer 25-D1
  Mary W. 61 Wife #2 CT    
CRANE Stephen 37 M Orleans Horticulture 47-D2
  Mary E. 34 Wife Orleans    
  Floyd H. 13 Son Orleans    
  Carrie 6 Daughter Orleans    
  Sarah 3y 6m Daughter Orleans    
CREGO Abram 31 M Onondaga Farmer 138-D2
  Ellen M. (Fairfield) 27 Wife Orleans    
  Walter S. 7 Son Orleans    
  Ellsworth E. 3 Son Orleans    
  Eldredge C. 3 Son Orleans    
CREGO William 45 M Lewis Boatman 223-D2
  T. A. 43 Wife Saratoga    
CROMER Mary       See BRAGG 103-D2
CRONK John 38 M Albany Farmer 8-D2
  Susan H. 38 Wife Albany    
  Nathan H. 10 Son IL    
  William F. 8 Son Albany    
  Sarah B. 6 Daughter Monroe    
  Charlotte E. 5 Daughter Orleans    
BARBER Nathan 19 Boarder Herkimer    
CROSBY Sally       See Orleans County Home 315-D2
CROSS John       See Orleans County Home 315-D2
CROWELL Orpha S. 25 F Orleans Widow of Caleb 201-D2
BULL Sarah G. 45 Mother Rensselaer    
BULL Claude M. 20 Brother Genesee Farmer  
CROWELL William 53 M Ontario Farmer 202-D2
  Polly 56 Wife Monroe    
  Benjamin F. 12 Son Orleans    
CULLEN John       See WARNER 88-D3
CULVER Carrie       See PORTER 251-D3
CULVER Homer H.       See EDDY 191-D2
CULVER Oliver Perry 43 M Cayuga Farmer 195-D2
  Sarah Saloma 37 Wife VT nee BURNHAM  
  Daniel 17 Son Orleans    
  Mary 15 Daughter Orleans    
  George 10 Son Orleans    
  Milton L. 3y 6m Son Orleans    
CULVER Betsey Andrews 83 Mother Columbia Widow of Orange  
WHITE Milton 26 Nephew Cayuga Farmer  
ANDREWS John 17 M Germany Servant  
ANDREWS Hattie 14 F Germany Servant  
CULVER Orange A. 47 M Cayuga Farmer 200-D2
  Sarah W. 41 Wife Orleans    
  Emily S. 10 Daughter Orleans    
  Ellen P. 8 Daughter Orleans    
CRAMER Charles 18 M Orleans Farm Laborer  
CULVER William 49 M England Farmer 63-D1
  Ann (Kelly) 32 Wife Ireland    
  Lucy 12 Daughter Orleans    
  William 10 Son Orleans    
  Mary 8 Daughter Orleans    
  George 6 Son Orleans    
  Harriet 4 Daughter Orleans    
  Libbie 2 Daughter Orleans    
CURTIS Nathan 36 M Orleans Farmer 181-D3
  Mary 31 Wife Orleans    
  Fanny A. 9 Daughter Orleans    
  Blanche L. 3y 7m Daughter Orleans    
EMPSON Hannah 14 F England Domestic  
STUART Harry M. 9 Boarder New York City    
BANNISTER John 26 Boarder Orleans Farmer  
CURTIS Sally 65 F CT Widow of Solomon 158-D2
  John 36 Son CT Farmer  
  Samuel 30 Son CT Farmer  
  Elizabeth 20 Daughter CT    
CURTIS Solomon 65 M Otsego Farmer 182-D3
  Mariette 47 Wife Cayuga    
TOMLINSON Lucy 72 Boarder CT Widow of Curtis  
TOMLINSON Sophia 44 Boarder's Daughter Cayuga    
HAYDEN Clara 11 Boarder Orleans    
CUSHING Thomas Dr. 43 M Livingston Physician 312-D2
  Sarah A. (Crittenden) 35 Wife Livingston    
  Enos L. 14 Son PA    
  Clark Harding 12 Son PA    
  F. H. 9 Son PA    
  Mary L. 5 Daughter Orleans    

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