Town of Barre - D

DALY Malachue 27 M Livingston Farmer 194-D3
  Catherine 25 Wife Ireland    
DANIELS Mary A. Barker 40 F Orleans Widow of J. Q. A. 66-D3
  Wally A. 3y 5m Son Orleans    
  John 4 mo Son Orleans    
BARKER Sarah 78 Mother New York City Widow of Nathan  
CLARK Caroline 14 F Orleans Domestic  
DANOLDS         See GOULD 117-D1
DANOLDS William       See REED 77-D1
DARLING John H. 44 M Orleans Farmer 290-D3
  Harriet (Clark) 43 Wife Orleans    
ALLEN Eliza 40 F Orleans    
HART Joseph 70 M Saratoga Farmer  
HART Mary 64 Wife Saratoga    
LINDSAY Thomas 27 M Canada Servant  
DATES Adam       See Orleans County Home 315-D2
DAUM George Peter 37 M Germany Farmer 303-D2
  Luana 28 Wife Germany    
  Frank 8 Son Orleans    
  Caroline 6 Daughter Orleans    
  Frederick 5 Son Orleans    
  Henry 3 Son Orleans    
  Emma 1 Daughter Orleans    
DAVIS Adelia Loomis 36 F Orleans Widow of William 249-D3
DAVIS Andrew J.       See STANDISH 179-D3
DEAN         See PALMER 226-D3
DEERE Richard       See TANNER 69-D1
DeFOREST Walter 59 M Rensselaer Farmer 32-D1
  Martha 60 Wife Schoharie    
  W. Reed 22 Son Schoharie    
DeGERE Monroe       See GOFF 14-D1
DELAND Martha       See WRIGHT 251-D2
DELANO Milton B. 48 M Monroe Farmer 188-D2
  Mary A. (Marsh) 46 Wife Herkimer    
  Henry M. 24 Son MI    
  William 8 Son Orleans    
MARSH William 72 Father-in-Law VT Farmer  
MARSH Lucinda 69 Mother-in-Law VT    
FROST Susan 23 F England Domestic  
NELSON James 16 M VA Servant  
DENNISON Peter 47 M NJ Farmer 102-D3
  Mary 41 Wife Onondaga    
  George 17 Son Orleans    
  John 15 Son Orleans    
  Mary Ann 11 Daughter Orleans    
  Henry 7 Son Orleans    
  Ben F. 4 Son Orleans    
  Laura 1y 10m Daughter Orleans    
DENSMORE Ellery       See GATES 234-D3
DERBY Emma J.       See ELDRIDGE 224-D3
DESMOND Ann       See MASON 8-D1
DEUEN James 36 M England Farmer 228-D3
  Harriet 29 Wife England    
HICKEY John 35 M Ireland Farmer  
HICKEY Jane 28 Wife Ireland    
HICKEY Mary 2y 5m Daughter Orleans    
DEVENGER Ella       See LAWS 42-D3
DEVENGER Josephine       See MIX 41-D3
DEXTER Robert 49 M England Laborer 147-D3
  Charlotte 32 Wife England    
  George G. 2 Son Orleans    
DIAMOND Henry 43 M Ireland Farmer 148D2
  Mary 24 Wife Ireland    
  Henry 1y 6m Son Canada    
DIBBLE Andrew L. 38 M Wayne Farmer 109-D1
  Miranda J. 42 Wife Orleans    
  Delia R. 15 Daughter Orleans    
  Nelson S. 8 Son Orleans    
  Myra 5 Daughter Orleans    
LORD Richard 15 M WI    
DIENER Michael       See ALTPETER 45-D2
DIX John       See LAWS 42-D3
DOLAN Mary       See HOWE 76-D1
DOUGHTY Carrie       See PAINE 186-D3
DRUMMOND George       See AVERY 6-D3
DRUMMOND James 40 M Schoharie Farmer 17-D2
  Betsey A. 40 Wife Oneida    
  George 15 Son Orleans    
  Emma 9 Daughter MI    
  Hattie 6 Daughter MI    
DUSENBERRY James H. 37 M Wayne   107-D1
  Sarah 38 Wife Orleans    
  George F. 9 mo Son Orleans    
DUTCH John       See TAYLOR 258-D3
DUTCHER Catherine 47 Widow of William Saratoga On 12/7 a marriage between Catherine Dutcher, widow, and Ezekiel Riggs, widower, took place in Batavia. 121-D3
  George W. 24 Son Orleans    
  Elizabeth 21 Daughter Orleans    
  Catherine 18 Daughter Monroe    
  William 16 Son Orleans    
  S. E. 14 Son Orleans    
  A. A. 12 Daughter Orleans    
  Jane 11 Daughter Orleans    
  Mary 3 mo Niece MI    
DUTCHER Clinton       See HERRICK 128-D3
DWINNELL Mary 30 F Ontario Widow 92-D1
  Florence 8 Daughter Orleans    
DYKEMAN         See WRIGHT 104-D1

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