Town of Barre - M

MACK Alfred Wolcott 57 M CT Joiner 199-D3
  Elizabeth (Jewett) 49 Wife PA    
  Ellen E. 28 Daughter PA    
  Lavinia J. 25 Daughter PA    
  Carrie E. 15 Daughter Orleans    
HUBBARD Warren 20 M Orleans Servant  
MADELL George 40 M Ireland Farmer 246-D2
  Mary 39 Wife Ireland    
  Mary 21 Daughter Ireland    
  George 12 Son Orleans    
  Nancy J. 10 Daughter Orleans    
  Jesse 4 Son Orleans    
  Hattie S. 2 Daughter Orleans    
MAHAR William       See Orleans County Home 315-D2
MAHON Mahala       See Orleans County Home 315-D2
MALLORY Calvin 40 M Canada Miller 32-D2
  Mary 38 Wife Canada    
  William 15 Son Canada    
  Julia A. 11 Daughter Canada    
  Sarah 7 Daughter Canada    
  John 5 Son Canada    
  Ann M. 1y 6m Daughter Canada    
MALOY Michael 44 M Ireland Farmer 189-D2
  Mary (Welch) 28 Wife Ireland    
  Mary A. 4 Daughter Orleans    
  William H. 2 Son Orleans    
  Ellen 1 mo Daughter Orleans    
WELCH Patrick 18 Brother Ireland Laborer  
MALOY Thomas 45 M Ireland Laborer 168-D3
  Marcella 30 Wife Ireland    
  Ann 14 Daughter Orleans    
  Bridget 11 Daughter Monroe    
  Mary J. 8 Daughter Monroe    
  Catherine 7 Daughter Monroe    
  James 5 Son Orleans    
  Thomas 3y 7m Son Orleans    
  Henry 1y 2m Son Orleans    
MANCHESTER D. Johnson 46 M Saratoga Farmer 23-D3
  Josephine M. 44 Wife Orleans    
  Celestia T. 23 Daughter Orleans    
  Sanford 20 Son Orleans    
  Darius J. 16 Son Orleans    
  Marilla J. 11 Daughter Orleans    
  James B. 7 Son Orleans    
  Elba S. 1y 11m Son Orleans    
MANSFIELD Myron 38 M Orleans Farmer 188-D3
  Mary J. (Parmalee) 31 Wife Orleans    
  Lucy J. 12 Daughter Orleans    
  Edwin A. 8 Son Orleans    
ROSE Amil 17 M Germany Farm Laborer  
MARSH Amelia       See PARSONS 89-D2
MARSH Charles       See STILSON 187-D2
MARSH Lucinda       See DELANO 188-D2
MARTIN Andrew 24 M Orleans Farmer 120-D3
LOUCKS Margaret 56 F Orange Widow of James J.  
ADAMS J. M. 10 M Orleans Servant  
MARTIN Berkley G. 46 Hus #2 Monroe Shoemaker 40-D2
  Emily (Mrs. Case) 44 Wife #2 Monroe    
  Jay 18 Son Orleans Farmer  
  Fay 14 Son Orleans    
  Marcus 6 Son Orleans    
  Kirk 2y 7m Son Orleans    
CASE Miranda 20 Stepdaughter Orleans    
CASE Lucy 12 Stepdaughter Orleans    
CASE Orville 9 Stepson Orleans    
MARTIN Elizabeth       See MOORE 28-D2
MARTIN John       See MASON 8-D1
MASON Carrie       See MILLER 203-D2
MASON Trenck Rev. 61 M Otsego Clergy/Farmer 212-D2
  Phebe (Gilbert) 72 Wife Dutchess    
  Maria 32 Daughter Orleans    
ROBERTS Caleb 62 M Ontario Farm Laborer  
MASON Truman 73 M Washington Widower of Lovisa Kirtland  
  Mary 38 Daughter Orleans    
  Edward F. 28 Son Orleans Farmer  
DESMOND Ann 40 F Ireland Domestic (M/2)  
MARTIN John 10 M Ireland Laborer  
AMESS James 19 M England Laborer  
MATHES Wendall 50 M France Farmer 235-D2
  Eva 50 Wife France    
  Fred 26 Son Orleans Farmer  
  Eva 24 Daughter Orleans    
  Sarah 22 Daughter Orleans    
  George 20 Son Orleans    
  Mary 20 Daughter Orleans    
  Alice 11 Daughter Orleans    
MATHEWS Edward       See WEBBER 268-D3
MATTISON         See BURR 301-D2
MATTISON Alvah 65 M Columbia Farmer 1-D2
  Orpha 62 Wife Rensselaer    
  Jane Ann 38 Daughter Orleans    
  Charles H. 28 Son Orleans    
  Amelia E (Fargo) 26 Daughter-in-Law Orleans    
  Walter C. 1y 4m Grandson Orleans    
MATTISON Benjamin 66 Hus #2 Columbia Merchant 116-D2
  Caroline 50 Wife #4 Montgomery    
MATTISON Hannah 55 F England Widow of John 33-D1
  Mary 28 Daughter England    
  John 26 Son Orleans    
  Jane A. 23 Daughter Orleans    
MATTISON Mary 84 Mother England Widow of Joseph  
WALKER Elizabeth 76 Aunt England Single  
MATTISON James H. 33 M Orleans Farmer 15-D3
  Esther 31 Wife Orleans    
COLE Frank G. 17 M Orleans Farm Laborer  
SANDERSON Mary A. 15 F Orleans Domestic  
SEDORE Frank 27 M Orleans Farm Laborer  
MAXWELL William       See Orleans County Home 315-D2
McARTHUR Daniel 61 M Monroe Farmer 54-D1
  Arianoah 56 Wife Rensselaer    
  Daniel 15 Son Genesee    
ELY George 23 Boarder PA Single  
McCARTHY Charles       See STREET 104-D2
McCARTHY Daniel 52 M Ireland Farmer 173-D2
  Mary 43 Wife Ireland    
  Charles 15 Son Ireland    
  Daniel 14 Son Ireland    
  Mary 10 Daughter Orleans    
  Dennis 9 Son Orleans    
  Ellen 7 Daughter Orleans    
  Kate 4 Daughter Orleans    
  Margaret A. 9 mo Daughter Orleans    
McCARTHY Kate       See BAILEY 134-D1
McCARTHY Michael 37 M Ireland Farmer 195-D3
  Margaret 37 Wife Ireland    
  Mary 8 Daughter Orleans    
  Susan 4 Daughter Orleans    
  Charles 3 Son Orleans    
  Kate 1y 5m Daughter Orleans    
McCARTHY Patrick 42 M Ireland Farmer 5-D1
  Mary 32 Wife Ireland    
  Kate E. 11 Daughter Orleans    
  John W. 7 Son Orleans    
  Timothy O. 5 Son Orleans    
  Minnie 4 Daughter Orleans    
  William 2 Son Orleans    
  Ellen 1 Daughter Orleans    
McCARTHY Patrick 70 Father Ireland Widower  
McDONOUGH Charles       See TRUMAN 59-D1
McEWEN John Rev. 51 M Niagara Clergyman 14-D3
  Harriet 54 Wife CT    
  George R. 25 Son Monroe Clerk  
  Wilbur F. 23 Son Monroe Clerk  
McFARLAND Walter       See Orleans County Home 315-D2
McGUINN John 38 M Ireland Farmer 68-D2
  Rose 28 Wife Ireland    
  Mary A. 8 Daughter Monroe    
  Matthew 7 Son Monroe    
  Kate 5 Daughter Orleans    
  James 2y6mo Son Orleans    
McGUIRE         See ALLEN 150-D2
McGUIRE Henry 45 M Ireland Farmer 180-D2
  Ann 47 Wife Ireland    
  George H. 15 Son Orleans    
  William I. 14 Son Orleans    
  John 10 Son Orleans    
  Charles S. 8 Son Orleans    
McGUIRE William       See PENDRY 21-D1
McGURK Owen 35 M Ireland Farmer 254-D2
  Susan 30 Wife Ireland    
McMANN         See Orleans County Home 315-D2
McMASTER Andrew H.       See BENEDICT 101-D1
McVANNA         See PHIPPS 97-D3
MERRILL Watson       See Orleans County Home 315-D2
MERRIMAN Edwin       See GATES 2-D2
MILLER Alanson 35 M Ontario Farmer 178-D2
  Martha 34 Wife Livingston    
  Josephine 8 Daughter Orleans    
  Mason 4 Son Orleans    
MILLER George 35 W Orleans Farmer 203-D2
  C. Almeda 25 Wife Genesee    
  Franklin 5 Son Orleans    
  Alora 2 Daughter Orleans    
WRIGHT Thomas 20 M Canada Farm Laborer  
MASON Carrie 41 F Genesee Domestic  
MILLER John A. 58 M Cayuga Farmer 15-D1
  Sally 58 Wife Monroe    
  Jane C. 30 Daughter Livingston    
  Edward B. 27 Son Livingston    
MILLER Jacob 85 Father Washington Widower/2  
MILLER John H. 36 M England Farmer 52-D3
  Sophia (Peachy) 34 Wife England    
  Moses 8 Son Monroe    
  Alexander 7 Son Orleans    
  Benjamin A. 6 Son Orleans    
  Jonas 4 Son Orleans    
  Cubert 3 Son Orleans    
  Atlanta 10 mo Son Orleans    
MILLER William 44 M Germany Farmer 261-D2
  Sophis 35 Wife Germany    
  Charles 16 Son Germany    
  Henry 3 Son Monroe    
  Louis 9 mo Son Orleans    
MINCKLEY John 71 M Vermont Carpenter/Widower of Amy Smith  
  Eveline 34 Daughter Orleans    
  Frederick 28 Son Orleans    
  Sylvester 6 Grandson Orleans    
  Loren 2 Grandson Orleans    
MITCHELL Alvah Z. Rev. 46 M Genesee Baptist Clergyman 96-D1
  Electa M. 43 Wife Orleans    
  Caroline P. 23 Daughter Orleans    
  George Wm. H. 13 Son Orleans    
MITCHELL Bill       See TRIPP 78-D1
MIX Charles 58 M Dutchess Farmer 80-D2
  Philena (Salter) 46 Wife Monroe    
ROGERS William H. 28 Son-in-Law Genesee Farmer  
ROGERS Harriet (Mix) 26 Daughter Orleans    
ROGERS Ella P. 2y 3m Granddaughter Orleans    
SANDERSON Prudy 19 F Orleans Domestic  
MIX Charles N. 27 M Orleans Farmer 185-D3
  Martha C. (Shorey) 19 Wife Monroe    
MIX David 52 M Saratoga Farmer 40-D3
  Alice (Loomis) 46 Wife Herkimer    
  Carrie J. 7 Daughter Orleans    
  Frank H. 4 Son Orleans    
CONNELLY Dimis 60 Boarder Herkimer    
MIX George E. 48 M Saratoga Farmer 41-D3
  Ellen (Debow) 40 Wife Genesee    
  Edward E. 3y 4m Son Orleans    
DEVENGER Josephine 13 F Orleans Domestic  
MIX Lydia       See KERRISON 106-D3
MOONEY         See ATHERTON 76-D2
MOONEY         See FOSTER 220-D2
MOORE William 37 M England Shoemaker 28-D2
  Alvira (Martin) 33 Wife Genesee    
  Vine 13 Son Orleans    
  Carrie 3y 9m Daughter Orleans    
MARTIN Elizabeth 65 Mother-in-Law Herkimer Widow  
MOREHOUSE Oliver 49 M NJ Farmer 182-D2
  Helen (House) 47 Wife #2 Seneca    
  Albert W. 21 Son Monroe Farmer  
MORGAN Dwight E.       See HUFF 75-D3
MORGAN George A. 41 M Washington Carpenter /Joiner 23-D2
  Fanny C. 36 Wife England    
  Edith R. 9 Daughter Wyoming    
  Lucius J. 6 Son Wyoming    
  William R. 4 Son Wyoming    
PROUTY Clarissa 72 Mother Washington Widow  
MORGAN Lewis 27 M Orleans   45-D3
  Hattie L. (Goodwin) 24 Wife Orleans    
  Cornelia 1 mo Daughter Orleans    
EDDY Lydia 67 Boarder Otsego    
MORGAN William 65 M Putnam Blacksmith 73-D2
MORRISON         See HOWARD 98-D1
MORRISON David 39 Single Monroe Painter 93-D1
PERRY Rebecca 57 Mother Saratoga Widow (2) of Thomas  
MORSE Eliza       See Orleans County Home 315-D2
MORSE F. J. 27 M Orleans Merchant 36-D2
  Clara A. 27 Wife Genesee    
  Nellie 3y 9m Daughter MI    
CRAIG Delia 21 F Monroe Domestic  
MORSE Jonathan 47 M Orleans Cooper 70-D3
  Harriet 49 Wife Orleans    
  William H. 17 Son Orleans    
  Floyd A. 13 Son Orleans    
  Clarence E. 10 Son Orleans    
PHELPS Castle 76 Boarder VT Widower of Charlotte  
MORSE Joseph 58 M Washington Farmer/Widower(3) of Sarah Hicks 75-D2
  William Morris 19 Son Orleans    
  Major 17 Son Orleans    
WILSON Helen 29 F VT Domestic  
WILLIAMS George 55 M KY Servant  
MOSHER Edward 29 M Orleans Farmer 276-D3
  Ellen (Thompson) 26 Wife Genesee    
  Gertrude 3y 6m Daughter Orleans    
MOSHER Rebecca (West) 63 Mother Columbia Widow of Harvey  
MOSHER Elihu 65 M Saratoga Farmer 98-D3
  Ruth 61 Wife #2 Washington    
COATS Fred 17 M Monroe Farm Laborer  
CORNELL Ruth A. 18 F Fulton Domestic  
MULL John 56 M Albany Farmer 4-D3
  Mary A. 46 Wife Albany    
  Frank 22 Son Albany    
  Sarah 20 Daughter Albany    
  Gilbert C. 15 Son Albany    
  Willis A. 9 Son Albany    
  Hattie 7 Daughter Albany    
MYERS Charles       See Orleans County Home 315-D2
MYERS Lucy       See Orleans County Home 315-D2

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