Town of Barre - O

O' BRIEN Jerry 46 M Ireland Farmer 158-D3
  Esther 35 Wife Orleans    
OGDEN William 33 M England Farmer 243-D3
  Susanna 28 Wife England    
  William P. 3y 2m Son Orleans    
OGLEY John 32 M England Laborer 63-D2
  D.L.A. 29 Wife Monroe    
  Lewis 6 Son Canada    
  Anna 4 Daughter Canada    
  Lottie 3 Daughter Canada    
O'MALLEY Luke 33 M Ireland Laborer 240-D3
  Winifred 30 Wife Ireland    
  Patrick 5 Son England    
  Michael 2y 6m Son England    
ORLEANS COUNTY HOME           315-D2
ABBOT William 69 M England Shoemaker  
ABRAM David 35 M Orleans Laborer  
ALLEN Jane 8 F Orleans    
ALLEN Jerusha 40 F Monroe    
BARNEY Malvina 50 M Ireland Laborer  
BARRY Edward 22 M Canada    
BASHFORD Richard 74 M England    
CHENEY John 55 M VT Laborer  
CLUTE Jacob 53 M Schenectady    
COLE Cordelia 56 F Otsego    
CONLEY Joseph 50 M Cayuga    
COPE N.E. 2 F Orleans    
COX Michael 45 M Ireland Laborer  
CROSBY Sally 61 F Monroe    
CROSS John 84 M England    
DATES Adam 73 M Germany    
FIELDS Mary 50 F Maine    
GIBSON Joseph 86 M England    
GOODRICH Minor 63 M Cayuga    
GREEN Delos 40 M Orleans Laborer  
GRIFFIN Bridget 70 F Ireland    
HALL Ann 38 F England    
HALL Rell 4 M Orleans    
HART Pat 11 M Orleans    
HART Joseph 70 M Ireland Laborer  
HIGGINS Thomas 60 M Ireland    
HILL Esther 65 F Montgomery    
HINDS Octo 50 F Monroe    
HINMAN Nancy S. 55 F Ontario    
IDE Ezra 45 M Orleans    
JACKSON Rose 70 F MD.    
JOHNSON Harriet 31 F Orleans    
KEGAN Bridget 35 F Ireland    
KEGAN Bridget 8 F Niagara    
KEGAN Mary J. 5 F Orleans    
LISLE Mary 46 F Monroe    
MAHAR William 55 M England    
MAHON Mahala 22 F Orleans    
MAXWELL William 71 M Ireland    
McFARLAND Walter 22 M Orleans    
McMANN James 6 M Orleans    
McMANN Mark 4 M Orleans    
McMANN Thomas 11 M Orleans    
McMANN William 9 M Orleans    
MERRILL Watson 50 M Orleans    
MORSE Eliza 55 F NJ    
MYERS Charles 9 M Orleans    
MYERS Lucy 24 F Orleans    
NICHOLS Sally 50 F NJ    
PIERCE Clarissa 56 F MD.    
POLLY Sarah 33 F Orleans    
PROSS Albert E. 1 M Orleans    
PROSS Sarah 20 F NJ    
REED Abraham 28 M Tompkins    
ROOT Mary M. 6 F Orleans    
SCHERMERHORN Mary 54 F Queens    
SLOCOM Mary A. 53 F Orleans    
SMITH Delia 10 F Orleans    
SMITH Delphina 4 F Orleans    
SMITH Nancy 40 F Montgomery    
SPENCER Ruth 60 F MD.    
SPINNING Isaac 60 M MA    
STEPHENS Alvah 61 M MA Laborer  
SULLIVAN Bridget 35 F Ireland    
THOMPSON Caleb   M      
TOMPKINS Samuel 60 M Westchester    
WHITING Lucy 38 F Oneida    
WILLIAMS Cora 10 F Orleans    
WILSON Caroline 34 F Canada    
WILSON Charles H. 9 M Clinton    
WILSON Matilda 60 F Canada    
WINE Vordelia 60 F Ireland    
WINE John 79 M Canada Laborer  
YALE Rebecca 66 F VT    
ORTON Chester 62 M Otsego Farmer 136-D3
  Rhoda (Taylor) 58 Wife Ontario    
  Helen 21 Daughter Orleans    
PIERCE Albert L. 11 M MI Servant  
OWEN         See ANNIS 74-D1

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