Town of Barre - P

PAGE         See TIMMERMAN 148-D3
PAGE A.J. 34 M Orleans Laborer 119-D3
  Kate A. 32 Wife Orleans    
  Frank W. 9 Son Orleans    
  Helen S. 6 Daughter Orleans    
  L.S. 4 Son Orleans    
  Walter I. 2 Son Orleans    
FLANSBURG Margaret 15 F Orleans Domestic  
PAGE Jacob 59 M PA Farmer 149-D3
  Lucy S. 45 Wife #3 MA    
  Mary E. 17 Daughter Orleans    
  George F. 15 Son Orleans    
  Oscar J. 13 Son Orleans    
  Lovina J. 9 Daughter Orleans    
TABOR Jane A. 38 Boarder Wayne Widow  
PAINE         See LUTZ 275-D3
PAINE Albert H. 41 M Orleans Farmer 177-D2
  Irene (Hubbard) 41 Wife Livingston    
  Mary A. 11 Daughter Orleans    
  Nettie I. 7 Daughter Orleans    
PAINE Laura 63 Mother RI Widow of Christopher  
HUBBARD Allen H. 71 Father-in-Law MA Farmer  
HUBBARD Abigail 71 Mother-in-Law MA    
PAINE Angell C. 63 M Otsego Farmer 111-D2
  Lucinda (Holland) 59 Wife Otsego    
  Frances Ellen 20 Daughter Orleans    
  James L. 14 Son Orleans    
PAINE Asa 82 Hus #2 RI Farmer 131-D2
  Zilpha (Mrs. Burch) 66 Wife #3 NJ    
BURCH Elizabeth 36 Stepdaughter Wayne    
LOVELAND William 45 Boarder   Farmer  
KEAGAN Ellen 15 F Ireland Domestic  
PAINE Carlton A. 30 M Orleans Farmer 112-D2
  Martha E. (Wolcott) 28 Wife Orleans    
  Oliver A. 4 Son Orleans    
PAINE Corydon D. 43 M Orleans Farmer 186-D3
  Nancy C. (Wright) 37 Wife Orleans    
  Helen A. 14 Daughter Orleans    
  Cyrene A. 12 Daughter Orleans    
  Emory 9 Son Orleans    
  Luella Caroline 2y 6m Daughter Orleans    
DOUGHTY Cary 21 M Saratoga Farm Laborer  
CASATT Eliza 18 F Saratoga Domestic  
PAINE George 35 M England Laborer 244-D2
  Ann (Trayman) 33 Wife England    
  George 11 Son Orleans    
  Mary A. 9 Daughter Erie    
  Juliett 7 Daughter Erie    
  Charles 4 Son Orleans    
  Emily 2 Daughter Orleans    
PAINE Jackson 49 M Seneca Cooper 48-D2
  Sarah 40 Wife Cattaraugus    
  Winston 19 Son Orleans Farmer  
  Adolphus 15 Son Orleans    
  Hannah 10 Daughter Orleans    
  Flora 5 Daughter Orleans    
  Clara 3 Daughter Orleans    
PAINE John 34 M England Farmer 286-D2
  Mary A. 28 Wife Erie    
  William 11 Son Erie    
  Sarah A. 8 Daughter Erie    
  Emily E. 6 Daughter Orleans    
  Julia 4 Daughter Orleans    
  Jane F. 2 Daughter Orleans    
PALMER Charles F. 34 M Rensselaer Farmer 226-D3
  Mary A. 35 Wife OH    
  Richard L. 9 Son Orleans    
DEAN Susan 37 Sister-in-Law PA Widow  
DEAN Flora 13 Niece-in-Law Genesee    
PRICKETT Albert 18 M State    
PALMER George 57 M Rensselaer Farmer 225-D3
  Elizabeth 49 Wife #2 Rensselaer    
PALMER James       See WARNER 73-D3
PARKER Daniel 53 M Ontario Farmer 152-D3
  Mary 37 Wife #2 Tompkins    
  Edward 14 Son Orleans    
  Daniel D. 9 Son Orleans    
  William 2y 6m Son Orleans    
PARKER Elisha 47 M Ontario Farmer 215-D3
  Elmira 44 Wife Orleans    
  Willis E. 18 Son Orleans    
  Melissa E. 15 Daughter Orleans    
  Ellen N. 13 Daughter Orleans    
  Fred 10 Son Orleans    
  Allen J. 7 Son Orleans    
PARKER Richard B. 50 M Ontario Farmer 10-D1
  Angeline R.(Loveland) 41 Wife Orleans    
PARKER Mary Berry 78 Mother England Widow of Thomas  
PARKER Thomas 40 Brother Orleans Drover  
LOVELAND Alfred 35 Brother-in-Law Orleans Farmer  
HOHMER Johanna 33 Boarder Ontario    
PERRY James 19 Boarder Saratoga Farmer  
PARMALEE James B. 29 M Madison Farmer 131-D1
  Sarah (Wright) 26 Wife Orleans    
  William W. 4 Son Orleans    
PARMALEE Luther 59 M Oneida Farmer 130-D1
  Mandana 53 Wife Madison    
  Lewis R. 31 Son Madison    
  Robert S. 25 Son Madison    
  Harrison B. 22 Son Madison    
  Jay C. 20 Son Madison    
  Frances (Thompson) 18 Daughter-in-Law Orleans    
PARMALEE Sylvester 53 M Oneida Farmer 282-D3
  Mary J. (Buxton) 42 Wife #2 CT    
  Milton 29 Son Tompkins    
  Sarah Louise 18 Daughter Orleans    
BUXTON George 33 Brother-in-Law Monroe Farmer  
PARMENTER William 44 M England Farmer 22-D3
  Mary A. 37 Wife England    
  Wilson 15 Son England    
  Lizzie 12 Daughter England    
  Florence K. 6 Daughter Orleans    
  Alice 4 Daughter Orleans    
  William 2y 7m Son Orleans    
  Franklin 8 mo Son Orleans    
PARRISH Mary J.       See SMITH 132-D2
PARSE Lucien       See REMELE 189-D3
PARSE Sylvester       See PORTER 105-D3
PARSONS         See SMITH 123-D3
PARSONS C. C. 42 M Cayuga Farmer 134-D3
  Sarah 32 Wife England    
  Charles 12 Son Orleans    
  Frank 7 Son Orleans    
  James 5 Son Orleans    
PARSONS John C. 36 M Seneca Farmer 126-D3
  Catherine 29 Wife Orleans    
  Don F. 9 Son Orleans    
  Edward U. 5 Son WI    
  Elmer 2 mo Son Orleans    
PARSONS Loren 53 M MA Farmer 89-D2
  Mary (Batchellor) 48 Wife Monroe    
  George Adelbert 22 Son Orleans Farmer  
  Sarah Emma 16 Daughter Orleans    
MARSH Amelia 18 Niece Orleans    
GOFF Clarissa 80 Boarder MA Widow  
PATNODE Rosina       See CLARK 128-D1
PATTERSON Lyman O. 68 M CT Farmer 67-D1
  Cynthia 68 Wife Monroe    
  Hezekiah 37 Son Orleans    
  L. Kelly 29 Son Orleans Soldier  
  Erwin C. 20 Grandson Orleans    
PATTERSON Tabitha Tripp 66 F DE Widow of Sylvester 53-D2
  Harriet 32 Daughter Orleans    
  Solomon 30 Son Orleans    
PENDRY Augustus Sawyer 21 M Orleans Farmer 91-D3
  Belle (Kimball) 18 Wife Cayuga    
PENDRY William H. 48 M Ontario Farmer 21-D1
  Julia Ann (Hanna) 47 Wife Ontario    
  Mary A. 16 Daughter Orleans    
  Julia 3 Daughter Orleans    
TOAL Margaret 30 F Ireland Domestic  
McGUIRE William 15 M Ireland Farm Laborer  
SEDERBY Peter 33 M France Farm Laborer  
PENNEMAN William 71 Hus #2 NH Farmer 58-D3
  Charlotte (Squire) 71 Wife #2 NJ    
  Julia A. 30 Daughter Orleans    
  Aurelia 28 Daughter Orleans    
FITCH Emily M. 41 Stepdaughter Seneca Single  
PERRY George W. 45 M Orleans Farmer 272-D3
  Lucy T. 33 Wife Ontario    
  Daniel H. 7 Son Orleans    
PERRY William 72 Father Albany Widower/2  
PERRY Susan M. 27 Boarder Ontario    
PERRY Henry       See RICE 47-D3
PERRY James       See PARKER 10-D1
PERRY James       See REED 117-D2
PERRY Rebecca       See MORRISON 93-D1
PETTINGILL Edward 62 M ME Farmer 292-D2
  Lydia 56 Wife ME    
PHELPS Calvin C. 77 M Washington Farmer 207-D3
  Lucy 69 Wife #2 MA    
CLIFF Annon 40 M Orleans Farm Laborer  
PHELPS Castle       See MORSE 7-D3
PHILLIPS George 38 M Monroe Lawyer 36-M3
  Sarah 35 Wife Monroe    
  Fitz E. 13 Son Genesee    
  Miles J. 10 Son Genesee    
  Iva E. 7 Daughter Genesee    
  Mary A. 5 Daughter Orleans    
  Hattie E. 1y7mo Daughter Orleans    
PHIPPS Aaron 62 M Oneida Farmer 97-D3
  Judith (Pratt) 64 Wife Oneida    
  Frances 29 Daughter Orleans    
  William 22 Son Orleans    
PRATT Eliza 22 Boarder MI    
EDWARDS Abba P. 26 Boarder Oneida    
THURSTON Charles 17 M Oneida Farm Laborer  
McVANNA Henry 31 M Oswego Farm Laborer  
McVANNA Phebe 40 F Onondaga Domestic  
PHIPPS Hobart E. 32 M Orleans Farmer 96-D3
  Hannah (Pratt) 25 Wife MI    
  Charles A. 6 Son Orleans    
  Jennie 3 Daughter Orleans    
PICTON Thomas       See SLUSSER 112-D3
PIERCE Albert L.       See ORTON 136-D3
PIERCE Alice       See TAYLOR 135-D3
PIERCE Clarissa       See Orleans County Home 315-D2
PIERCE Jane       See HOBBS 90-D3
PIERCE James B. 54 M Monroe Farmer 124-D1
  Mary A. 45 Wife Canada    
  George P. 15 Son Orleans    
PIERSON John 53 M Washington Farmer 278-D2
  Julia (Standish) 48 Wife Orleans    
  Solomon 30 Son Orleans    
PIPER William       See ANNIS 74-D1
POLLY Sarah       See Orleans County Home 315-D2
POMPEL Frank       See CHURCH 248-D3
POOLE Albert 34 M Orleans Farmer 144-D2
  Mary 24 Wife Monroe    
  Mary A. 6 Daughter Orleans    
PORTER Allen 69 M MA Farmer 87-D3
  Electa (Scott) 64 Wife Ontario    
PORTER Amos 77 M CT Farmer 200-D3
  Mary (Geary) 72 Wife CT    
PORTER Benjamin Talcott 39 M CT Farmer 201-D3
  Sarah A. 30 Wife NH    
  Arthur R. 5 Son Orleans    
  Laura E. 3 Daughter Orleans    
  George W. 1 Son Orleans    
PORTER Carlos D. 33 M Orleans Farmer 89-D3
  Clarissa B. (Lee) 28 Wife Orleans    
  Nettie L. 6 Daughter Orleans    
  Cora B. 4 Daughter Orleans    
PORTER Elkanah 65 M MA Farmer 85-D3
  Miranda (Dinsmore) 56 Wife MA    
  Esther A. 23 Daughter Orleans    
LUCE Harvey 53 M Onondaga Farm Laborer  
PORTER George W. 24 M Orleans Farmer 86-D3
  Anna 23 Wife Orleans    
PORTER Henry S. 25 M Orleans Farmer 105-D3
  Ellen E. 25 Wife #2 Oneida    
PARSE Sylvester 55 M Unknown Married  
PORTER Luther 59 M MA Farmer 252-D3
  Caroline (Culver) 58 Wife #2 Cayuga    
CULVER Carrie 22 Boarder MI    
BERRY Harriet 61 Boarder MA Married  
PORTER Myron L. 30 M Orleans Farmer 108-D3
  Mary L. 26 Wife Orleans    
  Minnie J. 3 Daughter Orleans    
FERRIS John 22 M Orleans Farm Laborer  
PORTER Simeon 35 M CT Farmer 83-D3
  Sarah (Loomis) 31 Wife Orleans    
  Charles H. 8 Son Orleans    
  Clayton L. 6 Son Orleans    
PORTER Wells 34 M Orleans Farmer 265-D3
  Phidelia A. 26 Wife MI    
  Frank A. 8 Son MI    
  Mary E. 7 Daughter Orleans    
  Maggie V. 1y 7m Daughter Orleans    
POSEL George 32 M England Farmer 160-D3
  Ann 46 Wife England    
  Mary J. 11 Daughter Orleans    
PRATT Eliza       See PHIPPS 97-D3
PRESCOTT Edward       See TRUMAN 59-D1
PRETTYMAN Samuel 37 M England Farmer 192-D3
  Phebe 31 Wife Canada    
  George S. 5 Son Orleans    
  Susan 2y 9m Daughter Orleans    
PRICKETT Albert       See PALMER 226-D3
PRICKETT John       See WILDER 230-D3
PROCTOR Carlton S. 40 M Orleans Farmer 108-D2
  Mary C. (Ecker) 31 Wife #2 Albany    
  Emily May 4 Daughter Orleans    
  Ellen 1 mo Daughter Orleans    
HARRIS John 14 M Orleans Farm Laborer  
PROSS Albert E.       See Orleans County Home 315-D2
PROSS Sarah       See Orleans County Home 315-D2
PROUTY Clarissa       See MORGAN 23-D2
PUTNAM Minnie M.       See REDFIELD 43-D1
PUZEY James 72 M England Farmer 193-D2
  Eliza 53 Wife New York City    
  Catherine 25 Daughter Orleans    
  James 24 Son Orleans    
  Sophia 21 Daughter Orleans    
  Edwin 18 Son Orleans    
  Ann 16 Daughter Orleans    
  Henrietta 14 Daughter Orleans    
  Mary 11 Daughter Orleans    
PUZEY William H. 29 M Genesee Farmer 192-D2
  Laura (Fargo) 32 Wife Orleans    
  Edgar J. 2y 11m Son Orleans    
  Helen M. 11 mo Daughter Orleans    
PYCOCK Thomas 47 Hus #2 England Farmer 61-D2
  Phebe (Mrs.Bourne) 60 Wife England    
  Caroline 6 Daughter Orleans    
BOURNE Elizabeth 17 Stepdaughter Orleans    
BOURNE Edward 14 Stepson Orleans    
PYLES Thomas 46 M England Laborer 242-D3
  Lydia 44 Wife England    
  Mary A. 14 Daughter Orleans    
  Henry T. 12 Son Orleans    
  Louisa J. 10 Daughter Orleans    
  John A. 8 Son Orleans    
  Annette 6 Daughter Orleans    
  Eliza 4 Daughter Orleans    
  Sarah 3 Daughter Orleans    

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