Town of Barre - S

ST. CLAIR Charles N. 53 M Canada Farmer 1-D1
  Almira B. 54 Wife Dutchess    
  Charles H. 28 Son Orleans Steamboatman (MS)  
  Arthur K. 27 Son Orleans Army Surgeon  
  Frank O. 25 Son Orleans Clerk  
  Julian 23 Son Orleans    
  James J. 18 Son Orleans    
  Helen L. 16 Daughter Orleans    
ST. CLAIR James 75 M NH Farmer 136-D1
  Patience 70 Wife CT    
  Angeline 40 Daughter Orleans    
ST. CLAIR Savilla (Thurston) 30 F Orleans Widow of Alonzo T. 12-D1
  Frances A. 4 Daughter Orleans    
SACKETT Luther 48 M PA Farmer 271-D3
  Sarah 48 Wife WA    
  Hiram 22 Son Orleans    
  Mahala 19 Daughter Niagara    
  Luranda 17 Daughter Orleans    
  Otis 13 Son Orleans    
  Vienna 7 Daughter Orleans    
  Adelbert 3y 3m Son Orleans    
SACKETT Moses       See ROOT 283-D3
SAGER Philip 50 M Albany Farmer 206-D2
  Nicholas 58 Brother Albany Teacher/Widower  
  Catherine 62 Sister Albany    
  Mary 42 Sister Albany    
  Margaret 40 Sister Albany    
  Ira 16 Cousin Orleans    
WHALEN Catherine 25 Niece Montgomery    
SALMON John 43 M England Farmer 151-D3
  Emily (Hubbard) 27 Wife #2 Orleans    
  Alfred 6 Son Orleans    
  Lovina J. 2y 3m Daughter Orleans    
SAMPSON Sophronia       See LINSLEY 221-D3
SANDERSON Alvin 50 M Oneida Farmer 48-D3
  Elizabeth 42 Wife Cayuga    
  Adelbert 12 Son Orleans    
  Harriet 10 Daughter Orleans    
  Julia 5 Daughter Orleans    
  Helen 4 Daughter Orleans    
  Willie 1y 8m Son Orleans    
SANDERSON Cynthia 84 F MA Widow of David 49-D3
  Isaac 17 Grandson Orleans Laborer  
  Charles F. 14 Grandson Orleans    
SANDERSON David 21 Hus #2 Orleans Laborer 32-D3
  Mary J. 19 Wife Orleans    
SANDERSON Dexter 62 Hus #2 MA Farmer 169-D3
  Sally 54 Wife Wayne    
  Helen M. 21 Daughter Orleans    
SANDERSON Henry       See LAWS 42-D3
SANDERSON Mary A.       See MATTISON 15-D3
SANDERSON Prudy       See MIX 80-D2
SANDERSON Stalham 63 M MA Farmer 173-D3
  Emily 54 Wife CT    
  Edward 29 Son Orleans Farmer  
  Olive 23 Daughter Orleans    
  Marion 17 Daughter Orleans    
  Emily 13 Daughter Orleans    
HITCHCOCK Sam 15 M Orleans    
SANDERSON Stillman 60 M MA   46-D3
  Sally 52 Wife MA    
  Calvin C. 18 Son Orleans    
  Albert 12 Son Orleans    
SANDERSON William H. 52 M Ontario Blacksmith 155-D3
  Mary M. 44 Wife Ontario    
SANFORD         See SILL 128-D2
SATTERLEE Peter 29 M Monroe Farmer 135-D2
  Mary 28 Wife Ireland    
  Mary 5 Daughter Orleans    
  Kate 3 Daughter Orleans    
  Harriet 1 mo Daughter Orleans    
SAWYER John Gilbert 40 M VT Lawyer 135-D1
  Eliza A. (Shaw) 38 Wife #2 MA    
  Julia A. 6 Daughter Orleans    
  Mary E. 4 Daughter Orleans    
SHAW Elizabeth Whiting 60 Mother-in-Law MA Widow of Dr. Dana  
REYNOLDS George 15 M Orleans Laborer  
SAXTON Henry       See HANFORD 169-D2
SCHERMERHOR Mary       See Orleans County Home 315-D2
SEAGER Elizabeth       See KEMPTON 155-D2
SEAGER Elizabeth Sharp 35 F England Widow 289-D2
  Frederick 17 Son England    
  Elizabeth 15 Daughter England    
  Charlotte 13 Daughter England    
  Richard 11 Son England    
  Emma 8 Daughter Orleans    
  Henry 4 Son Orleans    
  Caroline 2 Daughter Orleans    
SEARS Ogden 66 M CT Farmer 207-D2
  Betsey (Harding) 61 Wife CT    
BATCHELLOR George 41 Son-in-Law Monroe Farmer  
BATCHELLOR Betsey Ann (Sears) 40 Daughter Monroe    
BATCHELLOR John 16 Grandson Orleans    
SEAVER James Edgar 29 M Wyoming Farmer 257-D3
  Cornelia 27 Wife Niagara    
  Julia 2y 7m Daughter Orleans    
SEAVER Jennie 17 Boarder Orleans    
GREGORY Celia 30 F Orleans Domestic  
SEDERBY Peter       See PENDRY 21-D1
SEDORE Frank       See MATTISON 15-D3
SEDORE Franklin 25 M Niagara Farmer 24-D3
  Mary M. 23 Wife England    
  Minnie E. 1y 7m Daughter Orleans    
SEDORE George W. 28 M Niagara Blacksmith 31-D3
  Betsey L. (Ashley) 16 Wife Livingston    
SEDORE Nicholas 58 M Rensselaer Farmer 24-D3
  Anna M. 69 Wife Albany    
Unknown Sarah 10 F England    
VREDENBURG Elijah 40 M Canada    
SHAFFORD Frank 28 M Monroe Farmer 94-D1
  Mary 31 Wife Orleans    
  Eva 10 Daughter Orleans    
SHARR         See HOWLAND 13-D1
SHAW Elijah 77 M PA Farmer 284-D3
  Ann (Angus) 67 Wife #2 Yates    
  Richard 39 Son Orleans Farmer  
  Jennett 27 Daughter-in-Law Orleans    
FRASER Nelson 30 M Canada    
SHAW Elizabeth       See SAWYER 135-D1
SHEELAR Adam       See WRIGHT 251-D2
SHEELAR Adam Sr. 45 M Germany Farmer 252-D2
  Margaret 47 Wife Germany    
  Martin 19 Son Monroe    
  Catherine 18 Daughter Monroe    
  George 15 Son Monroe    
  William 12 Son Monroe    
  Mary 11 Daughter Monroe    
  John 7 Son Orleans    
  Frank 5 Son Orleans    
  Margaret 2 Daughter Orleans    
SHELDON Isaac T. 50 M Ontario   98-D2
  Mary 46 Wife Ontario    
  William R. 22 Son Orleans    
  Emeline 17 Daughter Orleans    
  Albert 16 Son Orleans    
  Ida 10 Daughter Orleans    
JACKSON Bradley 22 Son-in-Law Orleans Farmer  
JACKSON Sarah (Sheldon) 19 Daughter Orleans    
SHELDON Jonathan Dwight 57 M Otsego Farmer 20-D1
  Prudence (Wells) 48 Wife CT    
  Kirk D. 27 Son Orleans Farmer  
  Alice D. 18 Daughter Orleans    
  Delos D. 13 Son Orleans    
GALBRAITH James 17 M Scotland Farm Laborer  
SULLIVAN Kate 40 F Ireland Domestic  
SHELLEY Ambrose 61 M MA Farmer 287-D3
  Sally M. 58 Wife MA    
  Nancy L. 35 Daughter Orleans    
  John W. 20 Son Orleans    
SISSON Sarah J. 30 Daughter Orleans Married  
SISSON Lina Z. 1 Granddaughter Orleans    
SHELPING Christian 30 M Germany Laborer 263-D3
  Margaret 27 Wife      
  Child 6 Daughter      
  Child 4 Son      
  Child 2 Son      
SHERWOOD Julia       See GRAY 205-D2
SHOLTS Aaron J. 33 M Orleans Farmer 285-D3
  Mary 33 Wife Orleans    
  Martin A. 7 Son Orleans    
WARN Calvin 12 M Columbia Servant  
CLARK Jonathan 74 M NH Farmer  
CLARK Eliza 56 Wife #2 VT    
WILLIS William 22 M Canada Servant  
SHOREY Joel L. 46 M Steuben Farmer 183-D3
  Eunice (Morgan) 44 Wife Livingston    
  Adele Mary 6 Daughter Orleans    
SHULTZ William 25 M Germany   206-D3
  Sarah 21 Wife Germany    
LYNCH Esther 43 Boarder Germany Widow  
LYNCH Charles 6 Boarder's Son Germany    
SHULTZ William 38 M Germany Laborer 279-D3
  Harriet 30 Wife England    
  George 5 Son Orleans    
  Edwin 2 Son Orleans    
SIBLEY Elbe Dr. 76 Hus #3 MA Physician 209-D3
  Athilla 71 Wife #4 CT    
  Edward C. 26 Son Orleans Farmer  
  Mary 21 Daughter-in-Law Orleans    
SILL Andrew J. 27 M Orleans Farmer 65-D3
  Emeline P. (Royce) 25 Wife Orleans    
SILL Elijah P. 64 M Otsego Farmer 128-D2
  Minerva 60 Wife CT    
  Carrie 25 Daughter Orleans    
SANFORD Selah 38 Son-in-Law Orleans    
SANFORD Eliza A. (Sill) 36 Daughter Orleans    
SANFORD Mary E. 9 Granddaughter Orleans    
SANFORD Florence 7 Granddaughter Orleans    
SANFORD Irving E. 5 Grandson Orleans    
SANFORD Fred S. 3 Grandson Orleans    
SIMMONDS Ivory       See WHITNEY 49D1
SISSON         See SHELLEY 287-D3
SKINNER Jarvis M. 66 M Saratoga Farmer 277-D3
  Mary (Delano) 64 Wife Saratoga    
  Nancy P. 35 Daughter Orleans    
  Sarah E. 25 Daughter Orleans    
  Ezra D. 23 Son Orleans Farmer  
  Stephen D. 21 Son Orleans Farmer  
  Mary 11 Granddaughter Orleans    
SLOCUM Endora T.       See NICKERSON  
SLOCUM Mary A.       See Orleans County Home 315-D2
SLUSSER Martin 34 M Allegany Farmer 112-D3
  Frances G. 34 Wife Oneida    
  LeGrand 4 Son Orleans    
  Albert 3y 2m Son Orleans    
  Willie 1y 8m Son Orleans    
ARMSTRONG William 27 M Canada Laborer  
BONNETT Thomas 15 M England Laborer  
EDWARDS Cornelia 46 F Columbia Domestic  
EDWARDS Henry 22 M Columbia Boarder  
PICTON Thomas 20 M Jamaica, W.I. Laborer  
WHITE Joseph 26 M Canada Laborer  
YORK John 23 M Canada Laborer  
YORK Herbert 18 M Canada Laborer  
SMITH         See Orleans County Home 315-D2
SMITH Calvin       See HALLOCK 172-D3
SMITH Eliza       See LINSLEY 221-D3
SMITH George Washington 68 Hus #2 MA Farmer 129-D2
  Margaret 68 Wife #4 VT    
SMITH Harrison 44 M Orleans Farmer 147-D2
  Sarah J. 23 Wife #2 Saratoga    
  Lewis E. 3 Son Orleans    
  Mary E. 1y 4m Daughter Orleans    
LAVERY William 18 M St. Lawrence Laborer  
LAVERY Augustus 15 M St. Lawrence Laborer  
SMITH Herbert       See HALLOCK 46-D1
SMITH Ida E.       See STEELE 8-D3
SMITH James       See Orleans County Home 315-D2
SMITH James O. 27 M Saratoga Farmer 100-D3
  Harriet (Flint) 32 Wife Orleans    
SMITH Emily E. 20 Sister Saratoga Boarder  
SMITH John       See GREGORY 261-D3
SMITH John 44 M Otsego Farmer 27-D1
  Amanda 40 Wife NJ    
  Emma S. 13 Daughter Orleans    
  Eddie J. 7 Son Orleans    
SMITH William H. 78 Father England Widower  
HUNT Elsie 23 F Niagara Domestic  
SMITH John 37 M Madison Farmer 196-D3
  Jane 38 Wife Niagara    
  Eliza J. 9 Daughter Niagara    
  Hattie 7 Daughter Niagara    
  Frank J. 6 Son Niagara    
SMITH L. T. 34 M Orleans Hotelkeeper 27-D2
  Mary A. 25 Wife Orleans    
SMITH Lyman C. 24 Brother Orleans Hotelkeeper  
SMITH Jerusha 59 Mother VT Widow of Joshua  
ROOT Maria 17 F Orleans Domestic  
SMITH Lee 37 M Orleans Farmer 149-D2
  Hannah 28 Wife Genesee    
  Frances 11 Daughter Orleans    
  Eddie 10 Son Orleans    
  Cora 9 Daughter Orleans    
  Julius 5 Son Orleans    
SMITH Moses 80 M Greene Farmer 121-D1
  Chloe 70 Wife Ontario    
SMITH Nelson 35 M Orleans Farmer 132-D2
  Alvira 31 Wife Genesee    
  Ella F. 12 Daughter Orleans    
  Amy A. 9 Daughter Orleans    
PARISH Mary J. 25 Sister Orleans Married  
PARISH Frank 5 Nephew MI    
SMITH Philo B. 37 M Onondaga Joiner 123-D3
  S. E. 32 Wife Washington    
  Frances 10 Daughter Orleans    
  Anna M. 8 Daughter Orleans    
  Fred G. 3y 5m Son Orleans    
HOUGHTON Dimmick 57 M Herkimer Widower  
PARSONS Charles 67 M CT Farmer  
PARSONS Orrel 61 Wife MA    
PARSONS Margaret Ann 20 Daughter Orleans    
SMITH Valentine 35 M Orleans Farmer 273-D2
  Lucy (Hartwell) 35 Wife #2 Orleans    
  Dorcas A. 14 Daughter Genesee    
  Merrick H. 7 Son Orleans    
  Nina S. 2 Daughter Orleans    
SMITH Warren 35 M Orleans Farmer 123-D1
  Amanda (Wright) 39 Wife #2 Orleans    
  Adelia A. 11 Daughter Niagara    
  Obie W. 8 Son Orleans    
  Harriet E. 6 Daughter Niagara    
SMITH Laura M. 42 F OH    
BROWN Nathaniel 35 Boarder Niagara Farmer  
BROWN Emily 29 Boarder's Wife Orleans    
BROWN Gertrude 6 Boarder's Daughter Niagara    
KENT Flora A. 26 Boarder Niagara    
SMITH William 26 M England Laborer 232-D3
  Emily (Empson) 22 Wife England    
SMITH William H. Dr. 30 M Saratoga Physician 30-D2
  H. E. 24 Wife Monroe    
  E. R. 2 Son Orleans    
SNYDER Michael 37 M Germany Farmer 84-D2
  Mary 28 Wife Monroe    
  Charles 9 Son Orleans    
  Caroline 8 Daughter Orleans    
  Edwin 3y 6m Son Orleans    
  Hattie 1y 6m Daughter Orleans    
WISER Caroline 66 Mother Germany Widow  
SNYDER Robert 37 M Columbia Farmer 143-D2
  Maria 30 Wife #2 Orleans    
  George H. 10 Son Orleans    
  Andrew R. 5 Son Orleans    
SPAULDING Ann       See LEE 233-D3
SPENCER Levi       See TRIPP 253-D2
SPENCER Ruth       See Orleans County Home 315-D2
SPENCER Truman 49 M Orleans Farmer 112-D1
  Phoebe 34 Wife Orleans    
SPENCER Abigail (Griswold) 74 Mother CT Widow of Alban  
SPENCER Jane 48 Sister CT    
SPINNING Isaac       See Orleans County Home 315-D2
STACY Chauncey 67 M VT Farmer 178-D3
  Mary 69 Wife VT    
STANDISH Chauncey F. 15 Grandson Orleans    
STACY Milo H. 33 M Orleans Farmer 177-D3
  Mary 31 Wife Montgomery    
  Charles H. 10 Son Orleans    
STAFFORD James L. 28 M Ontario Farmer 302-D2
  Susan E. 26 Wife PA    
  Eliza J. 7 Daughter Ontario    
  George H. 4 Son Ontario    
  Albert 1 Son Ontario    
STAINES Marie       See STILSON 187-D2
STAINES Thomas 26 M Orleans Farmer 305-D2
  Janette (Stafford) 29 Wife Ontario    
STAINES John 13 Brother Orleans    
STANDISH         See AVERY 165-D3
STANDISH Chauncey F.       See STACY 178-D3
STANDISH R. S. 46 Hus #2 Orleans Farmer 285-D2
  Sarah M. 42 Wife #2 Ontario    
  Terry 15 Son Orleans    
  Emma E. 10 Daughter Orleans    
  Frank R. 7 Son Orleans    
  Fred E. 4 Son Orleans    
HOLLOWAY Eugene 17 Stepson Ontario    
STANDISH Solomon Milton 50 M VT Farmer 179-D3
  Sarah (Munson) 47 Wife Orleans    
  Charles LeRoy 20 Son Orleans Farmer  
  Frances 13 Daughter Orleans    
  Deluna 10 Daughter Orleans    
  Anna 6 Daughter Orleans    
  Levi 3y 5m Son Orleans    
STACEY George A. 41 M VT Farmer  
STACEY Sarah M. 26 Wife Orleans    
DAVIS Andrew J. 6 M Genesee Servant  
STARKWEATHER Alphonso W. 35 M Orleans Harnessmaker 81-D3
  America (Warner) 36 Wife Orleans    
  Mary A. 8 Daughter Orleans    
  Nellie 4 Daughter Orleans    
WARNER Mary J. 32 Sister-in-Law Orleans Boarder (M)  
CHAUNCEY David 28 M Ireland Laborer  
STARKWEATHER Avery M. 74 Hus #2 CT Farmer 62-D3
  Electa (Moon) 57 Wife #2 Madison    
  Reuben Cheney 48 Son Orleans    
  Susan J. (Brown) 46 Daughter-in-Law VT    
  Avery C. 11 Grandson Orleans    
  John A. 3y 6m Grandson Orleans    
  Hiram 20 Son Orleans    
HOCUM Emma   F Orleans Domestic  
HUBBARD Frank 21 M Orleans Farm Laborer  
STARKWEATHER Harriet       See FERRIS 244-D3
STARR Floyd 62 M Putnam Farmer 35-D2
  Mariette F. 45 Wife #2 OH    
STARR James 60 M Putnam Carpenter/Joiner 39-D2
  Sarah E. 55 Wife Albany    
  George H. 15 Son Niagara Farmer  
STEARNS         See BOOTS 299-D2
STEARNS Ward P. 50 M NH Farmer/Husband of Ann 72-D1
  William H. 12 Son Orleans    
  Ralph 10 Son Orleans    
JACKMAN Sarah A. 45 F NH Housekeeper  
STEELE Allen Rev. 67 Hus #2 New York City Clergyman 8-D3
  Clarissa Dusinberre 44 Wife #2 Orleans nee WRIGHT  
  Josephine A. 6 Daughter Orleans    
STEELE Lizzie 17 F RI Servant  
STEVENS Alvah       See Orleans County Home 315-D2
STEVENS David 73 M NH Farmer 267-D3
  Maria 63 Wife Montgomery    
  Agnes E. 20 Daughter Orleans    
STEVENSON Alfred 57 M England Cabinet Maker 28-D3
  Elizabeth (Evans) 55 Wife England    
  Elba 16 Son Orleans    
STILSON Abel 46 M VT Farmer 187-D2
  Caroline D. (Clark) 38 Wife Monroe    
  Eunice 12 Daughter Orleans    
  Charles 10 Son Orleans    
  Clark 2y 6m Son Orleans    
MARSH Charles 14 M Orleans Laborer  
STAINES Marie 40 F England Domestic  
STIRMAN Benjamin 39 M England Laborer 288-D3
  Eliza 34 Wife England    
  John 11 Son Orleans    
  Maria L. 9 Daughter Orleans    
  Sarah E. 7 Daughter Orleans    
  Jane 4 Daughter Orleans    
STIRMAN James 35 Brother England Currier  
STOCKHAM Washington 49 M Onondaga Farmer 269-D3
  Abigail P. 42 Wife #2 Onondaga    
  John H. 18 Son Onondaga    
  Conroy W. 14 Son Onondaga    
CRAGEIN James 58 M Ireland Laborer  
HUBBARD Maggie 15 F Orleans Domestic  
STOCKING Charles H. 36 M Niagara Farmer 213-D2
  Sarah 29 Wife Monroe    
  Florence 9 Daughter IL    
  Minnie 5 Daughter Niagara    
  May 3 Daughter Niagara    
STOCKING John 32 M Madison Farmer 231-D3
  Mary S. (Porter) 27 Wife Orleans    
STOCKING Joseph W. 62 M Schoharie Farmer 264-D3
  Polly 59 Wife CT    
  Marcia 34 Daughter Madison    
  Jared 21 Son Orleans    
STORMS Charles       See BILLINGS 101-D3
STORMS Willard H. 26 M Orleans Farmer 18-D1
  Dency 68 Mother Ontario Widow of James  
STRATTON Frank       See WARNER 213-D3
STREET Horace 63 Hus #2 MA Farmer 104-D2
  Sally 52 Wife #2 Oneida    
BRADNER Hiram 26 Stepson Orleans Farmer  
HUBBARD Amelia S. 14 Daughter Orleans    
HUBBARD Hattie 11 Daughter Orleans    
HERRICK Harvey 10 M Orleans Servant  
McCARTHY Charles 15 M Orleans Servant  
STREET         See RANDALL 219-D2
STRICKLAND John 58 M Otsego Farmer 256-D2
  Susan F. (Shadbolt) 51 Wife Monroe    
STRICKLAND Rachael 80 Mother MA Widow  
SHADBOLT Mary 74 Mother-in-Law Dutchess Widow  
GIBSON Martha 27 Daughter Monroe Widow  
STRICKLAND William 28 M Monroe Farmer 255-D2
  Ellen (Brown) 19 Wife Orleans    
  John 1y 6m Son Genesee    
BROWN Hannah 46 Mother-in-Law Madison Widow  
STROGEN John C. 35 M Ireland Farmer 143-D2
  Julia A. 29 Wife Ireland    
STRONG Samuel B. 67 M NJ Farmer 12-D2
  Susan 65 Wife NJ    
  Michael A. 30 Son NJ Farmer  
  Dunham M. 27 Son NJ Stonecutter  
  Augusta 25 Daughter NJ    
  George W. 24 Son NJ    
  Albert H. 22 Son Orleans Farmer  
STRONG William 69 M NJ Farmer 74-D2
  Martha 65 Wife #2 NJ    
  Annette 20 Daughter Genesee    
  Alice 18 Daughter Genesee    
  Julia 16 Daughter Genesee    
ROWLAND John 30 M England Farm Laborer  
STUART Harry M.       See CURTIS 181-D3
SULLIVAN Bridget       See Orleans County Home 315-D2
SULLIVAN Kate       See SHELDON 20-D1
SUTHERLAND Alice       See WIRT 245-D3
SWAN         See WARNER 94-D3
SWEAT Mary A. 53 F CT Married (2) 229-D3
LYMAN Mary Ann 24 Daughter Orleans    
LYMAN Helen J. 18 Daughter Orleans    
LYMAN Willie D. 11 Son Orleans    
LYMAN Alice P. 7 Daughter Orleans    
BRAINARD Rice 36 M Greene Servant  
BRAINARD Anna 2 Daughter Orleans    
SWEET Augustus       See FOSTER 220-D2

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