Town of Barre - T

TABOR Jane       See PAGE 140-D3
TANNER Mortimer C. 37 M Orleans Farmer 68-D1
  Polly Elizabeth 28 Wife Orleans nee KNOWLES  
  Samuel R. 10 Son Orleans    
TANNER Robert S. 42 M Orleans Farmer 69-D1
  Charlotte A. 28 Wife Madison    
DEERE Richard 20 M England Laborer  
TANNER William A. 36 M Orleans Farmer 70-D1
  Polly E. (Jaquith) 32 Wife #2 Orleans    
  Spencer N. 10 Son Orleans    
TAYLOR Maranda 60 F Ontario Single 135-D3
PIERCE Alice 17 F MI Domestic  
TAYLOR S. V. R. 49 M Saratoga Farmer 258-D3
  Cynthia 46 Wife Livingston    
  Melissa 23 Daughter Orleans    
  Mary E. 20 Daughter Orleans    
  Dwight 18 Son Orleans    
  Anna 16 Daughter Orleans    
DUTCH John 40 M Germany Laborer  
TENT Samuel Jr. 32 M Monroe Farmer 38-D2
  Ellen H. (Gates) 25 Wife #2 Chautauqua    
  Emma 4 Daughter Orleans    
GATES Jane S. 30 Sister-in-Law Chautauqua    
THAYER         See VANBUREN 120-D2
THOMPSON Caleb       See Orleans County Home 315-D2
THOMPSON Orville N. 59 Hus #2 VT Farmer 89-D1
  Catherine A. 40 Wife #3 Orleans nee SPENCER  
  Louisa 17 Daughter Orleans    
  Albertine 13 Daughter Orleans    
  William A. 7 Son Orleans    
  Elmer L. 4 Son Orleans    
ASHBY Thomas 15 M England Apprentice  
THORPE William 35 M England Farmer 60-D2
  Caroline (Allen) 26 Wife England    
  Julia 8 Daughter Orleans    
  Charles 5 Son Orleans    
  Mary R. 4 Daughter Orleans    
THORPE John 25 Brother England    
THURSTON Alonzo L. 25 M Orleans Laborer 174-D3
  Phebe   Wife      
  Katy Jane   Daughter Orleans    
THURSTON Charles       See PHIPPS 97-D3
THURSTON William 27 M Orleans Farmer 6-D1
  Sophia (Murray) 23 Wife Orleans    
THURSTON Daniel 23 Brother Orleans Single  
TICE John O. 32 M Orange Carpenter 57-D2
  Emily A. 28 Wife Orange    
  Libbie 10 Daughter Orange    
  Seth B. 7 Daughter PA    
  Charles 5 Son Orleans    
TICE Seth B. 44 M Sullivan Miller 56-D2
  Sophronia C.(Gates) 43 Wife Orleans    
  William B. 19 Son Sullivan    
  Lucas H. 13 Son Orleans    
  Andrew B. 12 Son Orleans    
  Edward S. 8 Son PA    
  Esther J. 5 Son Orleans    
TIFFANY John 24 M England Quarryman 60-D1
  Martha M. 28 Wife England    
  Frances 5 Daughter England    
  Joseph 2 Son England    
  John S. 5 mo Son Orleans    
TIMBY G. W.       See BURROUGHS 162-D2
TIMMERMAN Annis M. 40 F Chenango Widow (2) 148-D3
  Myron 13 Son Orleans    
  Mary 9 Daughter Orleans    
  Alice 6 Daughter Orleans    
PAGE Daniel 67 M CT Carpenter  
PAGE Amanda 66 Wife MA    
PAGE Brohelia 12 Boarder Orleans    
TINKHAM Relly Madison 39 M Orleans Miller 34-D2
  Lucinda A. (Allis) 34 Wife Orleans    
BOWEN Fanny 19 F England Domestic  
TINSLEY Charles       See WELLS 183-D2
TINSLEY Susan       See GIBSON 48-D1
TOAL Margaret       See PENDRY 21-D1
TOBIAS Rensselaer 53 M Rensselaer Farmer 180-D3
  Tammy 43 Wife Dutchess    
  Mary 18 Daughter Rensselaer    
  George 6 Son Orleans    
TOMPKINS Samuel       See Orleans County Home 315-D2
TOMLINSON         See CURTIS 182-D3
TOOLEY Dexter B. 44 M VT Farmer 265-D2
  Amanda 35 Wife St. Lawrence    
  Edgar DeForest 15 Son Orleans    
  Lydia 9 Daughter Orleans    
  Effie 2 Daughter Orleans    
TORRANCE Helen       See LATTIN 2-D1
TORREY George       See WOOD 166-D2
TOUSLEY         See WHITCOMB 313-D2
TOWER Esther 58 F Otsego Widow of Thomas 175-D3
  John H. 19 Son Orleans    
TOWNSEND Frederick       See LEE 233-D3
TRACY Benjamin       See GOFF 14-D1
TRACY Thomas 55 Hus #2 Ireland Farmer 108-D1
  Cynthia(Mrs. E. Root) 52 Wife Columbia nee WRIGHT  
  Mary 4 Daughter Orleans    
ROOT Alice 21 Stepdaughter Orleans    
  Florence 18 Stepdaughter Orleans    
  Ezekiel 16 Stepson Orleans    
TRAVIS Justus       See VERMILYEA 250-D2
TREADWELL Richard       See JOHNSON 35-D3
TREAT Jones Bird 21 M Monroe Farmer 291-D2
  Eliza (Shaefer) 18 Wife Monroe    
TREAT Oliver J. 65 M Cayuga Farmer 274-D2
  Emily 49 Wife #2 Genesee    
  George 15 Son Orleans    
  Emma 13 Daughter Orleans    
  Willis R. 10 Son Orleans    
TRIPP Almeron 50 M DE Farmer 28-D1
  Sylvia (Burns) 51 Wife Cayuga    
  James A. 24 Son Orleans Farmer  
  Charles B. 20 Son Orleans Soldier  
  John Quincy 16 Son Orleans    
  Edwin Winslow 11 Son Orleans    
HAIGHT Clara 15 F Orleans Domestic  
TRIPP Alva 60 M DE Farmer 31-D1
  Jane H. (Blakeley) 56 Wife DE    
  Mary E. 26 Daughter Orleans    
  Jane H. 25 Daughter Orleans    
  Sarah A. 23 Daughter Orleans    
  Catherine 21 Daughter Orleans    
  Isabella 19 Daughter Orleans    
  George A. 17 Son Orleans Farmer  
  John H. 12 Son Orleans    
  Robert F. 10 Son Orleans    
TRIPP Anthony 60 M DE Farmer 51-D1
TRIPP David B. 32 M Orleans Farmer 78-D1
  Eleanor (Bradley) 32 Wife Otsego    
  Samuel M. 5 Son Orleans    
  Mortimer 3y 6m Son Orleans    
  Sarah J. 2y 6m Daughter Orleans    
MITCHELL William 15 Cousin DE    
TRIPP Willard 46 Hus #2 Orleans Farmer 253-D2
  Rachael 45 Wife Orleans    
BLANCHARD Delia 19 Daughter Orleans Married  
SPENCER Levi 10 Stepson Orleans    
SPENCER George 5 Stepson Orleans    
TROLLEY William 57 M England Farmer 95-D1
  Keziah 52 Wife England    
  James 21 Son England    
  Betsey 19 Daughter England    
  Louise 16 Daughter England    
  Charles 13 Son England    
TROW Stephen 50 M England Farmer 259-D3
  Elizabeth 29 Wife #2 Genesee    
  Mary Ann 11 Daughter Orleans    
  Alice 8 Daughter Orleans    
  Agnes 3 Daughter Orleans    
BROOKS George 12 M England Servant  
TRUMAN George 48 M WA Laborer 59-D1
  Keziah 52 Wife Saratoga    
  Bahima 17 Daughter Saratoga    
COOK William 33 Boarder England Laborer  
KERSHAW John 47 Boarder Ireland Laborer  
McDONOUGH Charles 50 Boarder Ireland Laborer  
PRESCOTT Edward 21 Boarder Canada Laborer  
TURNER Lydia A.       See COLE 115-D2
TURNER John       See FERRIS 216-D3
TYLER         See BIGELOW 43-D2

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