Town of Murray - F

FALCONER Charles 47 M Scotland Farmer 11-D1
  Maria (McKey) 47 Wife Scotland    
  Alexander 17 Son Scotland    
  Margaret 17 Daughter Scotland    
  Norman 15 Son Scotland    
  George 13 Son Scotland    
  Elizabeth 10 Daughter Monroe    
  Charles 8 Son Orleans    
  Mary 5 Daughter Orleans    
FALCONER John 45 M Scotland Farmer 12-D1
  Hannah 45 Wife Scotland    
  Alexander 16 Son Scotland    
  Catherine 14 Daughter Monroe    
  John 12 Son Monroe    
  Duncan 10 Son Monroe    
  Elizabeth 8 Daughter Monroe    
  James 6 Son Orleans    
FALCONER Maggie       See CHAPEL 72-D1
FAREWELL Laura M. 49 F Oneida Widow of Eldredge 270-H
  Laura E. 23 Daughter Orleans    
  Gertrude A. 21 Daughter Oneida    
  Fowler B. 19 Son Orleans    
  Susan S. 14 Daughter Orleans    
  Florence D. 11 Daughter Orleans    
  Horace E. 8 Son Orleans    
FARNSWORTH Roland B. 52 M Orleans Farmer 9-D1
  Eliza Ann 49 Wife Columbia    
  James 26 Son Orleans Farmer  
  Harriet 25 Daughter Orleans Teacher  
  Lott 20 Son Orleans Student  
  George 17 Son Orleans Laborer  
FASSETT George R. 31 M Steuben Farmer 212-D2
  Mary 24 Wife Orleans    
  Orrin 1 Son Orleans    
FAUNCHEN John 50 M Ireland Laborer 214-H
  Mary 45 Wife Ireland    
  Thomas 10 Son Oneida    
  Maggie 6 Daughter Orleans    
  Kate 4 Daughter Orleans    
FAY Mary       See HATCH 194-H
FEEZLEAR Alvah P. 23 M Wayne Blacksmith 154-H
  Mary J. 20 Wife Orleans    
  John W. 1y 6m Son Orleans    
FEEZLEAR John B. 50 M Seneca Blacksmith 163-H
  Elizabeth A. 43 Wife Wayne    
RAYMOND Dora 19 F Orleans Domestic  
FELLOWS Edwin 44 M Otsego Farmer 96-D2
  Alsina 37 Wife Monroe    
  Darius 15 Son Orleans    
  Elva 11 Daughter Orleans    
  Ida 6 Daughter Orleans    
FERRY Jonathan       See WILSON 239-H
FERRY Lewis D. 49 M Oneida Farmer 117-D1
  Sylvia (Beebe) 47 Wife Orleans    
  Aden M. 24 Son Orleans Farmer  
  Wilbin L. 19 Son Orleans    
  George A. 13 Son Orleans    
YIPTA Augusta 16 F Unknown Domestic  
PERRY Lorenzo 42 M Oneida Farmer 67-D1
  Jane (Dutcher) 38 Wife CT    
  Elizabeth 13 Daughter Orleans    
FINK         See THOMAS 161-H
FITZGERALD John 47 M Ireland Laborer 23-D1
  Hannah 38 Wife Ireland    
  Joseph 9 Son Orleans    
  Thomas 7 Son Orleans    
  John 2 Son Monroe    
  Mary 1y 3m Daughter Monroe    
FITZGERALD John 45 M Ireland Laborer 206-H
  Hannah 33 Wife Ireland    
FLANDERS Elizabeth 50 F MA Tailoress/Wife of Philip 31-D1
  Marvin 16 Son Monroe    
FLANNERY Bridget       See DUSSETT 71-D2
FLANNERY James 55 M Ireland Laborer 161-D2
  Catherine 60 Wife Ireland    
  John 12 Son Ireland    
FLANNERY Margaret       See MORGAN 21-D1
FLANNIGAN James 40 M Ireland Laborer 172-H
  Mary 35 Wife Ireland    
  Michael 8 Son Orleans    
  Margaret 6 Daughter Orleans    
  Mary 3y 6m Daughter Orleans    
  James 2 Son Orleans    
FORD George N. 45 M Oneida Grocer 127-D2
  Sarah 34 Wife Oneida    
FOWLER Richard R. 63 M Dutchess Grocer 245-H
  Martha (Purdy) 63 Wife #3 Westchester    
FOWLER Thomas H. 38 M Westchester Farmer 24-D1
  Sarah (Churchill) 41 Wife Dutchess    
  Rosella 12 Daughter Orleans    
  Charity 8 Daughter Orleans    
  Adelaide 6 Daughter Orleans    
  Richard R. 4 mo Son Orleans    
FRANK James L. 32 M England Farmer 153-D2
  Eliza A. 33 Wife England    
  Mary 5 Daughter Orleans    
  Reus 4 Son Orleans    
  Harriet L. 2y 3m Daughter Orleans    
PAINE John 13 M Monroe Servant  
FREESE Nelson 30 M Tompkins Farmer 159-D2
  Ann (Spencer) 27 Wife Orleans    
  Adele 11 Daughter Orleans    
  Cora 8 Daughter Orleans    
  Sylvester 6 Son Orleans    
  Lucinda 6 Daughter Orleans    
  Simon 2y 3m Son Orleans    
SPENCER Ruth 72 Mother-in-Law CT Widow of Allen  
FRENCH         See NELSON 151-H
FRISBIE Hiram 73 M Rensselaer   209-H
  Juliette A. (Butler) 60 Wife Oneida    
  Martha S. 24 Daughter Orleans    
  Charles H. 17 Son Orleans    
BICKFORD Wesley 17 M Orleans Servant  
FULLER Pamelia 46 F Livingston Widow of Nelson 78-D1
  John B. 20 Son Orleans    
  Nelson 18 Son Orleans    
  Isabella 12 Daughter Orleans    
  Ella C. 9 Daughter Orleans    
TUPPER Francis 40 Brother Genesee    
TUPPER Anna 20 Sister Orleans    
FULLERTON Caroline       See LUDINGTON 111-D1

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