Town of Murray - G

GAGE Juniatta O.       See BLANDON 45-D2
GARDINER Ira 68 M VT Carriage Maker 76-D2
  Susan 63 Wife Oneida    
GARFIELD George       See HARWOOD 97-D2
GARRISON John B. 48 M Ulster Farmer 103-D1
  Emeline (Torrey) 44 Wife Ulster    
  Hannah M. 21 Daughter Ulster    
  Nancy J. 19 Daughter Ulster    
  Isaac D. 17 Son Ulster    
  Maggie M. 14 Daughter Ulster    
McMICHAELS Marvin 23 M Erie Farm Laborer  
GASCOIN Charles 43 M England Farmer 167-D2
  Elizabeth 40 Wife England    
  Charles H. 16 Son Monroe    
  George B. 14 Son Monroe    
  John E. 12 Son Monroe    
  Amelia 10 Daughter Monroe    
  Anna 8 Daughter Monroe    
  Julia 7 Daughter Monroe    
  Sylvester 5 Son Monroe    
  Myron 3 Son Orleans    
  Adelia 1 Daughter Orleans    
GATES Amasa 62 M MA Farmer 213-D2
  Angeline 52 Wife VT    
  Stephen 23 Son Orleans    
  Lewis 14 Son Orleans    
GATES Israel 32 M Jefferson Farmer 231-D2
  Amanda 32 Wife MI    
  Ellen A. 6 Daughter Orleans    
  Hattie 4 mo Daughter Orleans    
GEE John 58 M Ulster Farmer 7-D1
  Deborah 58 Wife Ulster    
  Mary Jane 21 Daughter Ulster    
  Sarah Jane 19 Daughter Ulster    
RIDER Samuel 22 M Dutchess Farm Laborer  
WRIGHT Redman 13 M Orange Servant  
GIBBONS Margaret       See MOORE 118-D2
GIBSON Guy 59 M Schenectady Farmer 40-D1
  Laura (King) 50 Wife #2 Albany    
KING Miranda 18 Niece Orleans    
RHODES Harriet 2 Niece Orleans    
MILNE Edwin 14 M IL Servant  
GIBSON Houdd M. 57 M Schenectady Farmer 60-D2
  Julia A. 51 Wife Schenectady    
  Martin L. 31 Son Schenectady    
  Ella 22 Daughter Oneida    
GILBERT Cora J.       See PRATT 228-H
GILES Catherine       See YOUNG 138-D2
GILLESPIE Abigail 45 F Orleans Widow 92-D1
  Abigail 21 Daughter Orleans    
  David R. 15 Son WI    
GILLETT         See MASON 11-D2
GILLETT John L. 59 M Columbia Farmer 14-D2
  Mary 54 Wife Oneida    
  Elijah W. 34 Son Otsego    
  William H. 30 Son Otsego    
  Daniel N. 26 Son Orleans Goldsmith in Idaho  
  John Jr. 22 Son Wyoming    
  Ellen H. 18 Daughter Wyoming    
GLIDDEN         See DEAN 185-H
GOODELL         See ARNOLD 69-D2
GORDIS George W. 31 M Saratoga Farmer 229-D2
  Mary S. (Granger) 29 Wife Monroe    
  Warren 2 Son Monroe    
  Willie 2 mo Son Monroe    
GRANGER John 73 Father-in-Law CT    
GRANGER Susan 75 Mother-in-Law MA    
GORDIS William 58 M RI Farmer 25-D2
  Elizabeth 58 Wife Saratoga    
  Theresa 30 Daughter Saratoga    
  Orin 25 Son Monroe    
  Anna 20 Daughter Monroe    
  Hall 18 Son Monroe    
  Melvin 15 Son Monroe    
COREY Vina 14 Granddaughter MI    
GOULD         See POOLE 32-D2
GOULD Enos D. 48 M Orleans Harness Maker 34-D2
  Sarah J. 42 Wife Cayuga    
  John B. 9 Son Orleans    
GOULD Leroy H. 26 M   Laborer 150-H
  Amelia 26 Wife Orleans    
  Elizabeth 1y 9m Daughter Orleans    
GRAHAM Joseph 47 M St. Lawrence Farmer 36-D1
  Laura D. 43 Wife VT Tailoress  
  Laura A. 20 Daughter Orleans    
GRANGER         See GORDIS 229-D2
GRAVENER George 56 M England Butcher 85-D2
GRAY Allie       See MARSH 171-H
GREEN John 58 M Columbia Cooper 115-D2
  Ann E. 46 Wife Saratoga    
  Helen 19 Daughter Montgomery    
  Emery W. 13 Son Montgomery    
  John J. 10 Son Montgomery    
  Hannah E. 8 Daughter Montgomery    
  Phebe A. 5 Daughter Montgomery    
  Claribel 2 Daughter Montgomery    
GRISWOLD Emma       See CARY 153-H
GUNN Hiram 28 Hus #2 Orleans Farmer 140-D2
  Maria 28 Wife Orleans    
  Abbie 4 Daughter Orleans    
  Effie 2 Daughter Orleans    
  Elma 3 mo Daughter Orleans    
BALCOM Florence 8 Stepdaughter Orleans    
GUNN Jerome 30 M Wyoming Farmer 35-D2
  Philena 28 Wife Wyoming    
  William H. 6 Son Orleans    
  Frances M. 4 Daughter Orleans    
GWINN Hannorah       See SULLIVAN 89-D1
GWYNNE John 34 M Wales Blacksmith 82-D2
  Mary A. (Longley) 27 Wife NY    
  Anna B. 5 Daughter Orleans    
  Lena 4 Daughter Orleans    
GWYNNE Richard 62 M Wales   244-D2
  Mary 60 Wife Wales    
  Charles 20 Son Orleans    

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