Town of Murray - H

HALL Eliza       See BALDWIN 215-D3
HALL Julia A. 42 F Ontario Widow of Martin 70-D3
  Hattie C. 13 Daughter Orleans    
CLARK Ann 76 Mother CT Widow  
HAMILTON Abraham 34 M NY Farmer 221-D3
  Elizabeth 35 Wife England    
  Elizabeth 13 Daughter Niagara    
  Charles 8 Son IA    
  Elmer 4 Son Orleans    
  James 2 mo Son Orleans    
HARD Joseph 60 M VT Farmer 199-D3
  Sarah L. (Spear) 50 Wife #2 Monroe    
  Cassius M. 20 Son Orleans    
  Newton S. 16 Son Orleans    
  Francis P. 14 Son Orleans    
  Bradford W. 10 Son Orleans    
  Elmer C. 6 Son Orleans    
HARRINGTON Cornelius 40 M Ireland Laborer 276-H
  Margaret 37 Wife Ireland    
  Michael 8 Son Orleans    
  Daniel 7 Son Orleans    
  Ella 5 Daughter Orleans    
  Mary 4 Daughter Orleans    
HARRIS Arthur 54 M Wayne Farmer 75-D1
  Mary 50 Wife England    
  George L. 15 Son Orleans    
  Mason M. M. 9 Son Orleans    
HARRISON Eliza       See THATCHER 9-D3
HARRISON Seth Wells 52 M Washington   10-D3
  Jane (Hubbard) 52 Wife Ontario    
  George H. 19 Son MI    
  Chloe 14 Daughter Orleans    
HART William 39 M Ireland Farmer 144-D3
  Helen L. 36 Wife Orleans    
  Charlotte 14 Daughter Orleans    
  Nancy J. 11 Daughter Orleans    
  Moses 9 Son Orleans    
  Azina 3 Daughter Orleans    
  Lewis M. 4 mo Son Orleans    
HART Samuel 23 Nephew Orleans    
HARWOOD         See HENDRICK 247-H
HARWOOD Hiland 31 M Orleans Merchant 84-D3
  Jane 29 Wife Orleans    
  Chauncey 8 Son WI    
  Clarence 5 Son Orleans    
HARWOOD Jeffrey A. 40 M Livingston Produce Dealer 261-H
  Rowena M. 28 Wife Orleans    
  Fitch A. 3 Son Orleans    
WILLETT Ida 12 F Orleans Domestic  
HARWOOD Melissa Clark 44 F Warren Seamstress/Widow of Fayette 105-D3
CLARK George M. 28 Brother Madison    
CLARK Ruth 66 Mother Warren    
HARWOOD Moses 40 M Orleans Farmer 37-D3
  Mary E. 39 Wife Madson    
  Ella 8 Daughter Orleans    
KELLY Clara 15 F Orleans Domestic  
MOWERS Stephen 19 M Orleans Laborer  
HARWOOD Samuel 68 Hus #2 VT Farmer 97-D3
  Delcenia (Marsh) 68 Wife #3 VT    
SOUTHGATE Julia 40 Daughter VT    
NEWTON Lucretia 23 Daughter Orleans    
NEWTON Adah 4 Granddaughter Orleans    
NEWTON Henry G. 34 Boarder Warren Merchant/Single  
GARFIELD George 25 Boarder Warren Merchant  
RICH William Jr. 21 Boarder Orleans Clerk  
HARWOOD Simon 42 M Livingston Produce Dealer 237-H
  Sally A. 39 Wife VT    
  Hattie A. 9 Daughter Orleans    
HATCH David N. 45 M Orleans Farmer 28-D1
  Mary J. (Perry) 41 Wife Orleans    
  Sarah C. 20 Daughter Orleans    
  Harrison E. 18 Son Orleans Laborer  
  Charles W. 14 Son Orleans    
  Mary 12 Daughter Orleans    
  Addie E. 10 Daughter Orleans    
  N. W. Perry 8 Son Orleans    
  Cornelia H. 2 Son Orleans    
HATCH Nelson 42 M CT Farmer 195-H
  Ellen 37 Wife Orange    
  Sarah 12 Daughter Orleans    
  Cora 10 Daughter Orleans    
  Ida 7 Daughter Orleans    
  Jennie 6 Daughter Orleans    
  Katie 1y 9m Daughter Orleans    
STROGEN Fannie 16 F Ireland Domestic  
HATCH William 74 M CT Farmer 194-H
  Asenath 68 Wife #2 VT    
  Frederick 47 Son CT    
FAY Mary 19 F Ireland Domestic  
HATTER Luther W. 26 M Niagara Carpenter 18-D3
  Martha 20 Wife Orleans    
  Cora A. 2y 6m Daughter Orleans    
HENDRICK Esther 56 F CT Widow 247-H
  Harriet M. 31 Daughter Monroe    
  James 18 Son Monroe    
HARWOOD George G. H. 29 Son-in-Law Orleans Army  
HARWOOD Sarah E. 27 Daughter Monroe    
HENLEY Patrick       See LITTLEFIELD 173-D3
HERLEY John       See ROOT 87-D1
HICKEY Patrick 55 M Ireland Laborer 242-H
  Mary 48 Wife Ireland    
  Margaret 15 Daughter Ireland    
  Mary 12 Daughter Genesee    
  William 9 Son Orleans    
HILL Caroline       See CHURCH 157-D3
HILL Ezra N. 42 M Orleans Civil Servant/Widower of Cornelia A. Whitney  
  Fitz James 15 Son Orleans    
  Whitney 9 Son Orleans    
WHITNEY Ella 25 Sister-in-Law Niagara    
WINTERS Delia 34 F Jefferson Domestic  
HINDS Alanson 54 M VT Farmer 228-D3
  Sarah S. (Noble) 40 Wife MA    
  Marion 21 Daughter Orleans    
  Jacob 19 Son Orleans    
  Frederick 9 Son Orleans    
BECKLEY Harriet 54 Sister-in-Law MA Widow of George  
HINDS Jacob 65 M VT Farmer 89-D3
  Almira (Waldron) 61 Wife Oneida    
  Minerva 32 Daughter Wayne    
  Catherine 30 Daughter Orleans    
ROCKENBAH Margaret 22 F Germany Domestic  
HITCHCOCK Margaret Newman 62 F Ontario Widow of Hannibal 176-D3
  Chloe E. 32 Daughter Orleans    
  Hannibal N. 27 Son Orleans    
TOWN Milton 12 M Monroe Servant  
HOFFMAN Michael 30 M Germany Farmer 8-D1
  Wilhelmina J. (Long) 32 Wife Germany    
  Louisa 6 Daughter Orleans    
  Phebe 2 Daughter Monroe    
LONG Charles L. 37 Brother-in-Law Germany    
LONG Rudolph 21 Brother-in-Law Germany    
LONG Michael 73 Father-in-Law Germany    
LONG Christiana 65 Mother-in-Law Germany    
HOFFMAN Peter       See COLLINS 26-D1
HOLDEN Lizzie       See CROMER 167-H
HOLLOWAY Abbie 54 F Oneida Widow of John 57-D1
HOLLEY Charles 40 M England Laborer 220-H
  Hannah 39 Wife England    
  Julia 14 Daughter Monroe    
  Laura 12 Daughter Orleans    
  Ada 3 Daughter Orleans    
HOLMES George M. 39 M VT Laborer 34-D1
  Amanda 36 Wife Orleans    
  Celia R. 14 Daughter Orleans    
  Frank 10 Son Orleans    
  William 5 Son Orleans    
  Yella A. 3 Daughter MI    
  Selena M. 11 mo Daughter Niagara    
HOLSBERRY James 75 M Scotland Laborer 63-D3
  Agnes 44 Wife #2 Scotland    
  Alexander 18 Son Niagara    
  Frank 5 Son Orleans    
HOOKER Harvey 24 M Orleans Farmer 38-D3
  Carrie 23 Wife Wyoming    
  Lucy M. 1y 3m Daughter Orleans    
POST William L. 22 M Lewis Laborer  
HOOKER Myron S. 45 M Wyoming Laborer 4-D3
  Minerva A. 34 Wife VT    
  Betsey J. 12 Daughter Orleans    
  Charles H. 9 Son Orleans    
  Daniel F. 7 Son Orleans    
  Caroline A. 4 Daughter Orleans    
  Ida M. 8 mo Daughter Orleans    
HOOKER Thomas Edwin 53 M Orleans Farmer 39-D3
  Susan (Brown) 37 Wife #2 MA    
  Esther 22 Daughter Orleans    
  Emma S. 18 Daughter Orleans    
  Ellen S. 16 Daughter Orleans    
  Eunice E. 14 Daughter Orleans    
  Frances G. 11 Daughter Orleans    
  Marcus 9 Son Orleans    
  Sarah A. 7 Daughter Orleans    
  William H. 9 mo Son Orleans    
HOWARD Cynthia       See McCRILLIS 63-D1
HOWARD Millie       See LESSORD 110-D3
HOWE Ann       See VINCENT 175-H
HOWE         See DOWNEY 187-H
HUFF Richard 61 M Seneca Shoemaker 165-H
  Matilda 53 Wife Ontario    
  Helen M. 23 Daughter Orleans Musician  
HULBERT Isaac H. S. 60 M MA Railroad Agent 100-D3
  Almira M. (Plumb) 60 Wife Greene    
  Georgiana 27 Daughter Orleans    
  Emma 25 Daughter Orleans    
  Claribel 20 Daughter Orleans    
HULL Robert F.       See HOLLOWAY 57-D1
HUNT John 58 M Seneca Laborer 25-D1
  Lydia 38 Wife #2 Clinton    
  Emogene 12 Daughter Genesee    
  Stephen 10 Son Monroe    
  Frances A. 8 Daughter Monroe    
  Lovina 5 Daughter Orleans    
  Catherine 2 Daughter Monroe    
HURD Luther Dean 46 Hus #2 NH Produce Dealer 184-H
  Aurelia E. (Smith) 42 Wife #2 VT    
  Dean 18 Son Orleans Laborer  
SPRAGUE Florence 16 Sister Orleans    
HURD Milton A. 29 M NH Foundryman 202-H
  Ellen A. (Ferry) 24 Wife Orleans    
  John 2 mo Son Orleans    
HURD Parnelius 72 M NH Harness Maker 186-H
  Sophia 71 Wife MA    
  Ann 42 Daughter Essex    
DEVENGER Frances 45 F Ireland Domestic  

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