Town of Murray - L

LAKE         See MEYER 289-H
LAKE Hessie       See COLLINS 286-H
LAKE John 78 M Rensselaer Farmer 106-D1
  Orange 73 Wife PA    
  Stuart 30 Son Orleans    
  Fanny 22 Daughter-in-Law Ireland    
  Ann 20 Daughter Orleans    
  Kate 10 Daughter MI    
LAKE Pope 34 M Orleans Farmer 61-D1
  Catherine M. 33 Wife NJ    
LALLY John 28 M Canada Cigar Maker 19-D2
  Henrietta 25 Wife Cayuga    
  Frank 4 Son Orleans    
LANE Henry 47 M Genesee Farmer/Widower of Julia 18-D1
  Martin 24 Son Orleans Laborer  
  Vanelia 19 Daughter Monroe    
  Mary 15 Daughter Monroe    
  Henry 14 Son Orleans    
  Edgar 12 Son Orleans    
  Josephine 9 Daughter Orleans    
  John 4 Son Orleans    
LANKTON James 38 M Ireland Farmer 133-D2
  Maria 29 Wife Ireland    
  Stephen 4 Son Orleans    
  Richard J. 1y 6m Son Orleans    
LAWRENCE Harriet 38 F MA Widow of Levi 234-H
  Levi M. 22 Son Orleans Laborer/Army  
  Henry A. 21 Son Orleans    
  Hosea M. 19 Son Orleans Laborer/Army  
  Frank T. 5 Son Orleans    
LAWRENCE Julia A. 60 F VT Widow 242-D2
  Orange 29 Son Orleans Farmer  
LeBAR David 24 Hus #2 MI Farmer 2-D1
  Elizabeth 23 Wife Kings Widow BRACE  
BRACE Clarence 6 Stepson Orleans    
BRACE Anna 2y 11m Stepdaughter Orleans    
LEE Daniel A. 32 M Rensselaer Farmer 243-D2
  Mary 28 Wife Rensselaer    
  Charles M. 5 Son Orleans    
  Henry J. 3 Son Orleans    
  Daniel C. 1y 7m Son Orleans    
LEE Esther       See WILLSON 239-H
LEE Stephen 35 M Orleans Laborer 105-D1
  Kate (Jenks) 26 Wife #2 Chenango    
LENIHAN John       See ESMOND 262-H
LEONARD Melora 53 M VT Farmer/Widower of Mary Clark 17-D2
  Henry 30 Son Orleans    
  Frances 24 Daughter Orleans    
  Jane A. 20 Daughter Orleans    
LEROY Dennis 36 Hus #2 Cayuga Farmer 219-D2
  Betsey 31 Wife Ireland Widow Mulligan  
  William H. 3 Son Orleans    
MULLIGAN Mary 13 Stepdaughter Ireland    
LESSORD Isaac 24 M Canada Shoemaker 110-D2
  Libbie 23 Wife England    
  Cora E. 6 mo Daughter Wayne    
HOWARD Millie 25 Sister-in-Law England    
LINNEEN Bridget       See ORR 122-D1
LINNEEN Michael 55 M Ireland Laborer 180-H
  Johanna 55 Wife Ireland    
  Patrick 24 Son Ireland    
  Peter 22 Son Ireland    
  Susan 10 Daughter Niagara    
LITTLE John 46 M VT Farmer 165-D2
  Harriet 41 Wife Monroe    
  Henry 11 Son Livingston    
  Emma 7 Daughter Monroe    
  Mary 3 Daughter Orleans    
LITTLEFIELD Lyman 70 M MA Farmer 172-D2
  Elizabeth 68 Wife Rensselaer    
  Madison 43 Son Oneida    
  Blanche A. 3 Granddaughter Erie    
SALISBURY Mary 30 Granddaughter Orleans    
LITTLEFIELD Milton J. 48 M Oneida Farmer 173-D2
  Sally 48 Wife Monroe    
  Darwin L. 23 Son Orleans    
  Mary E. 19 Daughter Orleans    
  Ann E. 15 Daughter Orleans    
  Emma A. 11 Daughter Orleans    
HENLEY Patrick 40 M Ireland Laborer  
DAGGETT Thomas 14 M Monroe Apprentice  
LOCKNEY Ellen       See TOWSLEY 225-D2
LONG         See HOFFMAN 8-D1
LONG Hiram 48 M Canada Farmer 198-D2
  Ann 34 Wife England    
  George 15 Son Orleans    
  James 10 Son Orleans    
  William 6 Son Orleans    
  John 3 Son Orleans    
  Thomas 2 Son Orleans    
LOSEY Sarah       See PERRY 292-H
LOUCK Timothy 42 M Steuben Farmer 102-D1
  Eleanor 38 Wife England    
  Maria 16 Daughter Monroe    
  Phebe 14 Daughter Monroe    
  Alfred H. 5 Son Orleans    
  Clara 3y 6m Daughter Orleans    
LOUGHNEY Michael 63 M Ireland Laborer 236-D2
  Bridget 36 Wife Ireland    
  John 23 Son NY    
  Margaret 18 Daughter NY    
  Thomas 15 Son NY    
  Michael 13 Son NY    
  Matthew 11 Son NY    
LOURETTE Jacob       See MORGAN 21-D1
LUCAS Jennie       See ONDERDONK  
LUDINGTON Howard 40 M Dutchess Laborer 111-D1
  SallyAnn (Corbin) 34 Wife PA    
  Anna 17 Daughter Dutchess    
  John 15 Son Dutchess    
  Edward 13 Son Orleans    
  Sarah C. 12 Daughter Orleans    
  Varnum D. 9 Son Orleans    
  Gilbert 5 Son Orleans    
  James 3 Son Orleans    
FULLERTON Caroline 54 Boarder Monroe    
LYNCH John 39 Hus #2 Ireland Laborer 241-H
  Elizabeth 38 Wife #2 Canada    
  Mary E. 10 Daughter Orleans    
  Celia C. 8 Daughter Orleans    
  James 5 Son Orleans    
  Kate 2y 9m Daughter Orleans    
  Margaret 5 mo Daughter Orleans    
LYND Jacob 34 M Monroe Farmer 10-D1
  Delilah 29 Wife Rensselaer    
  Della 10 Daughter Monroe    
  Leonard 4 Son Orleans    
  Emeline 2y 9m Daughter Orleans    
LYONS John 54 M Ireland Laborer 124-D1
  Mary 50 Wife Ireland    
  Jane 12 Daughter Orleans    
  Ellen 11 Daughter Orleans    
  John 9 Son Orleans    
  James 7 Son Orleans    

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