Town of Murray - M

MAID James 56 M Ireland Laborer 211-H
  Elizabeth 54 Wife Ireland    
MALLORY Mercy 48 Widow Saratoga   252-H
  Mary 19 Daughter Orleans    
MANAGH Anthony 48 M Ireland Blacksmith 155-H
  Jane 31 Wife Ireland    
  John 10 Son Orleans    
  George 7 Son Orleans    
  Sarah J. 3 Daughter Orleans    
MANSFIELD         See BUTTS 245-D2
MARSH Franklin A. 38 M Genesee Merchant 171-H
  Harriet E. 35 Wife Genesee    
  Sarah L. 8 Daughter Orleans    
  Hattie 3y 1m Daughter Orleans    
  Mary 2 mo Daughter Orleans    
GRAY Allie 13 Niece Genesee    
MARTIN Mary 29 F New York City   150-D2
  Joseph 42 Husband Canada    
  Francis E. 8 Son Rensselaer    
  Elizabeth 4 Daughter Rensselaer    
  Mary L. 2y 3m Daughter Rensselaer    
MASON Daniel M. 48 M Seneca Farmer 11-D2
  Elizabeth 52 Wife #2 Ontario    
  Albert C. 22 Son Orleans    
  Ellen A. 19 Daughter Orleans    
  Laura A. 16 Daughter Orleans    
GILLETT Elizabeth 26 Stepdaughter Wayne    
MAYO Charles 34 M VA Barber 164-H
  Martha A. 30 Wife OH    
  Clarabel 11 Daughter OH    
DAVIS Harriet E. 25 Boarder MD Widow  
McCARGO Alexander 45 M Canada Butcher 288-H
  Elspy 39 Wife #2 Canada    
  Anna 16 Daughter Monroe    
  James 14 Son Monroe    
  Alexander 8 Son Orleans    
McCARGO William 22 Brother Canada Butcher  
McCARGO Jane R. 18 Sister-in-Law Canada    
McCARTHY Charles       See BALCOM 6-D2
McCARTHY Mortimer 60 Hus #2 Ireland Farmer 129-D1
  Ellen 46 Wife #2 Ireland    
  Anna 16 Daughter Orange    
  Julia 13 Daughter Orange    
  Jerome 9 Son Orleans    
McCORMICK Richard 32 Son-in-Law Ireland Mason/Widower  
McCORMICK Mortimer 2 Grandson Orleans    
CENTER John 41 M Germany Servant  
McCASSON Barnard 30 M Ireland Laborer 197-H
  Roseann 28 Wife Ireland    
  Rebecca 7 Daughter Orleans    
  James J. 4 Son Orleans    
  Mary C. 2 Daughter Orleans    
  Daniel E. 3 mo Son Orleans    
DEVENGER Edward 6 Boarder Orleans    
McCLEW David 44 M Scotland Farmer 232-D2
  Jane 36 Wife Scotland    
  Mary J. 11 Daughter Orleans    
  Robert 7 Son Orleans    
  Irene 4 Daughter Orleans    
  Matilda 1y 6m Daughter Orleans    
McOMBER Enoch 64 M MA Farmer 32-D1
  Phebe 55 Wife Columbia    
  Caroline 25 Daughter Orleans    
McCORMICK         See McCARTHY 129-D1
McCRILLIS George 31 M Orleans Laborer 258-H
  Sarah J. 28 Wife Orleans Milliner  
SHORTEN Maria 16 F England Domestic  
McCRILLIS John 51 M NH Farmer 63-D1
  Calista (Kellogg) 44 Wife #2 Cayuga    
  Darwin 21 Son Orleans Farmer  
  Marcus M. 19 Son Orleans Farmer  
  Frank 17 Son Orleans Farmer  
  Charles 13 Son Orleans    
HOWARD Cynthia 65 Mother Cayuga Widow (2)  
MORRIS Martha 58 Sister NH Widow  
McCRILLIS Mary J.       See COGSWELL 193-H
McGILLIS John 59 M VT Laborer 104-D1
  Laura 50 Wife Franklin    
  James 16 Son Monroe    
McGRAW John 27 M Ireland Farmer 209-D2
  Bridget 26 Wife Ireland    
  Frances L. 3 Daughter Orleans    
  James E. 10 mo Son Orleans    
McQUIRE Francis 30 M Ireland Laborer 275-H
  Johanna 25 Wife Ireland    
McGUIRE Thomas 45 M Ireland Boatman 88-D1
  Sally 45 Wife Washington    
  William 19 Son Wayne    
  Sarah 16 Daughter Wayne    
  Charles 13 Son Wayne    
  Mary 11 Daughter Cayuga    
  Eugenia 9 Daughter Cayuga    
  Rosella 7 Daughter Orleans    
  George 3 Son Orleans    
CHAPMAN Esther 74 Mother CT Widow (4)  
McMICHAELS Marvin       See GARRISON 103-D1
McOMBER Jasper 36 M Orleans Mason 13-D1
  Laura 25 Wife Monroe    
  Eugene 4 Son Monroe    
  Francis 2y 9m Son Orleans    
McVEY Simon 43 M Ireland Laborer 274-H
  Bridget 33 Wife #3 Ireland    
  Mary 14 Daughter NY    
  John 9 Son Orleans    
  Simon 5 Son Orleans    
  Rosanne 3 Daughter Orleans    
  James E. 7 mo Son Orleans    
MEYER Aloys 48 M Germany   289-H
  Catherine 36 Wife Germany    
PECK Linus J. 48 Boarder Onondaga    
SPICER Lyman 68 M Washington Servant  
LAKE Mortimer C. 44 Boarder Orleans    
LAKE Rose A. 40 Wife Monroe    
LAKE Marcena 16 Son Orleans    
LAKE Medora 13 Daughter Orleans    
MILLARD Alfred 43 M Onondaga Husband of Alfreda 201-D2
TOUSLEY Tryphena 20 Daughter Orleans    
TOUSLEY Oscar 25 Son-in-Law Orleans    
TOUSLEY Louisa 10 mo Granddaughter Orleans    
ELSOM Anna 17 F England    
SMEADES Clarissa 20 F Erie Domestic  
PHENEWTEN John 14 M Orleans Servant  
MILLARD Lydia B. 44 F NJ Widow 58-D1
TOUSLEY Edgar 20 Son Wayne Farmer  
MILLER Albion J. 33 M Orleans Grocer 207-H
  Hannah J. 33 Wife Monroe    
  Carrie M. 7 Daughter Orleans    
  Juliett C. 4 Daughter Orleans    
  Eldridge D. B. 9 mo Son Orleans    
MILLER Elizabeth 45 F Saratoga Tailoress/Widow (2) 39-D1
  Varnum 14 Son Monroe    
MILLER James 67 M Otsego Farmer 137-H
  Adeline (Cramer) 46 Wife #2 Washington    
  Benjamin F. 26 Son Orleans Army  
  Helen 21 Daughter Orleans    
MILLER James H. 35 M Orleans Grocer 138-H
  Frances F. 33 Wife Monroe    
MILLER Sarah       See KNIGHT 94-D1
MILLIKEN Robert 41 M NH Grocer 141-H
  Ann M. 39 Wife MA    
  Fayette A. 16 Son Orleans    
  Florence 8 Daughter Orleans    
WHITMORE Clarissa Stearns 69 Mother-In-Law MA Widow (2) of Marvin  
MILNE Charles 54 M Scotland Miller 191-H
  Jane 50 Wife Scotland    
  Charles J. 21 Son Scotland Miller  
  Jane F. 19 Daughter Scotland    
  Edward 17 Son Scotland Laborer  
  John 15 Son Scotland    
  Maggie C. 11 Daughter Genesee    
MILNE Edwin       See GIBSON 40-D1
MINCKLEY Ozro       See TOUSLEY 225-D2
MINCKLEY William       See ALLISON 83-D2
MOORE John 37 M England Grocer 118-D2
  Rosepha (Brockway) 33 Wife Orleans    
  Frank 13 Son Orleans    
  Augusta 4 Daughter Orleans    
  Clark 2 Son Orleans    
MOORE David 76 Father England Mason/Widower of Margaret  
REED Thomas F. 21 Nephew Orleans Grocer  
GIBBONS Margaret 18 F Ireland Domestic  
MOREY Polly 73 F VT Widow (2) of Arnold W. 99-D1
KNOWLES Polly 35 Daughter Orleans Widow of Orson  
KNOWLES Rebecca 10 Granddaughter Orleans    
KNOWLES Evarts 7 Grandson Orleans    
BRADLEY George 18 M Monroe Servant/Army  
MORGAN Alvah S. 42 M CT Farmer 233-H
  Lucy (Beebe) 35 Wife Orleans    
  Jennette 15 Daughter Orleans    
  Orra 13 Daughter Orleans    
  Cora 9 Daughter Orleans    
  Byron B. 3y 8m Son Orleans    
MORGAN Dolly Stratton 64 Mother CT Widow of Alvah  
UNDERHILL Isaac 58 Boarder   Farmer  
UNDERHILL Polly 44 Boarder Orleans Wife #2  
MORGAN Orson 32 M Monroe Farmer 21-D1
  Elizabeth 26 Wife Monroe    
  Willie L. 5 Son Orleans    
  Alta R. 4 Daughter Orleans    
  Clara E. 3y 5m Daughter Orleans    
MORGAN David 73 Father CT    
MORGAN Elizabeth 72 Mother CT    
MORGAN Charles 13 Nephew Monroe    
WEBB Lenora 21 Boarder Wyoming    
FLANNERY Margaret 18 F Ireland Domestic  
LOURETTE Jacob 22 M Holland Farm Laborer  
MORRIS Hugh 60 M Ireland Laborer 273-H
  Martha 60 Wife Ireland    
  John 25 Son Ireland    
  Rosanna 18 Daughter Canada    
  Elizabeth 15 Daughter Orleans    
MORRIS John 65 M Ireland Mason 240-H
  Deborah 60 Wife Ireland    
  Harry 6 Grandson Orleans    
TYSON Ida 14 Granddaughter Monroe    
TYSON Kate M. 12 Granddaughter Monroe    
MORRIS Martha       See McCRILLIS 63-D1
MORSE Isaac 34 M Herkimer Station Agent 124-D2
  Mary A. 32 Wife Rensselaer    
  Frank 9 Son Oneida    
MOSES Amelia 63 F Essex Widow 123-D2
COVILL Mary A. 33 Daughter Essex    
COVILL Orrin B. 40 Son-in-Law Essex Clerk  
MOWERS Sarah       See YOUNG 5-D2
MOWERS Stephen       See HARWOOD 37-D2
MULLIGAN Mary       See LEROY 219-D2
MULRAINE Joseph 55 M Ireland Laborer 205-H
  Bridget 45 Wife Ireland    
  Dudley 18 Son Ireland    
  Mary 14 Daughter England    
  Ann 13 Daughter England    
  William 10 Son Orleans    
  Kate 6 Daughter Orleans    
  Joseph 4 Son Orleans    
MURPHY Lawrence 25 M Ireland Laborer 157-H
  Anna 24 Wife Ireland    
  Mary A. 1 mo Daughter Orleans    
MURPHY Michael 37 M Ireland Railroad 223-D2
  Catherine 35 Wife Ireland    
  Marie 12 Daughter Orleans    
  Thomas 10 Son Orleans    
  Julia 8 Daughter Orleans    
  Michael 6 Son Orleans    
  John 2 Son Orleans    
MURRAY Eliza       See STILES 163-D2
MURRAY Eugene       See DUBOIS 44-D2
MYER Joseph       See BALCOM 30-D2

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