Town of Murray - R

RAYMOND Dora       See FEEZLEAR 163-H
REED Abjah 83 M Columbia Widower of Sally 107-D2
REED Alonzo 42 M Orleans Farmer 83-D1
  Abigail E. 42 Wife #2 Orleans nee HALSENBURG  
  Belle 14 Daughter Orleans    
REED Celia       See TUTTLE 90-D1
REED Daniel W. 55 M MA Mechanic 85-D1
  Electa (Hubbard) 53 Wife VT    
  Fordyce D. 14 Son Orleans    
SEELEY John R. 29 Son-in-Law Cattaraugus Farmer  
SEELEY Pamelia Reed 26 Daughter Orleans    
WHITE Mariette 41 Sister MA Widow  
WHITE Ella 18 Niece MA    
ROSS Sheldon 44 M Saratoga Laborer  
REED Ellen R.       See DAWES 232-H
REED Horace 51 Hus #2 Orleans Farmer 15-D1
  Mahala (Hitchcock) 46 Wife Orleans    
  Elijah 21 Son Allegany Laborer  
REED Napoleon Bonaparte 47 M Orleans Farmer 81-D1
  Czarina (Glazier) 44 Wife VT    
  Lyman 25 Son Orleans Farmer  
  Rachel 24 Daughter-in-Law (2) England    
  Mercy 21 Daughter Orleans    
  Napoleon Bonaparte 19 Son Orleans Laborer  
  Daniel E. 14 Son Orleans    
REED Samuel 38 M Orleans Farmer 60-D1
  Sarah Melina 36 Wife MA nee PARTRIDGE  
  Amer Alanson 13 Son Orleans    
  Orra P. 11 Son Orleans    
  Myron 5 Son Orleans    
REED Cora 7 Niece Orleans    
REED Sylvester 35 M Orleans Foundryman 219-H
  Louise (Underhill) 32 Wife Orange    
UNDERHILL Elizabeth 23 Sister-in-Law Orange Single  
REED Thomas F.       See MOORE 118-D2
REED Thomas 20 M Orleans Grocer 235-D2
REED James 26 Brother Orleans    
REED Anna 6 Sister Orleans    
REED Martha Moore 44 Mother England Widow of Edward  
REESE Anson 40 M Unknown Boatman 125-D2
  Mary 20 Wife #2 Orleans    
  Emma 17 Daughter Herkimer    
  Mary 15 Daughter Herkimer    
  Frank 8 Son Orleans    
  Harvey 4 Son Orleans    
REMINGTON Willard J. 44 M Monroe Farmer 86-D1
  Amanda 38 Wife MA    
  William H. 17 Son Orleans Laborer  
  Frank 13 Son Orleans    
  Mina 8 Daughter Orleans    
RHODES Harriet       See GIBSON 40-D1
RHODES Nathaniel 63 M Rensselaer   143-D2
  Sally M. (Baker) 53 Wife Rensselaer    
  Walter 31 Son Rensselaer    
  Sarah 28 Daughter Orleans    
  Eliza 24 Daughter Orleans    
  Josephine 19 Daughter Orleans    
  B. Franklin 17 Son Orleans    
  Lorenzo 13 Son Orleans    
  Selecta 10 Daughter Orleans    
RHODES Mary 97 Mother RI Widow of Walter  
RICE Hiram 35 M VT Farmer 239-D2
  Polly 26 Wife Ontario    
  Theresa 11 Daughter Orleans    
  Ellen 8 Daughter Ontario    
  Mary 5 Daughter Ontario    
RICE Hubbard Col. 69 Hus #2 Onondaga Farmer 65-D1
  Mary 57 Wife #3 VT Widow VanWINKLE  
  Eva 18 Daughter Monroe    
VanWINKLE Guy 3 Grandson Monroe    
RICH William 47 M MA Produce Dealer 87-D2
  Margaret J. 46 Wife England    
  William J. 22 Son Orleans    
  Agnes 20 Daughter Orleans    
  Mary 18 Daughter Orleans    
RICHARDS William 50 M Herkimer Methodist Clergyman 104-D2
  Margaret 50 Wife Montgomery    
  Theodore 31 Son Monroe Married  
  Dorwain 22 Son Fulton    
  Mary M. 16 Daughter Monroe    
  Julia 10 Daughter Steuben    
RICHARDSON Cyrus M. 45 M VT Shoemaker 283-H
  Martha A. 43 Wife Monroe    
  Hiram 18 Son Orleans    
RIDER Samuel       See GEE 7-D1
ROBB Joseph W. 57 M NH Grocer 142-H
  Maria T. (Pierce) 48 Wife VT    
  Julia 15 Daughter Orleans    
ROBINSON Chauncey 73 Hus #2 CT Farmer 267-H
  Damarius 70 Wife #2 CT    
ROBINSON George W. 46 M Oneida Moulder 224-H
  Jane M. 46 Wife Otsego    
  Eliza 19 Daughter Madison    
  Hattie 16 Daughter Niagara    
  Charles 13 Son Erie    
  Nettie 10 Daughter Erie    
  Willie S. 3y 7m Son Orleans    
ROBINSON John W. 33 M England Carpenter 24-D2
  Violetta 27 Wife Wyoming    
  Ella 7 Daughter Genesee    
  Frank 5 Son Genesee    
  Mary 4 Daughter Genesee    
  Elizabeth 1y 8m Daughter Genesee    
ROBINSON Maria A.       See VanDAKE 62-D2
ROBINSON William 38 M Canada Farmer 56-D1
  Christiann 21 Wife #3 Canada    
  Hattie 4 Daughter Canada    
  Simon 1 mo Son Orleans    
ROCKENBAH Margaret       See HINDS 89-D2
ROOT George W. 38 M Onondaga Farmer 87-D1
  Sarah F. 40 Wife Westchester    
  Jessie A. 8 Daughter Orleans    
  Willie 7 Son Orleans    
  Cora B. 4 Daughter Orleans    
  Hattie 2 Daughter Orleans    
ROOT Ezekiel 77 Father VT    
ROOT Nancy 72 Mother MA    
NOLAN Mary 18 F NY Domestic  
HERLEY John 40 M Ireland Laborer  
ROOT Lyman F. 23 M Orleans Railroad Hand 181-D2
  Emma B. 20 Wife Niagara    
ROOT Nelson N. 34 M Canada Wagon Maker 52-D2
  Lucelia J. (Buell) 32 Wife CT    
ROSE Eliza       See SOUTHWORTH 230-H
ROSEBECK John 37 M Genesee   135-H
SOUTHWORTH Eliza 51 Sister Wayne Widow (2)  
CARLE Catherine 22 F Ireland Domestic  
ROSS Daniel S. 53 M Saratoga Farmer 82-D1
  Harriet 50 Wife Seneca    
  George E. 17 Son Orleans Laborer  
  John A. 27 Son Orleans    
  Melinda 23 Daughter-in-Law Orleans    
ROSS Esther 90 Mother CT Widow  
DEAN Melinda 38 Boarder Saratoga Widow (2)  
DEAN Mary 14 Boarder's Daughter Niagara    
ROSS Sheldon       See REED 85-D1
ROSS William H. 32 M Orleans Mechanic 33-D1
  Eveline R. 30 Wife Orleans    
  Charles A. 10 Son Orleans    
  Martha 4 Daughter Orleans    
ROWE Samuel V. 31 M Orange Carpenter 129-D2
  Sarah A. (Greave) 31 Wife St. Lawrence    
  James H. 7 Son Orleans    
  Elizabeth 2 Daughter Orleans    
ROWLEY Ruth       See KING 123-D1
ROWLSON Ella M.       See THOMAS 183-D2
ROYCE Cornie       See COLLINS 196-H
RUGER Alfred 58 M Dutchess Farmer/Widower of Sarah Hoffman 7-D2
  Hoffman William 23 Son Niagara    
  Henrietta 21 Daughter-in-Law Monroe nee WILKINSON  
  John H. 21 Son Orleans    
  Lyman H. 18 Son Orleans    
RUGGLES Humphrey 53 M VT Farmer 227-H
  Jane 49 Wife Washington    
RUSSELL John F. 52 M Livingston Laborer 287-H
  Maria 38 Wife Monroe    
  Maria L. 9 Daughter Monroe    
  John T. 8 Son Monroe    
RUSSELL Richard D. 46 M Onondaga Cooper 253-H
  Julia J. 47 Wife Washington    
  Francis H. 16 Son MI    
  William 14 Son MI    
  George H. 10 Son Orleans    
RUTHERFORD Thomas 43 M Ireland Tanner 160-H
RUTHERFORD Elizabeth 38 Sister Ireland Single  
RUTHERFORD William 16 Nephew Oneida Student  
RYAN William 32 M Canada Farmer 79-D2
  Elizabeth J. 31 Wife Canada    
  Charles L. 11 Son Canada    
  William L. 9 Son Canada    
  Henrietta 5 Daughter Canada    
  James H. 2y 1m Son Canada    

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