Town of Murray - S

SALISBURY Harmon L. 53 M Ontario Farmer 141-D2
  Mary (Peterson) 47 Wife #2 Rensselaer    
  Miranda 22 Daughter MI    
  William A. 19 Son MI    
  J. Willard 17 Son MI    
  J. H. Leroy 15 Son MI    
  Emma A. 14 Daughter Orleans    
  Milford E. 12 Son Monroe    
  George S. 10 Son Monroe    
SALISBURY Joseph B. 30 M Orleans Musician 68-D1
  Charity 28 Wife Cayuga    
  Nina M. 10 mo Daughter Orleans    
TRUE Oliver 77 Boarder NH Christian  
TRUE Pamelia 58 Boarder RI Wife #2  
SARGENT Charles F. 33 M Monroe Farmer 41-D1
  Charlotte 22 Wife #2 Monroe    
  Ann M. 8 Daughter Monroe    
  Clara 1y 2m Daughter Orleans    
SCHILL George       See POTTER 22-D1
SCOFIELD Francis 32 M Orleans Laborer 76-D1
  Lucretia 32 Wife Orleans    
  Anna E. 11 Daughter Orleans    
  Clarence B. 8 Son Orleans    
  Frank 5 Son Orleans    
  Robert E. 2 Son Orleans    
SCOTT         See CARTON 52-D1
SCOTT Frank W.       See BURNETT 47-D2
SHALVEY James 37 M Ireland Farmer 110-D1
  Ellen 30 Wife Ireland    
  Mary 12 Daughter Orleans    
  Jennie 11 Daughter Orleans    
  Willie 9 Son Orleans    
  Martha 7 Daughter Orleans    
  Ella 6 Daughter Orleans    
  James 4 Son Orleans    
  John 2y 5m Son Orleans    
  Joseph 5 mo Son Orleans    
CLANCY Michael 45 M Ireland Laborer  
SHAW Dennis       See STUBBS 206-D2
SHERMAN         See SPRAGUE 112-D1
SHIPP John 48 M England Farmer 20-D1
  Lucy 49 Wife Ireland    
  Peter 18 Son England    
  Catherine 14 Daughter England    
SHORTEN Emma       See PHILLIPS 102-D2
SHORTEN Maria       See McCRILLIS 258-H
SKEHAN Matthew 50 Hus #2 Ireland Laborer 221-H
  Ellen 40 Wife #2 Ireland    
  Matthew 11 Son Ireland    
  Bridget 9 Daughter Monroe    
  Eliza 5 Daughter Orleans    
SLOAN James C. 25 M Canada Cabinet Maker 162-H
  Alice 24 Wife England    
  Anna 2y 3m Daughter Orleans    
  William 4 mo Son Orleans    
SMEADES Clarissa       See MILLARD 201-D2
SMITH         See OSBORN 291-H
SMITH Alonzo       See ELY 95-D2
SMITH Angeline "Fanny" A. 50 F Herkimer Widow of Milo 51-D2
  Anson 20 Son Orleans    
  Harrison 18 Son Orleans    
SMITH Benjamin F. 29 M Orleans Farmer 188-D2
  Betsey A. 24 Wife Orleans    
  Sarah 1 mo Daughter Orleans    
BURNS Frank 16 M Orleans Laborer  
BRITT Franklin 25 M Ireland Laborer  
SMITH Daniel 61 M Montgomery Farmer 56-D2
  Mary (Young) 57 Wife Montgomery    
  Ann E. 27 Daughter Orleans    
  Helen I. 24 Daughter Orleans    
  Frances J. 18 Daughter Orleans    
  Charles 17 Son Orleans    
  Lewis Y. 15 Son Orleans    
NEWLAND Emma J. 19 F Ontario Domestic  
SMITH Edwin       See CHURCH 97-D1
SMITH George B. 36 M CT   174-D2
  Eliza A. 31 Wife Orleans    
  Nellie 6 Daughter Monroe    
  Gertrude 2 Daughter Orleans    
SMITH Benjamin 81 Father CT Widower  
WARD Mary 14 F England Domestic  
SMITH George S. 63 M Rensselaer Farmer 182-D2
  Susan 58 Wife Rensselaer    
  Maria 21 Daughter Orleans    
SMITH Henry E. Capt. 42 M Monroe Farmer 1-D1
  Clarissa E. (Morgan) 41 Wife Monroe    
  Helen E. 20 Daughter Monroe    
  Cora E. 16 Daughter Orleans    
  Alice M. 14 Daughter Orleans    
  Dayton H. 9 Son Orleans    
WHITED P. S. 34 M Orleans Laborer/Married  
SMITH Hollis 38 M Orleans Farmer/Widower of Ann 186-D2
  Minerva A. 15 Daughter Orleans    
  Matthew A. 12 Son Orleans    
  Inabell 2 Daughter Orleans    
JOINER Melinda 29 F Orleans Housekeeper/Married  
JOINER Clara 2y 6m Child Orleans    
SMITH Isaac 75 Hus #2 NH Farmer 187-D2
  Sally J. 70 Wife #2 VT    
SMITH Isaac 52 M VT Laborer 284-H
  Harriet 50 Wife CT    
DUNNING Phebe Rowe 32 F Oneida Dressmaker/Widow of William A.  
SMITH Isaac 26 M Orleans Station Agent 132-D2
  Elizabeth 22 Wife Orleans    
  Stella 2 Daughter Orleans    
SMITH John F. 33 M Saratoga Laborer 30-D1
  Mary J. 25 Wife Orleans    
SMITH Joseph 39 M Saratoga Farmer 59-D2
  Elizabeth 39 Wife Saratoga    
  John H. 18 Son Saratoga    
  Mary E. 14 Daughter Saratoga    
  Lucina 10 Daughter Saratoga    
  Frank J. 8 Son Saratoga    
SMITH Josephus 68 M CT Farmer 23-D2
  Jane 49 Wife Montgomery    
  Mary 27 Daughter Monroe    
  Josephus 24 Son Monroe    
  John 22 Son Monroe    
  Emeline 19 Daughter Monroe    
  Sarah 14 Daughter Monroe    
  Lida 9 Daughter Monroe    
  Helen 6 Daughter Monroe    
SMITH Levi 46 M Orleans Farmer 189-D2
  Laura 45 Wife Orleans    
  Delos 12 Son Orleans    
SMITH Levi 64 M Oneida Farmer 226-D2
  Laura (Chase) 57 Wife Oneida    
  Julia A. 19 Daughter Orleans    
  George F. 16 Son Orleans    
SMITH Lewis 57 M Rensselaer Boatman 1-D2
  Rosetta (Balcom) 50 Wife Orleans    
  William S. 28 Son Orleans Boatman  
  Charles H. 26 Son Orleans Boatman  
  Horace Albert 20 Son Orleans    
  Hiram Fitch 13 Son Orleans    
ARMOUR Elizabeth 17 F England Domestic  
SMITH Major 45 M Orleans Farmer 194-D2
  Maria 42 Wife NY    
  Alonzo 18 Son Orleans    
  Nora 14 Daughter Orleans    
  Perry 10 Son Orleans    
  Clark 8 Son Orleans    
SMITH Orange 43 M Orleans Farmer 196-D2
  Susan 32 Wife Orleans    
  Emily 6 Daughter Orleans    
  Mary 4 Daughter Orleans    
CURTIS Levi O. 22 Friend Orleans    
SMITH William 72 Hus #2 Schenectady Farmer 29-D1
  Martha C. 50 Wife #2 Albany    
SNELL Elizabeth       See KNIGHT 94-D1
SNOVER Charles       See YOUNG 138-D2
SNOVER George 47 M NY Farmer 22-D2
  Mary A. 45 Wife NY    
  Henrietta A. 25 Daughter Cayuga    
  George H. 21 Son Cayuga    
  Charles C. 18 Son Cayuga    
  Martin P. 16 Son Cayuga    
  Frances S. 11 Daughter Cayuga    
  John C. 4 Son Cayuga    
SNOW Harry 30 M England Laborer 257-H
  Maria 24 Wife England    
SNYDER Marvin 45 M Orleans Farmer 227-D2
  Electa 45 Wife Onondaga    
  Ida M. 10 Daughter Orleans    
SNYDER Simon G. 47 M Rensselaer   145-D2
  Sarah M. (Dubois) 39 Wife Rensselaer    
  Henry E. 20 Son Rensselaer    
  Sarah E. 18 Daughter Rensselaer    
  George A. 6 Son Monroe    
  Ida E. 5 Daughter Monroe    
SNYDER William 58 M Jefferson Painter 149-H
  Sally A. 47 Wife #2 Cortland    
  Lowell 18 Son Orleans    
  Milo 11 Son Orleans    
  Emogene 5 Daughter Orleans    
BLYTHE George 28 M England Jeweler  
BLYTHE Mary A. 22 Wife Orleans    
BLYTHE Amy 8 mo Daughter Orleans    
SOULE Agnes       See THOMAS 183-D2
SOUTHGATE Julia       See HARWOOD 97-D2
SOUTHWORTH Augustus 64 M MA Laborer 230-H
  Marilla (Bull) 64 Wife #1 MA    
  Lucy 32 Daughter Orleans    
ROSE Eliza 48 F Monroe Domestic/Widow  
SOUTHWORTH William H. 25 M Orleans Grocer 225-H
  Melissa E. (Glidden) 25 Wife Orleans    
SPAULDING Matthew A. 39 M Monroe Farmer 40-D2
  Eliza (Baine) 36 Wife Oneida    
  Jane 14 Daughter Orleans    
  Alice 12 Daughter Orleans    
BAINE Charity 75 Mother-in-Law Rensselaer Widow of Barnard  
CHAPMAN Julia 37 Boarder Madison Married  
CHAPMAN Frank A. 5 Boarder's Son Genesee    
CHAPMAN Rosepha J. 2y11m Boarder's Daughter Orleans    
SPENCER Ruth       See FREESE 159-D2
SPICER Edwin J. 39 M Monroe Farmer 160-D2
  Olive N. 37 Wife Orleans    
SPICER Lyman       See MEYER 289-H
SPONSBERG Robert       See DAVIS 46-D1
SPRAGUE Charles L. 43 M Orleans Farmer 98-D1
  Rocina M. 44 Wife CT    
  Olivia S. 20 Daughter Orleans    
  Orlando L. 14 Son Orleans    
  Morris A. 1y 2m Son Orleans    
SPRAGUE Danley D. 44 M Orleans Farmer 91-D1
  Eunice A. (Budd) 44 Wife Rensselaer    
  Phebe A. 19 Daughter Orleans    
  Jonathan D. 17 Son Orleans Laborer  
  Emeline 6 Daughter Orleans    
  Danley D. 2 Son Orleans    
SPRAGUE Darius 76 Father VT Hus #2  
SPRAGUE Thankful 73 Mother MA Wife #2  
UTLEY Fanny 46 Sister-in-Law Rensselaer Widow of Hiram  
UTLEY Lois 14 Niece Orleans    
SPRAGUE Elisha 39 M Orleans Farmer 112-D1
  Amanda S. 36 Wife Orleans    
  Homer 16 Son Orleans Laborer  
  Rodney 14 Son Orleans    
  Martha 9 Daughter Orleans    
SHERMAN Rosanna 28 Boarder Jefferson Married  
SHERMAN John 2y 6m Boarder's Son Orleans    
SPRAGUE Florence       See HURD 184-H
SPRAGUE Morris J. 35 M Orleans   246-H
  Mary J. 33 Wife Genesee    
  Dora A. 14 Daughter Orleans    
SQUIRE George 76 M Columbia Widower of Betsey Williams 117-D2
  Alfred J. 30 Son Orleans    
  Emily 29 Daughter-in-Law Livingston Wife of Ripley  
  George H. 7 Grandson Orleans    
  Jessie E. 8 mo Granddaughter Orleans    
WOOD Charles S. 21 Grandson Orleans    
STACKLEIN Charles 45 Hus #2 Germany Cooper 190-H
  Emily 46 Wife Prussia    
STANDISH Homer E. 58 M VT Mechanic 156-H
  Elizabeth 55 Wife Saratoga    
  Daniel 25 Son Orleans Laborer  
  Beach T. 21 Son Orleans Grocer  
STANNARD Polly 68 F Albany Widow of Giles 17-D1
VALLETT John 21 Nephew Albany    
STEARNS Bradley B. 73 Hus #2 MA   146-D2
  Sarah Stacy Nichols 74 Wife #3 MA    
KIMBALL Daniel R. 25 Grandson Orleans    
STEARNS Cullin A. 40 M Orleans Farmer 29-D2
  Ellen M. 31 Wife Hillsdale, NH    
  Hattie S. 12 Daughter Dodge Co. WI    
  Ellen A. 10 Daughter Dodge Co. WI    
  Alfretta 5 Daughter Lenawee Co. MI    
  Anna L. 3y 6m Daughter Lenawee Co. MI    
STEARNS Cyrus 56 M MA Farmer 14-D1
  Lucy (Reed) 53 Wife MA    
  Lucy 20 Daughter Orleans    
  Julia 19 Daughter Orleans    
  Fordyce 16 Son Orleans    
  Elgin 14 Son Orleans    
WARREN Abigail 87 Boarder MA Widow (3)  
STEDMAN T. A.       See PERRY 292-H
STEVES Jason W.       See DUNNING 37-D1
STEWART Harley D. 54 M Niagara Grocer 222-H
  Sarah W. 42 Wife #2 Lewis    
  James C. 28 Son Niagara    
STILES Horace 74 M VT Farmer 72-D2
  Hannah 66 Wife #2 MA    
  Amelia 41 Daughter Orleans    
  Cornelia 27 Daughter Orleans    
STILES Horace W. 34 M Orleans Farmer 163-D2
  Hattie E. 27 Wife Oswego    
  Frank W. 1 mo Son Orleans    
STILES Henry E. 31 Brother Orleans    
MURRAY Eliza 17 F Orleans Domestic  
STOCKDALE Robert 41 M England Farmer 233-D2
  Louisa 38 Wife Orleans    
  Elizabeth 14 Daughter Orleans    
  Elmore 3 Son Orleans    
STODDARD Moses N. 63 M CT Farmer 238-H
  Sarah 57 Wife RI    
  George 16 Son Orleans Laborer  
STROGEN Margaret       See BURNS 92-D2
STONE Cyreno 51 M CT Farmer 62-D1
  Lura 47 Wife Monroe    
  Mary E. 22 Daughter Orleans    
  Charles S. 20 Son Orleans NYC Railroad  
  Elbert E. 18 Son Orleans Laborer  
  Josephine A. 16 Daughter Orleans    
  Atly D. 12 Son Orleans    
  Adelbert B. 10 Son Orleans    
STONE William 26 M Orleans Farmer 19-D1
STONE William 64 Grandfather CT Widower of Sybil  
STONE Mary N. 40 Aunt CT Dressmaker  
STONE Marion 21 Cousin Monroe Single  
STROGEN Fannie       See HATCH 195-H
STUBBS Thomas 35 Hus #2 England Farmer 206-D2
  Sarah 43 Wife #2 England    
SHAW Dennis 18 Stepson England    
WINCH Emma 18 F VT Domestic  
SULLIVAN Dennis 54 M Ireland Laborer/Widower 89-D1
GWINN Hannorah 52 Sister Ireland Widow  
SULLIVAN Jerry 48 M Ireland Laborer 70-D1
  Catherine 36 Wife Ireland    
  Mary 18 Daughter MA    
  Eliza 15 Daughter ME    
  Matthew 13 Son ME    
  Thomas 11 Son ME    
  Bridget 9 Daughter Orleans    
  Ella 7 Daughter Orleans    
  Kate 5 Daughter Orleans    
  Lucy 2 Daughter Orleans    

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