Town of Murray - W

WAIT Edgar D. 37 M Orleans Farmer 16-D1
  Aurelia 31 Wife Orleans    
  Eugene 12 Son Orleans    
  Charles 10 Son Orleans    
  Alice 6 Daughter Orleans    
  Fred 1y 8m Son Orleans    
WAIT Eli 65 Hus #2 Saratoga   80-D1
  Abigail 64 Wife VT    
WARD Augustus 56 M Canada Stonecutter 80-D2
  Martha 50 Wife Seneca    
WARD Rosie 54 F Ireland Widow (2) 272-H
  Michael 19 Son Erie Laborer  
  Patrick 16 Son Erie Laborer  
WARREN Aaron 62 M VT Farmer 42-D2
  Dorcas (Williams) 55 Wife VT    
  Aaron Jr. 16 Son Orleans    
WARREN Abigail       See STEARNS 14-D1
WASHBURN Israel 61 M MA Farmer 205-D2
  Betsey 59 Wife VT    
  Levi B. 33 Son VT    
  Clara E. 14 Daughter VT    
WEBB Lenora       See MORGAN 21-D1
WEBSTER Amos 68 M NH Farmer 46-D2
  Mary 62 Wife CT    
  Joseph A. 17 Son Monroe    
DEMING Mary E. 33 F Monroe Domestic  
WEBSTER David 42 M Oneida Farmer 190-D2
  Corinthia 32 Wife #2 Orleans    
  Daniel 18 Son Orleans    
  Hercules 16 Son Orleans    
  Frank 12 Son Orleans    
  Clara 10 Daughter Orleans    
  Frederick 4 Son Orleans    
  Charlotte 2 mo Daughter Orleans    
WEBSTER George 42 M Oneida Farmer 290-H
  Clara 39 Wife PA    
  Ella 8 Daughter Orleans    
NELSON Warren 24 M Orleans Laborer  
WEBSTER Warren 45 M Oneida Farmer 193-D2
  Flora 45 Wife Orleans    
  Lucy C. 18 Daughter Orleans    
  Martin L. 13 Son Orleans    
  Huron B. 7 Son Orleans    
BATES William 47 M England Laborer  
WELCH George N. 49 M Monroe Farmer 185-D2
  Jane 48 Wife Ontario    
  Alfred H. 26 Son Monroe    
  Richard F. 22 Son Orleans    
  William H. 18 Son Orleans    
  Eliza J. 13 Daughter Orleans    
WELCH John 50 M Ireland Laborer 93-D2
  Mary N. 40 Wife Ireland    
  Mary 13 Daughter Orleans    
  John 9 Son Orleans    
WELCH Patrick 40 M Ireland Laborer 215-H
  Elizabeth 39 Wife Ireland    
  Richard 10 Son Orleans    
  John 2y 6m Son Orleans    
WELLER Jacob C. 36 M Livingston Blacksmith 158-H
  Emma J. 30 Wife Orleans    
  Frank L. 12 Son Orleans    
  Arthur C. 6 Son Orleans    
  Horatio C. 2 Son Orleans    
IRISH Delbert 16 M Monroe Apprentice  
WETHERBEE Martha       See ORR 146-H
WHITE         See REED 85-D1
WHITE Mary       See OPP 64-D2
WHITED P. S.       See SMITH 1-D1
WHITNEY Ella       See HILL 116-D1
WHITNEY Zedoc 28 M Orleans Mechanic 265-H
  Julia 26 Wife Orleans    
  Mary 2y 6m Daughter Orleans    
  Lewis 1y 2m Son Orleans    
WHITTMORE Clarissa       See MILLIKEN 141-H
WIDENER Freeman E. 47 M Monroe Laborer 148-H
  Lucretia B. 39 Wife Madison    
  Charles A. 12 Son Genesee    
  Carrie A. 4 Daughter Orleans    
WILCOX Elnathan 61 M Ontario   152-H
  Maria P. 49 Wife #2 Albany    
  Eliza S. 20 Daughter Orleans    
WILKINS James 71 M England Shoemaker 112-D2
  Jane 45 Wife England    
WILLETT Ida       See HARWOOD 261-H
WILLETT Thomas       See THATCHER 9-D2
WILLIAMS Catherine A.       See KEYS 169-H
WILLIAMS Elmore 46 M Dutchess Farmer 155-D2
  Hannah 33 Wife Wayne    
  Ellen 6 Daughter Monroe    
  Henry 3 Son Monroe    
  Elmore Jr. 1 Son Monroe    
WILLIAMS George 38 Hus #2 VA   38-D1
  Clara 30 Wife #3 Ireland    
WILLIAMS Henry       See CLARK 108-D1
WILLIAMS Russell 36 M PA Carriage Maker 90-D2
  Vesta M. 30 Wife Orleans    
  Alice H. 11 Daughter Wyoming    
WILLSON James G. 62 M Madison Farmer 239-H
  Sabrina (Ferry) 58 Wife Madison    
  Lodusky M. 14 Granddaughter Niagara    
FERRY Jonathan 88 Father-in-Law MA Widower  
LEE Esther 38 F Monroe Domestic  
WILSEA Frederick B. 55 M Westchester Farmer 131-D1
  Eveline 54 Wife Westchester    
  Selah 17 Daughter Orleans    
WILSEA Willett 27 M Orleans Farmer 131-D2
  Larissa A. 26 Wife Orleans    
  Eva D. 2y 9m Daughter Orleans    
  Mary 1y 2m Daughter Orleans    
WILSON Charles       See COLE 84-D1
WINCH Emma       See STUBBS 206-D2
WINTERS Delia       See HILL 116-D1
WOOD Ambrose 61 M Saratoga Farmer 142-D2
  Mary C. 47 Wife Saratoga    
  Charlotte 24 Daughter Orleans    
  Mary J. 22 Daughter Orleans    
  Harriet 17 Daughter Orleans    
  Alice 12 Daughter Orleans    
  Frank 10 Son Orleans    
WOOD Elijah 56 Brother Saratoga Shoemaker  
WOOD Charles S.       See SQUIRE 117-D2
WOOD Lucinda H. 57 F CT Widow (2) of Elijah 130-D2
  Helen 22 Niece Niagara    
WOOD Lewis 58 M PA Mechanic 264-H
  Polly 57 Wife VT    
  Edwin 28 Son Orleans Laborer  
  Helen 20 Daughter Orleans    
  William 17 Son Orleans Laborer  
  Francis 15 Son Orleans    
WOOD Selina 57 F Schoharie Widow of Dr. Eri 75-D2
WOOD Stephen 63 M England Laborer/Widower 256-H
  Jennie 18 Daughter England    
WOODBRIDGE Laura K. 35 F CT Widow of Roswell 236-H
  Louisa 15 Daughter Orleans    
ORR Eddie 13 M Orleans Servant  
WRIGHT Emily 67 F MA Widow 249-H

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