Town of Ridgeway - A

ABELL Dyer B. 44 M VT Merchant 176-D1
  Nancy A. (Potter) 44 Wife CT    
STROGAN Agnes 15 Adopted Orleans    
WARLAND Henry 21 Boarder Orleans Farmer  
WARLAND George 17 Boarder Orleans Farmer  
ACHILLES Albert 50 M NH Farmer 115-D1
  Nancy 45 Wife Genesee    
  Ettie 31 Daughter Genesee    
  Joseph L. 22 Son Monroe Farmer  
  Alfred J. 20 Son Orleans Farmer  
  Della 13 Daughter Orleans    
DOUGLAS Josephine Achilles 23 Daughter Monroe    
DOUGLAS George 21 Son-in-Law Canada Farmer  
ACHILLES Albert H. 39 M Oneida Farmer 120-D1
  Mary (Chapman) 34 Wife England    
  Mary E. 2 Daughter Orleans    
ACHILLES Julia A. 62 Mother Madison Widow of Alfred  
ACHILLES George R. 28 Brother Orleans Farmer  
ACHILLES Edward 24 Brother Orleans Farmer  
CHAPMAN Elizabeth 60 Mother-in-Law England Widow of Michael  
ACHILLES Amelia       See DIKEMAN 140-D1
ACHILLES Charles 33 M Orleans Farmer 123-D1
  Sarah J. 31 Wife Canada    
  Ida J. 9 Daughter Orleans    
  Noble 2y 6m Son Orleans    
ACHILLES Diana Turner 35 F Genesee Widow of Morris 236-D3
  Lucy 13 Daughter Orleans    
  Fred 11 Son Orleans    
ADAMS John       See WEST 219-D3
ADAMS Margaret A.       See FOOT 105-D1
ADLER Levi 30 M Germany Clothing 268-D2
  Theresa (Wile) 23 Wife Germany    
  Fanny 2y 4m Daughter Orleans    
  Sarah 6 mo Daughter Orleans    
ADLER Abram 18 Brother Germany Clerk  
LIEB Rosa 19 F Germany Servant  
ADRIANCE William 48 M Cayuga Farmer 29-D1
  Deborah A. 47 Wife Dutchess    
  Frank W. 10 Son Cayuga    
AGAN Andrew       See RYAN 321-D2
AGAN Mary 40 F Ireland Boarding House/Widow of James 362-D2
  Kate 16 Daughter Ireland    
CROWLEY Pat 35 Boarder Ireland Laborer  
MURPHY Pat 35 Boarder Ireland Laborer  
O'MALLY Pat 22 Boarder Ireland Farmer  
PENDERGAST Pat 22 Boarder Ireland Laborer  
SHERMAN John 23 Boarder Ireland Laborer  
WELCH Joseph 35 Boarder Ireland Laborer  
ALBRO Hiram 37 M Onondaga Blacksmith 533-D2
  Anna 21 Wife Jefferson    
  John 8 Son Orleans    
  Helen 6 Daughter Niagara    
  Henry James 3y 2m Son Niagara    
ALCORN John 58 M PA Flour Dealer 129-D2
  Sarah 55 Wife Wayne    
  Emily E. 28 Daughter Orleans Milliner  
  John B. 23 Son Orleans Printer  
  Lyman 17 Son Orleans    
  Charles 15 Son Orleans    
ALCORN William 55 M PA Carpenter 226-D2
  Electa B. 55 Wife VT    
CLARK Charles E. 27 Son-in-Law PA Saloon  
CLARK Mary A. Alcorn 20 Daughter Orleans    
DRAPER Edwin O. 23 Son-in-Law Niagara Brewer  
DRAPER Helen A. Alcorn 19 Daughter Orleans    
ALFORD Benedict H. 53 M VT Carpenter 144-D2
  Mary 48 Wife Herkimer    
  Cornelia S. 24 Daughter Orleans Teacher  
  Linus T. 23 Son Orleans Carpenter/Army  
ALFORD William 62 M England Butcher 369-D2
  Sarah (Benfield) 57 Wife England    
  George H. 32 Son Monroe Butcher  
  Sarah M. 20 Daughter Orleans    
  Pluma 19 Daughter Orleans    
GOTTS James 25 M England Butcher  
HEATH Thomas B. 30 Boarder England Tailor  
ALGRO John       See McCORMICK 376-D2
ALLCHIN         See MILEHAM 107-D3
ALLEN Edith M.       See HUNT 189-D3
ALLEN Gideon 34 M Niagara Butcher 379-D2
  Elizabeth (Fuller) 32 Wife Orleans    
  Henry E. 12 Son Orleans    
  Charles E. 10 Son Orleans    
  Mary A. 7 Daughter Orleans    
  Emma L. 2y 9m Daughter Orleans    
FULLER Jenett 28 Sister-in-Law Orleans    
FULLER Henry C. 22 Brother-in-Law Orleans Butcher  
SMITH Charles M. 16 M Orleans Servant  
ALLEN John 47 M England Grocer 46-D2
  Rebecca 43 Wife England    
  Ellen 14 Adopted England    
ALLEN John 43 M VT Merchant 110-D2
  Ellen 38 Wife VT    
  George W. 12 Son Vt    
AMES George 30 M England Blacksmith 190-D1
  Ann (Duran) 28 Wife England    
  Simeon 6 Son Orleans    
  Anna E. 4 Daughter Orleans    
  William H. 1y 8m Son Orleans    
  Mary L. 7 mo Daughter Orleans    
THOMPSON Archibald 20 Boarder Canada Blacksmith  
HUDSON Thomas 20 Boarder England Blacksmith  
HEATH William 20 Boarder Canada Laborer  
AMOS John 38 M England Farmer 151-D1
  Anna M. (Sloper) 39 Wife England    
  Jane H. 12 Daughter Orleans    
  Maria 10 Daughter Orleans    
  Ellen 8 Daughter Orleans    
  John 6 Son Orleans    
  Ann E. 7 mo Daughter Orleans    
AMOS William 42 M England Laborer 145-D1
  Hannah 29 Wife England    
  George H. 7 Son Orleans    
  Anna M. 4 Daughter Orleans    
  Helen 2y 6m Daughter Orleans    
  Samuel T. 4 mo Son Orleans    
ANDREWS Avery V. 67 M NH Farmer 55-D1
  Anna (Tanner) 62 Wife Vt    
  John A. 23 Son Orleans    
  Alice H. 20 Daughter Orleans    
ANDREWS Dominic 53 M Rensselaer Tinsmith 233-D1
  Ann 53 Wife Columbia    
  Reuben M. 30 Son Orange Tinsmith  
  Elam L. 28 Son Rockland Cooper  
  Jane 24 Daughter Wayne    
  Susan 22 Daughter Onondaga    
  William H. 18 Son Westchester    
  Mary 16 Daughter Westchester    
ANGEVINE Stephen E. 61 M Dutchess Oil Dealer 232-D2
  Almedia E. 52 Wife Ontario    
  Albert W. 23 Son Orleans Clerk  
  Mervin H. 12 Son Orleans    
  Edgar F. 11 Son Orleans    
ANTHONY George S. 40 M Montgomery Merchant 410-D2
  Rosa S. 38 Wife Madison    
  George H. 11 Son Orleans    
ARMSTRONG David 37 M Onondaga Farmer 21-D1
  Eunice C. (Tanner) 37 Wife Orleans    
  Fred B. 5 Son MI    
AVERILL Hannah M. 70 F CT Widow of Erastus 64-D2
  George J. 35 Son Onondaga Printer  
SMITH Richard S. 60 Boarder Ireland Laborer  
AVERY Lucy       See TUTTLE 406-D2
AXTELL Alpheus       See LOTT 8-D3
AXTELL Charles 53 M MA Farmer 101-D1
  Phebe 51 Wife Herkimer    
  Sylvester T. 21 Son Niagara Farmer  
  Henry A. 20 Son Niagara Farmer  
  Franklin 16 Son Niagara Farmer  
AXTELL Charles 30 M Niagara Farmer 167-D1
  Sarah 29 Wife England    
  Alta S. 6 Daughter Orleans    
  Alfred L. 4 Son Orleans    
  Harrison 3y 2m Son Orleans    
  Sylvia 2y 1mo Daughter Orleans    
AXTELL Franklin R.       See CLUTE 258-D2
AXTELL Joshua 47 M MA Gunsmith 257-D2
  Hannah 45 Wife PA    
  Ida L. 11 Niece Orleans    
  Thomas W. 6 Nephew Erie    
AXTELL Julius       See SCARBOROUGH 110-D1

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