Town of Ridgeway - B


BACON         See KENT 260-D2
BACON         See BEALS 466-D2
BACON Allen 60 M VT Farmer 141-D2
  Diantha (Hulbard) 60 Wife VT    
  Roswell B. 26 Son Orleans Lawyer  
  Frances 23 Daughter Orleans    
  Emma 21 Daughter Orleans    
  Ellen 18 Daughter Orleans    
BACON Austin S. 41 M Monroe Nurseryman 214-D2
  Lana 33 Wife Schoharie    
  Charles A. 13 Son Niagara    
  Hannah E. 7 Daughter Orleans    
BACON John H. 44 M VT Farmer 491-D2
  Sophia (Belson) 24 Wife #2 England    
  Ida L. 6 Daughter Orleans    
  William H. 1y 9m Son Orleans    
BACON Alpheus 70 Father VT Farmer/Widower  
BELSON Ada 15 Sister-in-Law England    
COPELAND Samuel 26 M Montgomery Farm Laborer  
BACON Orrin       See CURTIS 511-D2
BACON Robert 37 M England Farmer 16-D1
  Nancy 32 Wife Herkimer    
  Florence L. 3y 3m Daughter Orleans    
BACON Truman A. 30 M Orleans Farmer 398-D2
  Lydia A. 30 Wife Orleans    
  Frank A. 4 mo Son Orleans    
PRATT Charity 19 F England Domestic  
BAGLEY Edington 42 M CT Farmer 246-D3
  Lydia 38 Wife NJ    
  Marshall M. 13 Son Orleans    
  Cynthia 9 Daughter Orleans    
  Jennie 3 Daughter Orleans    
BAILEY John 33 M Seneca Farmer 35-D1
  Malvina A. (Hicks) 32 Wife Orleans    
  Clara A. 6 Daughter Orleans    
HICKS William 66 Father-in-Law RI Farmer  
HICKS Clarissa 61 Mother-in-Law VY    
EDICT Monzo 26 M Orleans Farm Laborer  
BAKER         See VOORHEES 235-D3
BAKER Benjamin 33 M England Farmer 91-D1
  Sarah 30 Wife Orleans    
  Lucy Ann 6 Daughter Orleans    
  Sarah J. 4 Daughter Orleans    
  Laura E. 1y 9m Daughter Orleans    
BAKER John 60 M England Farmer 136-D3
  Elizabeth 60 Wife England    
  John 26 Son England    
  Betsey 20 Daughter-in-Law Orleans    
  Ann E. 1y 7m Granddaughter Orleans    
BAKER Lyman 43 M Ontario Farmer 255-D1
  Eunice 34 Wife #2 Wyoming    
  Anna M. 14 Daughter Orleans    
  Mars 11 Son Orleans    
  Laura 7 Daughter Orleans    
  Willard 1 Son Orleans    
BAKER Otis 69 Hus #2 MA   252-D2
  Laura 66 Wife #2 VT Widow Bostwick  
BAKER Rice       See HOOKER 196-D3
BAKER Roswell 83 M MA   203-D1
  Persis 80 Wife MA    
LYON Daniel 20 Boarder Canada Laborer  
BAKER Roswell Jr. 44 M Ontario Farmer 53-D1
  Sarah J. 39 Wife Oswego    
  Mary F. 9 Adopted MI    
  Adonisan 3y 7m Adopted Orleans    
BALCH David 61 M MA Farmer 485-D2
  Polly 54 Wife Onondaga    
  William J. 22 Son Orleans Farmer  
  Charles I. 16 Son Orleans    
  Martha A. 13 Daughter Orleans    
BALDWIN James 30 M England Laborer 186-D1
  Eliza (Goodey) 28 Wife England    
  Anna 9 Daughter Orleans    
  Harriet 7 Daughter Orleans    
  George 4 Son Orleans    
  Benjamin 2y 2m Son Orleans    
BALDWIN James E. 38 Hus #2 Orleans Shoemaker 12-D2
  Ella 30 Wife #2 OH    
  Mary C. 11 Daughter Orleans    
HAY George Isaac 6 Stepson IN    
BALL Albert 33 M Monroe Merchant 134-D2
  Rachel L. 25 Wife #2 Erie    
  Frances L. 9 Daughter WI    
  Mary E. 3 Daughter WI    
  Joseph H. 2 Son Monroe    
  Gertrude E. 3 mo Daughter Orleans    
BALLARD John 25 M Ireland   191-D3
  Sarah 30 Wife Ireland    
BANCROFT Nathan 62 M CT Farmer 404-D2
  Huldah E. (Turner) 59 Wife CT    
  Levant 31 Son Orleans Farmer  
  Tracy 26 Son Orleans    
  Sarah H. 18 Daughter Orleans    
BARLOW George 50 M DE Farmer 19-D3
  Miriam (Carlow) 49 Wife Washington    
  Eunice 24 Daughter Orleans    
  Betsey Ann 20 Daughter Orleans    
  Andrew G. 13 Son Orleans    
  Elbert D. 10 Son Orleans    
BARLOW Jonathan 74 Father CT    
BARLOW Eunice 74 Mother CT    
BARLOW John M. 32 M MA Merchant 135-D2
  Elizabeth M. (Evans) 27 Wife Erie    
  Henry E. 3 Son WI    
EVANS Esther M. 23 Sister-in-Law Erie Single  
BARNES George M. 48 M Seneca Farmer 430-D2
  Adeline 47 Wife Niagara    
  Romain A. 24 Son Niagara Farmer  
  Eugene L. 21 Son Niagara Farmer  
  Ernest A. 19 Son Niagara    
DARLING William 12 M Canada Servant  
BARNES Nellie       See WEST 219-D3
BARNEY Ovid       See NELLIST 538-D2
BARNUM Mike       See SPENCER 42-D2
BARRETT         See SPAULDING 113-D3
BARRETT E. R.       See CARD 81-D2
BARRETT Lucius 57 M Onondaga Farmer 427-D2
  Electa B. (Chase) 51 Wife Onondaga    
  Charles L. 25 Son Orleans Farmer  
  Helen 24 Daughter-in-Law Cayuga    
  Nellie 1 Granddaughter Orleans    
  Patience H. 17 Daughter Orleans    
  Marion L. 10 Daughter Orleans    
TURNER William 55 M England Laborer  
BARRETT Luther 59 M VT Farmer 142-D3
  Almira (Flood) 58 Wife VT    
  Sylvester J. 29 Son Orleans Farmer  
  Medora R. 24 Daughter Orleans    
GRAY Walter 19 M England Farmer  
WILLSON John 25 M Canada Farmer  
BARRETT Merrill L. 31 M Orleans Farmer 409-D2
  Nancy A. (Jones) 31 Wife Cortland    
  Edwin H. 6 Son Orleans    
  Lucius A. 4y 9m Son Orleans    
  Fanny A. 1y 7m Daughter Orleans    
BARRETT Arthur H. 22 Cousin Orleans Agent  
COX John 15 M Orleans Farm Laborer  
IRELAND James 21 M Monroe Farm Laborer  
BARRETT Sidney S. 61 M Onondaga Farmer 115-D3
  Lydia H. (Fox) 57 Wife Madison    
  Lucy T. 31 Daughter Orleans    
  William O. 23 Son Orleans Farmer  
  Eliza S. 22 Daughter Orleans    
BARROWS Nelson       See STOWELL 126-D2
BARTON William       See RYAN 321-D2
BATES Albert L. 34 M Orleans Farmer 480-D2
  Edna C. 31 Wife Monroe    
  Lillie G. 5 Daughter Monroe    
FOSTER Frank 14 M Orleans Servant  
SKINNER Emma 17 F England Domestic  
BATES Henry 26 M Orleans Farmer 83-D3
  Julia 24 Wife Orleans    
  Frank 1 Son Orleans    
BATES Lyman 67 Hus #2 Wayne Farmer 479-D2
  Minerva 69 Wife #2 Wayne    
  Stephen 44 Son Orleans    
  Sarah J. 22 Adopted Orleans    
BATES Philatus S. 32 M Orleans Merchant 44-D3
  Eliza J. (Southworth) 29 Wife Monroe    
  Adela 10 Daughter Orleans    
SOUTHWORTH Harriet 16 Sister Niagara Single  
BATES Robert 39 M England Laborer 518-D2
  Mary A. 35 Wife England    
  Jane 14 Daughter Orleans    
  Lillie 12 Daughter Orleans    
  James 10 Son Orleans    
  Emma 8 Daughter Orleans    
  Lovina 5 Daughter Orleans    
  Mary J. 2y 3m Daughter Orleans    
BATES William F. 60 M Wayne Carpenter 188-D2
  Marietta 50 Wife VT    
  Eliza E. 21 Daughter Wayne    
  Thompson R. 13 Son Orleans    
BATHGATE Simeon 76 M Scotland   207-D2
  Euphemia 74 Wife Scotland nee ATCHINSON  
  Cornelia E. 28 Daughter Orleans    
BATHGATE William L. 37 Nephew NY Machinist  
SHATTUCK George H. 34 Son-in-Law NH Penmanship  
SHATTUCK Margaret 35 Daughter Orleans    
SLACK Mary 15 F PA Domestic  
BATHRICK Sarah       See COON 529-D2
BAUNA Johanna       See BROWN 83-D2
BAYNE Alphonso S.       See BEALS 465-D2
BAYNE Edward       See SWEENEY 524-D2
BAYNE George 28 M England   114-D3
  Mary 27 Wife Orleans    
  Bushrod 2 Son Orleans    
  Frank 1 Son Orleans    
BAYNE Jonas 53 M Cayuga Farmer 403-D2
  Mary (Runciman) 50 Wife Saratoga    
  Jerome M. 23 Son Orleans Teacher  
  Oscar F. 21 Son Orleans Farmer  
  Ellen E. 17 Daughter Orleans    
  Ida A. 11 Daughter Orleans    
BAYNE Nancy J. L. 63 F CT Sewing 218-D2
FILKINS Stanley E. 28 Boarder Genesee Lawyer  
BAYNE Robert 57 M England Farmer 444-D2
  Elizabeth 47 Wife England    
  Robert Jr. 24 Son England Farmer  
  Phillip 22 Son England Farmer  
  Travett 20 Son England Farmer  
  Elizabeth 16 Daughter England    
  Benjamin 15 Son England    
  John 13 Son England    
  Mary 10 Daughter Orleans    
  Emma 8 Daughter Orleans    
  Harry 6 Son Orleans    
  Raymond 4 Son Orleans    
BAYNE Travett       See SHERWOOD 382-D2
BEACH John R.       See BOWEN 437-D2
BEALS Frank H. 31 M Wayne Farmer 466-D2
  Isabel I.(Bacon) 31 Wife Genesee    
BACON Benjamin 75 Father-in-Law VT Farmer/Hus. #2  
BACON Lovina 76 Mother-in-Law MA Wife #2  
BEALS Orpheus W. 34 M Wayne Farmer 465-D2
  Mary E. 31 Wife Wayne    
  Cora 6 Daughter Orleans    
  Hattie 4y 1m Daughter Orleans    
  Mira 1y 8m Daughter Orleans    
BAYNE Alphonso S. 16 Boarder Orleans    
BEALS Samuel 69 Hus #2 MA Farmer 464-D2
  Laura 69 Wife Ontario    
BEAM Mrs. Lucy       See HOAG 137-D1
BEAN         See DONALDSON 157-D1
BECK Warren 33 M England Soldier 47-D3
  Martha Harriet 32 Wife England    
  Emily 8 Daughter Orleans    
  William 6 Son Orleans    
BECKER Jerome 26 M MI Farmer 460-D2
BECKER Mary A. 29 Sister MI    
BECKER John D. 81 Grandfather Albany Farmer  
SMITH William 32 M England Farm Laborer  
WRIGHT Josiah A. 19 Boarder VT Foundryman  
BECKER Richard 47 M Schoharie Coal Dealer 162-D2
  Katherine 40 Wife Schoharie    
HYDE Anna L. 5 Niece Orleans    
BEECHER         See JEFFRIES 262-D2
BEEMAN Halsey W. 30 M Saratoga Farmer 420-D2
  Olive L. 25 Wife Saratoga    
  George W. 5 Son Saratoga    
  Andrew J. 1 Son Orleans    
HANIFIN Johanna 16 F Ireland Domestic  
BEEMAN Seth 35 M Ontario Laborer 13-D1
  Frances 33 Wife VT Milliner  
WASHBURN Clara 14 F Ontario Domestic  
BELDEN Alpheus 64 M VT Laborer 13-D1
  Lucy 49 Wife VT    
  Charles B. 10 Adopted Monroe    
BELDING Homer 32 M Genesee Dentist 178-D2
  Amelia E. 26 Wife Orleans    
  Bertha A. 3y 3m Daughter Orleans    
  Fred 2 mo Son Orleans    
BRENNAN Anna 15 F Ireland Domestic  
BELSON Ada       See BACON 491-D2
BENJAMIN Albert 24 M Orleans Farmer 452-D2
  Eliza C. 24 Wife Schoharie    
BENJAMIN Samuel F. 51 F VT Homeopathic Physician 241-D2
  Anna (Bent) 52 Wife Montgomery    
  Adelaide M. 19 Daughter OH    
BENJAMIN Tabe 32 M Orleans Farmer 151-D3
  Permelia 36 Wife Orleans    
  Frank 6 Son MI    
BENNETT Arvilla       See SHERWOOD 131-D1
BENNETT Chloe 45 F Cayuga Widow (2) 364-D2
  Sarah 24 Daughter Cayuga Widow  
  Charles 15 Son Cayuga    
  Wellington 12 Son Cayuga    
  James P. 8 Son Cayuga    
  Susan C. 5 Daughter Cayuga    
BENNETT Elisha C.       See GRAVES 203-D2
BENSON Myron J. 35 M Monroe Peddler 25-D2
  Adelaide E. 26 Wife #2 Orleans    
  Bertha R. 1y 6m Daughter Orleans    
BENT William 58 M Montgomery Gas Manufacturer 215-D2
  Betsey H. 49 Wife Wayne    
  Abbot J. 26 Son Orleans Clerk/Government Servant  
  Mary E. 19 Daughter Orleans    
BENZ Hiram M. 60 M CT Shoemaker 191-D2
  Caroline E. 53 Wife Onondaga    
McCRACKEN F. Nina B. 16 Niece MI    
GAZE Clara E. 20 F England Domestic  
BERNARD Seeley       See HUNT 383-D2
BERRY Mariette       See BURTON 114-D1
BIDLEMAN Eugene       See CARD 81-D2
BIDLEMAN Rollin       See SKINNER 195-D2
BIGGS Alfred       See LATTIMER 32-D2
BILTON Joshua 38 M England Tailor 212-D1
  Emily (Pearman) 30 Wife England    
  Amelia 6 Daughter Orleans    
  Mary 3y 6m Daughter Orleans    
  Lillie 7 mo Daughter Orleans    
BIRD Sarah       See CARD 81-D2
BIRD William 46 M England Farmer 84-D3
  Ann (Banyard) 43 Wife England    
  Martha 5 Daughter Orleans    
  Willie 3y 6m Son Orleans    
BISHOP         See SPENCER 42-D2
BISHOP Charles       See COON 397-D2
BISHOP Jerusha       See GARDNER 119-D2
BITNER John 50 M Germany Laborer 21-D2
  Catherine 50 Wife Germany    
  Michael 18 Son Germany Laborer  
  John 14 Son Germany    
  James 11 Son Orleans    
BLACK John       See CLAYPOLE 68-D1
BLACK William 28 M Ireland Farmer 182-D1
  Sarah 30 Wife Ireland    
  William Jr. 4 Son Orleans    
  Samuel 1y 8m Son Orleans    
CASE Cornelius 19 M Orleans Farm Laborer  
BLAKE Hiram 67 M ME Mason 138-D3
  Electa (Chase) 74 Wife VT    
BLAKE Hiram Merritt 42 M Monroe Farmer 531-D2
  Olive (Maynard) 39 Wife Orleans    
  Jane L. 19 Adopted Orleans    
BLAKE         See HEWES 163-D2
BLAKE Jennie       See MURDOCK 423-D2
BLAKELY Charles       See CHASE 123-D2
BLAKELY Horace 43 M Erie Farmer 18-D1
  Laura 48 Wife CT    
  Elise M. 15 Daughter Erie    
  Frances E. 9 Daughter Erie    
  Howard W. 5 Son Erie    
BLAND John 46 M England Stonecutter 49-D2
  Jane (Patterson) 47 Wife Scotland    
  John P. 12 Son Orleans    
BLISS Henry S. 34 M Osweo   173-D1
  Sarah J. 31 Wife Oneida    
  Sarah A. 8 Daughter WI    
HITCHCOCK Daniel 27 Boarder Columbia    
HITCHCOCK Mary M. 26 Boarder's Wife Oneida    
HITCHCOCK Lewis 4 Boarder's Son Oneida    
HITCHCOCK Herbert 10 mo Boarder's Son Orleans    
BLISS Milton 36 M Oneida Merchant 174-D1
  Harriet 31 Wife Oneida    
  Clement 8 Son Oneida    
  Nellie 3 Daughter Oneida    
BLISS Sylvester 27 M Oneida Farmer 82-D1
  Mary 22 Wife Oswego    
  Gilbert 3y 6m Son Oneida    
SLATER Eleazer T. 60 Boarder MA Farmer  

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