Town of Ridgeway - F

FAIRMAN Botsford 58 M CT Banker 242-D2
  Delia A. (Austin) 53 Wife Otsego    
  Delia A. 21 Daughter Orleans    
  Charles B. 19 Son Orleans    
COMERFORD Ellen 22 F Ireland Domestic  
FAIRMAN Charles 41 M MA Teacher 171-D2
  Mary E.(Gambell) 31 Wife Orleans    
  Charles E. 8 Son Orleans    
  Willis L. 5 Son Orleans    
  Grace E. 3y 5m Daughter Orleans    
  Agnes L. 8 mo Daughter Orleans    
DAVIS Emma E. 18 Boarder Orleans    
WELD Cynthia N. 26 Boarder Orleans Teacher  
KIRTMAN Melinda 14 F England Domestic  
FAIRMAN Henry A. 25 M Orleans Banker 243-D2
  Frances L. (Benjamin) 24 Wife Orleans    
CARBONE Christine 19 F Ireland Domestic  
FANCHER Bicknel 35 M Orleans None 232-D1
  Rachel (Lafferty) 33 Wife NJ    
  Minnie 9 Daughter Orleans    
  Mattie 2y 6m Daughter Orleans    
LAFFERTY Libbie 17 Sister-in-Law Orleans Single  
FANCHER Richard 71 M Montgomery Farmer 77-D1
  Catherine 60 Wife #2 Schoharie    
COTTER Hugh 52 M Ireland Farm Laborer  
FANCHER William 29 M Orleans Farmer 76-D1
  Emma 27 Wife Wyoming    
  Catherine 8 Daughter Orleans    
  Lyda 5 Daughter Orleans    
FANNING James 30 M Ireland Laborer 60-D1
  Mary 27 Wife Wyoming    
  Margaret 6 Daughter Orleans    
  Mary Ann 4 Daughter Orleans    
  Catherine 1y 7m Daughter Orleans    
FARGO Eunice Sanger       See WELTON 194-D2
FARNHAM David 53 M VT Farmer 172-D3
  Theodosia 50 Wife Schoharie    
  Harriet E. 26 Daughter Orleans    
  David Jr. 25 Son Orleans Clerk  
FARRELL Edward 50 M Ireland Laborer 335-D2
  Bridget 35 Wife Ireland    
  Katherine 13 Daughter Canada    
  Ann 12 Daughter Canada    
  Anthony 10 Son Canada    
  Bridget 7 Daughter Canada    
  Edward 5 Son Canada    
  Celia 2 Daughter Canada    
FAULK Frank       See SPENCER 42-D2
FAULK Obadiah 28 M Herkimer Laborer 37-D2
  Mary Ann 26 Wife England    
  George Edward 2 Son Rensselaer    
FAY         See SLACK 127-D2
FAY A. J.       See CHASE 123-D2
FEENEY Elizabeth       See WHALEY 96-D2
FELSTEAD William 52 M England Farmer 133-D3
  Harriet 50 Wife England    
YOUNG Mary 29 F England    
FERGUSON Benjamin       See SNOW 448-D2
FERGUSON Henry 52 Hus #2 Scotland Shoemaker 545-D2
  Margaret 58 Wife Dutchess    
FERGUSON John 53 M Scotland Shoemaker 204-D2
  Jessie (Grieve) 34 Wife Scotland    
  Jessie 6 mo Daughter Orleans    
FERGUSON Thomas 23 Nephew Orleans Harness Maker  
TODD Emma 13 F Niagara Domestic  
FERGUSON Ruth       See PATTERSON 214-D2
FERRIS Charles E. 55 M Saratoga Farmer 1-D1
  Mary 53 Wife MA    
CREEDEL John G. 50 M Germany Laborer  
FERRIS Robert 36 M Scotland Farmer 477-D2
  Jessie 34 Wife Scotland    
FERRIS Samuel 29 M Scotland Farmer 72-D1
  Belle 32 Wife Scotland    
  Anna 10 Adopted Scotland    
FIFER John 48 M Germany Laborer/Army 15-D2
  Margaret 44 Wife Germany    
  John 17 Son Germany Clerk/Army  
  Joseph 12 Son Orleans    
  Michael 8 Son Orleans    
FILER John 40 M England Moulder 67-D2
  Ann 39 Wife England    
  Isaac S. 10 Son Orleans    
SMITH Elizabeth 23 Boarder Orleans Tailoress  
FILKINS Stanley E.       See BAYNE 218-D2
FINCH Dorcas M.       See HILL 126-D1
FIRTH John 51 M England Farmer/Quarryman 399-D2
  Martha 52 Wife England    
  William H. 22 Son Orleans Railroad Agent  
  Mary 19 Daughter Orleans    
  Elizabeth 15 Daughter Orleans    
NICHOLS Joseph 14 M Orleans Servant  
FISH Elisha 29 M Niagara Farmer 223-D3
  Helen L. 23 Wife Dutchess    
FISH John N. 60 M Rensselaer Farmer 222-D3
  Susan C. 56 Wife RI    
  Angeline 35 Daughter Wayne    
  George 33 Son Niagara Widower  
  Nahum W. 29 Son Orleans Farmer  
  Ephraim C. 26 Son Orleans Sawyer  
GRIEVE Steven 64 M England Laborer/Widower  
FISHER Henry K. 62 M PA Root Physician 217-D2
  Katherine 56 Wife PA    
  Lizzie A. 25 Daughter PA    
FISHER William 35 M Germany Blacksmith 23-D2
  Catherine 32 Wife Germany    
  Charles 7 Son Orleans    
  Mary 5 Daughter Orleans    
  Emily 3 Daughter Orleans    
FISK Henry 24 M England Laborer 169-D1
  Jane (Hammond) 20 Wife England    
  Unnamed 1 mo Son Orleans    
FITZGERALD James 29 M Ireland Shoemaker 78-D3
  Mary 26 Wife Ireland    
FITZGERALD Patrick 34 M Ireland Laborer 492-D2
  Margaret 40 Wife Ireland    
  Mary A. 10 Daughter Ontario    
  Margaret 9 Daughter Ontario    
  John 7 Son Ontario    
  Katherine 5 Daughter Ontario    
  Edward 4 Son Ontario    
  Andrew 1y 7m Son Ontario    
FITZGERALD Patrick 40 Hus #2 Ireland Laborer 295-D2
  Ann (Kennedy) 50 Wife Ireland    
  Dinah 23 Daughter Ireland    
  Katherine 22 Daughter Ireland    
FLANNIGAN James 38 M Ireland Laborer 244-D2
  Katherine 38 Wife Ireland    
  Mariah 15 Daughter England    
  Elizabeth 14 Daughter England    
  Thomas 13 Son England    
  Winifred 2y 1m Daughter England    
MORAN John 30 Boarder Ireland Laborer  
FLATTERY Margaret 64 F Ireland Widow 45-D1
  John 29 Son Queens Laborer  
  Patrick 24 Son Queens Laborer  
  Catherine 21 Daughter Wyoming    
FLINTHAM         See LAWRENCE 240-D1
FLOWERS Robert 33 M England Farmer 97-D1
  Harriet (Newman) 24 Wife England    
  William R. 2 Son Orleans    
  Richard G. 2 mo Son Orleans    
NEWMAN Edward 20 Brother-in-Law England Laborer  
FLURA Nicholas 43 Hus #2 Erie Laborer 421-D2
  Mary H. 38 Wife #2 Germany    
  Libbie 11 Daughter Erie    
  John 5 Son Erie    
FLINN Mary Kinney 40 F Ireland Widow of James 526-D2
  Keeran 17 Son Ireland    
  John 12 Son Niagara    
  Mary 9 Daughter Orleans    
  James 7 Son Orleans    
  Peter 5 Son Orleans    
FLYNN Daniel       See HORAN 523-D2
FLYNN James 54 M Ireland Laborer 130-D1
  Maria 46 Wife Ireland    
FOLEY Kate       See SPENCER 42-D2
FOOT         See McCLELLAN 230-D3
FOOT Benjamin P. 71 M MA Farmer 106-D1
  Abby 68 Wife Ontario    
FOOT Levi 47 M Orleans Farmer 105-D1
  Melissa C. (Vaughn) 40 Wife Chemung    
  John W. 21 Son Orleans Farmer  
  Charles L. 13 Son Orleans    
  Eva H. 6 Daughter Orleans    
VAUGHN John W. Rev. 63 Father-in-Law Oneida Minister/M (2)  
ADAMS Margaret A. 23 F Canada Domestic  
FORBES         See WATERS 121-D1
FORD Mary       See BRINSMAID 28-D1
FORD Michael 33 M Ireland Laborer 48-D1
  Sarah (O'Malley) 28 Wife Ireland    
  Anna 4 Daughter Orleans    
  John 2y 11m Son Orleans    
  James 4 mo Son Orleans    
NEARY Daniel 21 Boarder Ireland Laborer  
FOSTER Ermina       See GRAVES 78-D1
FOSTER Frank       See BATES 480-D2
FOSTER Hattie       See PARKER 127-D1
FOSTER Mary E.       See MAYNARD 205-D1
FOX Fredericka       See VanVOAST 264-D2
FOX John 40 M Germany Laborer 317-D2
  Jacobin 40 Wife Germany    
  John 8 Son Orleans    
MINTLER Benedict 48 Boarder Germany Laborer  
MINTLER Mary 49 Boarder's Wife Germany    
FOX Michael 50 M Germany Laborer 5-D2
  Christina 50 Wife Germany    
  John 22 Son Germany    
  Christina 20 Daughter Germany    
  Eureka 15 Daughter Germany    
  Hannah 13 Daughter Germany    
FRARY Albert 48 M Orleans Farmer 145-D2
  Mary A. 47 Wife #2 Orleans    
  Frank 13 Son Orleans    
MURDOCK Arvilla Frary 30 Sister Orleans Widow  
FRARY George W. 37 M Orleans None 228-D2
  Almira (Johnson) 30 Wife Genesee    
FRENCH Alpheus 73 Hus #2 MA Laborer 216-D1
  Amanda 68 Wife #2 MA    
FRENCH Nathan 33 M Monroe Farmer 139-D3
  Mary S. 33 Wife Monroe    
  Edgar 6 Son Orleans    
  Willis 4 Son Orleans    
FRENCH Joseph A. 45 M Monroe Farmer 374-D2
  Betsey M. 41 Wife #2 Monroe    
  Almira 19 Daughter Monroe    
  Herbert A. 16 Son Orleans    
  Frank B. 11 Son Orleans    
FROST Franklin 69 M MA Farmer 69-D1
  Fanny (Smith) 67 Wife Oneida    
  William H. 24 Son Orleans Farmer  
  Cecelia (Grover) 24 Daughter-in-Law Wayne    
  Edward L. 4 mo Grandson Orleans    
FROST Harvey F. 32 M Orleans Farmer 71-D1
  Emily (Grover) 28 Wife Wayne    
  William G. 5 Son Orleans    
  Harvey S. 1y 6m Son Orleans    
STROGAN James 14 M Orleans Farm Laborer  
FULLER         See ALLEN 379-D2
FULLER Darwin 33 M Jefferson Merchant 370-D2
  Rosaline (Weld) 30 Wife Orleans    
  Flora J. 8 Daughter Orleans    
  Mary E. 4y 9m Daughter Orleans    
FULLER Edmund J. 44 M MA Butcher 1-D2
  Matilda (Wickham) 40 Wife #2 Columbia    
  Maggie M. 15 Daughter Orleans    
  Henry W. 11 Son Orleans    
  Charles W. 9 Son Orleans    
FULLER Edmund 71 Father MA Widower of Elizabeth  
HICKEY Kate 23 F Montgomery Domestic  
FULLER Ezra 72 M Rensselaer Farmer 387-D2
  Mary (Godfrey) 71 Wife RI    
FULLER Mary G.       See HEATH 177-D2
FULLER Otis 32 M Orleans Butcher 33-D2
  Angeline A. 32 Wife Orleans    
  Julia A. 8 Daughter Orleans    
  Eddie L. 6 Son MI    
  Jennie K. 4 Daughter Orleans    
  Agnes E. 1 Daughter Orleans    

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