Town of Ridgeway - J

JACKSON Benjamin 61 M Schoharie Farmer 176-D2
  Clarissa (McCormick) 38 Wife #2 Genesee    
  Wealthy Ann 21 Daughter Orleans    
  Harriet E. 18 Daughter Orleans    
  Anna M. 15 Daughter Orleans    
  Amos F. 12 Son Orleans    
  Martha J. 8 Daughter Orleans    
  Ida M. 5 Daughter Orleans    
  Amanda 3 Daughter Orleans    
JACKSON Charles 55 M Ontario Farmer 152-D1
  Julia 56 Wife Erie    
JACKSON George 17 Boarder Ireland Farm Laborer  
LINSLEY Mary 16 F Orleans Domestic  
JACKSON Frank A. 28 M Orleans Farmer 417-D2
  Carolyn L. (Jones) 28 Wife Cortland    
  Mabel L. 1y 6m Daughter Orleans    
JACKSON James 67 M Albany Farmer 418-D2
  Maria (Marlett) 67 Wife Montgomery    
  Julia E. 24 Daughter Orleans    
THURSTON Roland 1y 6m Daughter Orleans    
JACKSON John 44 M Onondaga Farmer 402-D2
  Emily (Dresser) 43 Wife Orleans    
  Dewitt C. 18 Son Orleans    
  Isadora V. 16 Daughter Orleans    
  George A. 12 Son Orleans    
  Charles M. 6 Son Orleans    
JACKSON Sarah 64 F Orange Boarding House/Widow of Levi 58-D2
JACKSON Harriet 13 Granddaughter Livingston    
SALMON Bartley 25 Son-in-Law England Carpenter  
SALMON Adeline M. 29 Daughter Ontario    
KAVANAUGH James 25 Boarder Monroe Tinsmith  
SUTTON William 22 Boarder England Machinist  
JACKSON Spencer 38 M Orleans Farmer 400-D2
  Laura M. 34 Wife Orleans    
  Inez L. 15 Daughter Orleans    
  Fred C. 12 Son Orleans    
  Mark S. 6 Son Orleans    
  Burt T. 3 Son Orleans    
COX Mary 16 F Ireland Domestic  
BROOKS Alfred 24 M England Farm Laborer  
JACKSON William 65 M Schenectady Farmer 408-D2
  Martha (Comstock) 58 Wife Onondaga    
  Edwin R. 21 Son Orleans Farmer  
  Cecelia 18 Daughter Orleans    
CURTAIN Kate 20 F Ireland Domestic  
JACKSON William Jr. 40 M Onondaga Farmer 371-D2
  Emily 37 Wife TN    
  Thomas W. 17 Son TN    
  Chester R. 15 Son Orleans    
  Hugh J. 13 Son Orleans    
  Effie 11 Daughter Orleans    
  Harry 7 Son Orleans    
DUNLAP Samuel R. 25 Boarder Canada Cigar Maker  
JACOBS Charles       See SPAULDING 113-D3
JACOBS         See TANNER 22-D1
JACOBS Oliver       See WELCH 8-D1
JAMES         See DIKEMAN 140-D1
JAMES Amos Delos 49 M Monroe Farmer 113-D1
  Anna (Lamont) 40 Wife Orleans    
BURCH William 43 M Orleans Laborer  
JAMES Delonzo 60 M Rensselaer   251-D1
  Minerva L. 55 Wife CT    
JAMES John C. 49 M England Laborer 307-D2
  Cornelia (Russell) 42 Wife Otsego    
  Frances 20 Daughter Orleans Dressmaker  
  George 18 Son Orleans    
  William 16 Son Orleans    
  Edwin 14 Son Orleans    
  Harvey Laverne 8 Son Orleans    
  John T. 4 Son Orleans    
JAMES Willie       See CHAMBERLAIN 325-D2
JEFFERS Margaret 45 F Ireland Widow 262-D2
  Mary A. 21 Daughter Orleans Dressmaker  
  William J. 20 Son Orleans Army  
  John 18 Son Orleans Clerk  
BEECHER Lin 24 Son-in-Law Genesee Merchant  
BEECHER Margaret (Jeffers) 21 Daughter Orleans    
BEECHER Willie 6 mo Grandson Orleans    
JENNINGS John S. 44 M Dutchess Tinsmith 155-D2
  Catherine C. 39 Wife Dutchess    
  Tamma 18 Daughter Orleans    
  Cornelia 16 Daughter Orleans    
  John 14 Son Orleans    
  Henrietta 12 Daughter Orleans    
  Jessie 10 Daughter Orleans    
ROGERS J. E. 28 Son-in-Law MI Laborer  
ROGERS Josephine (Jennings) 20 Daughter Dutchess    
ROGERS Henry E. 2 Grandson Orleans    
JEWELL         See CARD 81-D2
JOHNSON Bradley 39 M Genesee Laborer 141-D3
  Harriet 20 Wife #2 Orleans    
JOHNSON Daniel       See EDMUNDS 43-D3
JOHNSON George S. 39 M Saratoga Merchant 122-D2
  Maria N. 38 Wife Saratoga    
  Hattie M. 11 Daughter Orleans    
JOHNSON H. M. 36 M Jefferson Farmer 147-D3
  Josephine 31 Wife Schoharie    
  Morgan 11 Son Niagara    
  Walter 9 Son Niagara    
  Estella 7 Daughter Niagara    
JOHNSON James       See HELENBOLT 537-D2
JOHNSON James 46 M Saratoga Farmer 126-D3
  Lois S. 43 Wife Rensselaer    
  William W. 19 Son Saratoga    
  Mary E. 17 Daughter Saratoga    
  James E. 16 Son Saratoga    
  Annette 8 Daughter Orleans    
JOHNSON Logan 48 M VT Shoemaker 204-D1
  Harriet 45 Wife Genesee    
  Jenett 20 Daughter Orleans    
  Amelia 16 Daughter Orleans    
  Ellen 14 Daughter Orleans    
  Carrie 2y 8m Daughter Orleans    
JOHNSON Nancy       See DAVIS 428-D2
JOHNSON Philip 48 M PA Laborer 265-D2
  Harriet 45 Wife #2 MD    
JOHNSON William 54 M Warren Mason 248-D1
  Lara Ann 50 Wife Warren    
  Daniel 25 Son Orleans Laborer  
JOHNSTON Arthur 45 M Orange Machinist 10-D2
  Louisa 38 Wife Orleans    
  James 20 Son Niagara    
  Nancy 18 Daughter Niagara    
  Mary Ellen 17 Daughter Niagara    
  Homer Martin 15 Son Orleans    
  Clara 13 Daughter Orleans    
  Jane 7 Daughter Orleans    
  Julia 5 Daughter Orleans    
  Charles 1 Son Orleans    
JONES David       See WELD 122-D3
JONES Henry L. 36 M Cortland Farmer 108-D3
  Hannah M. (Davis) 34 Wife Niagara    
  George H. 6 mo Son Orleans    
DAVIS John 27 Brother-in-Law Orleans    
DAVIS George W. 24 Brother-in-Law Orleans    
DAVIS Tabor 21 Brother-in-Law Orleans    
DAVIS Proctor 19 Brother-in-Law Orleans    
DAVIS Mary A. 16 Sister-in-Law Orleans    
JONES Mary       See BRINSMAID 28-D1
JONES Thomas 26 M Orleans Laborer 242-D1
  Helen E. 23 Wife Orleans    
JONES Thomas P. 56 M S. Wales Tanner 178-D1
  Lodiska B. 51 Wife VT    
  Ira B. 15 Son Orleans    

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