Town of Ridgeway - Mc

McAULLIF Owen 30 M Ireland Laborer 472-D2
  Bridget 35 Wife Ireland    
McBRIDE Daniel 50 M Ireland Laborer 353-D2
  Katherine 39 Wife Oswego    
  Michael 21 Son PA Farmer  
  James 18 Son PA Farmer  
  Bridget 16 Daughter PA    
  Alexander 14 Son PA    
  Mary 9 Daughter Orleans    
DEAN Mary 60 F Ireland Widow  
McBRIDE Michael       See TOMPKINS 385-D2
McCALL William 22 M Canada Day Laborer 60-D3
  Eliza 20 Wife Canada    
McCANNON Stilman C. 43 M VT Farmer 392-D2
  Harriet W. 40 Wife Wyoming    
  Ada J. 8 Daughter IA    
  Warren S. 6 Son Niagara    
McCANNON Jacob 84 Uncle MA Widower (2)  
McCARTY John 32 M Ireland Farmer 61-D3
  Catherine 34 Wife Ireland    
  Mary E. 11 Daughter Orleans    
  Daniel 9 Son Orleans    
  John 2 Son Orleans    
McCAULEY Edward 37 M Ireland Laborer 443-D2
  Catherine (Delaney) 34 Wife Ireland    
  Mary 5 Daughter Orleans    
  John 4y 4m Son Orleans    
  James 2y 6m Son Orleans    
  Edward 8 mo Son Orleans    
McCAULEY Matthew 43 M Ireland Laborer 346-D2
  Mary 32 Wife Ireland    
  Mary E. 2y 8m Daughter Orleans    
  Alice 8 mo Daughter Orleans    
McKENNA Matthew 50 Boarder Ireland Laborer/Widower  
McCAULEY Patrick 33 M Ireland Laborer 345-D2
  Bridget 30 Wife Ireland    
  John 13 Son Orleans    
  Mary 10 Daughter Orleans    
  Elizabeth 8 Daughter Orleans    
  Matthew 6 Son Orleans    
  Alice 4y 4m Daughter Orleans    
  Bridget 2y 2m Daughter Orleans    
McCLELLAN Alexander 46 M Ireland Laborer 230-D3
  Mary A. 43 Wife Ireland    
  Alexander 15 Son Monroe    
  William 10 Son Niagara    
  Jane 8 Daughter Niagara    
  Lucy 5 Daughter Orleans    
  Amelia 2y 4m Daughter Orleans    
FOOT Judson 28 Son-in-Law Orleans Sawyer  
FOOT Mary McClellan 23 Daughter Livingston    
FOOT George B. 3y 5m Grandson Orleans    
McCLELLAN David 28 M Scotland Cooper 223-D1
  Julia 27 Wife Orleans    
  Samuel 11 mo Son Orleans    
McCORMICK Daniel 46 M Montgomery   323-D2
  Harriet 43 Wife Dutchess    
  Ada A. 5 Daughter Orleans    
McCORMICK George W. 23 M Orleans Farmer 376-D2
  Harriet (Weld) 20 Wife Orleans    
ALGRO John 18 M Orleans Farm Laborer  
McCORMICK John C. 74 M NJ Farmer 486-D2
  Nancy (Alvord) 67 Wife Montgomery    
  Chauncey A. 28 Son Orleans Farmer  
  Jane E. 29 Daughter-in-Law Orleans    
McCORMICK Joseph 67 Hus #2 VT Cartman 116-D2
  Tamar 64 Wife #3 Otsego    
ELLIOTT George T. 6 Grandson Orleans    
HOLDER Elizabeth 28 Daughter-in-Law Orleans Widow  
McCORMICK Nelson 42 M Monroe Farmer 389-D2
  Elizabeth (Tompkins) 42 Wife Dutchess    
  Adelbert J. 20 Son Orleans Teacher  
TOMPKINS Hannah 67 Mother-in-Law Dutchess Widow of George  
GRAY Rachel 9 F Orleans Servant  
McCORMICK Thomas       See LUSK 85-D2
McGOWAN Johanna       See IVES 93-D2
McCRACKEN F. Nina B.       See BENZ 191-D2
McDAVID James 65 M Canada Carpenter/Widower of Elizabeth 62-D2
McDERMOTT Michael 40 Hus #2 Ireland Laborer 200-D1
  Margaret 36 Wife #2 VT    
  Ellen 1y 2m Daughter Orleans    
HIGGINS John E. 13 Stepson Monroe    
McDERMOTT Michael 36 M Ireland Laborer 247-D2
  Johanna (Green) 32 Wife Ireland    
  James 8 Son Orleans    
  Mary A. 6 Daughter Orleans    
  Johanna 4y 9m Daughter Orleans    
  Sarah E. 1y 9m Daughter Orleans    
WHITMORE Joseph 40 M England Laborer  
BUCKLEN John 28 M Ireland Laborer  
MARTIN William 38 M Ireland Laborer/Married  
GALLIGAN Eliza 21 F Ireland Domestic  
ROACH Catherine 45 F Ireland Domestic  
McDERMOTT Thomas 66 M Ireland   193-D1
  Ellen 65 Wife Ireland    
McDONNELL Mary       See LEVALLEY 375-D2
McELGATE Thomas 60 M Ireland Laborer 79-D2
  Bridget 60 Wife Ireland    
McGEE Samuel       See DEAN 244-D1
McGING James 40 M Ireland Laborer 259-D2
  Mary 28 Wife Ireland    
  Mary Ann 8 Daughter Orleans    
  Edward 7 Son Orleans    
  Joseph 6 Son Orleans    
  Maggie 4y 9m Daughter Orleans    
  James 2y 10m Son Orleans    
  Thomas 10 mo Son Orleans    
  John 10 mo Son Orleans    
McGRARY James       See RYAN 308-D2
McGRARY Mary       See HEWES 163-D2
McGRATH Edmund 30 M Ireland Laborer 289-D2
  Ellen 20 Wife Ireland    
  Mary Ann 1y 9m Daughter Orleans    
  John 7 mo Son Orleans    
McGRATH Patrick 35 M Ireland Laborer 288-D2
  Ellen (Whalen) 30 Wife Ireland    
  Willie 7 Son Ireland    
  Eddie 5 Son Ireland    
  Roger 4y 1m Son Ireland    
  Michael 3 mo Son Orleans    
McGRATH Phillip 35 M Ireland Laborer 290-D2
  Katherine 28 Wife Ireland    
  Sarah 2y 7m Daughter Orleans    
  Mary 2y 7m Daughter Orleans    
  Anna 1y 7m Daughter Orleans    
McGRATH Roger 45 M Ireland Laborer 271-D2
  Bridget (Creed) 30 Wife Ireland    
  Phillip 14 Son Orleans    
  Katherine 13 Daughter Orleans    
  William 10 Son Orleans    
  John 8 Son Orleans    
  Emma 7 Daughter Orleans    
  Frederick 6 Son Orleans    
  Lewis 3y 7m Son Orleans    
  Albert 11 mo Son Orleans    
McGURN Edward 30 M Ireland Carriage Painter 124-D2
  Joanna (Hallisey) 27 Wife Ireland    
  John 5 Son Orleans    
  Mary 4 Daughter Orleans    
  Julia 3 Daughter Orleans    
  Edward 9 mo Son Orleans    
McGURN Elizabeth       See SICKLES 224-D2
McINNIS Hugh       See KEARNEY 382-D2
McKAY         See SMITH 73-D2
McKAY Patrick 40 Hus #2 Ireland Laborer 348-D2
  Julia 40 Wife #2 Ireland    
  John 4y 1m Son Niagara    
  James 1y 2m Son Orleans    
McKAY John 80 Father Ireland Widower  
McKEAN Ann L.       See CARD 225-D2
McKENNA         See McCAULEY 346-D2
McNAMARA Terry 34 M Ireland Laborer 57-D1
  Eliza 29 Wife Ireland    
  Mary 12 Daughter Orleans    
  Margaret 9 Daughter Orleans    
  Michael 5 Son Orleans    
  John 4 Son Orleans    
  Catherine 2y 11m Daughter Orleans    
  James 7 mo Son Orleans    
McNEAL Henry 74 M Rensselaer Farmer 187-D3
  Sarah 67 Wife Herkimer    
GREENGRASS Esther 14 F Orleans Domestic  
WOOLSTEEN Jara 30 M England Farm Laborer  
McNEAL Nelson 50 M Orleans Farmer 148-D3
  Sarah 24 Wife Ireland    
  Nell 5 Daughter Orleans    
  Sue 1y 6m Daughter DC    
McWHORTER Samuel       See LUSK 85-D2

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