Town of Ridgeway - P

PAINE Jedediah 53 M Herkimer Farmer 62-D1
  Lorenzo 50 Brother Herkimer Farmer  
  James L. 48 Brother Herkimer Farmer  
GRACE John 60 M Ireland Farm Laborer/Widower  
VanVALKENBERG Betsey 44 F Westchester Domestic/Widow  
VanVALKENBERG Jenette 22 F Westchester Domestic  
PAINE Reuben B. 46 M Herkimer Farmer 184-D1
  Lucy B. 34 Wife #2 Orleans    
  William 16 Son Orleans Farmer  
  Carlos 14 Son Orleans    
PAINE David 32 M Genesee Farmer 51-D3
PALMER Gilbert 28 M Orleans Farmer 99-D3
  Melissa 28 Wife Orleans    
PALMER Rebecca 49 F Greene Widow of Alsop 102-D3
  Henry 20 Son Orleans Farmer  
  Nancy C. 16 Daughter Orleans    
ELESON Hepsiba Palmer 18 Daughter Orleans    
ELESON Aaron 21 Son-in-Law Orleans    
PALMER Stephe 26 M Orleans Farmer 104-D3
  Amelia 21 Wife Orleans    
  Philo 1y 3m Son Orleans    
PARKER Aaron 74 M ME   190-D2
  Laura 55 Wife #2 Orleans    
PARKER Amanda       See HENDERSON 167-D2
PARKER Charles B. 39 Hus #2 Orleans Laborer 230-D1
  Caroline A. 35 Wife Monroe    
  Morris S. 7 Son VA    
  Nelson H. 6 Son VA    
  Ida E. 4 Daughter Orleans    
  Ella C. 2y 8m Daughter Orleans    
MINER Albert D. 21 Boarder Ontario Laborer/Married  
CONNER Mary 24 F VT Domestic  
PARKER Franklin H. 24 M Orleans Farmer 250-D3
  Jane A. 26 Wife Orleans    
PARKER Horatio N. 54 M DE Farmer 251-D3
  Mary Ann (Taylor) 44 Wife DE    
  Ellen M. 25 Daughter Orleans Teacher  
PARKER James 72 M CT Laborer 127-D1
  Hannah 66 Wife VT    
  Eva 21 Daughter Genesee    
PARKER Edgar 16 Grandson Orleans    
FOSTER Hattie 7 Grandson Orleans    
PARKER Mandana S. 61 F NH Widow of William 31-D2
WHITLESEY Nettie 22 Boarder Cayuga Single  
KELLY John 6 Boarder Orleans    
PARKER Nancy 76 F NH Widow of William  
  Martha E. 43 Daughter Orleans    
SMITH William 30 Grandson Orleans Cooper  
PARKER Nancy Ryan       See BOARDMAN 484-D2
PARKHURST S. 59 M Oswego Farmer 143-D3
  Serena 51 Wife #3 Onondaga    
  Burns E. 21 Son Oswego    
LeCLERE Louisa 12 Child Oswego    
TAYLOR Clarence 10 Child Genesee    
PARKMAN Alanson 59 Hus #2 Cayuga Farmer 158-D1
  Laura Gibbs Spencer 39 Wife #2 Wayne    
  Edgar 24 Son Yates Farmer  
  Frances 8 Daughter Orleans    
  Kate 6 Daughter Orleans    
  Cora 1y 7m Daughter Orleans    
SPENCER Albert 16 Stepson Orleans Farmer  
SPENCER Lydia 14 Stepdaughter Orleans    
PARKS John 50 M Montgomery Railroad Agent 111-D2
  Mary 40 Wife PA    
  William M. 17 Son Orleans Soldier  
PARKS Rhoda 70 Mother NJ Widow  
CHASE Frances E. 23 Daughter Herkimer    
CHASE Henry H. 30 Son-in-Law Orleans Railroad Agent  
CHASE Mary A. 1y 9m Granddaughter Orleans    
PARSONS John 56 M New York City Tin & Copper 212-D2
  Elizabeth (Cogswell) 58 Wife Monroe    
  Mary 28 Daughter Orleans Photographs  
PATTERSON John O. 41 M Orleans Carpenter 214-D2
  Orlena A. (Ferguson) 29 Wife Wayne    
  Fred F. 8 Son Orleans    
FERGUSON Ruth 66 Mother-in-Law Rensselaer Widow  
PAUL John 82 M Ireland Laborer 93-D1
  Nancy 72 Wife NJ    
  Samuel 34 Son Oneida Laborer  
PAYNE John 62 M Ireland Cooper 63-D2
  Eliza 60 Wife Ireland    
  Joshua 22 Son Canada Soldier  
  Martha 18 Daughter Erie    
PEASE Charles       See BURROUGHS 151-D2
PEASLEY Mary       See GOOLD 89-D2
PEASLEY Orra 72 Hus #2 Rensselaer   219-D2
  Maria A. 60 Wife #2 MA    
PEGGS William 34 M England Farmer 163-D3
  Elizabeth 35 Wife England    
PELLS Abram V. 40 M Dutchess Merchant 176-D3
  Joan Elizabeth 32 Wife Orleans nee MURDOCK  
  Amelia L. 11 Daughter Orleans    
  Clara E. 6 Daughter Orleans    
PELLS Everett 38 M Dutchess Farmer 117-D3
  Adeliade J. 27 Wife Orleans nee MURDOCK  
  Mary E. 6 mo Daughter Orleans    
PELLS William H. 51 M Dutchess Farmer/Husband of Hannah 179-D3
  Edgar Z. 23 Son Orleans    
BOGARDUS Charles 23 Son-in-Law Cayuga Clerk  
BOGARDUS Hannah Pells 25 Daughter Orleans    
PENDERGAST Pat       See AGAN 362-D2
PENNY Samuel 30 M England Carriage Maker 199-D1
  Almira T. 25 Wife Saratoga    
  John B. C. 3y 11m Son Orleans    
  Emma B. 2y 2m Daughter Orleans    
PEPPER James 47 M England Laborer 544-D2
  Mary 47 Wife England    
  William 23 Son England    
  Mary A. 15 Daughter England    
  Elizabeth 13 Daughter Orleans    
  Annette 11 Daughter Orleans    
  John 8 Son Orleans    
PERKINS Lucy B. 55 F VT Widow of Horace 416-D2
  Eugene 18 Son Orleans    
PERRY Julia A. Reed 65 F Onondaga Widow of Joseph L. 155-D3
  James 37 Son Orleans Farmer  
  William 29 Son Orleans Constable  
STOUGHTON Julia 35 Daughter Orleans Widow of Anson  
PERRY Sheldon Ezra 47 M Ontario Farmer 83-D1
  Elizabeth L. 37 Wife #3 MA    
  Grace E. 2y 3m Daughter Orleans    
  Cora E. 7 mo Daughter Orleans    
PERRY Abel 79 Father CT Widow of Polly  
PETERS         See WILLIAMS 98-D1
PETTINGILL John       See HOWE 54-D1
PETTIT Alma       See MERRILL 103-D1
PHELPS John       See LATTIMER 32-D2
PHELPS O. L.       See CARD 81-D2
PHILLIPS Amos 75 M Dutchess Farmer 439-D2
  Lucy 78 Wife Dutchess    
PHILLIPS Charles 50 M Broome Pump Maker 435-D2
  Elsie A. 44 Wife Onondaga    
  Adelbert M. 20 Son Orleans    
  Francis E. 17 Son MI    
  Florence E. 15 Daughter Orleans    
PHILLIPS Isaac 42 M Broome Carpenter 438-D2
  Mary 38 Wife Ontario    
  Dean D. 13 Son Orleans    
PHINNEY Silas 59 M Oneida Farmer 64-D3
  Lydia 50 Wife Wayne    
  Adelia 11 Daughter Orleans    
PIERCE Helen 26 F Orleans Widow 219-D1
  Frank 9 Son Niagara    
  John H. 3y 8m Son Niagara    
  Cornelia 2y 1m Son Niagara    
HALL Erasmus 31 Boarder   Physician  
DAVIS Laura 31 Boarder Orange Dressmaker  
PIKE Alexander 52 M Schoharie Merchant 120-D2
  Dorcas S. 49 Wife Erie    
  Helen M. 27 Daughter Orleans Teacher  
  Myron S. 10 Son Orleans    
  Fred W. 8 Son Orleans    
PINEY Mary       See CHASE 123-D2
PINTLER Peter 51 M Seneca Carpenter 260-D1
  Emma C. (Shaw) 49 Wife Seneca    
  Giles 17 Son Orleans Farmer  
  Herman 15 Son Orleans    
  Freeman 10 Son VA    
  Caroline 7 Daughter VA    
PITTS John M. 51 M Otsego Grocer 210-D2
  Mary Ann (Clark) 44 Wife Albany    
  Edmund L. 26 Son Orleans Lawyer  
  Una A. (Stokes) 23 Daughter-in-Law Orleans    
  Silas W. 22 Son Orleans Army  
STEVENSON Mary A. 18 F England Domestic  
PLANT Ophelia       See DANIELS 124-D3
PLUMMER Charles 35 M England Farmer 425-D2
  Sarah (Kilbet) 29 Wife England    
  Henry 6 Son England    
  Mary 5 Daughter England    
  Charles 2y 4m Son Orleans    
  Samuel J. 9 mo Son Orleans    
PLUMMER Joseph 70 M NH Farmer 543-D2
  Jemima 65 Wife Canada    
  Moses A. 40 Son Jefferson Dentist/Hus #2  
  Sophronia E. 39 Daughter-in-Law Jefferson    
  Arthur E. 12 Grandson Jefferson    
  Frederick W. 7 Grandson Orleans    
  Ida F. 5 Granddaughter Orleans    
PLUMMER William 35 M England Farmer 73-D1
  Mary E. 23 Wife #2 England    
  Ellen 12 Daughter Orleans    
  George 8 Son Orleans    
  Sarah E. 2 Daughter Orleans    
PLUNKETT Agnes       See RYAN 308-D2
POLLARD John 45 M England Laborer 166-D3
  Elizabeth 39 Wife England    
POLLARD Robert 49 Hus #2 England Farmer 108-D1
  Mary 49 Wife England    
PORTER         See SMITH 74-D1
PORTER Louisa       See SMITH 101-D2
PORTER William 53 M MA Farmer 81-D1
  Eliza J. (Armstrong) 53 Wife Onondaga    
  Jerome B. 24 Son Orleans Farmer  
  William E. 12 Son Orleans    
POST Louise       See BRINSMAID 28-D1
POST Noah 69 M VT   214-D1
  Polly 66 Wife MA    
  Julia 43 Daughter Monroe    
  Maria 38 Daughter Monroe    
  Helen 30 Daughter Orleans    
POTTER Elisha 31 M RI Farmer 38-D1
  Sophie 34 Wife Niagara    
POTTER Phebe 68 Mother RI Widow of William 38-D1
POTTER William W. 47 M Albany Banker 97-D2
  Lucina M. 37 Wife Monroe    
MORA Sena 30 F Orleans Domestic  
PRATT Charity       See BACON 398-D2
PRATT Elisha W. 32 M Warren Carpenter 449-D2
  Katherine 27 Wife PA    
  Ella 7 Daughter MI    
  Edna 4y 1m Daughter Orleans    
  Elwood 8 mo Son Orleans    
PRATT George L. 35 M MA Insurance Agent 157-D3
  Frances A. (Bonta) 37 Wife Onondaga    
  Florence 9 Daughter Niagara    
PRATT Elizabeth 71 Mother MA    
PRATT George W. 29 M Orleans Wagon Maker 165-D2
  Mary E. 32 Wife CT    
  Fannie E. 5 Daughter Orleans    
  Minnie 3y 11m Daughter Orleans    
  Georgia A. 1y 8m Daughter Orleans    
PRATT Harriet Squires       See WILLETT 447-D2
PRATT Harriet 53 F St. Lawrence Widow 202-D2
  Alice E. 19 Daughter Niagara    
SHERWOOD William 78 Father MA Widower  
PRATT John C. 53 M VT Wagon Maker/Husband of Catherine 158-D3
  Harlan W. 28 Son Orleans Wagon Maker  
  Sabina R. 22 Daughter Orleans    
  John L. 14 Son Orleans    
PRATT Martin 47 M England Farmer 424-D2
  Ann 47 Wife #2 England    
  Sarah 11 Daughter Orleans    
  Mary 9 Daughter Orleans    
  William 7 Son Orleans    
  Abby 5 Daughter Orleans    
PRESCOTT Jay       See SPENCER 42-D2
PRESTON William M. 27 M IN Farmer 456-D2
  Harriet E. 22 Wife Monroe nee BRINISTOOL  
KNAPP Elizabeth B. 50 Mother Cayuga    
KNAPP James H. 61 Stepfather Dutchess    
O'BRIEN Eliza 17 F Canada Domestic  
HAVENS Jasper 22 M Canada Farm Laborer  
PULVER Henry 44 M Ontario Farmer 35-D3
  Charlotte 44 Wife Monroe    
  Jared 16 Son Niagara    
PURDEY Solomon G. 50 M NY Coal Dealer 200-D2
  Agnes 47 Wife Scotland    
  Christine 19 Daughter Orleans    
  Bella L. 16 Daughter Orleans    
PURNEY Anna       See WELD 117-D2
PURNEY Jessie 39 F Scotland Widow 314-D2
  Alexander 18 Son Scotland Stonecutter  
  Ann 16 Daughter Scotland    
  Jessie 13 Daughter Onondaga    
  Peter 7 Son Canada    
  Christine 3 Daughter Orleans    
PUSSBACK Henry 35 M Germany Tailor 180-D2
  Louisa 30 Wife Germany    
  Myretta 2y 8m Daughter Monroe    
  Louisa 6 mo Daughter Orleans    
PYNDRUS Jane       See SICKLES 224-D2

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