Town of Ridgeway - R

RAFFERTY James       See RYAN 308-D2
RAMSHAW George 36 M England Farmer 185-D3
  Harriet 20 Wife #2 England    
  Elizabeth 10 Daughter England    
RANDOLPH Edward F. 40 M Niagara Sea Captain 168-D3
  Ellen M. (Nash) 26 Wife Orleans    
  Edward M. 6 Son Sandwich Islands    
  Charles K. 5 Son At Sea    
  Mary L. 9 mo Daughter Orleans    
RANDS George 36 M England Quarryman 516-D2
  Mary A. 42 Wife England    
  Harriet 12 Daughter Orleans    
  Mary J. 10 Daughter Orleans    
  William 8 Son Orleans    
  Robert 6 Son Orleans    
  Irwin 3y 2m Son Orleans    
  James 9 mo Son Orleans    
RATCLIFFE Hannah 45 F England Widow of John 72-D2
  Mary Ann 11 Daughter Orleans    
  Rhodes E. 8 Son Orleans    
RAY Terrence 55 M Ireland Mason 297-D2
  Ellen 41 Wife Ireland    
  Bridget 18 Daughter Orleans Dressmaker  
O'FARRELL James 39 Brother-in-Law Ireland Stonecutter  
O'FARRELL James 12 Nephew Orleans    
O'FARRELL John 10 Nephew Orleans    
O'FARRELL William 8 Nephew Orleans    
O'FARRELL Anna 3 Niece Orleans    
O'FARRELL Thomas 6 mo Nephew Orleans    
RAYMOUR Edward 64 Hus #2 VT Farmer 32-D1
  Abigail (Davis) 63 Wife #2 DE    
  Ebinett 24 Daughter Orleans    
  Emerett 23 Daughter Orleans    
BROWN Julian J. 2y 9m Grandson      
REDMOND Patrick       See HORAN 523-D2
REED         See SPENCER 42-D2
REED Anna       See LEWIS 237-D1
REED James 33 M England Farmer 203-D3
  Margaret 29 Wife England    
  Mary E. 9 Daughter Orleans    
  Joseph H. 7 Son Orleans    
  Carrie A. 4 Daughter Orleans    
REED Nelson K. 33 M Orleans Farmer 185-D1
  Juliaette A. (Dikeman) 24 Wife #2 Oneida    
  Ernest 6 mo Son Orleans    
REMEDE William 42 M Germany Cooper 367-D2
  Louisa 38 Wife Germany    
  Lena 9 Daughter Monroe    
  Louisa 3y 5m Daughter Orleans    
RESSEGUIE George 50 Hus #2 Oneida   20-D3
  Amelia (Brown) 47 Wife #3 Onondaga    
  George 17 Son Niagara    
CLARK Mary 34 Sister-in-Law Onondaga Widow  
CLARK Gertrude 2 Niece Orleans    
REYNOLDS Henry       See WILKINSON 115-D2
REYNOLDS Hiram D. 24 M Orleans Farmer 401-D2
  Mary A. (Dewey) 21 Wife Niagara    
REYNOLDS William B. 22 Brother Orleans Farmer  
REYNOLDS John R. 46 M England Laborer 85-D1
  Elizabeth 41 Wife England    
  Henrietta 14 Daughter England    
  Selena 12 Daughter England    
  John 8 Son Orleans    
  Charles 6 Son Orleans    
  Fred B. 3y 9m Son Orleans    
RICE Hannah       See MOUNT 326-D2
RICE Kate       See STARR 327-D2
RICH Eliza       See LOTT 4-D3
RICHARDS John 47 M England Laborer 476-D2
  Grace 44 Wife England    
  William 24 Son England    
  Elias 21 Son England    
  Thomas 19 Son England    
  Mary 16 Daughter England    
  Matilda 12 Daughter Orleans    
  Ann G. 10 Daughter Orleans    
  George H. 8 Son Orleans    
  Caroline 6 Daughter Orleans    
  Franklin 4 Son Orleans    
  Adelbert 2y 5m Son Orleans    
RICHARDS Mary       See KEARNEY 322-D2
RICKMAN James C. 63 M NY Laborer 194-D1
  Achsah 65 Wife Washington    
  George 26 Son Washington Laborer  
DAVIS Mason 38 Son-in-Law Washington Shoemaker  
DAVIS Susan Rickman 31 Daughter Washington    
DAVIS Ella 11 Granddaughter Orleans    
DAVIS Delia 9 Granddaughter Orleans    
RILEY Abram 52 M NJ Millwright 241-D3
  Harriet 45 Wife Genesee    
  Thomas A. 21 Son Canada Farmer  
  Charles W. 19 Son Erie Farmer  
  Richard J. 17 Son Erie Farmer  
  Ella J. 14 Daughter Orleans    
  Jennie E. 11 Daughter Orleans    
  Annie 8 Daughter Orleans    
RILEY Thomas 21 M Canada Laborer 200-D3
  Fanny 20 Wife OH    
  William 3 Son OH    
RILEY William A.       See HAWKINS 319-D2
RIX Guy C. 62 M Canada Sawyer 81-D3
  Martha 57 Wife VT    
ROACH Anna       See SPENCER 42-D2
ROACH Anna       See CHAMBERLAIN 325-D2
ROACH Catherine       See McDERMOTT 247-D2
ROACH Michael 49 Hus #2 Ireland Laborer 514-D2
  Ann 50 Wife #2 England    
  Mary 22 Daughter Orleans    
  Kate 20 Daughter Orleans    
  John 18 Son Orleans Laborer  
ROBBINS Nellie       See WEBSTER 159-D1
ROBBINS Zelotes 37 M Rensselaer Cabinet Maker 137-D2
  Janet R. (Bestor) 31 Wife Monroe    
  Arthur C. 6 Son Orleans    
  Emma A. 4 Daughter Orleans    
  Hattie 2 mo Daughter Orleans    
ROBERTSON Lucinda       See CHICHESTER 61-D2
ROBISON Charles       See SWAN 215-D3
ROCKWELL Charles 27 M Orleans Farmer 209-D1
  Ella 25 Wife Orleans    
ROGERS         See JENNINGS 155-D2
ROGERS John 60 Hus #2 Ireland Laborer 159-D2
  Mary 60 Wife Ireland    
GRIFFIN Michael 26 Son-in-Law Ireland Blacksmith  
GRIFFIN Maria 24 Daughter Ireland    
GRIFFIN Mary E. 1y 4m Granddaughter Orleans    
ROGERS Joseph 45 M Unknown   15-D3
  Matilda 25 Wife #2 Niagara    
  Helen 14 Daughter MI    
  Adelbert 3 Son Niagara    
GRISWOLD E. Bishop 53 M VT    
GRISWOLD Abigail 45 Wife #2 Genesee    
ROGERS M. B.       See HEMPHILL 156-D3
ROGERS Mary 50 F Ireland Widow 13-D2
  Susan 15 Daughter Ireland    
ROLPH Charles H. 48 M CT   156-D1
  Mary (Turner) 43 Wife Genesee    
TURNER Percie 70 Mother-in-Law CT Widow of Mason  
ROMP James 35 M England Laborer 520-D2
  Ann (Pointer) 31 Wife England    
  James 17 Son England    
  Sarah A. 1y 6m Daughter Orleans    
ROMP John 45 M England Laborer 515-D2
  Eleanor (Drake) 40 Wife England    
  Betsey A. 13 Daughter Orleans    
  Mary J. 9 Daughter Orleans    
  John 7 Son Orleans    
  Emma 4 Daughter Orleans    
  Anna 1 Daughter Orleans    
ROMP Richard 33 M England Mason 508-D2
  Sarah 23 Wife England    
  Jacob J. 4y 6m Son Canada    
  Sarah A. 2y 6m Daughter Canada    
  Henry P. 10 mo Son Canada    
ROMP Sarah       See HEDLEY 471-D2
ROOT Ipsilanti 33 M Orleans Cooper 221-D1
  Jennett 25 Wife Niagara    
ROOT Lucius P. Rev. 44 M Cayuga Clergyman 150-D2
  Frances T. 40 Wife MA    
  Herbert T. 11 Son MI    
  Lillie E. 9 Daughter MI    
  Lucius R. 1y 6m Son Orleans    
SMITH Ellen 16 F VA Domestic  
ROOT Julia A.       See SWAN 112-D2
ROSS         See BROWN 99-D2
ROSS Daniel C. 39 M Schenectady Laborer 19-D2
  Susan A. 23 Wife Niagara    
  Olivia M. 2 Daughter Orleans    
  George H. 2 mo Son Orleans    
ROSS Samuel 78 Hus #2 NJ   227-D2
  Caroline W. 61 Wife #2 CT    
HOLLAND Daniel W. 35 Stepson Monroe    
HOLLAND Charles W. 30 Stepson Monroe    
ROWE Horace MD 45 M Onondaga Physician 23-D3
  Ruth M. (Webber) 41 Wife Onondaga    
  Luella 6 Daughter Orleans    
ROWLEY Albert 35 M Wayne   42-D3
  Frances 34 Wife Schenectady    
  Jennie M. 1y 11m Daughter Orleans    
ROWLEY William 36 M Monroe Farmer 40-D3
  Maria 30 Wife Orleans    
  Hattie 15 Daughter Orleans    
  Frankie 9 Daughter Orleans    
  Willie 7 Son Orleans    
  Norman 3 Son Orleans    
RUGGLES Charles 39 M Orleans Mechanic 197-D3
  Abbie 29 Wife Orleans    
THOMPSON Ruth 60 Mother-in-Law VT Widow  
RUSSELL Helen       See COON 530-D2
RUSSELL James 42 M Ulster Laborer 441-D2
  Rosanna (Jacob) 36 Wife VT    
  Helen 17 Daughter Orleans    
  Adeline 14 Daughter Orleans    
  Emeline 11 Daughter Orleans    
  Cornelia 8 Daughter Orleans    
  Anna M. 6 Daughter Orleans    
  William H. 3y 10m Son Orleans    
  Ephraim 3 mo Son Orleans    
RUSSELL John S.       See CARD 81-D2
RUSSELL Jonathan 46 M Ulster Farmer 499-D2
  Sarah 40 Wife Clinton    
  Cornelia 18 Daughter Orleans    
  Charles 12 Son Orleans    
RUSSELL Peter 37 M Orleans Laborer 440-D2
  Louisa 37 Wife Orleans    
  Alice M. 7 Daughter Orleans    
RYAN         See DEMARY 154-D3
RYAN Lawrence       See LAHEY 504-D2
RYAN         See MURPHY 298-D2
RYAN Johanna       See COOPER 429-D2
RYAN John 64 M PA Farmer 321-D2
  Hannah 53 Wife PA    
  Florence 16 Daughter Orleans    
  Fred C. 13 Son Orleans    
  Imogene 11 Daughter Orleans    
VanDUSEN Kate Ryan 30 Daughter Orleans Widow of Robert  
VanDUSEN Robert Falkner 11 Grandson Orleans    
RYAN Kitty L. 5 Granddaughter Orleans    
COMERFORD Margaret 18 F Ireland Domestic  
BARTON William 50 M England Teamster/M (2)  
AGAN Andrew 20 M Ireland Teamster  
WHITE John 16 M Ireland Servant  
RYAN John A. 28 Hus #2 Ireland Teamster 308-D2
  Mary A. 28 Wife Ireland    
  William E. 4y 7m Son Orleans    
  John J. 2 Son Orleans    
  Patrick 4 mo Son Orleans    
PLUNKETT Agnes 8 Stepdaughter England    
DEMPSEY Thomas 35 Boarder Ireland Laborer  
McGRARY James 65 Boarder Ireland Laborer  
RAFFERTY James 30 Boarder Ireland Laborer  
RYAN Martin W. 34 M Orleans Stone Dealer 128-D2
  Henrietta (Downs) 32 Wife Orleans    
  Minnie S. 8 Daughter Orleans    
  Anna V. 6 Daughter Orleans    
  Henrietta 5 Daughter Orleans    
  William G. 1y 6m Son Orleans    
GOOLD Honora 23 F Ireland Domestic  
NELLIGAN Mary 17 F Ireland Domestic  
RYAN Patrick 45 M Ireland Farmer 49-D3
  Mary 38 Wife Ireland    
  Michael 14 Son Orleans    
  Thomas 12 Son Orleans    
  Patrick 8 Son Orleans    
  Catherine 6 Daughter Orleans    
  Margaret 3y 6m Daughter Orleans    
  Mary 1y 2m Daughter Orleans    
RYAN Patrick 48 M Ireland Laborer 291-D2
  Ann 32 Wife Ireland    
  William 9 Son Orleans    
  Ellen 6 Daughter Orleans    
  John 2y 9m Son Orleans    
CLANCY David 20 Boarder Canada Machinist  
RYAN Preston       See BOARDMAN 484-D2
RYAN Thomas 54 M Ireland Laborer 292-D2
  Margaret 54 Wife Ireland    
  Honora 10 Daughter Orleans    
  Mary 8 Daughter Orleans    

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