Town of Ridgeway - T

TAMBLIN William S. 42 M Jefferson Manufacturer 109-D2
  Angeline C. 42 Wife Jefferson    
  William A. 8 Son Orleans    
TANNER Henry J. 30 M Orleans Farmer 20-D1
  Elsie A. (Barrett) 29 Wife Orleans    
  Mortimer 3y 11m Son Orleans    
TANNER Josias 69 M VT Farmer 19-D1
  Lucy (Baldwin) 60 Wife MA    
  William A. 32 Son Orleans Farmer  
TOPLIFF Fannie A. 19 F Orleans Domestic  
TANNER William C. 72 M VT Farmer 22-D1
  Julia A. (Flagler) 61 Wife Dutchess    
  William P. 23 Son Orleans Farmer  
JACOBS Hannah Tanner 40 Daughter Orleans Widow of William C.  
JACOBS William T. 16 Grandson Oneida Farmer  
TAYLOR Clarence       See PARKHURST 143-D3
TAYLOR Edward W.       See BRINSMAID 28-D1
TAYLOR William 30 M England Day Laborer 94-D3
  Elizabeth 30 Wife England    
  William 4 Son Orleans    
  Louisa 6 Daughter Orleans    
  Alice 5 Daughter Orleans    
  Orange 1 Son Orleans    
TEMPLE John B. 58 M Washington Blacksmith 189-D1
  Sarah 53 Wife Herkimer    
  John 24 Son Orleans Laborer  
  Sarah 21 Daughter Orleans    
SEDGEWICK Olive Temple 31 Daughter Orleans    
SEDGEWICK Frank 37 Son-in-Law Genesee Blacksmith  
CHRISTIE Hannah 64 Mother? Herkimer Widow (1)  
TEMPLE Lyman 70 M VT Farmer/Widower of Lucina 80-D1
  Reuben 46 Son Washington    
  Benjamin 19 Son Orleans    
  Emily 17 Daughter Orleans    
  Hannah 16 Daughter Orleans    
COLEMAN Samuel 24 Son-in-Law England Farmer  
COLEMAN Clara Temple 21 Daughter Orleans    
TEMPLE Richard 56 M Tioga Cabinet Maker 142-D2
  Caroline 52 Wife Cayuga    
  Charles H. 18 Son Orleans Army  
  Wilbur F. 16 Son Orleans    
  Warren C. 10 Son Orleans    
TEMPLE Steven 52 M MA Farmer 180-D3
  Lucy 51 Wife MA    
  James 26 Son Orleans Farmer  
  Polly 20 Daughter Orleans    
  Judy O. 17 Daughter Broome    
  Thomas F. 13 Son Niagara    
  Steven A. 8 Son Niagara    
THAYER Julius 28 M Saratoga Farmer 68-D3
  Maria 24 Wife Niagara    
THOMPSON Archibald       See AMES 190-D1
THOMPSON Daniel 33 M Tompkins Farmer 248-D3
  Harriet 25 Wife Niagara    
THOMPSON Catherine 64 Mother NJ Widow of Aaron  
THOMPSON Catherine 25 Sister Orleans Single  
THOMPSON Henry       See TUCKER 107-D2
THOMPSON James       See CRIPPEN 198-D1
THOMPSON Ruth       See RUGGLES 197-D3
THOMPSON Thomas 75 Hus #2 Dutchess Farmer 454-D2
  Mary 59 Wife #2 CT    
THOMPSON William 46 M Otsego Carpenter 284-D2
  Lucy H. 23 Wife Genesee    
  Helen 3y 11m Daughter Orleans    
  Martha M. 2 Daughter Orleans    
  Clark E. 7 mo Son Orleans    
THOMPSON Stephen 75 Father Otsego Carpenter  
THORPE Charles H. 44 M Cayuga Farmer 5-D1
  Phebe 44 Wife Orleans    
  Silas M. 20 Son Orleans Farmer  
  Frank F. 17 Son Orleans Farmer  
  Adelaide 10 Daughter Orleans    
  Marvin E. 7 Son Orleans    
  Kate 18 Adopted Orleans    
THORPE Tamar 71 F Cayuga Widow of Morehouse 6-D1
  Miranda 29 Daughter Orleans    
THURSTON Roland       See JACKSON 418-D2
THURTLE Phillip 24 M England Laborer 231-D1
  Rachel (Haylett) 22 Wife England    
THURTLE Robert 26 M England Farmer 70-D1
  Sarah 20 Wife England    
  Herbert 9 mo Son Orleans    
THURTLE Herbert 19 Brother England Farmer  
TICKNOR Sarah 56 F MA Widow of Daniel 198-D3
  Sarah 27 Daughter Orleans    
  Charles H. 24 Son Orleans Farmer  
  Francis W. 22 Son Orleans Laborer  
  James 19 Son Orleans Laborer  
TIBBETTS Mariam       See COON 462-D2
TIFFANY Godfrey 39 M England Mason 509-D2
  Sarah 33 Wife England    
  Joseph 11 Son England    
  Emily 9 Daughter England    
TILDEN Laura 70 F MA Widow 227-D1
TILDEN Martin W. 30 M Orleans Produce Dealer 253-D1
  Olive L. (Stevens) 22 Wife Orleans    
  Nellie M. 5 Daughter Orleans    
  Minnie L. 2y 8m Daughter Orleans    
TIMBY Sally       See SCHUYLER 256-D2
TIMMERMAN Ellen       See SMITH 146-D2
TODD Emma       See FERGUSON 204-D2
TODD John 54 M England Laborer 238-D2
  Caroline M. 54 Wife England    
  Caroline A. 9 Daughter Niagara    
TOLFORD Charles 46 M Orleans Farmer 208-D3
  Martha 41 Wife NH    
  Phebe 21 Daughter Orleans    
  Elizabeth 16 Daughter Orleans    
  John 15 Son Orleans    
  Alice 5 Daughter Orleans    
TOLFORD Thomas 46 M Genesee Farmer 209-D3
  Mary 45 Wife Washington    
  Frankie 7 Daughter Monroe    
  Flora L. 7 Daughter Monroe    
TOLFORD David 83 Father NH Widower (3)  
DOUGHERTY John 20 M England Farm Laborer  
TOMLINSON David C. 40 M Orleans Preacher 173-D3
  Emeline C. 33 Wife Monroe    
  Irving C. 5 Son Wyoming    
  Vincent 3 Son Wyoming    
TOMPKINS Daniel D. 37 M Dutchess Farmer 385-D2
  Emily (Macy) 33 Wife Dutchess    
  George Henry 12 Son Orleans    
McBRIDE Michael 20 M Ireland Farm Laborer  
YAXLEY Mary 18 F England Domestic  
TOMPKINS Hannah Ostrom       See McCORMICK 389-D2
TOMPKINS James E. 35 M Dutchess Farmer 324-D2
  Sarah 26 Wife Dutchess    
  Ada 11 Daughter Orleans    
  Enrique D. 7 Son Orleans    
TONGE Joseph 34 M Scotland Laborer 191-D1
  Margaret 28 Wife Scotland    
  John 7 Son Orleans    
  Jane 6 Daughter Orleans    
  William 4 Son Orleans    
  Joseph 2 Son Orleans    
TOOMBS         See GRUMMON 281-D2
TOPLIFF Fannie A.       See TANNER 19-D1
TOPLIFF Morris 57 M Herkimer Carriage Painter 242-D1
  Caroline (Fitch) 53 Wife Cayuga    
  Charles 25 Son Orleans Clerk  
  Frances 20 Daughter Orleans Dressmaker  
  Harriet 14 Daughter Orleans    
TOWN George B. R. S. 63 M MA Stonecutter 139-D2
  Maria (Morgan) 53 Wife England    
GREASART Mary E. Town 29 Daughter Orleans Tailoress  
GREASART Edward 32 Son-in-Law Germany Tailor  
GREASART Mary 3 Granddaughter Orleans    
MORGAN Esther 47 Sister-in-Law England Single  
TRACY Frances       See WARREN 82-D3
TRACY John 50 M Tompkins Peddler 5-D3
  Emily 50 Wife Oneida    
  Ralph 16 Son Onondaga Day Laborer  
TUCK James 38 M England Day Laborer 52-D3
  Naomi 39 Wife England    
  William 11 Son Niagara    
  Emma 9 Daughter Niagara    
TUCK Josiah 30 M England Farmer 28-D3
  Mary Ann 24 Wife England    
TUCKER Bridget 40 F Ireland Married (2) 107-D2
TUCKER Daniel 47 Boarder VT Married (2)/Laborer  
THOMPSON Henry 11 Son Columbia    
O'MARA Anna 20 F Canada Domestic  
TUCKER Nathaniel 49 M NH Farmer 237-D3
  Eliza 35 Wife Orleans    
  Nathaniel Jr. 14 Son Orleans    
  Mary 13 Daughter Orleans    
  Lucy 9 Daughter Orleans    
TUCKER Smith 29 M Orleans Grocer 3-D2
  Nellie E. (Ryan) 22 Wife Herkimer    
  Imogene 2y 9m Daughter Orleans    
  Kate L. 2 mo Daughter Orleans    
SMITH Bridget 24 F Ireland Domestic  
TUOHEY         See CHASE 231-D2
TUOHEY Thomas 38 M Ireland Laborer 299-D2
  Ellen (Kearney) 35 Wife Ireland    
  Mary 8 Daughter Orleans    
  Ellen 2 Daughter Orleans    
TURNER George       See SCOTT 394-D2
TURNER Henry 30 M England Laborer 116-D3
  Hannah 27 Wife England    
  Lucius H. 2y 11m Son Orleans    
  Cora J. 1y 7m Daughter Orleans    
TURNER Percie       See ROLPH 156-D1
TURNER William       See BARRETT 427-D2
TUTTLE Daniel 39 M CT Farmer 150-D3
  Franclia 30 Wife Niagara    
  Addie C. 2 Daughter Orleans    
TUTTLE Henry 50 M CT Farmer/Widower of Ardella Avery 406-D2
  Augustus E. 21 Son Orleans    
  Emma J. 16 Daughter Orleans    
AVERY Lucy 45 Sister-in-Law CT Single  
SPENCER Alice M. 20 Cousin CT Teacher  
BOOTH John 20 M Germany Farm Laborer  
TUTTLE Joseph 80 M CT Farmer 174-D3
  Mary 80 Wife CT    
  Mary B. 40 Daughter CT    
TYLER Elvira E.       See BOWEN 276-D2
TYLER James Dr. 51 M Oneida Physician 131-D2
  Phebe 50 Wife Saratoga    

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