Town of Ridgeway - W


WADLEIGH Jerome 32 M Canada Carriage Maker 57-D2
  Martha 28 Wife Canada    
  Charles 9 Son Canada    
  Ella 6 Daughter Canada    
  Edward 3 Son Canada    
WAIT Jerry 35 M Monroe Farmer 246-D1
  Helen 30 Wife Monroe    
  Frank 9 Son Monroe    
BURCH Lewis 30 Boarder Steuben Farmer  
WALDRON Huldah       See WELD 121-D3
WALDRON Rachel A.       See ENSIGN 9-D3
WALKER William 47 M Genesee Farmer 13-D3
  Mary 41 Wife Genesee    
  James M. 21 Son Genesee Farmer  
  Judson S. 20 Son Genesee Farmer  
  Wallace S. 13 Son Orleans    
  Byron A. 8 Son Orleans    
  Willie N. 6 Son Orleans    
  Lillian S. 3 Daughter Orleans    
  Charles 9 mo Son Orleans    
KILEY Joanne 16 F Orleans Domestic  
WALL Elijah T. 50 M KY Laborer 316-D2
  Susan 46 Wife Ulster    
WALLACE Darwin 47 M Rensselaer Farmer 116-D1
  Mary J. (Reynolds) 38 Wife Rensselaer    
  Charles H. 15 Son Washington Farmer  
  Emma F. 9 Daughter Washington    
WARD Charles 39 M England Farmer 210-D3
  Anna 27 Wife England    
  William 10 Son Orleans    
  Frank 7 Son Orleans    
WARD George 43 M England Wagon Maker 38-D2
  Caroline 47 Wife England    
  Frances E. 20 Daughter Genesee Teacher  
  Latheria A. 18 Daughter Genesee    
WARD George 46 M England Farmer 103-D3
  Mary A. (Wells) 47 Wife England    
  George 22 Son England    
  Jesse 18 Son England    
  Harriet 11 Daughter Canada    
  Lewis 7 Son Canada    
WARD James 45 M Ireland Day Laborer 98-D3
  Ellen 46 Wife Ireland    
  Catherine 10 Daughter Ireland    
  William 8 Son Ireland    
  John 1y 10m Son Orleans    
WARD William 36 M England Mason 233-D3
  Mary A. 31 Wife England    
  Harriet 11 Daughter Orleans    
  John 7 Son Orleans    
  Eddie M. 4 Son Orleans    
  Benjamin 1y 4m Son Orleans    
WARDER William C.       See BRIDGEMAN 380-D2
WARING Enoch C. 57 M Dutchess Farmer 169-D2
  Christiana L. 55 Wife MA nee DENSMORE  
  Mary E. 31 Daughter Monroe    
  Martha A. 26 Daughter Orleans    
  Sarah J. 21 Daughter Orleans    
  David L. 19 Son Orleans    
  Frances H. 13 Daughter Orleans    
WARING Henry H. 34 M Monroe Farmer 3-D3
  Amelia A. (Tuttle) 35 Wife CT    
  Florence 9 Daughter Orleans    
  Frank 6 Son Orleans    
WARNER         See LOZIER 275-D2
WARNER Charles 65 M Ontario Millwright 69-D2
  Adeline J. 65 Wife Onondaga    
WARNER Octavia R.       See NEWELL 235-D2
WARREN B. C. 43 M VT Sawyer 82-D3
  Ann 33 Wife Orleans    
  Alice 14 Daughter Orleans    
  Harley 8 Son Orleans    
  Hannah 6 Daughter Orleans    
  Sarah 3 Daughter Orleans    
WARREN Ezra       See DONELSON 157-D1
WARREN Willard 40 M VT Farmer 17-D3
  Mariette 34 Wife #2 Orleans    
  Alden H. 16 Son Orleans    
  Daniel J. 11 Son WI    
  Sarah J. 8 Daughter WI    
WASHBURN Clara       See BEEMAN 247-D1
WATERBURY Aaron 27 M Orleans Farmer 100-D3
  Sophia 21 Wife Orleans    
WATERS Henry 66 M Schoharie Farmer 121-D1
  Patience S. 58 Wife Warren    
FORBES George 26 Son-on-Law Orleans Farmer  
FORBES Annette Waters 23 Daughter Wayne    
FORBES Minnie A. 6 Granddaughter Orleans    
FORBES Georgiana 2 Granddaughter Orleans    
HICKS Emily Waters 20 Daughter Wayne Married  
WATERS Henry Jr. 28 M Allegany Farmer 122-D1
  Tryphena 27 Wife Monroe    
  Alice 6 Daughter Orleans    
  Frank 5 Son Orleans    
WATERSON Samuel 45 M England Laborer 519-D2
  Elizabeth 34 Wife England    
  George 13 Son Orleans    
  James 10 Son Orleans    
  Charles A. 1 mo Son Orleans    
GREENACRE Thomas 50 Boarder England Laborer  
WATKINS         See STEWART 36-D2
WATKINS John 34 M Orleans Cooper 349-D2
  Ann 32 Wife Ireland    
  John 8 Son NY    
WATSON Ira D. 28 M Niagara Farmer 405-D2
  Mary C. (Parker) 30 Wife Orleans    
  Aaron P. 6 Son Orleans    
WATSON Robert 47 M Albany Farmer 62-D3
  Eunice 46 Wife Niagara    
  Dudley 13 Son Niagara    
WATSON William H. 50 M Washington Merchant 239-D2
  Mary L. 46 Wife #2 VT    
  Charles J. 21 Son Yates    
  Henrietta (Twin) 16 Daughter Yates    
  Marietta (Twin) 16 Daughter Yates    
  Frances H. 14 Daughter Queens    
LEMLOR Mary W. 22 F Ireland Domestic  
WATTS         See COLEMAN 328-D2
WAYMAN John 28 M England Farmer 86-D3
  Elizabeth 23 Wife PA    
  Samuel 2y 6m Son Orleans    
WAYMAN Sarah       See WHITTLETON 204-D3
WAYNE William 38 M England Blacksmith 68-D2
  Lucy A. 37 Wife #2 Monroe    
  Ella 9 Daughter Orleans    
  Cora 7 Daughter Orleans    
LAHEY Margaret 15 F Ireland Domestic  
WEATHERWAX Mary A.       See MURDOCK 422-D2
WEBBER John 34 M England Wagon Maker 167-D3
  Mary A. 34 Wife England    
  Lorinda M. 5 Daughter Orleans    
  Lelia L. 3y 6m Daughter Orleans    
  Ida A. 1y 6m Daughter Orleans    
WEBSTER Charles 65 M CT Farmer 159-D1
  Sally (Robbins) 65 Wife NH    
ROBBINS Eleanor "Nellie" 68 Sister-in-Law NH Single  
WEBSTER Henry 29 M Otsego Farmer 160-D1
  Harriet L. (Hill) 21 Wife Orleans    
DOWD Elizabeth 13 F Orleans Domestic  
WEBSTER Lizzie       See HANRAHAN 313-D2
WEBSTER Milo 26 M Otsego Farmer 161-D1
  Alzoa E. 25 Wife Orleans    
  Adelbert 1 Son Orleans    
WELCH Unknown 60 F Ireland   310-D2
WELCH John 42 M PA Farmer 8-D1
  Elizabeth 39 Sister Orleans    
  Benjamin 36 Brother Orleans Farmer  
  Jane 64 Mother England Widow  
JACOBS Oliver 17 M Camden Farm Laborer  
WELCH Joseph       See AGAN 362-D2
WELCH Mary       See SKINNER 195-D2
WELCH Michael 47 M Ireland Laborer 512-D2
  Katherine 38 Wife Ireland    
  Margaret 15 Daughter Orleans    
  Johanna 12 Daughter Orleans    
  Kate 10 Daughter Orleans    
  Ellen 8 Daughter Orleans    
  Ann 6 Daughter Orleans    
  Michael 3y 2m Son Orleans    
WELD Andrew 25 M Orleans Farmer 122-D3
  Dena 23 Wife Orleans    
YAHNKE Christopher 26 M Prussia Laborer  
JONES Daniel 23 M MI Laborer  
WELD Cynthia N.       See FAIRMAN 171-D2
WELD Elias 58 M MA Farmer 118-D3
  Harriet (Harding) 55 Wife #2 Madison    
HARDING Maggie 18 Niece South America    
HOLLEY Loren 14 M Niagara Farm Laborer  
WELD Jacob L. 66 M VT Farmer 119-D3
  Velina 60 Wife DE    
  Asel P. 24 Son Orleans Farmer  
  Thomas 19 Son Orleans Farmer  
LEWIS Julia 30 F Orleans    
LEWIS Marshall 21 M Orleans Farmer/Single  
WELD John 77 M MA Farmer/Widower of Sally 89-D3
  Sarah A. 44 Daughter Orleans    
LYNCH Mary 18 F Ireland Domestic  
WELD John 27 M Orleans Farmer 121-D3
  Maria H. 25 Wife #2 Orleans    
  Ernest 7 Son Orleans    
  Frank A. 4 Son Orleans    
  John L. 2y 6m Son Orleans    
WALDRON Huldah 18 F Orleans Domestic  
WELD John M. 30 M Orleans Farmer 65-D3
  Fidelia E. (Hart) 28 Wife Orleans    
WELD John R. 38 M Rensselaer Miller 117-D2
  Rebecca C. (Root) 36 Wife Albany    
  Jessie R. 14 Daughter Orleans    
  Emeline R. 11 Daughter Orleans    
  John R. Jr. 8 Son Orleans    
  Anna B. 6 Daughter Orleans    
  Corning C. 2 Son Orleans    
WELD Prudence Kilborn 77 Mother MA Widow  
KELLY Mary 36 F Ireland Domestic/Widow  
PURNEY Anna 16 F Scotland Domestic  
O'DONNELL Maria 23 F Ireland Domestic  
WELD Joseph M. 38 M Orleans Farmer 90-D3
  Caroline M. (Hart) 38 Wife Orleans    
WELD Marson 56 M VT Farmer 165-D3
  Sarah L. (Tanner) 42 Wife Orleans    
  Esther J. 12 Daughter Orleans    
  Marson E. 9 Son Orleans    
  William T. 6 Son Orleans    
WELD Wellington 28 M Orleans Farmer 120-D3
  Sarah J. 21 Wife Orleans    
  Lena M. 2 Daughter Orleans    
COOK Selim 18 M Niagara Farm Laborer  
WELDON George 44 M Monroe Shoemaker/Widower 152-D3
  George Jr. 9 Son Monroe    
WELDON Elizabeth 70 Mother Columbia Widow  
WELLS Abbie       See HUNT 93-D3
WELLS George 33 M England Laborer 205-D3
  Charlotte (DYBALL) 27 Wife England    
  Hannah 7 Daughter Orleans    
  Stephen 5 Son Orleans    
WELLS George 48 M CT   206-D2
  Catherine 49 Wife CT    
WHITBECK Humphrey M. 34 Boarder Columbia Stock Broker  
WHITBECK Almira F. 25 Boarder's Wife Schoharie    
WHITBECK Clarence G. 7 Boarder's Son Schoharie    
COLLINS Bridget 15 F Orleans Domestic  
WELTON Mary E. 34 F Chenango Widow of Willard 194-D2
  Frank B. 7 Son Orleans    
  Mary F. 6 Daughter Orleans    
FARGO Eunice Sanger 71 Mother CT Widow of Harry N.  
DUNN Bridget 18 F Ireland Domestic  
WEST Benjamin 38 M Oneida Farmer/Widower of Miranda 96-D3
  Ida L. 11 Daughter Orleans    
  Mary T. 2 Daughter Orleans    
LEWIS Elisha W. 19 Brother-in-Law Orleans Farmer  
HILL Arthur 18 M Orleans Farm Laborer  
CLARK Edson 23 M Orleans Soldier  
CLARK Elizabeth 20 Soldier's Wife Orleans Domestic  
MADISON Maria 18 F Orleans Domestic  
WEST Charles H. 59 M Fulton Farmer 219-D3
  Sarah E. 58 Wife MA    
  Isaac B. 32 Son Orleans Farmer  
  Mary E. 26 Daughter-in-Law Fulton    
  Elisha E. 15 Son Orleans    
BARNES Nellie 8 Niece Monroe    
ADAMS John 21 M Scotland Farm Laborer  
WESTON Laura       See KINGMAN 459-D2
WETMORE Jesse 61 M Otsego Farmer 30-D1
  Calista (Wood) 50 Wife #2 Otsego    
  Charles 12 Son Orleans    
WOOD Sylvia 74 Mother-in-Law MA Widow of Ezra  

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