Town of Shelby - D

DANIELS Norton 46 M Monroe Laborer 34-D1
  Mary Ann 47 Wife Monroe    
  Leslie W. 12 Adopted MI    
DAVEY Edward 50 M England Wagon Maker 348-D2
  Harriet Clark Seeley 40 Wife Onondaga    
  Edward H. 6 Son Orleans    
SEELEY Frances A. 15 Stepdaughter Onondaga    
DAVIS David 46 M France Boatman 289-D2
  Rose 45 Wife France    
  Albert 17 Son France Laborer  
  Rosa 7 Daughter Orleans    
DAVIS John 39 M PA Laborer 285-D2
  Catherine 30 Wife Schoharie    
DAVIS Leander 39 M Genesee Farmer 395-D2
  Susan 29 Wife Ireland    
  Florence 8 Daughter Orleans    
  Ida 5 Daughter Genesee    
  Edwin 5 mo Son Orleans    
DAVIS Mary 35 F England Married 130-D1
DAYTON Ebenezer S. 50 M Ontario Currier 129-D1
  Margaret 48 Wife Columbia    
BENT Sarah 44 Boarder Madison Single  
DEBBAGE William 45 M England Laborer 208-D1
  Sarah 35 Wife England    
  William Jr. 14 Son England    
  James 12 Son Orleans    
  Jane 9 Daughter Orleans    
  Frederick 1y 4mo Son Orleans    
DELINE Louisa       See TIMMERMAN 74-D2
DELONG Betsey 56 F NY Wife of Jonas 283-D2
  Nancy 16 Daughter      
BAKER Ann C. 24 Daughter   Married  
DELONG J. William 31 M NY Cooper 287-D2
  Sarah A. 27 Wife Genesee    
  William 8 Son Orleans    
  Eva V. 6 Daughter Orleans    
DEMARA David 56 M Albany   144-D2
  Maria (Upham) 51 Wife MA    
  Carlton C. 19 Son Orleans    
  George 16 Son Orleans    
McWHORTER Augusta 21 Niece MI    
DEMARA Lyman 27 M Orleans Laborer 143-D2
  Mary 25 Wife Orleans    
  George B. 2y 6mo Son Orleans    
DENISON Otis G. 33 M Rensselaer Farmer 184-D2
  Frances O. 32 Wife Orleans    
  Sarah E. 9 Daughter Orleans    
  Mary A. 7 Daughter Orleans    
  George H. 5 Son Orleans    
  Lewis O. 2y 4m Son Orleans    
GRAY Charles 15 M Orleans Servant  
BUCK William   M   Laborer  
DEUEL David G. 44 M PA Speculator 261-D2
  Mary J. 39 Wife Washington    
  Nettie 11 Daughter Orleans    
PECK Maria 19 F Oneida Single  
DEUEL Hiram 52 M PA   241-D2
  Mary A. 46 Wife Canada    
  William 25 Son Genesee    
  Bianca 18 Daughter Genesee    
  Hiram Jr. 15 Son Genesee    
  Mary 7 Daughter Genesee    
DEYO Jacob M. 40 M Orange Blacksmith 39-D2
  Maria M. 35 Wife Monroe    
  Remington F. 9 Son Orleans    
  Alice 4 Daughter Orleans    
DIBBLE Alice       See BLAIR 1-D2
DODGE J.       See BROWNELL 32-D1
DOLPH Francis A.       See PHELPS 147-D2
DORRANCE Joseph L. 33 M Orleans Farmer 60-D1
  Eliza A. (Tinkham) 35 Wife Orleans    
  Anna B. 12 Daughter Orleans    
  Wilson T. 10 Son Orleans    
DOW Samuel R. 84 Hus #3     314-D2
  Charlotte 68 Wife #2 Washington    
DOWD Catherine       See VEDDER 94-D2
DOWNS Fred L.       See FULLER 86-D2
DRAKE Robert 68 M England Laborer 425-D2
  Lettictia 79 Wife England    
JONES Cephas 45 Son-in-Law MA Mechanic  
JONES Lucy (Drake) 42 Daughter England    
JONES William H. 18 Grandson Orleans    
JONES Jane L. 13 Granddaughter MI    
JONES Clara M. 5 Granddaughter MI    
DRAKE Robert W. 40 M England Carpenter 423-D2
  Mary J. 36 Wife Cattaraugus    
  Ella L. 13 Daughter Orleans    
  R. George 10 Son OH    
  James S. 7 Son Orleans    
  M. Emily 5 Daughter OH    
DRESSER John 32 M Orleans Farmer 101-D1
  Mary 74 Mother ME Widow of Leonard  
  Electa 40 Sister Orleans Single  
DREW Phebe 74 F Greene Widow of John 83-D2
MITCHELL Mary 50 F Fulton Single  
DUBOIS John W. 28 M Orange   429-D2
  Addie 20 Wife Orleans    
  Annie 7 mo. Daughter Orleans    
DUDLEY Mary       See SWARTHOUT 124-D1
DUDRIC Adrian       See POLER 93-D2
DUEL Mary Ann Phelps 34 F OH Widow of Hiram 209-D2
  Josephine 16 Daughter Orleans    
  Gideon H. 10 Son Orleans    
PHELPS Sally Ann 57 Mother Washington Widow  
DUNLAP Cynthia 50 F Seneca Single 171-D2
DUNLAP Joshua 78 Boarder CT Widower  
DUNLAP Augustus 47 M Orleans Laborer  
CALDWELL Ella 25 Boarder Orleans Single  
DUNLAP Joseph 44 M Orleans Farmer 170-D2
  Clarissa 38 Wife #2 Orleans    
  Sarah 19 Daughter Orleans    
  George 11 Son Orleans    
  William A. 7 Son Orleans    
CHURCHILL Henry 26 M Orleans Laborer  
BENTLEY Edwin 21 M Orleans Laborer  
DUNLAP Josiah 36 M Orleans Farmer 169-D2
  Helen 36 Wife Schoharie    
  Emma 10 Daughter MI    
DUNLAP Ledlie 48 M Orleans Farmer 172-D2
  Elizabeth 31 Wife Orleans    
  Rowley 7 Son Orleans    
  Emma 5 Daughter Orleans    
  Nellie 3y 5m Daughter Orleans    
  Edwin 1y 4m Son Orleans    
DUNLAP William 75 M CT Farmer 173-D2
  Anna (Vroman) 53 Wife #2 Schoharie    
DUNLAVEY Anthony   M Ireland Laborer 219-D2
  Mary 35 Wife #2 Ireland    
  Bessie 9 Daughter Niagara    
  Mary 5 Daughter Orleans    
  Thomas 3 Son Orleans    
  Charles 5 mo Son Orleans    
DURKIN Thomas 33 M Ireland NYC Railroad 213-D2
  Mary 25 Wife Ireland    
  John 5 Son Orleans    
LYNCH Mary   Aunt Ireland Widow  
DYE William 41 M England Farmer 197-D1
  Jane 43 Wife England    
  William 14 Son Orleans    
  Elizabeth 13 Daughter Niagara    
  Eunice 11 Daughter Niagara    
  Enos 10 Son Niagara    
  Lydia 6 Daughter Orleans    
  Thomas 4 Son Orleans    
DYGERT Sarah       See HOLTZINGER 157-D2

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