Town of Shelby - E

EASTON George 54 M England Veterinary Surgeon 13-D1
  Christiana 53 Wife England    
  George H. 16 Son Orleans    
EASTON Phebe 56 F Saratoga Widow of George 224-D1
  Elizabeth 21 Daughter Orleans    
  Henry 14 Son Genesee    
  Mary J. 12 Daughter Orleans    
EASTON Richard F. 30 M Monroe Farmer 192-D1
  Maria 29 Wife Orleans    
  Jane 8 Daughter Orleans    
  Elmira 6 Daughter Orleans    
  John 3 Son Orleans    
ECKERSON John 56 M Schoharie Farmer 170-D1
  Maria 53 Wife #2 Albany    
  Cornelius 26 Son Orleans Farmer  
  Nancy 24 Daughter Orleans    
  Charles 22 Son Orleans    
  George 17 Son Orleans    
  John Jr. 14 Son Orleans    
  Edward 12 Son Orleans    
VANDEKAR Rebecca 70 Aunt Albany Single  
VANDEKAR Maria 75 Aunt Albany Single  
ECKERSON William 35 M Schoharie Laborer 186-D1
  Caroline 31 Wife Orleans    
  Willis 11 Son Orleans    
  Hattie 10 Daughter Orleans    
  Frank 5 Son Orleans    
  Elizabeth 3y 10m Daughter Orleans    
EDICK Fred 67 Hus #2 Rensselaer   442-D2
  Christiana 68 Wife Montgomery    
  Peter 48 Son Herkimer Widower  
  Washington 5 Grandson Orleans    
  Carrie 4 Granddaughter Orleans    
MORLEY Rosetta 13 Granddaughter Orleans    
EDMONDS Marie E. 48 F Saratoga Widow of Almon B. 369-D2
  Morton M. 24 Son Onondaga    
  Liston B. 17 Son Onondaga    
EDWARDS Edward 54 M Schoharie Farmer 217-D1
  Harriet Ann (Shafer) 42 Wife #2 Schoharie    
  Catherine 26 Daughter Orleans    
  Frank 17 Son Orleans Farmer  
  Edward Jr. 14 Son Orleans    
  Clara 7 Daughter Orleans    
SHAFER Betsey 67 Mother-in-Law CT Widow  
WELLS Martha 18 F Genesee Domestic  
EDWARDS Ira 30 M Orleans Farmer 240-D1
  Jane (Smith) 26 Wife Orleans    
  Lillian 4 Daughter Orleans    
  Frank 2 Son Orleans    
EGAN Matilda Dillon 36 F Ireland Widow of Thomas 158-D1
  Matilda 10 Daughter Orleans    
  Ann 8 Daughter Orleans    
  Thomas 3 Son Orleans    
EMILY Philip   M Germany Blacksmith 203-D2
TORREY Caroline 29 Sister Germany Widow  
TORREY Philip 5 Nephew Orleans    
ELLICOTT Andrew A. 34 M Orleans   428-D2
  Eliza W. 22 Wife #2 MA    
  Augustus A. 5 Son Genesee    
  Jessie 6 mo Daughter Orleans    
ELLICOTT Charles 57 M Genesee Farmer 4-D2
  Harriet (Farnham) 51 Wife VT    
  Grant 26 Son Orleans    
  Frank 23 Son Orleans    
  Chandler 20 Son Orleans    
  Charles Jr. 18 Son Orleans    
  Walter 16 Son Orleans    
  Helen 12 Daughter Orleans    
  Arthur 9 Son Orleans    
FARNHAM Olive 61 Sister-in-Law VT Single  
ELLICOTT Jane Garter 40 F Orleans Widow of Benjamin 420-D2
  Adelaide 16 Daughter Orleans    
ELLIS David       See SWART 204-D1
ELLIS Elizabeth 59 F Schoharie Wife of David 60-D2
ELLIS Francis 46 M England Farmer 35-D1
  Jane 42 Wife England    
  Mary Ann 18 Daughter England    
  William R. 14 Son Orleans    
  Hannah J. 10 Daughter Orleans    
  Francis J. 8 Son Orleans    
  George R. 7 Son Orleans    
ELWELL Harvey 68 M VT Farmer 79-D1
  Sally (Wyman) 67 Wife NH    
ENSWORT Almira       See BARRETT 262-D2
ESPINALL Frank 29 M England Stonecutter 288-D2
  Sarah 25 Wife England    
  Simeon 3 Son Monroe    
  Hugh C. 1y 9m Son Orleans    
EWALD William       See POLER 120-D2

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