Town of Shelby - H

HAGAMAN Griffin 41 M Albany Farmer 148-D1
  Mary 72 Mother Dutchess Widow of David  
  Jane 43 Sister Monroe    
  Esther 39 Sister Albany    
HAIGHT George       See MATHEWSON 309-D2
HALE Andrew J. 26 M Orleans Farmer 138-D2
  Mary J. 25 Wife Orleans    
HALL David 45 Hus #2 Washington Laborer 364-D2
  Harriet 44 Wife #2 Washington    
  Adelbert 11 Son Orleans    
  Julia A. 6 Daughter Orleans    
THOMPSON Reuben 15 Stepson Genesee    
THOMPSON Mary 14 Stepdaughter Orleans    
HALLOCK Erastus E. 35 M Lewis Farmer 196-D1
  Maria 41 Wife Orleans    
PARKER Norman 13 Adopted Orleans    
HAMMOND Charles       See ROLLINGS 63-D2
HAMMOND Eugene 20 M Orleans Farmer 40-D1
  Frances 23 Wife Genesee    
  Frank E. 6 mo Son Orleans    
HAND Alonzo 39 M Columbia Carpenter 358-D2
  Emma 39 Wife Columbia    
  William Lorenzo 19 Son Columbia Laborer  
  Daniel 12 Son Columbia    
  Esbon 8 Son Orleans    
  Emma E. 5 Daughter Orleans    
HANDY Peter W. 45 M Orleans Blacksmith 440-D2
  Lucy A. 41 Wife Monroe    
  Julia F. 14 Daughter Orleans    
  Frank W. 11 Son Orleans    
  George P. 8 Son Orleans    
HANDY Minerva A.       See LIDDLE 37-D2
HANLON Mary McQueelan 55 F Ireland Widow of John 204-D2
  Margaret 25 Daughter Canada Teacher  
  James 23 Son Niagara Clerk  
  Betsey 21 Daughter Niagara Dressmaker  
  Edward 19 Son Niagara    
  Catherine 14 Daughter Orleans    
  Mary 11 Daughter Orleans    
KELLEY Mary 8 F Orleans    
HANNAY James 64 M Albany Farmer 229-D1
  Anna 63 Wife #2 Albany    
  James E. 25 Son Albany Farmer  
HARDICK C. Fonda 43 M Saratoga Farmer 67-D1
  Harriet 35 Wife Saratoga    
  Lewis 8 Son Orleans    
  Willis 4y 11m Son Orleans    
HARLAND Ann Eckerson 56 F Rensselaer Widow (2) 51-D1
  Thomas 16 Stepson England    
  Isaac 14 Stepson England    
  Elizabeth 11 Stepdaughter Orleans    
ECKERSON Erastus 16 Son Orleans    
HARRINGTON Delos W. 31 M Erie Physician 372-D2
  Anna 30 Wife Ontario    
  Frank P. 12 Son Erie    
HARRINGTON Patrick 62 M Ireland Laborer 343-D2
  Catherine 40 Wife Ireland    
  Isaac 14 Son Orleans    
  Katy 11 Daughter Orleans    
  Thomas 10 Son Orleans    
  Charles 7 Son Orleans    
  Hannah 4 Daughter Orleans    
HARRISON John 53 M Ireland Farmer/Widower (2) of Jane Burroughs 252-D1
  James 2 Son Orleans    
HARRISON Rachael 32 Sister Ireland Single  
HARVEY Norman E. 55 M NH Carpenter 13-D2
  Mary 45 Wife #2 VT    
  Norman Jr. 16 Son Orleans    
HARVEY Thomas 45 M England Farmer 115-D2
FULLARD Ann 30 F Canada Housekeeper  
FULLARD William 7 M Canada Housekeeper's Son  
HAUS Eliza       See WENT 21-D2
HAWKINS Elias H. 51 M Herkimer Cooper 274-D2
  Margaret 46 Wife Orleans    
  Elizabeth 21 Daughter Orleans    
  James 19 Son Orleans    
  Amos J. 16 Son Orleans    
  Oliver 10 Son Orleans    
HAWKINS F. C. 49 Hus #2 Otsego Mechanic 235-D2
  Sarah A. (Mrs. Graves) 56 Wife #2 NJ    
  Jane 20 Daughter Orleans    
  William 19 Son Orleans    
  Eliza A. 16 Daughter Orleans    
GRAVES Cornelius 28 Stepson NJ Laborer  
HAWLEY Alfred 41 M Niagara Tanner 415-D2
  Catherine 28 Wife Montgomery    
  Mary 7 Daughter Orleans    
  Charles 5 Son Orleans    
  Catherine 3y 7m Daughter Orleans    
  Edward 2 Son Orleans    
HAWLEY Edward P. 43 M Niagara Clerk 370-D2
  Eunice A. 35 Wife Monroe    
  Willis A. 13 Son Orleans    
  Henry W. 11 Son Orleans    
  Eddie M. 1 mo Son Orleans    
HEALEY Edwin P. Dr. 51 M Onondaga Physician 310-D2
  Maria 46 Wife Onondaga    
  Nathan T. 25 Son Tompkins Druggist  
  William T. 21 Son Tompkins Druggist  
  Julia R. 20 Daughter Tompkins    
HEDLEY Mary P. 55 F ME Widow 338-D2
  Elizabeth C. 28 Daughter Monroe    
  Maria 26 Daughter Orleans    
  William J. 24 Son Orleans Lumberman  
  Edward E. 22 Son Orleans    
  George H. 19 Son Orleans Lumberman  
HEDLEY William 48 M England   311-D2
  Eliza 46 Wife England    
  Charles 16 Son Canada    
  Anna 13 Daughter Orleans    
  Emma 11 Daughter Orleans    
  Ellen 1y 8m Daughter Orleans    
HEINKEY         See POLER 120-D2
HELENBOLT Barney 68 M Herkimer   82-D2
  Elizabeth 65 Wife Herkimer    
HENCHEN Joseph 26 M Germany Cooper 400-D2
  Kate 26 Wife Monroe    
  Joseph Jr. 1y 6m Son Monroe    
HENDERSON Margaret 38 F Orleans Widow 194-D2
  Hattie 14 Daughter OH    
  Allen 11 Son OH    
  Curtis 8 Son OH    
  Mary 4 Daughter MO    
  Margaret 8 mo Daughter MO    
HENDERSON William 42 M DE Farmer 40-D2
  Mary A. 39 Wife Orleans    
  George W. 13 Son Niagara    
  Sarah E. 11 Daughter Niagara    
  William A. 5 Son Niagara    
  Margaret 3y 7m Daughter Orleans    
HESS Philip 44 M Germany Wagon Maker 9-D1
  Mary 41 Wife Orleans    
  Charles H. 17 Son Canada    
  Frances E. 15 Daughter Niagara    
  Homer E. 13 Son Niagara    
  Mary V. 10 Daughter Niagara    
  Alice 4 Daughter Orleans    
  George P. 3 Son Orleans    
HEWITT George       See GARTER 119-D2
HICKEY Martin 31 M Ireland Mason 278-D2
  Bridget (Conley) 30 Wife Montgomery    
  Mary 10 Daughter Niagara    
  John 8 Son Orleans    
  Alice 5 Daughter Orleans    
  William 1 mo Son Orleans    
HIESRODT         See PEATT 176-D2
HILL Joseph 49 M England Laborer 128-D1
  Rachel (Downing) 45 Wife England    
  Henry 19 Son England Laborer  
  Martha 14 Daughter Orleans    
  David 12 Son Orleans    
  Helen 7 Daughter Orleans    
  Eva 5 Daughter Orleans    
HILL Judson 31 M Orleans Farmer 371-D2
  F. A. 27 Wife Onondaga    
  L. Addie 4 Daughter Orleans    
  Howard 1 Son Orleans    
HILL Lewis 59 M Saratoga Glove Maker 374-D2
  Fanny 50 Wife #2 VT    
HILL Mary Sherman 56 F Washington Married 414-D2
  Anna 15 Daughter Erie    
HILL Philip T. 37 M Saratoga   100-D1
  Emily 32 Wife Otsego    
  Mary Josephine 10 Daughter Cortland    
  Emily Louise 8 Daughter Cortland    
HILL Wakeman 44 M Saratoga Farmer 97-D1
  Mehitable 39 Wife Orleans    
  Edward E. 18 Son Cortland    
  Clemmence W. 15 Son Cortland    
  Effie R. 7 Daughter Orleans    
HILL William 72 M Dutchess Farmer 168-D1
  Clarissa (Miller) 64 Wife Montgomery    
  Asa 27 Son Orleans Farmer  
  Emma 25 Daughter Orleans    
  William Jr. 24 Son Orleans Farmer  
  Almeda 17 Daughter Orleans    
  William E. 3 Grandson Orleans    
HIMES Paul 48 M Rensselaer Marblecutter 264-D2
  Kezia 40 Wife Herkimer    
  Sarah J. 24 Daughter Monroe    
  Daniel C. 20 Son Monroe    
  Charles R. 10 Son Orleans    
HOAGLAND Pardon 51 M Cayuga Farmer 207-D1
  Sarah 45 Wife Schoharie    
  Lovina 15 Daughter Orleans    
  Caroline 12 Daughter Orleans    
  Josephine 10 Daughter Orleans    
  Charlotte 7 Daughter Orleans    
  Ida 5 Daughter Orleans    
  Alzora 3 Daughter Orleans    
HOBSON William 43 M England Stonecutter 315-D2
  Anna 40 Wife England    
  Anson 18 Son England Stonecutter  
  Anna M. 12 Daughter England    
  John C. 8 Son Orleans    
  Mary 4 Daughter Orleans    
  Herbert 1y 8m Son Orleans    
HOGLE Francis 48 M Rensselaer NYC Railroad 353-D2
  Margaret 36 Wife Albany    
  Margaret 13 Daughter Orleans    
  Willie 10 Son Orleans    
  Orilla 8 Daughter Orleans    
  Freddie 5 Son Orleans    
HOLDRIDGE William O. 45 M Genesee Farmer 28-D2
  Rhoda Jane (Fuller) 39 Wife Orleans    
  Celestia M. 18 Daughter Niagara    
  Daniel D. 16 Son Niagara    
  George Ellis 12 Son Orleans    
  Harriet 10 Daughter Orleans    
  Helen 8 Daughter Orleans    
  Emily 4 Daughter Orleans    
HOLTZINGER David 57 M Schoharie Farmer 157-D2
  Elizabeth 45 Wife Montgomery    
DYGERT Sarah 13 Niece Orleans    
HOOD Elizabeth 59 F Schoharie Widow of Joseph 209-D1
  Andrew 42 Son Orleans    
  Mary 29 Daughter Orleans    
HOOD Isaac 39 M Orleans Farmer 210-D1
  Polly A. 37 Wife Orleans    
  Ida J. 11 Daughter Orleans    
  Jessie 4 Daughter Orleans    
  U.S. Grant 1 Son Orleans    
HORAN John       See BARDWELL 7-D2
HORAN John 50 M Ireland Farmer 214-D1
  Julia (Keough) 28 Wife Ireland    
  James 4y 10m Son Orleans    
  John 2y 10m Son Orleans    
HOUK Joseph 30 M Germany Farmer 73-D1
  Sophia 27 Wife Germany    
  Alla 5 Daughter Orleans    
  Loretta 3y 6m Daughter Orleans    
  Ada 6 mo Daughter Orleans    
HOUSE Marshall N. 37 M Orleans Farmer 81-D2
  Emeline 33 Wife Orleans    
  Franklin P. 12 Son Orleans    
  Ella A. 8 Daughter Orleans    
  Sarah 4 Daughter Orleans    
HOUSE Nancy       See STILWELL 61-D2
HOWARD Samuel 36 M England Wagon Maker 254-D2
  Harriet 36 Wife England    
HUBBARD James 70 Hus #2 England Farmer 183-D1
  Ann 60 Wife #2 England    
  Maria 38 Daughter England    
  William 23 Son Orleans Laborer  
  John 15 Son Orleans Laborer  
HUBBARD Robert 69 M England Farmer 80-D1
  Harriet 60 Wife England    
HUNT Frank P. 27 M Orleans Tinsmith 330-D2
  Julia A. 26 Wife Orleans    
  Ida A. 2y 9m Daughter Orleans    
HURD Mrs. K. 22 F Canada   336-D2
  L. P. 25 Husband Orleans Carpenter  
HUXLEY Nelson L. 29 M Orleans Grocer 430-D2
  Louisa 22 Wife #2 Columbia    
HUYKE George       See LETTS 185-D2
HUYKE Peter 40 M Montgomery Farmer 189-D2
  Orilla (Coon) 38 Wife Madison    
COON Daniel 34 Brother-in-Law Orleans Farmer/Married (3)  
COON George 11 Nephew Orleans    
COON Stephen 40 Brother-in-Law Madison    
COON Polly 63 Mother-in-Law Madison Widow of Almon  
HYDE John 44 M England Farmer 216-D1
  Sarah 41 Wife Niagara    
  Sarah 7 Daughter Orleans    
HYDE James 26 Brother Orleans Laborer  

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