Town of Shelby - M

MACE James 52 M England Laborer 432-D2
  Ellen 42 Wife Genesee    
  Charles 21 Son Erie    
  James Jr. 19 Son Erie    
  Nancy M. 17 Daughter Erie    
  Henry 16 Son Erie    
PIERCE Mary Mace 23 Daughter Erie Married  
MACMORROW James 55 M Ireland Laborer 205-D2
  Catherine 44 Wife Ireland    
  James 13 Son NY    
MALONEY Richard 49 M Ireland Laborer 299-D2
  Elizabeth (Ford) 49 Wife Ireland    
  Catherine 15 Daughter Orleans    
  William 13 Son Orleans    
  Mary 10 Daughter Orleans    
MALONEY Thomas 30 M Ireland Laborer 276-D2
  Ellen (Ford) 29 Wife Ireland    
  Edward 11 Son Orleans    
  Ellen 7 Daughter Orleans    
  William 5 Son Orleans    
  Thomas 2y 8m Son Orleans    
MANN         See FINCH 340-D2
MANN Elizabeth 67 F England Widow of Joseph 142-D1
  John 30 Son England    
  James 27 Son England    
  George 25 Son England    
MANN Joseph 41 M England Laborer 141-D1
  Hannah 38 Wife England    
  Anna 16 Daughter England    
  Hannah 14 Daughter England    
  William 12 Son England    
  Elizabeth 9 Daughter Orleans    
  Joseph 7 Son Orleans    
  Jane 5 Daughter Orleans    
  Alice 2 Daughter Orleans    
MARSHALL Jedidiah 68 M Oneida Farmer 125-D2
  Jane (Wilson) 42 Wife #2 VT    
  Daniel 30 Son Orleans Farmer  
  John 28 Son Orleans Farmer  
  Benjamin 26 Son Orleans Farmer  
WIGGINS Laura 16 F Canada Domestic  
MARTIN Christopher 25 M Germany Laborer 190-D2
  Almira 21 Wife Orleans    
  Marvin E. 15 days Son Orleans    
MARTIN William 58 M Orange Farmer 182-D1
  Sarah A. 40 Wife NH    
  Charles 22 Son Orleans Farmer  
  Mary 18 Daughter Orleans    
  Harriet 15 Daughter Orleans    
  Alice 12 Daughter Orleans    
  Albert 11 Son Orleans    
  Frances 9 Daughter Orleans    
  Elizabeth 6 Daughter Orleans    
MASON Dexter 49 M Wayne Farmer 87-D1
  Sarah A. 44 Wife PA    
  Caroline 24 Daughter Orleans    
  Helen 20 Daughter Orleans    
  James J. 13 Son Orleans    
MASON Allen 70 Father VT Widower of Cynthia/M (2)  
TOBIAS Rensselaer 22 Boarder Columbia Laborer  
MATHEWSON Perry 34 M Erie Photographer 309-D2
  Ellen 30 Wife CT    
  Carrie 9 Daughter Erie    
  Lizzie 3 Daughter Erie    
MATHEWSON Alice 19 Niece Erie    
MATHEWSON Emma 15 Niece Erie    
HAIGHT George 19 M Erie    
MATTICE Catherine 47 F Schoharie Single 153-D2
ARNOLD Daniel 24 M Orleans Farmer  
ARNOLD Jane A. 20 Wife Orleans    
ARNOLD Frank 1y 6m Son Orleans    
MAYNARD John 77 M Westchester Farmer 50-D2
  Huldah 77 Wife Dutchess    
  E. Jane 35 Adopted Orleans    
MAYS Elizabeth       See POLER 120-D2
McAVOY Patrick 45 M Ireland Farmer 215-D1
  Bridget 40 Wife Ireland    
  James 9 Son Orleans    
  John 7 Son Orleans    
  Catherine 5 Daughter Orleans    
  Patrick 3y 1m Son Orleans    
McCARGAR John R. 43 M Cayuga Farmer 148-D2
  Frances A. 30 Wife Genesee    
McCARGAR Joseph 80 M Putnam Farmer 183-D2
CURRY John 25 M Ireland Farm Laborer  
McCARTNEY George 27 M Orleans Carpenter 5-D2
  Abigail 24 Wife Orleans    
  Nelson 5 Son Orleans    
McCARTNEY James 69 M Rensselaer Wagon Maker 42-D2
  Mary A. 67 Wife Montgomery    
McCARTNEY Nelson 34 M Orleans Carpenter 178-D2
  Emily 23 Wife Niagara    
  Myra H. 1 Daughter Orleans    
McCORMICK Amelia       See ACER 26-D2
McCORMICK James S. 45 M     355-D2
  Lucy 40 Wife      
McCULLOUGH Ann J.       See WOLCOTT 240-D2
McCULLOUGH John 30 M Ireland Sawyer 317-D2
  Jane 26 Wife Ireland    
McDERMOTT Patrick 50 Hus #2 Ireland Laborer 213-D1
  Elizabeth 33 Wife Ireland    
  Peter 5 Son Niagara    
  James 5 mo Son Niagara    
McGOWAN Bridget 11 F Canada Servant  
McDONALD Donald 47 M Scotland Laborer 231-D2
  Eliza 46 Wife Wyoming    
  Eliza J. 19 Daughter Wyoming    
  Lucy 15 Daughter Wyoming    
  George 10 Son Orleans    
  Clementina 7 Daughter Orleans    
McDONALD Harriet Phelps       See PHELPS 147-D2
McDONALD Jane       See BIDLEMAN 66-D2
McDONALD Mary       See FULLER 86-D2
McGOWAN Bridget       See McDERMOTT 213-D1
McGRAE John 38 M Ireland Laborer 290-D2
  Ellen 33 Wife Ireland    
  Jerry 16 Son Ireland Clerk  
McGURN John 30 M RI Farmer 192-D2
  Mary 26 Wife Orleans    
  Ida 4 Daughter Orleans    
SLEIGHT Mary 82 Grandmother Schoharie Widow of John (2)  
McGURN Mary 57 F Ireland Widow 325-D2
  Elizabeth 25 Daughter Canada    
  James 23 Son Canada    
  John 16 Son Canada    
McMILLAN George A. 35 M Canada Carpenter 218-D2
  Margaret E. (Bell) 29 Wife Canada    
  William R. 9 Son Canada    
  Margaret J. 5 Daughter Canada    
  Hugh 2 Son Canada    
  Franklin 5 mo Son Orleans    
McMULLEN         See ARMSTRONG 403-D2
McMURPHY F. C. 45 M Genesee Tollgate Keeper 6-D2
  Amelia 35 Wife Orleans    
  Ellen 13 Daughter Genesee    
McVAN John 35 M Ireland NYC Railroad 326-D2
  Mary 25 Wife Ireland    
  Jane 10 Daughter Ireland    
  Ann 8 Daughter Ireland    
  Bridget 5 Daughter Orleans    
  Mariah 4 Daughter Orleans    
  Ellen 1 day Daughter Orleans    
McWHORTER Amos 48 M Genesee Cooper 303-D2
  Ureta A. 44 Wife Saratoga    
  Samuel 16 Son Orleans    
  William A. 14 Son Orleans    
  James S. 10 Son Orleans    
  Cornelia 6 Daughter Orleans    
  Estella 4 Daughter Orleans    
MEAD John 24 Son-in-Law Orleans    
MEAD Sophia McWhorter 21 Daughter Monroe    
McWHORTER Augusta       See DEMARA 144-D2
MEAD         See McWHORTER 303-D2
MERRIAM Alva 35 M Tompkins   266-D2
  Jane 37 Wife Onondaga    
  Julia 8 Daughter Madison    
MILES Lavina 62 F Canada Wife of Thomas/Married (2) 208-D2
MILLER Peter 51 M Montgomery Sawyer 435-D2
  Catherine 48 Wife Montgomery    
  John 27 Son Montgomery    
  Adam 20 Son Montgomery    
MILLER William A. 52 M Rensselaer Farmer 164-D1
  Louisa 51 Wife CT    
  James 19 Son Oneida Farmer  
  Mary 9 Adopted Canada    
MITCHELL Mary       See DREW 83-D2
MONTGOMERY John 32 M Ireland Farmer 71-D2
  Belle 24 Wife Ireland    
MONTGOMERY Mary Wilson 64 F Ireland Widow 70-D2
  Sarah 30 Daughter Ireland    
  Jane 24 Daughter Ireland    
  Robert 22 Son Ireland Farmer  
  James 17 Son Ireland    
WILSON John 54 Brother Ireland Single  
MONTGOMERY Thomas 34 M Ireland Farmer 69-D2
  Elizabeth 25 Wife Ireland    
  Nellie 6 Daughter Orleans    
  Mary 4 Daughter Orleans    
  Lizzie S. 2y 3m Daughter Orleans    
MONTROSE Julia 44 F Orleans Widow of James 88-D1
  Mary L. 21 Daughter Orleans    
  Oriana O. 17 Daughter Orleans    
  James K. 15 Son Orleans    
  Minnie K. 5 Daughter Orleans    
  Slater 3 Son Orleans    
MOONE John 72 M PA   64-D2
  Margaret   Wife PA    
MOORE Asa B. 47 M NH Farmer 47-D2
  Laura A. (Potter) 48 Wife MA    
  John 21 Son Orleans Farmer  
  Vesta 16 Daughter Orleans    
WILDEY Eliza 25 F Orleans    
MOORE Charles       See GREGORY 76-D1
MORGAN Erastus F. 57 Hus #2 Schoharie   123-D1
  Mary A. (L'Hommedieu) 38   Wife #2 Orleans    
  Melissa F. 26 Daughter Orleans    
MORGAN Hiram 39 M Clinton Teamster 396-D2
  Lodema 39 Wife Orleans    
  Helen 14 Daughter Orleans    
  Mary 12 Daughter Orleans    
  Frank 11 Son Orleans    
  Delia 8 Daughter Orleans    
  Martha A. 7 Daughter Orleans    
  Nettie A. 4 Daughter Orleans    
  Charles B. 2 Son Orleans    
  Grant 1 mo Son Orleans    
MORGAN Hannah 57 Mother Clinton Widow  
MORGAN John       See POTTER 150-D1
MORIARITY John 60 M Ireland Laborer 101-D2
  Julia 50 Wife Ireland    
  Katy 13 Daughter Orleans    
  John 10 Son Orleans    
  Abby 8 Daughter Orleans    
MORLEY Rosetta       See EDICK 442-D2
MORSE Jotham Rev. 72 M VT Clergyman 146-D2
  Lydia 47 Wife #3 Ontario    
  Jotham Jr. 17 Son Orleans    
MORSE Maria       See BOWEN 200-D2
MORSE Warren 38 M Orleans Farmer 145-D2
  Harriet 40 Wife England    
  Jotham 17 Son Orleans    
  Orren 4 Son Orleans    
MOSS John 38 M Canada Butcher 159-D2
  Anna M. 38 Wife Schoharie    
  Jane 12 Daughter Genesee    
  Jessie 9 Daughter Genesee    
MUNDION James 23 M Schoharie Laborer 151-D2
  Hattie 20 Wife PA    
MUNDION Peter 50 M Greene Farmer 193-D1
  Mary Elizabeth 46 Wife Schoharie    
  George 17 Son Schoharie Farmer  
  Peter W. 11 Son Schoharie    
MURPHY Thomas 37 M Ireland Laborer 356-D2
  Johanna 32 Wife Ireland    
  Jeremiah 13 Son Orleans    
  Eliza 10 Daughter Orleans    
  William 8 Son Orleans    
  Bridget 5 Daughter Orleans    
  Ella 4 Daughter Orleans    
  Thomas 2y 3m Son Orleans    
MYERS Henry       See SHERWOOD 152-D1
MYHILL Matthew 33 M England Laborer 162-D2
  Arvilla 30 Wife Canada    
  Mary 10 Daughter Orleans    
  George 8 Son Orleans    

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