Town of Shelby - P

PAGE John 50 M PA Mason 222-D2
  Catherine 52 Wife PA    
PAGE Wayne 36 M Chenango   48-D1
  Chrissie 24 Wife #2 PA    
  Daniel 2y 8m Son Orleans    
PAINE John 26 M Orleans   131-D1
  Mary 22 Wife Orleans    
  Frank 4 Son Orleans    
  Laura 1y 6m Daughter Orleans    
PALMER John W. 27 M Schoharie Laborer 222-D1
  Ellen 20 Wife WI    
PALMER Seymour C. 30 M Albany Farmer 225-D1
  Sarah 27 Wife Orleans    
  George 8 Son Orleans    
  John 6 Son Orleans    
  Burt 1y 8m Son Orleans    
PALMER Susanna 52 Mother Albany Widow of Edmund  
PALMER Erwin 15 Nephew Albany Farm Laborer  
PARKER         See SERVOSS 267-D2
PARKER Norman       See HALLOCK 196-D1
PARKER Willard 26 M Orleans Farmer 49-D1
  Minerva 27 Wife Genesee    
PARRISH Joseph 48 M England Laborer 106-D1
  Ann 48 Wife England    
  Ann 21 Daughter England    
  Eliza 19 Daughter England    
  Mary 13 Daughter England    
  William 11 Son Orleans    
  Joseph Jr. 9 Son Orleans    
  Arthur 7 Son Orleans    
PARSONS Ebenezer B. 46 M Orleans Farmer 187-D1
  Mary 34 Wife Orleans    
  Nellie L. 8 Daughter Orleans    
  Henry R. 6 Son Orleans    
PARSONS Jonathan R. 53 M NH Farmer/Single 188-D1
PARSONS Malvina 43 F Monroe Widow of William 114-D1
  Nancy J. 10 Daughter Orleans    
  Cornelius 8 Son Orleans    
  Charles S. 6 Son Orleans    
PATTERSON Orlando       See BAILEY 405-D2
PAUL Casper 46 M France Cooper 300-D2
  Anna 46 Wife France    
PEATT Benjamin S. 64 M Westchester Farmer 176-D2
  Dolly (Hewes) 61 Wife VT    
  Nelson H. 39 Son Orleans Farmer/Divorced  
HIESRODT Mary Peatt 32 Daughter Orleans Married  
HIESRODT William 10 Grandson Orleans    
PECK John 45 M England Carpenter 350-D2
  Mary J. 40 Wife Orleans    
  William 15 Son Orleans    
  Frank 13 Son Orleans    
  Walter 12 Son Orleans    
  Warren 10 Son Orleans    
  Ida 6 Daughter Orleans    
  Mary 4 Daughter Orleans    
  Clara B. 2y 4m Daughter Orleans    
PECK Maria       See DEUEL 261-D2
PELKINGTON Edward 45 Hus #2 Ireland NYC Railroad 242-D2
  Charlotte 37 Wife VT    
  Ida 8 Daughter Orleans    
PRENTICE Herbert 18 Stepson VT    
PRENTICE Laura 15 Stepdaughter VT    
PENDER James 35 M Ireland   323-D2
  Catherine 35 Wife Ireland    
PERRY Amanda       See CODD 72-D2
PERRY H.       See BARDWELL 7-D2
PERRY Russell M. 38 M Orleans Farmer 160-D1
  Mary (Fenton) 37 Wife CT    
  Frederick 8 Son Orleans    
  Alice 5 Daughter Orleans    
PERRY William 55 M VT Farmer 143-D1
  Sarah J. 46 Wife Orleans    
  Cyrus 21 Son Orleans Farmer  
  Caroline 19 Daughter Orleans    
  Mark 18 Son Orleans    
  Harriet 13 Daughter Orleans    
  Edward 8 Son Orleans    
PETTIT Clark 55 M Saratoga Farmer 155-D1
  Angeline 54 Wife Saratoga    
  Silas W. 20 Son Monroe Farmer  
STUART Alsina 13 F IL Domestic  
PFIEFER Elizabeth       See SIMONDS 62-D2
PHELAN John       See SIMONDS 62-D2
PHELPS Giles 45 M Chenango Farmer 32-D2
  Jane 44 Wife Orleans    
  Charles 20 Son Orleans    
  Sarah 18 Daughter Cayuga    
  Lewis 14 Son Cayuga    
  Alice 4 Daughter Niagara    
PHELPS Henry L. 37 M Orleans Fish Market 354-D2
  Mary E. 35 Wife Onondaga    
  E. E. C. 11 Daughter Orleans    
COX Henry 30 Boarder      
PHELPS Jonathan 52 M Chenango Farmer 147-D2
  Rachael 51 Wife #2 Seneca    
  Eliza 17 Daughter Orleans    
McDONALD Harriet 23 Daughter Orleans Wife of John  
DOLPH Francis A. 8 Grandson Orleans    
PHELPS Sally A.       See DUEL 209-D2
PHILLIPS John C. 43 M Rensselaer Farmer 134-D2
  Berentha 39 Wife Monroe    
  Elmer A. 12 Son Orleans    
  Mary D. 10 Daughter Orleans    
  Wilbur A. 6 Son Orleans    
  Olin G. 1y 6m Son Orleans    
PICKARD Rachael       See ACER 26-D2
PICKARD Robert 34 M Canada Laborer 186-D2
  Jessie 25 Wife Canada    
  Robert W. 7 Son Canada    
  Oscar E. 5 Son Canada    
  Emma G. 2y 1m Daughter Genesee    
  James H. 4 mo Son Orleans    
PICKARD William 13 Brother Canada    
PICKETT Daniel 60 M CT Farmer 145-D1
  Catherine (Hubbell) 57 Wife CT    
  Orlando B. 37 Son Ct    
  Caroline J. 19 Daughter Orleans    
PICKWELL William 34 M England Farmer 50-D1
  Elizabeth 30 Wife England    
  Edward 7 Son Genesee    
  Adeline 1 Daughter Orleans    
PIERCE         See MACE 432-D2
PIERSON Edward 34 M England Planing Mill 312-D2
  Sarah 37 Wife Orleans    
  Alfred R. 6 Son Niagara    
  Augusta (Twin) 4 Daughter Orleans    
  Agnes (Twin) 4 Daughter Orleans    
CRAWFORD Mary   F Ireland Domestic  
PITNER George 43 M Germany Foundry 306-D2
  Angeline 45 Wife Germany    
  George Jr. 7 Son Orleans    
  Emma 5 Daughter Orleans    
PLUMMER John M. 36 M   Dentist 331-D2
  Julia M. 34 Wife Orleans    
  Helen E. 6 Daughter IN    
POLER George W. 31 M Orleans Farmer 93-D2
  Sarah M. 28 Wife Genesee    
  Avery G. 8 Son Orleans    
  Elsie S. 5 Daughter Orleans    
  Ernest 4 mo Son Orleans    
DUDRIC Adrian 60 M NY Laborer/Widower  
NEWMAN Henry 20 M Germany Laborer  
POLER Simon A. 65 M Saratoga Farmer 48-D2
  Fanny (Sayles) 64 Wife Saratoga    
  Albert H. 20 Son Orleans    
TOBIN Richard 55 M Ireland    
POLER Simon Avery 42 M Saratoga Farmer 120-D2
  Nancy D. (Blair) 40 Wife Saratoga    
  A. Blair 14 Son Orleans    
  Anna 12 Daughter Orleans    
  Rebinah 9 Daughter Orleans    
  Francis Marion 4 Son Orleans    
  Emmet J. 2y 1m Son Orleans    
EWALD William 27 M Germany Laborer  
MAYS Elizabeth 17 F England Domestic  
HEINKEY Augustus   M Prussia Laborer  
POMEROY James S. 50 M Columbia Teamster 390-D2
  Mary 48 Wife Columbia    
  Sherman 19 Son Columbia    
  Roderick 15 Son Columbia    
WINEGAR Georgia 23 Daughter Columbia Married  
POPE Christina       See BROWNELL 32-D1
POPE Nathan 61 Hus #2 ME   12-D1
  Alice 57 Wife #3 England    
PORTER Zacheus B. 57 M NH Carpenter 244-D2
  Mary Dillon (O'Keefe) 54 Wife Oswego    
  Mary Elizabeth 27 Daughter Monroe    
  Eunice Victoria 24 Daughter Genesee    
  D. L. 18 Daughter Genesee    
  L. S. 16 Daughter Genesee    
  Jerome E. 14 Son Genesee    
ROGERS C. A. 29 Daughter Wayne Married  
ROGERS William B. 5 Grandson Orleans    
POSSON Cornelius V. 46 M Schoharie Farmer 198-D2
  Artemesia 43 Wife Albany    
  Nelson 22 Son Schoharie Farmer  
  George W. 14 Son Orleans    
  Ervin 13 Son Orleans    
CALDWELL Catherine Posson 20 Daughter Schoharie Widow  
VINCENT Theresa 16 Boarder WI    
ALLEN Annie 10 F Orleans    
POSSON Edward 23 M Schoharie Farmer 202-D1
  Samantha A. (Williams) 26 Wife #2 Orleans    
WILLIAMS Lucy 28 Sister-in-Law Orleans Boarder  
POST Morton A. 60 M VT Farmer 43-D2
  Mary C. 52 Wife Ontario    
  Thomas P. 16 Son Orleans    
POTTER A. W. 44 M RI Horticulturist 346-D2
  Martha 28 Wife England    
POTTER Charles F. 70 Hus #2 CT Farmer 167-D1
  Amelia 57 Wife #3 Oneida    
POTTER David Noble 39 M CT Farmer 153-D1
  Laura 29 Wife Orleans    
  Sidney 4 Son Orleans    
POTTER Joel 67 M Saratoga Farmer 198-D1
  Sarah 59 Wife Columbia    
POTTER John J. 44 M CT Farmer 150-D1
  Edna 39 Wife VT    
  Charles W. 8 Son Orleans    
  Hattie 4 Daughter Orleans    
  Burton 3 mo Son Orleans    
MORGAN John 25 M Ireland Laborer  
PRATT Stillman T. 57 M Rensselaer Wagon Maker 11-D1
  Nancy 54 Wife Monroe    
  Cynthia 29 Daughter Orleans Married (2)  
  Jesse 25 Son Orleans Married  
  Stillman 19 Son Orleans    
  Julia 16 Daughter Orleans    
  George 12 Son Orleans    
CABLE George 2 Grandson Orleans    
PRESCOTT Jeremiah 54 M Genesee Joiner 308-D2
  Louisa M. 52 Wife Onondaga    
  Wilbur F. 17 Son Orleans    
  Helen L. 16 Daughter Orleans    
PRIDDY Hannah 36 F England Married (2) 412-D2
  Esther 18 Daughter Canada    
  Edward 17 Son Canada Laborer  
  James 11 Son Canada    
  Mary A. 9 Daughter Canada    
  Elisha 7 Son Canada    
  Sarah 3y 3m Daughter Canada    
  Nellie 6 mo Daughter Niagara    
PRUDDEN Giles 40 M CT Farmer 14-D2
  Susan L. (Scovell) 38 Wife Wayne    
  Edna L. 15 Daughter Erie    
  Asher M. 13 Son Erie    
  Halsey B. S. 11 Son WI    
  Dewitt C. 8 Son WI    
  Willis G. 5 Son Orleans    
  George H. 1y 4m Son Genesee    
PRUDDEN Henry 44 M CT Photographer 12-D2
  Sarah A. 43 Wife CT    
  Harriet E. 17 Daughter Steuben    
  Mary E. 15 Daughter Niagara    
  Byron 13 Adopted Canada    
  Edward H. 6 Son Niagara    
SEARLE Emma Prudden 20 Daughter Niagara Wife of Edward  
PUTNAM Hiram       See COON 85-D2

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