Town of Shelby - R

RANSOM Seth 45 M Herkimer Farmer 230-D1
  Adeline 40 Wife Herkimer    
  Emory 12 Son Orleans    
  Mary 9 Daughter Orleans    
  Adeline 7 Daughter Orleans    
  Caroline 7 Daughter Orleans    
  Seth Jr. 2y 9m Son Orleans    
READY Patrick 48 M Ireland Laborer 99-D2
  Julia (Newnham) 35 Wife Ireland    
  Michael 11 Son Monroe    
  Mary 10 Daughter Monroe    
  Patrick Jr. 8 Son Orleans    
  Bridget 7 Daughter Orleans    
  John 5 Son Orleans    
REYNOLDS         See WICKWIRE 166-D2
REYNOLDS Amelia Carlow 37 M Niagara Widow 387-D2
  George 16 Son Orleans    
  Mary 12 Daughter Orleans    
  Fred 11 Son Orleans    
  Frank 9 Son Orleans    
  Clara 6 Daughter Orleans    
FLOREY Frank 30 Boarder Monroe Cooper  
FLOREY Peter 18 Boarder Monroe Cooper  
WARE John 26 Boarder Canada Cooper  
REYNOLDS Mary       See JOHNSON 254-D1
REYNOLDS Nancy 28 F Schoharie Widow 8-D1
REYNOLDS Orlo 28 M Otsego    
REYNOLDS William H. 28 M Saratoga Laborer 377-D2
  Cordelia (Sowle) 32 Wife Orleans    
  Luella 3y 3m Daughter Orleans    
SOWLE Hannah 65 Mother-in-Law Saratoga Widow of William  
REYNOW Monroe       See BERRY 7-D1
RHETER Harmon 30 M Prussia Cabinet Maker 291-D2
  Minnie 28 Wife Germany    
  Louisa 4 Daughter Orleans    
  Albert 2y 5m Son Orleans    
  Lewis 3 mo Son Orleans    
RICE Samuel 43 M England Laborer 284-D2
  Sarah 39 Wife England    
  Samuel Jr. 20 Son England Farmer  
  Elizabeth 12 Daughter Orleans    
  Maria 10 Daughter Orleans    
  Mary A.   Daughter Orleans    
  Willie   Son Orleans    
  George 4 Son Orleans    
  Fred 1 Son Orleans    
RICHARDS William T. 32 M Monroe Farmer 52-D2
  Mary L. 26 Wife Orange    
  Julia 11 mo Daughter Orleans    
O'CONNOR Ellen 17 F Ireland Domestic  
RINKER         See LOPER 52-D1
RINKER Andrew 32 M Germany Farmer 39-D1
  Harriet 19 Wife Germany    
  Emma 5 Daughter Orleans    
  William 4 Son Orleans    
  Louise 2y 6m Daughter Orleans    
RIORDAN Dennis       See COMPTON 116-D2
ROACH Garrett 49 M Ireland NYC Railroad 307-D2
  Margaret (O'Brien) 35 Wife Ireland    
  Catherine 5 Daughter Orleans    
  Anna 4 Daughter Orleans    
  William 2y 2m Son Orleans    
ROACH Mary Ford 40 F Ireland Widow of James 277-D2
  David 10 Son Orleans    
ROACH Michael 35 M Ireland Laborer 275-D2
  Mary (Sullivan) 33 Wife #2 Ireland    
  David 7 Son Orleans    
  William 5 Son Orleans    
  John 2y 6m Son Orleans    
ROBBINS Nathaniel 55 M VT Farmer 228-D1
  Esther 49 Wife Vt    
  Elisha S. 23 Son VT Farmer  
  Tryphena 18 Daughter VT    
  Truman O. 16 Son Orleans Laborer  
  Charles 15 Son Orleans Laborer  
  Wallace 12 Son Orleans    
ROBERTS Horace 36 M Orleans Farmer 43-D1
  Mary (Eaton) 32 Wife Monroe    
  Anna 11 Daughter Genesee    
  Loretta 8 Daughter Genesee    
  Alida 6 Daughter Genesee    
  George 7 mo Son Genesee    
ROBERTS Ruby       See BLAIR 1-D2
ROBERTS Ziba 65 M VT Farmer 31-D1
  Susanna (Wolcott) 60 Wife Montgomery    
  Ziba Jr. 24 Son Orleans Farmer  
ROBINSON John 32 M Canada Farmer 133-D2
  Harriet 25 Wife PA    
  James C. 2y 4m Son PA    
ROE George 42 M   Blacksmith 31-D2
  Amanda 43 Wife      
  Albert 17 Son      
  Emily 14 Daughter      
  Ella 11 Daughter      
ROGERS         See PORTER 244-D2
ROLLINGS Thomas 35 M England Farmer 63-D2
  Ann E. 31 Wife Orleans    
  Thomas J. 10 Son Orleans    
  Nellie H. 4 Daughter Orleans    
HAMMOND Charles 15 M Germany Laborer  
ROLLINGS William 38 M England Farmer 229-D1
  Eliza 25 Wife Orleans    
  Mary 8 mo Daughter Orleans    
ROLLINGS Richard G. 28 Brother England Farmer  
ROLLINGS Thomas 72 Father England Farmer  
ROLLINGS Mary 65 Mother England    
ROSS Daniel 73 M NH Farmer 191-D1
  Dolly 63 Wife VT    
  Henry 26 Son Orleans Farmer  
  Harrison 23 Son Orleans Farmer  
ROSS Joseph W. 39 M Orleans Farmer 190-D1
  Helen 30 Wife Orleans    
  John 8 Son Orleans    
  Walter 2y 5m Son Orleans    
ROSS Olivia 65 F Albany Widow of George 103-D2
  John C. 34 Son Albany Farmer  
ROSS Stephen D. 28 M Orleans Farmer 185-D1
  Harriet 30 Wife Orleans    
  John 11 Son Orleans    
  Arthur 6 Son Orleans    
ROSS Joseph 66 Father NH Farmer  
ROSS Christiana 59 Mother Schoharie    
ROSS William Halsey 47 M Schenectady Farmer 163-D2
  Elizabeth J. 41 Wife Orleans    
  Flora 11 Daughter Orleans    
ROSS Jacob 22 M Orleans Laborer  
CULVER John 10 Boarder Orleans    
ROWLEY Sylvester 45 M Wayne Farmer 131-D2
  Mary A. 43 Wife Wayne    
  Abigail 23 Daughter Wayne    
  Daniel W. 21 Son Wayne    
  William H. 18 Son Wayne    
  Byron S. 14 Son Wayne    
  Rosalia F. 13 Daughter Wayne    
  Charles S. 9 Son Wayne    
  Mary A. 6 Daughter Canada    
RUMBLE John 45 M England Day Laborer 82-D1
  Mary 34 Wife England    
  Frederick 7 Son England    
  Emily 1 mo Daughter Orleans    
RUNCIMAN Thomas J. 59 M Saratoga Farmer 227-D1
  Statia A. (Patterson) 55 Wife #2 Putnam    
PATTERSON Thomas 62 Brother-in-Law Putnam Laborer  
PATTERSON Cornelius 60 Brother-in-Law Putnam Laborer  
RUST James 45 M England   419-D2
  Catherine 38 Wife #2 England    
  Mary A. 12 Daughter England    
RUST Mary E. 65 F MA Single 381-D2
RYAN Henry 58 M PA Farmer 15-D2
  Mahala 59 Wife ME    
  Louisa 23 Daughter Orleans    
  Mandana 21 Daughter Orleans    
YOUNG John 16 M Prussia    
RYAN James 30 M Orleans   53-D2
  Viona (Holtzinger) 22 Wife Orleans    
  David 3y 2m Son Orleans    
  Edward 4 mo Son Orleans    
RYAN John 28 Brother Orleans Farmer  
CANNON Esau 20 M England Laborer  
RYAN Ribold 54 M PA Boatman 398-D2
  Melinda 54 Wife Oswego    
  George 18 Son Orleans Boatman  
  John 22 Son Herkimer Hotelkeeper  
  Mary 22 Daughter-in-Law Orleans    
  Minnie 1y 6m Granddaughter Orleans    
BURLIN John 25 Boarder France Cooper  
FLOREY Alex 30 Boarder   Cooper  
RYDER         See WHITE 147-D1
RYDER John       See KILNER 78-D1
RYDER M. E.       See TROWBRIDGE 26-D1

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