Town of Shelby - S

SALISBURY William H. 24 M Wyoming Laborer 168-D2
  Matilda 24 Wife Genesee    
SALMON Carrie       See GREGORY 91-D1
SALMON Samuel 64 Hus #2 England Laborer 157-D1
  Ann 56 Wife #2 England    
SANBORN Israel G. 41 M NH Mechanic 30-D1
  Anna (Roberts) 40 Wife Genesee    
  Z. E. 19 Son Orleans Farmer  
  S. A. 17 Daughter Genesee    
  Selina Almira 15 Daughter Genesee    
  Charles H. 13 Son Genesee    
  Henrietta 11 Daughter Genesee    
  Israel G. Jr. 9 Son Genesee    
  Daniel L. 7 Son Genesee    
  Mary E. 3 Daughter Orleans    
  Clark 1 Son Orleans    
SANDERSON Mary Crosby 62 F Oneida Husband of Elisha 171-D1
  Stewart 46 Son Oneida Farmer  
  Amanda 43 Daughter Orleans    
  Clinton 28 Son Orleans Farmer  
SAUNDERS Robert 74 M England Laborer 165-D2
  Elizabeth 73 Wife England    
CANNON Elijah 27 Adopted England Laborer  
SCHULTZ Theodore 25 M Germany Laborer 75-D2
  Louisa 20 Wife Germany    
  Fred 1y 3m Son Niagara    
  George 2 mo Son Orleans    
SCOTT Robert       See SNELL 111-D2
SCUFFAM Michael 37 M England Farmer 59-D1
  Charlotte 24 Wife Genesee    
SEABOLT Lana 54 F Schoharie Widow 379-D2
LINSLEY Frances 12 Granddaughter Orleans    
SEARLE Emma       See PRUDDEN 12-D2
SEELEY George W. 47 M Saratoga Grocer 392-D2
  Zeruah H. 45 Wife Genesee    
  Eugene 19 Son Orleans    
  Daniel B. 17 Son Orleans    
  Clarence R. 15 Son Orleans    
  George R. 4 Son Orleans    
SERVOSS Hattie       See LEVALLEY 107-D2
SERVOSS John J. 37 Hus #2 Montgomery Laborer 267-D2
  Orphania 36 Wife #2 Orleans    
PARKER Arlene 16 Stepdaughter Orleans    
PARKER Nelson 14 Stepson Orleans    
SEWARD William 59 M England Laborer 44-D2
  Ann 63 Wife England    
  Martha E. 11 Niece England    
SHAFER Betsey       See EDWARDS 217-D1
SHELER Hiram 26 M Canada Cooper 136-D2
  Emer 27 Wife Canada    
  George E. 4 Son Canada    
  Delina J. 2y 7m Daughter Canada    
  Baby 11 mo Son Monroe    
SHELP John 74 M Montgomery Farmer 130-D2
  Mary A. (Cone) 71 Wife VT    
  Hilie 29 Daughter Orleans    
  Francis 18 Adopted Son Orleans Laborer  
WARNER Angeline Shelp 36 Daughter Orleans Widow of Simon  
WARNER Charlton 17 Grandson Orleans    
WARNER Mary 14 Granddaughter Onondaga    
WARNER William 12 Grandson Orleans    
WARNER Alice 7 Granddaughter Onondaga    
SHELP William 45 M Montgomery Farmer 128-D2
  Sophia 45 Wife Orleans    
SHERMAN         See BLAIR 1-D2
SHERWOOD Guy 50 M Orleans Farmer 152-D1
  Maria (Hayden) 41 Wife #2 Ontario    
  Electa B. 22 Daughter Orleans    
  Ellen M. 16 Daughter Orleans    
  Frank G. 14 Son Orleans    
MYERS Henry 20 M Schoharie Laborer  
WHIPPLE Griffin 65 M Dutchess Widower (3)  
WHIPPLE Milton 22 Son Schoharie Teacher  
SHERWOOD Homer 50 M Ontario Farmer 151-D1
  Margaret 45 Wife Orleans    
  Myron 24 Son Orleans Farmer  
  Francis 22 Son Orleans Farmer  
  Deming 20 Son Orleans Farmer  
  Ellen 18 Daughter Orleans    
  Julia 16 Daughter Orleans    
  Laura 9 Daughter Orleans    
  Alice 6 Daughter Orleans    
  Virginia 2y 11m Daughter Orleans    
SHERWOOD Horatio 39 M Orleans Farmer 46-D1
  Maria 29 Wife Orleans    
  Horatio W. 9 Son Niagara    
  Frank N. 5 Son Niagara    
  Clara 2 Daughter Niagara    
SHERWOOD Norman B. 48 M Ontario Farmer 212-D1
  Aurilla F. 40 Wife Chautauqua    
  Orrin 17 Son Orleans    
  Mary 13 Daughter Orleans    
SHERWOOD Lucy 78 Mother VT Widow of John  
SHISLER Henry O. 47 M PA Farmer 166-D1
  Ann B. (Peck) 42 Wife Montgomery    
  Margaret 19 Daughter Orleans    
  Aaron 16 Son Orleans    
  Charles 12 Son Orleans    
  Flora 9 Daughter Orleans    
SNELL Sarah E. 24 Daughter Montgomery Widow  
SHOLTZ Christian 29 M Germany Laborer 100-D2
  Jane 23 Wife Ireland    
SIMONDS Egbert B. 43 Hus #2 Monroe Farmer 62-D2
  Arvilla L.(Zimmerman) 32 Wife #2 Orleans    
  Jacob J. 8 Son Orleans    
  Hattie A. P. 6 Daughter Orleans    
  Edwin B. 4 Son Orleans    
  Ulysses S. Grant 1 mo Son Orleans    
PFIEFER Elizabeth 19 F Germany Domestic  
PHELAN John 36 M Ireland Laborer  
SIMPSON William 59 M Albany Laborer 328-D2
  Elizabeth 59 Wife VA    
  Georgiana 16 Daughter Albany    
  Augustus 14 Son Albany    
SKINNER Benjamin 35 M England    
  Harriet 27 Wife England    
  Julia 8 Daughter IN    
  Ella 6 Daughter IN    
SLEIGHT Everett B. 43 M Orleans Blacksmith 438-D2
  Emily 38 Wife England    
  Edward C. 18 Son Orleans    
  Robert 16 Son Orleans    
SLEIGHT Mary       See McGURN 192-D2
SMITH         See BARBER 247-D1
SMITH Abram 23 M Orleans Farmer 150-D2
  Sarah 23 Wife England    
WORTHING Daniel 51 Boarder Schoharie Farmer  
SMITH Elizabeth       See FEARBY 197-D2
SMITH George 43 M Monroe Farmer 54-D1
  Mercy 32 Wife Monroe    
  Frank 7 Son Orleans    
  Riley 6 Son Orleans    
  Martin 3 Son Orleans    
SMITH John 52 M England Shoemaker 382-D2
  Elizabeth 52 Wife England    
  Robert W. 25 Son England    
  Jane 15 Daughter England    
SMITH John 36 M Germany Grocer 226-D2
  Barbara 33 Wife Germany    
  Charles 10 Son Orleans    
SMITH Mary       See BENTLEY 177-D2
SMITH Mary       See STILLWELL 61-D2
SMITH Michael 65 M Ireland Lumberman/Widower (2) 410-D2
  Levi 35 Son Washington Lumberman  
  Maria 31 Daughter Washington    
  Mary 28 Daughter Washington Dressmaker  
  Melinda 24 Daughter Wyoming Teacher  
  Ruth 23 Daughter Wyoming Dressmaker  
SMITH Nicholas 53 M Herkimer Carpenter 368-D2
  Catherine A. (Sleight) 50 Wife Schoharie    
  Avery 24 Son Orleans Husband of Jane  
  John Eugene 20 Son Orleans Paper Maker  
  Ella A. 14 Daughter Orleans    
SMITH Philip 35 M Saratoga Teamster 234-D2
  Elizabeth 39 Wife England    
  Richard H. 12 Son Orleans    
  Christopher 9 Son Orleans    
  Helen M. 7 Daughter Orleans    
  Josephine 4 Daughter Orleans    
  Philip 1y 4m Son Orleans    
SMITH Robert 47 M Ireland Laborer 198-D2
  Mary Jane 35 Wife Ireland    
  John W. 4 Son Orleans    
  Edward 8 mo Son Orleans    
SMITH Elizabeth 92 Mother Ireland Widow  
SMITH Samuel W. 30 M Niagara Laborer 10-D1
  Ann 24 Wife England    
  Mary L. 9 mo Daughter Orleans    
SMITH William 62 M England Farmer 242-D1
  Sarah 55 Wife England    
  John 28 Son NY Laborer  
  Sarah 22 Daughter-in-Law Orleans    
  Elizabeth 26 Daughter Orleans    
  Ebenezer 24 Son Orleans    
  Hannah 18 Daughter Orleans    
  Ruth 16 Daughter Orleans    
  Theodocia 14 Daughter Orleans    
SMITH William A. 26 M Orleans Laborer 28-D1
  Melissa A. 21 Wife Orleans    
  Gertie M. 2y 10 Daughter Orleans    
SNAITH         See TIMMERMAN 218-D1
SNAITH Parkin 51 M England Gardener 347-D2
  Elizabeth (Scolio) 46 Wife England    
  Elizabeth 25 Daughter England    
  Mary 19 Daughter England    
  Emma J. 6 Daughter Orleans    
SNELL Benjamin 58 M Herkimer Farmer 111-D2
  Elizabeth 56 Wife Herkimer    
  Julia C. 6 Daughter Orleans    
  Sarah 23 Daughter-in-Law Montgomery Widow  
CRUMPA Frederick 23 M Germany Laborer  
SCOTT Robert 22 Nephew Erie    
SNELL Caroline Holcomb 57 F Montgomery Widow of Phillip 180-D1
  Achilles E. 24 Son Orleans Farmer  
  Myron Clark 21 Son Orleans Farmer  
SNELL Cyrenus 29 M Orleans   239-D2
  Emma 28 Wife Monroe    
  Adelbert 8 Son Niagara    
  Frederick 6 Son Orleans    
  Henrietta 1y 11m Daughter Orleans    
SNELL Lafayette B. 34 M Orleans Farmer 25-D2
  Margarette E. 28 Wife Monroe    
  Freemont D. 9 Son Orleans    
  Willie W. 7 Son Orleans    
TAYLOR M. 61 Mother-in-Law MA Widow (2)  
YARNELL James 20 M England Laborer  
SNELL Leander 30 M Orleans   106-D2
  Caroline 27 Wife Orleans    
  Clara 8 Daughter Orleans    
SNELL Mary Timmerman 58 F Herkimer Wife of William 76-D2
  Anliza 28 Daughter Orleans Widow  
  Theron 25 Son Orleans Farmer  
  Myron 24 Son Orleans Farmer  
TIMMERMAN Martha 38 Sister Herkimer Single  
SNELL Priscilla 47 F Genesee Widow of Daniel 108-D2
  David 19 Son Orleans Farmer  
  Nancy 17 Daughter Orleans    
  Martha E. 15 Daughter Orleans    
  Cornelia 13 Daughter Orleans    
  Daniel E. 12 Son Orleans    
SNELL Reuben 53 M Montgomery Farmer 79-D2
  Betsey 51 Wife Montgomery    
  Sabrina 27 Daughter Orleans    
  Catherine 23 Daughter Orleans    
  Clara 20 Daughter Orleans    
  Welcome 17 Son Orleans    
  Phebe 15 Daughter Orleans    
CONKEY Joseph 23 M Ireland Laborer  
SNELL Sarah E.       See SHISLER 166-D1
SNELL Silas A. 28 M Orleans Farmer 181-D1
  Mary 25 Wife Orleans    
  Charles E. 2 Son Orleans    
SNELL Solomon 61 M Herkimer Farmer 253-D1
  Margaret 61 Wife Herkimer    
  Harvey 32 Son Orleans Farmer  
  Mary 29 Daughter Orleans    
  Emily 27 Daughter Orleans    
  Addie 25 Daughter Orleans    
SNYDER David 48 M Schoharie Laborer 179-D2
  Amelia 44 Wife Onondaga    
  Laura 19 Daughter Onondaga    
  James 13 Son Onondaga    
  George 12 Son Onondaga    
BOLTON Unknown 30 Boarder NY Married  
SNYDER George H. 57 M Schoharie Cooper 193-D2
  Anna M. 57 Wife Schoharie    
  Alonzo W. 28 Son Cayuga Laborer  
  Antoinette 19 Daughter Orleans    
  George M. 14 Son Orleans    
SOUTHWORTH Albert 37 M Orleans Laborer 121-D1
  Hannah 35 Wife Madison    
  Medora 14 Daughter Orleans    
  Arvilla 12 Daughter Orleans    
  Eliza 10 Daughter Orleans    
  Harriet 4 Daughter Orleans    
SOUTHWORTH Darius 65 M Wayne Carpenter 90-D1
  Mercy 60 Wife Wayne    
  E. Alvira 38 Daughter Orleans    
SOWL Albert D. 38 M Orleans Laborer 416-D2
  Rebecca 37 Wife Niagara    
  Rosetta 16 Daughter Orleans    
  Hannah 13 Daughter WI    
  William 10 Son WI    
SOWLE Hannah       See REYNOLDS 377-D2
SPANTON James       See WATSON 87-D2
SPOONER John 36 M England Carpenter 237-D2
  Hannah 40 Wife England    
  George 10 Son Orleans    
STAFF Robert 38 M England Farmer 24-D1
  Sarah 48 Wife England    
  Sophia 6 Daughter Orleans    
  Robert W. 3 Son Orleans    
STAHL Michael 36 M Germany Laborer 233-D2
  Margaret (Dedrick) 34 Wife Germany    
  George 11 Son Erie    
  Michael 8 Son IN    
  Margaret 7 Daughter Orleans    
  Henry 5 Son Orleans    
  Julia 3 Daughter Orleans    
  Carrie 5 mo Daughter Orleans    
STANTON Gilbert 36 M Wyoming Farmer 158-D2
  Ann 36 Wife Orleans    
  Francis 9 Son Orleans    
STANTON Oliver 58 Hus #2 Madison Farmer 156-D2
  Catherine 37 Wife #2 Ireland    
STETSON George W. 37 M Orleans Farmer 244-D1
  Harriet C. 29 Wife #1 Orleans    
  Eunice R. 11 Daughter Orleans    
  Darwin A. 8 Son Orleans    
COATS Eunice (Rantsford) 65 Mother Columbia Widow (3)  
STETSON Lyman 44 M Livingston Farmer 248-D1
  Margaret A. 34 Wife Albany    
  Martha 8 Daughter Orleans    
  Hattie 5 Daughter Orleans    
  Charles 10 mo Son Orleans    
STICKNEY Addison 60 M Genesee Farmer/Widower of Polly (3)  
STILWELL Caleb 57 M Montgomery Farmer 61-D2
  Susan (Smith) 40 Wife PA    
  Anna 8 Daughter Orleans    
  Helen 5 Daughter Orleans    
  Mary 3 Daughter Orleans    
SMITH Mary 73 Mother-in-Law PA Widow  
FESSENDEN Merrill 13 M MI    
HOUSE Nancy 44 F Oswego Domestic/Widow  
STILWELL Cornelius 66 M NJ Hatter 413-D2
  Sarah Ann 51 Wife Montgomery    
STONE Lucinda       See AUSTIN 41-D1
STRANG Gilbert 54 M Saratoga   293-D2
  Eliza 55 Wife Rensselaer    
  Harriet 19 Daughter Cayuga    
STROPE Laura J.       See COMPTON 116-D2
STUART Alsina       See PETTIT 155-D1
STUART James 38 M Orleans Farmer 98-D1
  Mary 29 Wife Wyoming    
  Emma 7 Daughter Orleans    
  Nellie 5 Daughter Orleans    
STUART Robert 59 Uncle Madison    
SULLIVAN Michael 40 Hus #2 Ireland Laborer 230-D2
  Mary 40 Wife Ireland    
SULLIVAN Timothy       See SUMMER 11-D2
SULLIVAN Timothy 35 M Ireland Laborer 360-D2
  Elizabeth (Allen) 34 Wife Ireland    
  William 14 Son Ireland    
  John 12 Son Ireland    
  Ellen 9 Daughter Canada    
  Elizabeth 7 Daughter Canada    
  James 5 Son Canada    
  Mary A. 3y 2m Daughter Canada    
  Margaret 1y 1m Daughter Canada    
SUMMER James 52 M Fulton Farmer 8-D2
  Abigail (Hagedorn) 60 Wife #2 Saratoga    
CHASE Hattie J. 18 F Fulton    
FULLER Lucinda 15 Adopted Saratoga    
SUMMER William O. 28 M Saratoga Farmer 11-D2
  Attalanta 27 Wife Saratoga    
  Alice A. 3y 8m Daughter Saratoga    
SULLIVAN Timothy   M Canada Married  
SWANK         See WAGER 187-D2
SWART         See CULVER 201-D1
SWART J. Daniel 47 M Schoharie Farmer 204-D1
  Mary 32 Wife Ireland    
  Rebecca 8 Daughter Orleans    
  Mary A. 6 Daughter Orleans    
  Daniel 4 Son Orleans    
  John 3 Son Orleans    
  David 11 mo Son Orleans    
ELLIS David 73 Boarder Schoharie Laborer/Married (3)  
SWARTHOUT Cornelius N. 46 M Albany Carpenter 124-D1
  Irena (Dudley) 41 Wife Schoharie    
  Harvey W. 18 Son Orleans    
  Nancy M. 14 Daughter Orleans    
  Nathan D. 12 Son Orleans    
  Martha 10 Daughter Orleans    
  Sarah 7 Daughter Orleans    
  Cornelius J. 5 Son Orleans    
  Emma 4 Daughter Orleans    
  James E. 9 mo Son Orleans    
DUDLEY Mary 61 Mother-in-Law Schoharie    
SWEETING         See GILBERT 195-D1
SWOBE Jacob 63 M Montgomery Grocer 98-D2
  Margaret 61 Wife Montgomery    
  Jane 25 Daughter Fulton    
  John J. 18 Son Fulton    

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