Town of Shelby - T

TAYLOR F.H.B.       See ALLEN 175-D2
TAYLOR M.       See SNELL 25-D2
TERENY John 24 M Ireland Laborer 104-D2
  Elizabeth L. 28 Wife Ireland    
  Matthew 1y 11m Son Canada    
  Mary A. 3 mo Daughter Canada    
THAYER George 42 M Herkimer Physician 211-D2
  Harriet M. (Cole) 35 Wife Herkimer    
  Harriet M. 13 Daughter Oneida    
  Edgar G. 11 Son Oneida    
COLE Edward 20 Brother-in-Law Herkimer    
FOX Christine 20 F Germany Domestic  
THEODORE James 38 M Canada Laborer 421-D2
  N. Adeline 22 Wife Orleans    
  Mary 6 Daughter Orleans    
  Ida 3y 10m Daughter Orleans    
THISTLEWAITE James M. 44 M England Farmer 4-D1
  Sarah Emily 32 Wife #3 Dutchess    
  Anthony M. 19 Son Orleans    
  Sarah H. 18 Daughter Orleans    
  Alfred 15 Son Orleans    
  Edward J. 10 Son Orleans    
  Ann E. 5 mo Daughter Orleans    
THISTLEWAITE Mary 74 Mother England Widow  
WEAVER John H. 16 Stepson Orleans    
THOM Benjamin 63 M Herkimer   334-D2
  Mary (Nixon) 41 Wife #2 Genesee    
  Alice 12 Daughter Orleans    
  William 4 Son Orleans    
THOMPSON         See HALL 364-D2
THUM Alzina R.       See WICKHAM 260-D2
THURSTON William       See WILTSE 66-D1
TIFFANY Benjamin S. 56 M VT Peddler 286-D2
  Ruth A. 36 Wife #2 NY    
  Axie 7 Daughter Orleans    
  Orpha A. 2y 1m Daughter Orleans    
TILLMAN John       See TIMMERMAN 74-D2
TIMMERMAN Catherine 59 F Herkimer Widow 77-D2
TIMMERMAN Charles       See VEDDER 94-D2
TIMMERMAN Christopher 65 M Herkimer Farmer 74-D2
  Lany 71 Wife Herkimer    
TIMMERMAN Frank 17 Grandson Orleans    
TILLMAN John 19 Grandson Orleans Farmer  
DELINE Louisa 22 Niece Erie    
TIMMERMAN Christopher 24 M Orleans Farmer 92-D2
  Julia 23 Wife Orleans    
  Elmer 2 mo Son Orleans    
TIMMERMAN Ella       See GARTER 119-D2
TIMMERMAN George W. 32 M Orleans Farmer 78-D2
  Anna C. (Nichols) 32 Wife Ontario    
TIMMERMAN John Rev. 57 M Herkimer Clergyman 95-D2
  Mary J. 57 Wife Herkimer    
  Lydia 34 Daughter Orleans    
  Archibald 33 Son Orleans    
  Herman 31 Son Orleans    
TIMMERMAN John W. 40 M Orleans Farmer 112-D2
  Mary R. 38 Wife Suffolk    
  George R. 15 Son Orleans    
  John W. 13 Son Niagara    
  Mary E. 4 Daughter MI    
  Baby 2 mo Daughter Orleans    
UNDERHILL Elizabeth 76 Mother-in-Law Suffolk Widow  
TIMMERMAN Joseph 69 M Montgomery Farmer 218-D1
  Mary 56 Wife #2 Montgomery    
  John 38 Son Orleans Farmer  
SNAITH George 23 M England Farm Laborer  
SNAITH Adeline 21 Laborer's Wife Orleans    
SNAITH Mary 3 mo Laborer's Daughter Orleans    
TIMMERMAN Martha       See SNELL 76-D2
TIMMERMAN Zeno 50 M Orleans Farmer 22-D2
  Sarah M. (Wright) 36 Wife #2 Orleans    
  Helen R. 19 Daughter Orleans    
TINKHAM Alanson 66 M Saratoga Farmer 57-D1
  Betsey (Grinnell) 66 Wife Saratoga    
  Maryette 33 Daughter Orleans    
TINKHAM Morris 30 M Orleans Farmer 58-D1
  Juliette (Winchester) 29 Wife Wyoming    
  Ora 5 Daughter Orleans    
  Cortland 2y 8m Son Orleans    
  Grace 3 mo Daughter Orleans    
TOBIAS Rensselaer       See MASON 87-D1
TOBIN Richard       See POLER 48-D2
TOMPKINS Richard C. 44 M Westchester Farmer 103-D1
  Eliza 42 Wife Dutchess    
  Emma L. 19 Daughter Orleans    
  Howard S. 10 Son Orleans    
  Willett C. 5 Son Orleans    
TORREY         See EMILY 203-D2
TROW William       See FERRIS 173-D1
TROWBRIDGE Seth 53 M Wayne Farmer 26-D1
  Nancy M. 53 Wife Clinton    
  Burr J. 21 Son Wayne    
RYDER M. E. 8 Boarder Canada    
TRUMAN Wilbur 35 M Niagara Farmer 126-D2
  Hannah 26 Wife England    
WILSON John 69 Boarder VT Single  
TUCKER Benjamin 62 M NH Farmer 226-D1
  Lucy 54 Wife ME    
  W. Chauncey 28 Son Orleans Farmer  
TURNER John 54 M England Laborer 72-D1
  Mary 58 Wife England    
  John 17 Son England    
TURNER Joseph 30 M England Laborer 71-D1
  Mary A. (Caston) 26 Wife England    
  Mary A. 8 Daughter MI    
  Thomas 6 Son Orleans    
  Joseph Jr. 4 Son Orleans    
TUTTLE Amos 65 Hus #2 CT Shoemaker 112-D1
  Almira 53 Wife #2 Montgomery    
TUTTLE T. S.       See BARNES 228-D2
TYLER Alfred 29 M St.Lawrence Miller 305-D2
  Harriet D. (Spears) 26 Wife Niagara    
  Freeman A. 6 Son Orleans    
  Eugenia 2y 3m Daughter Orleans    
  Alvin T. 1y 1m Son Orleans    
TYLER Ebenezer 70 M CT   127-D2
  Alzina 57 Wife Monroe    
  Helen 14 Daughter Niagara    

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