Town of Yates - A

ABER Lydia A. 44 F Seneca Widow of Lorenzo 40-S
  Daniel G. 24 Son Orleans Carpenter/Army  
  George V. 22 Son Orleans Farmer/Army  
  Wesley A. 18 Son Orleans Farmer/Army  
  Sarah J. 15 Daughter Orleans    
  Edgar 13 Son Orleans    
  Wallace 4 Son Orleans    
ACKLES Joseph 58 M Onondaga Farmer 126-S
  Aseneth 57 Wife Onondaga    
WILCOX Joseph 16 Grandson Onondaga Farmer  
ALBRIGHT Francis N. 52 M Niagara Peddler 148-N
  Agnes J. 37 Wife #2 Orleans    
  Cecelia 20 Daughter Niagara Teacher  
  Francis 19 Son Niagara Farmer  
  Irwin 1y 5m Son Orleans    
ALLEN Freeman 27 M Orleans Farmer 32-N
  Lucinda (Bullard) 24 Wife Orleans    
  David H. 3y 11m Son Orleans    
ALLEN Silas 19 Nephew Orleans Farmer  
ALLEN John 45 M Onondaga Farmer 165-S
  Rachael F. (Botsford) 35 Wife Orleans    
  Clark S. 9 Son Orleans    
  Scott L. 1y 7m Son Orleans    
ALLEN Olive       See CONDE 69-N
ALLEN Richard 30 M England Laborer 31-S
  Maria (Fisk) 27 Wife England    
  Edward 10 Son Orleans    
  Ann E. 8 Daughter Orleans    
  Sarah M. 4 Daughter Orleans    
ALLEN Simon 66 M Montgomery Farmer 35-S
  Elizabeth 64 Wife CT    
  Henry 34 Son Orleans Farmer  
  Rachael 28 Daughter Orleans    
  Martha 23 Daughter Orleans    
SCUTT Clarissa 30 Daughter Orleans Married  
ANGLE Augustus L. 27 M Cortland Farmer 147-N
  Emeline M. 25 Wife MA    
ANGLE Orson Delos 21 Brother Orleans Farmer  
ARMSTRONG Edwin P. Dr. 35 M Onondaga Physician 214-S
  Martha G. 31 Wife Genesee    
  Rose 8 Daughter Monroe    
  Belle 6 Daughter Monroe    
  Lenore 2 Daughter Monroe    
  Evangeline 8 mo Daughter Monroe    
THOMPSON Milford 46 M VA Servant  
ARNOLD         See REDMOND 55-S
ASHBY Charles 43 M England Basket Maker/Single 64-N
ASHBY Richard 80 M England Farmer 158-S
  Lucy 73 Wife England    
  Eliza 51 Daughter England    
ASHBY Samuel 49 M England Farmer 187-N
  Harriet 39 Wife #2 St. Lawrence    
  Anne R. 20 Daughter Orleans    
  David B. 12 Son Orleans    
  John E. 10 Son Orleans    
  Adam 7 Son Orleans    
  William H. 5 Son Orleans    
ATKINS Robert 52 M England Farmer 46-S
  Susan 50 Wife England    
  John H. 17 Son England Farmer  
  William 13 Son Orleans    
AUCHENPAUGH John 52 M Albany Farmer 97-N
  Maria (Bouck) 44 Wife Schoharie    
  Emma 12 Daughter Orleans    
  Frank 6 Son Orleans    
WOOLSTON Edward 17 M England Farm Laborer  
AXTELL Mary S.       See WEBSTER 65-S
AYER         See MOREHOUSE 218-S

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