Town of Yates - F

FAILING Sarah A. 59 F Cayuga Widow of Jacob 31-N
  Sophronia 26 Daughter Orleans    
  Nancy J. 25 Daughter Orleans    
  Hannah 22 Daughter Orleans    
WARNER James H. 17 Grandson Orleans Farmer  
FAREWELL Henry 23 M Orleans Farmer/Single 131-N
FAREWELL Hannah 59 Mother NH Widow of Harry  
FAREWELL Etta 15 Cousin Orleans    
GLIDDEN Ashbury 42 Uncle VT Farmer/Single  
HAWLEY George 16 M England Farm Laborer  
FARLAN Thomas       See SILL 16-S
FELLOWS Robert 43 M Scotland Farmer 75-N
  Mary 33 Wife Scotland    
  Robert 11 Son Niagara    
  Sarah 6 Daughter Orleans    
  Jessie 4y 8m Daughter Orleans    
  Thomas 2y 1m Son Orleans    
  David 3 mo Son Orleans    
McMILLAN William 27 M Scotland Farm Laborer  
FELLOWS William 54 M CT Wagon Maker 212-S
  Abigail 36 Wife #2 Niagara    
  Lewis 28 Son Genesee Wagon Maker/Widower  
  Adin 19 Son Orleans Laborer/Army  
FELLOWS Willie       See OGDEN 189-S
FERMOILE Bridget       See KERWIN 2-S
FERMOILE Ellen       See TODKILL 119-N
FERMOILE Patrick 33 M Ireland Farmer 22-S
  Ann 31 Wife Ireland    
  Nora E. 7 Daughter Niagara    
  Margaret 4 Daughter Orleans    
  Bridget 1y 9m Daughter Orleans    
FIELDS         See COON 51-S
FISHER John 49 M England Farmer 62-N
  Sarah 55 Wife England    
COOPER Mary J. 14 Granddaughter England    
FISK Asa B. 38 M Monroe Cooper/Army 192-S
  A. Maria (Church) 28 Wife Orleans    
  Mary 11 Daughter Orleans    
  Charles 9 Son Orleans    
  Walter 6 Son Orleans    
  Carrie 4 Daughter MI    
CHURCH Irena 59 Mother-in-Law Onondaga Widow of Seth D.  
CHURCH Samuel 29 Brother-in-Law Orleans Cooper/Army  
FISK Benjamin 29 M England Farmer 37-S
  Mary Jane (Clark) 20 Wife Orleans    
FISK John 45 Hus #2 England Farmer 59-N
  Sarah Porter Harmer 35 Wife England    
  Jane 14 Daughter England    
FISK George 21 Brother England Farm Laborer  
FISK Samuel 36 M England Farmer 77-N
  Harriet Ann 35 Wife England    
  Louisa 12 Daughter Niagara    
  Emma 10 Daughter Niagara    
  Ida 8 Daughter Orleans    
  Henry 6 Son Orleans    
  Alfred 4 Son Orleans    
  Lafayette 1y 10m Son Orleans    
FISK Richard 18 Brother England Farm Laborer  
FLINT Jacob S. 75 M VT Carpenter 234-S
  Miranda (Raymond) 67 Wife Dutchess    
FOLTS Melissa       See PETRIE 96-N
FOSTER James M. 36 M Orleans Farmer 25-S
  Mary A. 33 Wife #2 Niagara    
  Francis 12 Son Orleans    
  Emma J. 10 Daughter Orleans    
  Almond C. 8 Son Orleans    
  James R. 6 Son Orleans    
FOX Robert J. 46 M England Farmer 144-N
  Elizabeth 41 Wife England    
  Alfred 15 Son Orleans Farmer  
  Laura 8 Daughter Orleans    
FULLER         See BARNUM 24-N
FULLER Horace C. 38 M Orleans Farmer 139-S
  Elizabeth 27 Wife #2 Scotland    
FULLER Joanna Boyce 44 F Washington Widow of Joel 246-S
  Herbert B. 14 Son Orleans    
  Merritt J. 11 Son Orleans    
  Ward B. 6 Son Orleans    
FULLER John Rev. 50 M Madison Farmer 124-S
  Betsey 47 Wife Rensselaer    
FULLER Norman 38 M Orleans Farmer 73-S
  Eliza 38 Wife #2 Orleans    
  Winfield S. 18 Son Orleans Farmer/Army  
  Ella C. 16 Daughter Orleans    
  Daniel 10 Son Orleans    
FURNESS John 47 M England Farmer 30-S
  Elizabeth 41 Wife England    
  James 18 Son England Farmer/Army  
  William 14 Son England    
  Everett 12 Son England    
  George 10 Son Orleans    
  Sarah 7 Daughter Orleans    
  Frank 5 Son Orleans    

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