Town of Yates - G

GAMBELL John 65 M VT Farmer 90-S
  Hannah R. (Knapp) 55 Wife Onondaga    
  Edward R. 28 Son Orleans Farmer  
  Amos K. 26 Son Orleans Farmer  
  Susan F. 22 Daughter Orleans    
  Julia C. 20 Daughter Orleans    
  Oren W. 18 Son Orleans Farmer  
GARDNER Alexander       See MILLIS 190-N
GARDNER David 25 M Canada Farmer 125-N
  Elizabeth 27 Wife Orleans    
  Earle 1 mo Son Orleans    
GARRICK James 37 M Scotland Farmer 32-S
  Mary 30 Wife Scotland    
  William A. 9 Son MA    
  Mary J. 7 Daughter Orleans    
  Jeanett 5 Daughter Orleans    
  Catherine A. 3y 6m Daughter Orleans    
  James 1y 6m Son Orleans    
GATES Ann       See TYLER 175-N
GATES Matthew A. 48 M Orleans Farmer 123-N
  Elizabeth H. 38 Wife Wayne    
  Francis W. 12 Son Orleans    
  Fred T. 10 Son Orleans    
  Charles M. 8 Son Orleans    
  Carrie L. 6 Daughter Orleans    
GAZE William       See TURNER 21-N
GIBBS Samuel       See BARRY 40-N
GILBERT Baruch H. 60 Hus #2 Dutchess Farmer 36-N
  Mary Ann 62 Wife #2 CT    
  Cordelia 24 Daughter Orleans    
GILBERT Elihu P. 60 M Albany Farmer 90-N
  Julia (Perry) 52 Wife Herkimer    
  Martin 20 Son Orleans Farmer  
  Salina 18 Daughter Orleans    
PERRY Josiah 77 Father-in-Law VT Farmer/Married (2)  
PERRY Maria 90 Mother-in-Law Herkimer Married (2)  
SPENCER George 14 M Orleans Servant  
GILBERT Thomas 61 M England Shoemaker 195-S
  Jane (Joy) 48 Wife Orleans    
PORTER Eveline 40 F Orleans Domestic  
GILBERT Thomas J. 39 M Erie Cooper 228-S
  Mary E. (Allen) 38 Wife Herkimer    
  Emma 12 Daughter Orleans    
  Libbie 10 Daughter Orleans    
GLIDDEN Ashbury       See FAREWELL 131-N
GOODWIN         See LANDERS 139-N
GOOLD Darwin 33 M Orleans Farmer 4-N
  Harriet E. (Leary) 28 Wife Kings    
  Claribel 3y 3m Daughter Orleans    
  Agnes 10 mo Daughter Orleans    
GOOLD Homer 35 M Albany Painter 194-S
  Sarah (Farwell) 31 Wife Orleans    
  Alice 4 Daughter Orleans    
GOOLD Horace O. 64 M CT Farmer 239-S
  Lorinda (Fuller) 61 Wife Ontario    
  Olin M. 21 Son Orleans    
GOOLD Margaret 59 F Columbia Widow of Homer (2) 193-S
  Walter 32 Son Albany Painter  
GRAGG George 24 M Otsego Farmer 116-S
  Nancy 23 Wife Orleans    
  Florence 1y 11m Daughter Orleans    
CRIBBINS Michael 12 Adopted Canada    
GRANT Alexander       See CLARK 181-N
GRANT Watson 37 M Seneca Farmer 104-S
  Mary 34 Wife Ontario    
  Mary E. 8 Daughter Niagara    
GRAY Walter 65 M Scotland Farmer 63-S
  Eliza 65 Wife Ireland    
  Robert 28 Son Livingston Farmer  
  Agnes 21 Daughter Orleans    
  Euphemia 20 Daughter Orleans    
THOMAS Coulson 30 M England Farm Laborer  
GRAY William 37 M Livingston Pump Maker 230-S
  Hannah 32 Wife #2 Orleans    
  Clarence 9 Son Orleans    
  Scott 6 Son Orleans    
  Willie 1y 5m Son Orleans    
PHELPS Owen G. 34 Boarder Genesee Commercial Merchant  
PHELPS Louisa 35 Boarder's Wife Livingston    
SAWYER Pike 50 Boarder VT Carpenter  
GREELEY Dustin 62 M NH Farmer 28-N
  Julia A. 55 Wife CT    
  Julia M. 27 Daughter Orleans Teacher  
  Wallace M. 25 Son Orleans Farmer  
  Horace 15 Son Orleans Farmer  
  Hattie A. 15 Daughter Orleans    
GREENE Abram C. 52 Hus #2 RI Farmer 180-N
  Angeline (Mrs. Allen) 33 Wife #2 Monroe    
  Freeman A. 20 Son Orleans Teacher  
  Angeline 5 mo Daughter Orleans    
MARTIN Millie 13 F MA Domestic  
GREENMAN Joseph P. 68 M Rensselaer Farmer 57-S
  Sally 69 Wife Warren    
  Joseph 34 Son Orleans Farmer  
  Martha (Merchant) 28 Daughter-in-Law Rensselaer    
  Ella E. 3y 2m Granddaughter Orleans    
GREENMAN Stephen V. R. 64 M Rensselaer Farmer/Widower of Jane 58-S
  Stephen 38 Son Orleans Farmer  
  Mary (Jordan) 31 Daughter-in-Law Ireland    
  Adelaide A. 5 Granddaughter MI    
  Stephen V. R. 2y 5m Grandson MI    
GROW Sarah 40 Daughter Orleans Married  
GRIBBEN Charles 65 M Ireland Farmer 6-N
  Mary 55 Wife Ireland    
  Ellen 20 Daughter Orleans    
  Margaret 19 Daughter Orleans    
  Eliza 17 Daughter Orleans    
  Charles 15 Son Orleans    
GRIBBEN George 30 M NJ Farmer 17-N
GRIBBEN Michael 26 Brother Orleans Farmer  
GRIFFIN Isaac 33 M Genesee Farmer 144-S
  Hannah 30 Wife Yates    
  Orin A. 9 Son Wyoming    
  Mary L. 7 Daughter Wyoming    
GROW Sarah       See GREENMAN 58-S
GUY Timothy 77 M Washington Farmer/Widower of Hannah 84-S
  Hobart 27 Son Orleans Farmer  
  Sophronia 27 Daughter-in-law Onondaga    
  George P. 1y 2m Grandson Orleans    

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