Town of Yates - L

LAKE Christopher 35 M England Farmer 45-S
  Ann (Bacon) 34 Wife England    
  John 20 Son England    
  Hannah 17 Daughter England    
  Sarah 13 Daughter England    
  James 11 Son Orleans    
  Mary 9 Daughter Orleans    
  George 7 Son Orleans    
LANDERS Orlando 47 M VT Cooper 139-N
  Sally 46 Wife Monroe    
  Delphi 16 Son Orleans Cooper  
  Marybeth 12 Daughter Niagara    
GOODWIN Alantha 20 Daughter Orleans Married  
GOODWIN Edwin 1 Grandson IL    
LAWRENCE Mary T.       See CULVER 25-N
LAWRENCE Thomas 45 M Niagara Carpenter 116-N
  Jane A. 30 Wife PA    
  Sarah F. 10 Daughter Orleans    
  Hattie 7 Daughter Orleans    
  Mittie 5 Daughter Orleans    
LEARY William J. 55 M NJ Tailor 229-S
  Eliza (Buchanan) 50 Wife NY    
  Elizabeth 20 Daughter Orleans    
  Ellen 17 Daughter Orleans    
  Frances 15 Daughter Orleans    
  Adeline 12 Daughter Orleans    
  Caroline 9 Daughter Orleans    
  Burtiss 5 Son Orleans    
LEE Ann       See TAPPAN 167-S
LESTER John       See McKINLEY 11-N
LEVY Joseph 49 M Schenectady Farmer 88-S
  Sarah 46 Wife Schenectady    
  Putman 21 Son Schenectady    
  Mary M. 19 Daughter Schenectady    
  Jacob J. 12 Son Schenectady    
LEWIS Emeline       See CLARK 227-S
LEWIS Isaiah 51 M Herkimer Blacksmith 168-N
  Catherine 41 Wife Herkimer    
  Charles H. 21 Son Orleans Farmer  
  Walter 18 Son Orleans Farmer  
  Robert 17 Son Orleans Farmer  
  Alice 14 Daughter Orleans    
  George 9 Son Orleans    
  Hattie 3y 7m Daughter Orleans    
LOADS         See RAMSHAW 203-S
LOMBARD Eliza 52 F VT Widow of George 82-N
  Francena 24 Daughter Orleans    
  Charles L. 18 Son Orleans Farmer  
  George F. 15 Son Orleans Farmer  
LOMBARD Hiram 32 M Orleans Farmer/Widower of Susan 81-N
  Orrin 9 Son Orleans    
  Orville 7 Son Orleans    
  Arletta 5 Daughter Orleans    
  Charles 4y 8m Son Orleans    
LOMBARD Ripley 79 Father VT Farmer  
LOMBARD Mary 74 Mother MA    
CONE Eliza 19 F Ireland Domestic  
LOMBARD Jennie       See CHAFFEE 124-N
LOTT         See DUGAR 153-N
LOTT Alvin 29 M Orleans Farmer 129-S
  Jane (Johnson) 21 Wife Orleans    
LOTT John 43 M Orleans Farmer 130-S
  Lemira M. 29 Wife #2 Orleans    
  Albert 13 Son Orleans    
  Eva 12 Daughter Orleans    
  Carrie 1y 11m Daughter Orleans    
LOTT William 68 M Montgomery Farmer/Widower of Ellen 128-S
HAMLIN Matilda Lott 35 Daughter Orleans Widow of Sylvester  
HAMLIN Emma 10 Granddaughter Orleans    
LUM Charles 59 M DE Farmer 102-N
  Laura (Love) 52 Wife Oneida    
  Charles O. 21 Son Orleans Farmer  
  Lucius 20 Son Orleans Farmer  
LUM Chauncey H. 42 M Niagara Farmer 103-N
  Phebe (Fuller) 37 Wife #1 Orleans    
  Eva 14 Daughter Orleans    
  Helen 12 Daughter Orleans    
  George 2y 3m Son Orleans    
LUM David 48 M Otsego Farmer 108-N
  Frances (Millis) 47 Wife Columbia    
  Frances Jane 22 Daughter Orleans Teacher  
  Chauncey 20 Son Orleans Carpenter  
LUM Deforest 53 M Otsego Farmer 133-N
  Betsey 49 Wife Onondaga    
  Helen 19 Daughter Orleans    
BRONSON Harriet 22 F Orleans Domestic  
MURRELL Robert 14 M England Farm Laborer  

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