Town of Yates - M

MAEL George 30 M England Farmer/Widower 120-S
JOHNSON Elizabeth 60 F England Domestic/Widow  
MALIN Sarah Ann 41 F Onondaga Widow 224-S
  Edgar 21 Son Cayuga Laborer  
  Alice 17 Daughter Orleans    
  Adelbert 14 Son Cayuga    
  John 12 Son Cayuga    
MALLETT John 31 M England Farmer 49-S
  Margaret 25 Wife Orleans    
  Watson 3y 3m Son Orleans    
MANROW Sylvester 38 M Cayuga Farmer 60-N
  Elizabeth 41 Wife Tompkins    
  Minerva E. 12 Daughter Orleans    
MARCELLUS John A. 44 M Schenectady Farmer 146-S
  Abigail 42 Wife Saratoga    
  Emily 18 Daughter Schenectady    
  Sarah L. 15 Daughter Schenectady    
  Charles S. 13 Son Schenectady    
  Mina 6 Daughter Orleans    
MARSHALL Fraser       See TODKILL 119-N
MARTIN         See BLOOD 245-S
MARTIN Laurin 64 M VT Merchant 180-S
  Mary A. (Clark) 44 Wife Orleans    
MARTIN Millie       See GREENE 180-N
MARTINO Joseph       See PARKER 240-S
MASON Oliver 45 M Orleans Farmer 145-S
  Julia A. (Hackney) 43 Wife Onondaga    
  George L. 16 Son Orleans    
  Theodore F. 14 Son Orleans    
  Newton 13 Son Orleans    
  Flora E. 12 Daughter Orleans    
  Clara 9 Daughter Orleans    
WALDRON Huldah 17 F Orleans Domestic  
MATTISON         See MOSHER 134-S
MAYNARD William 46 M MA Shoemaker 199-S
  Sarah 44 Wife #2 CT    
  Edward 12 Son Orleans    
  Arthur 11 Son Orleans    
  Herbert 3y 3m Son Orleans    
McCLEW James 46 M Scotland Farmer 2-N
  Isabel 36 Wife Scotland    
  Isabel 6 Daughter Orleans    
  Maria 2y 6m Daughter Orleans    
McCLEW Agnes 61 Boarder Scotland Widow  
McCOLLUM Ruth 63 F MA Widow of Stephen 233-S
  Mary 35 Daughter Sullivan    
  Owen 29 Son Sullivan Laborer  
  Jeanett 28 Daughter Sullivan    
McDONALD Austin 44 M Onondaga Farmer/Widower 118-N
  Ellen 16 Daughter Niagara    
  Squire 14 Son Niagara    
  Dudley 9 Son Orleans    
McDOWELL Hugh       See STROYAN 42-N
McGUIRE John 47 M Scotland Farmer 22-N
  Dorothy 38 Wife #2 Scotland    
  Alexander 19 Son Scotland Farmer  
  John 17 Son Scotland Farmer  
  James 11 Son Orleans    
  George 4 Son Orleans    
McKENNAN         See WILD 178-S
McKENNAN William       See PUTNAM 147-S
McKINLEY Daniel 71 M Montgomery Farmer 11-N
  Polly 68 Wife Montgomery    
LESTER John 16 M Switzerland Laborer  
ROBINSON Cordelia 30 F Monroe Domestic/Widow  
ROBINSON William H. 7 Widow's Son MI    
McLEAN Thomas 31 M Scotland Farm Laborer 10-N
  Hannah 27 Wife Scotland    
  Agnes 6 Daughter MI    
  Jessie 4 Daughter Orleans    
  Hannah 1 mo Daughter Orleans    
McLEAN John 25 Brother Scotland Farmer  
McMARTIN         See DEUER 59-S
McMILLAN Alexander 36 M Scotland Blacksmith/Single 51-N
McMILLAN Margaret 40 Sister Scotland Single  
McMILLAN Thomas 69 Father Scotland Shoemaker  
McMILLAN William       See FELLOWS 75-N
McNEIL Augustus       See JOHNSON 231-S
MEAD Abel 82 M VT Farmer 30-N
  Dorcas 78 Wife VT    
  Adeline 17 Granddaughter Niagara    
MEAD Ann       See TYLER 175-N
MEAD Worthy 43 M Orleans Farmer 29-N
  Mahala 39 Wife Washington    
  Elizabeth 5 Daughter Orleans    
  Chancellor 1y 3m Son Orleans    
MEAD Agnes 15 Niece Niagara    
MEAD Henry 13 Nephew Niagara    
MEAD William 47 M England Painter/Single 178-N
MEAGHAN John 27 M Ireland Farm Laborer 43-N
  Margaret 25 Wife Ireland    
  Maggie 2y 9m Daughter Niagara    
MEARS Chauncey 62 Hus #3 Onondaga Farmer 170-S
  Charlotte 59 Wife #2 Montgomery    
BOTSFORD Henry 23 Stepson Orleans Cooper  
MEGAR William 50 M England Farmer 127-S
  Phillipa 25 Wife #2 England    
  Mary H. 2y 8m Daughter Canada    
SANTO William 62 Boarder England Farmer/Widower  
SANTO Phillip 21 Boarder England Laborer  
MERCHANT William H.       See WEBSTER 65-S
MERRILL Solomon P. 24 M VT Farmer 34-S
  Eliza L. 22 Wife Orleans    
  Luna A. 8 mo Daughter Orleans    
MERRILL Wadsworth L. 52 M Orleans Farmer 72-S
  Abbie (Farnsworth) 46 Wife Cortland    
  Adelbert 21 Son Orleans Farmer  
  Frank W. 17 Son Orleans Farmer  
  Eddie W. 2 Son Orleans    
MILEHAM Robert 25 M England Laborer 171-S
  Margaret 27 Wife England    
  Emeline 2y 8m Daughter Orleans    
  George 1y 1m Son Orleans    
MILLER Adam 49 M Montgomery Farmer 114-S
  Eliza 49 Wife #1 Orleans    
  Edgar G. 21 Son Niagara Farmer/Army  
  Ann 18 Daughter Niagara Teacher  
  Edwin 16 Son Orleans Farmer  
MILLER James 41 M Orleans Farmer/Single 99-N
  Sally Ann 48 Sister Onondaga    
  Samantha 38 Sister Orleans    
  Diantha 33 Sister Orleans    
  Phebe 69 Mother Montgomery Widow of Jeremiah  
MILLIS Henry 50 M Dutchess Farmer 79-N
  Lemira (Coon) 40 Wife NJ    
  Almond 17 Son Orleans Farmer  
  Howard 14 Son Orleans    
  Emily 12 Daughter Orleans    
  Susan 10 Daughter Orleans    
  Henry W. 7 Son Orleans    
  Mary 3y 10m Daughter Orleans    
  Martha 1y 10m Daughter Orleans    
MILLIS John W. 75 M Dutchess Farmer 189-N
  Christina 74 Wife Dutchess nee KNICKERBOCKER  
MILLIS William 38 M Monroe Farmer 190-N
  Mary N. 38 Wife Wayne    
  Samuel B. 5 Son Orleans    
  William Hugh 6 mo Son Orleans    
THICK Christian 25 M Prussia Farm Laborer  
GARDNER Alexander 21 M Canada Farm Laborer  
MOONE Lyman 56 M Rensselaer Farmer 62-S
  Lura 57 Wife Franklin    
  Hattie E. 23 Daughter Washington    
  Nathaniel C. 18 Son Washington Farmer  
  C. Wallace 14 Son Washington    
ONDERDONK Fannie Moone 29 Daughter Washington    
ONDERDONK Lura J. 1y 11m Granddaughter IL    
MOONEY Eliza       See BLOOD 53-S
MOORE Elizabeth       See SOUTHWORTH 111-N
MOREHOUSE Gideon W. 28 M Yates Farmer 171-N
  Sarah 26 Wife Orleans    
  Nellie 2 mo Daughter Orleans    
MOREHOUSE William 15 Brother Orleans    
MOREHOUSE Isaac 58 M Tompkins Tinsmith 218-S
  Margaret (VanDoren) 53 Wife NJ    
  Henry 22 Son Yates Farmer  
  William 16 Son Orleans Laborer  
AYER Cornelia Morehouse 18 Daughter Orleans    
AYER Albert 24 Son-in-Law Erie Laborer  
MOREY John 39 M Orleans Laborer 208-S
  Maria 37 Wife Otsego    
  Mary 10 Daughter Ontario    
  Sarah 9 Daughter Ontario    
  Edgar 7 Son Ontario    
  Carrie 2y 10m Daughter Ontario    
  Frances E. 5 mo Daughter Orleans    
MOREY Eugene 7 Nephew Orleans    
MORRIS Emily A.       See SMITH 47-S
MOSHER Asa L. 24 M Saratoga Farmer 134-S
  Jennie (Mattison) 19 Wife Orleans    
  Lena B. 1 mo Daughter Orleans    
MATTISON Charlotte 41 Mother-in-Law Niagara Married (2)  
MATTISON Maria 17 Sister-in-Law Orleans    
MATTISON Dora E. 5 Sister-in-Law Niagara    
MOSHER Levi 27 M Saratoga Farmer 135-S
  Emily (Nichols) 28 Wife Orleans    
  Burdette E. 1y 8m Son Orleans    
BAILEY John 73 Grandfather Rensselaer Farmer  
MUDGETT J. Wallace 33 M Orleans Farmer 122-S
  Clara 30 Wife Orleans    
MUDGETT Solon 43 Hus #2 Orleans Farmer 121-S
  Sophia 47 Wife #2 VT    
  Irvin 15 Son Orleans    
MULLEN Edward 35 M Ireland Laborer/Widower 201-S
  Michael 13 Son Niagara    
  Mary A. 12 Daughter Niagara    
  Margaret J. 10 Daughter Canada    
  Sarah 9 Daughter Niagara    
  Eddie 6 Son Niagara    
  Eliza 4 Daughter Niagara    
NOLAN Ann 64 F Ireland Domestic/Widow  
MURDOCK Alexander 47 M Scotland Farmer 112-N
  Elizabeth 36 Wife Scotland    
  Mary 13 Daughter Orleans    
  Alexander 12 Son Orleans    
  Andrew 10 Son Orleans    
  Willie 8 Son Orleans    
  John 6 Son Orleans    
  Carrie 3 Daughter Orleans    
  Emma 1y 7m Daughter Orleans    
MURPHY Martin 50 M Ireland Farmer 19-N
  Mary 40 Wife Ireland    
  Mary A. 6 Daughter Orleans    
  James 4y 4m Son Orleans    
MURRELL Robert       See LUM 133-N

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