Town of Yates - P

PALMER James M. 47 M Madison Farmer 176-S
  Louisa Hannah (Tice) 45 Wife Wayne    
  Hellen 21 Daughter Orleans    
  Charles B. 18 Son Orleans    
  James M. 13 Son Orleans    
  Annie May 4 Daughter Orleans    
PARKER Livonia 63 Hus #2 DE Farmer 240-S
  Sophronia (Barrett) 58 Wife #2 Onondaga    
  Chauncey N. 22 Son Orleans Farmer  
MARTINO Joseph 23 Boarder Canada Carpenter  
PARKER Myron L. 27 M Orleans Farmer 43-S
  Annie E. (Rowley) 26 Wife Orleans    
PARMALEE James 77 M CT Shoemaker 157-N
  Cynthia (Clark) 72 Wife CT    
TAPPAN S. Harry 15 Grandson IL Farmer  
PARMALEE Walter E. 38 M CT Farmer 72-N
  Melissa (Burton) 34 Wife Orleans    
  Fred B. 9 Son Orleans    
  Charles 1y 9m Son Orleans    
PARSONS Joel C. 62 M MA Farmer 5-S
  Phebe (Clark) 62 Wife Essex    
  Isaac Clark 30 Son Orleans    
PARSONS William 49 M MA Farmer 61-S
  Mary J. 45 Wife Monroe    
  Henry J. 20 Son Orleans    
  Laura Emma 16 Adopted Monroe    
PASINO Laura       See BLOOD 154-S
PAUL Archibald D. 34 M Oswego Collar Maker 182-S
  Lois C. 24 Wife #2 Orleans    
  Morris 12 Son Orleans    
  Marcus 10 Son Orleans    
  Nellie 4 Daughter Orleans    
PAUL Robert 51 M Oswego Laborer/Army 223-S
  Mary A. 50 Wife Madison    
  John 25 Son Madison Cooper  
  Elizabeth 23 Daughter-in-Law Monroe    
HENION David 27 Son-in-Law Orleans Wagon Maker  
HENION Delia Paul 21 Daughter Madison    
PAYNE Lyman       See CHURCH 38-N
PEASLEE William F. 47 M Rensselaer Painter 151-N
  Rosilla 48 Wife Albany    
  Jeptha 16 Son Orleans Painter  
PENNOCK Hiram 49 M Jefferson Carpenter 173-S
  Emily (Shepherd) 48 Wife Monroe    
  Wilson 21 Son Jefferson Carpenter  
  Sarah 18 Daughter Jefferson    
  Clara 13 Daughter Jefferson    
  Charles 3y 8m Son Jefferson    
PENNY Frank       See DAVIS 146-N
PERRY         See GILBERT 90-N
PERRY Cyrus J. 33 M St. Lawrence Laborer 6-S
  Caroline J. 34 Wife Orleans    
  Alice 9 Daughter IL    
  Diana 7 Daughter IL    
  Ada 5 Daughter IL    
PERRY John 82 Father VT Widower (2)  
PETRIE Melchert 51 M Herkimer Farmer 96-N
  Mary (Folts) 43 Wife #1 Herkimer    
  Charles 19 Son Orleans Farmer  
  Albert 16 Son Orleans Farmer  
  Irving 12 Son Orleans    
  Emma 9 Daughter Oneida    
  George 4y 6m Son Orleans    
FOLTS Melissa 26 Sister-in-Law Oneida Single  
WITTENSTINE Charles 16 Nephew Herkimer Farmer  
PETRIE Simon 44 M Herkimer Farmer 95-N
  Laura (Miller) 44 Wife Onondaga    
  Jane 14 Daughter Orleans    
  Cornelia 10 Daughter Orleans    
  Frederick 8 Son Orleans    
  Willie 6 Son Orleans    
  Hattie 3y 4m Daughter Orleans    
PETRIE Mary 52 Sister Herkimer Single  
PETTIT Charles P. 55 M Jefferson Cradle Maker 196-S
  Elizabeth C. 43 Wife #2 Westchester    
  Sands C. 16 Son Orleans Collar Maker  
WILLIAMS Orcelia A. 17 Daughter Orleans Wife of Benjamin  
PETTIT George       See BANE 64-S
PETTIT Henry 29 M Saratoga Farmer 140-S
  Electa 28 Wife Niagara    
  Carrie 3 Daughter Orleans    
  Mary E. 6 mo Daughter Orleans    
PETTIT Hellena       See COOPER 75-S
PHELPS Leicester 64 M CT Blacksmith 187-S
  Maria 60 Wife VT    
PHELPS         See GRAY 230-S
PHILLIPS Edward 30 M New Brunswick Laborer 160-S
  Fanny 26 Wife Ireland    
  Mary A. 4 Daughter Orleans    
  Edward 2y 4m Son Orleans    
PHILLIPS Michael 60 Hus #2 Ireland Shoemaker 205-S
  Caroline 52 Wife #2 CT    
PHIPANY Elizabeth Blanchard 63 F NH Widow of Horace 184-S
  Arthur 30 Son Orleans Farmer  
  A. Haller 28 Son Orleans Farmer  
  Mary E. 27 Daughter Orleans    
  Carroll 22 Son Orleans Farmer  
PIERCE Romanzo 28 M Madison Farmer 87-S
PIERCE Susan Torrey 56 Mother Madison Widow of Isaac  
DENSMORE Harriet P. 26 Sister Madison    
DENSMORE Samuel 4 Nephew Orleans    
PITTS James 54 M Otsego Farmer 153-S
  Lorana 53 Wife Onondaga    
  Marshall F. 19 Son Niagara Student  
KENYON Cynthia A. 7 Granddaughter Niagara    
PITTS Rosina A.       See BATHRICK 106-S
PLATTEN John 58 M England Farmer 69-S
  Mary A. 56 Wife England    
  Charlotte 26 Daughter England    
  Betsey 22 Daughter England    
  William 18 Son England Farmer  
  Thomas L. 14 Son Orleans    
PLUMMER Alfred 30 M NH Laborer 74-S
  Adelia 22 Wife Orleans    
  Franklin 2y 6m Son Orleans    
  Nellie 2 mo Daughter Orleans    
PORTER Evaline       See GILBERT 195-S
POTTER William T. Rev. 40 M OH Bapt. Clergyman 183-N
  Mary A. 36 Wife England    
  Mary A. 5 Daughter Chenango    
  Caroline C. 3y 1m Daughter Chenango    
  Willie L. 8 mo Son Orleans    
DANIELS Mary 21 F Ireland Domestic  
POWELS John Bligh 37 M England Farmer 5-N
  Mary A. 33 Wife England    
  Fanny E. 7 Daughter Orleans    
  Gertrude 4 Daughter Orleans    
  Frederick 1y 11m Son Orleans    
POWLEY Abel 34 M England Farmer 107-N
  Mary 35 Wife England    
  Benjamin 10 Son Orleans    
  Albert 4 Son Orleans    
  Ida 3y 6m Daughter Orleans    
  Horace 1y 7m Son Orleans    
PRESCOTT Henry 52 Hus #2 VT Farmer 26-N
  Elizabeth 37 Wife #2 Niagara    
  Adelbert 12 Son Orleans    
  Rosa J. 9 Daughter Orleans    
  Ellsworth 2 mo Son Orleans    
  Elmer 2 mo Son Orleans    
PREST Robert 35 M England Farm Laborer 92-N
  Elizabeth 24 Wife #2 England    
  Walter 3y 3m Son Orleans    
PRINGLE Stephen       See COE 66-S
PUTNAM John 49 M Schenectady Farmer 147-S
  Hannah M. (Powling?) 43 Wife Montgomery    
  Sarah 17 Daughter Schenectady    
  Albert 16 Son Schenectady    
  Nancy 12 Daughter Montgomery    
  Oscar 11 Son Niagara    
McKENNAN William 28 M Ireland Farm Laborer/Army  

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