Town of Yates - R

RAMSHAW William 46 Hus #2 England Farmer 203-S
  Maria (Mrs. Loads) 46 Wife #2 England    
  Noah 15 Son England    
LOADS Reuben 22 Stepson England Laborer  
LOADS William 20 Stepson England Laborer  
LOADS Emma 17 Stepdaughter England    
LOADS Stephen 12 Stepson Orleans    
LOADS Cornelia 5 Stepdaughter Niagara    
RAYMER Charlotte 33 F Tompkins Married/Wife of Mason 169-N
  Willie 10 Son Orleans    
  Ella 9 Daughter Niagara    
REDMOND John 40 Hus #2 Ireland Laborer 55-S
  Mary Gary Arnold 42 Wife #2 Ireland    
  Mary 2 Daughter Orleans    
  Sarah 4 mo Daughter Orleans    
ARNOLD Peter 20 Stepson Ireland Laborer  
ARNOLD James 18 Stepson Ireland Laborer  
ARNOLD John 15 Stepson Monroe    
ARNOLD Thomas 13 Stepson Monroe    
ARNOLD Margaret 10 Stepdaughter Monroe    
ARNOLD Bernard 8 Stepson Orleans    
RICE Robert 48 M England Laborer 235-S
  Mary (Short) 48 Wife England    
  Martin S. 21 Son England Laborer  
  Walter T. 8 Son Orleans    
RIX Joel E. 34 M VT Blacksmith 179-N
  Sarah A. 33 Wife Clinton    
  Florence C. 13 Daughter Niagara    
  Ellen N. 11 Daughter Niagara    
  Cora B. 5 Daughter Orleans    
  Elmer 4 Son Orleans    
  Carrie 10 mo Daughter Orleans    
ROBINSON         See McKINLEY 11-N
ROLFE Charles C. 31 M England Farm Laborer 98-N
  Fanny M. (Reynolds) 30 Wife England    
  Mary 9 Daughter Niagara    
  Fanny 7 Daughter Niagara    
  George H. 6 Son Orleans    
  Margaret 5 Daughter Orleans    
  Anne L. 3 Daughter Orleans    
  Charles 1y 6m Son Niagara    
ROOT Olive A.       See CULVER 25-N
ROOT Reuben 72 M Montgomery Farmer 63-N
  Elizabeth (Hastings) 67 Wife Canada    
  George 23 Son Orleans Farmer  
  Abigail 37 Daughter-in-Law Orleans    
  Ella 16 Granddaughter Orleans    
  Baxter 13 Grandson Orleans    
HARRIS Rosanna Root 38 Daughter Orleans Wife of Charles  
HARRIS Sarah 14 Granddaughter Orleans    
HARRIS Edward 3 Grandson Orleans    
NILES Edwin 28 M MI Farm Laborer  
ROOT William       See SKELLENGER 68-N
ROWAN James 50 M Ireland Laborer 4-N
  Margaret 36 Wife Ireland    
  Mary E. 8 Daughter England    
  James 6 Son Orleans    
  Hubert 4 Son Orleans    
  William 1 Son Orleans    
ROWLEY Martin 54 M VT Farmer 80-S
  Ann (Whitmarsh) 50 Wife Onondaga    
  Adelia 20 Daughter Orleans    
  Lucinda 18 Daughter Orleans    
  Elmer 14 Son Orleans    
  Ida 9 Daughter Orleans    
  Lee 7 Son Orleans    
RUTHERFORD James 48 M Livingston Farmer 60-S
  Jeanette (Shorter) 40 Wife Monroe    
  Mary A. 7 Daughter Orleans    
  Willis 2y 7m Son Orleans    
  Nettie Bell 3 mo Daughter Orleans    
RYAN William 56 M Ireland Farmer 100-S
  Mary 40 Wife Ireland    
  Timothy 9 Son Orleans    
  Michael 7 Son Orleans    

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