Town of Yates - W

WALDRON Hulda       See MASON 145-S
WALKER Charles       See JOHNSON 231-S
WALPOLE James 23 M England Laborer 79-S
  Jane 23 Wife Canada    
WARNE Charles 42 M DE Farmer 53-N
  Clarinda 26 Wife DE    
  Oman 7 Son DE    
  Delia 5 Daughter Orleans    
  Mary 3 Daughter Orleans    
WARNE Edwin 25 M DE Carpenter 163-N
  Lucretia 23 Wife Orleans    
WARNER Isaac 47 Hus #2 Genesee Farmer 162-S
  Elizabeth B. 49 Wife Oneida    
  James 17 Son Genesee    
  Alice 15 Daughter Genesee    
  Byron 13 Son Genesee    
HEWES Sarah 19 Stepdaughter Genesee    
WARNER Jackson 44 M Orleans Farmer 33-N
  Huldah (Beecher) 32 Wife #2 Orleans    
  Charles 14 Son Orleans    
  Sarah 10 Daughter MI    
  Frank 6 Son MI    
  Ella 3y 6m Daughter Orleans    
WARNER James H.       See FAILING 31-N
WARNER Liberty 28 M Orleans Farmer 13-N
  Fatima 28 Wife Orleans    
  Howard 7 Son Orleans    
  Francena 5 Daughter Orleans    
  Villa 3 Daughter Orleans    
  Lester 11 mo Son Orleans    
WARNER Rensselaer 72 Father CT Farmer  
WARNER Anne 70 Mother CT    
VanAUCKER Melinda 20 Niece Orleans    
VanAUCKER Edwin 18 Nephew Orleans Single  
WARNER Mathias 45 M Orleans Carpenter 89-N
  Susan S. 40 Wife Monroe    
  Hollis 18 Son Orleans    
  Edna 8 Daughter Orleans    
  Clara 6 Daughter Orleans    
WARNER Philo 79 Hus #2 CT Farmer 34-N
  Sophia 68 Wife #2 CT    
WARREN John D. Dr. 35 M Erie Physician 244-S
  Louise 33 Wife #1 Monroe    
  Louise 7 Daughter Monroe    
WATERBURY Aaron V. 70 Hus #2 Rensselaer Farmer 86-S
  Albertine 74 Wife #2 Rensselaer    
  Henrietta 36 Daughter Rensselaer    
  Phebe 33 Daughter Rensselaer    
WATERBURY Arthur 55 M Genesee Farmer 119-S
  Caroline (Green) 54 Wife Dutchess    
  Jefferson G. 8 Son Orleans    
  George A. 22 Son Orleans Farmer  
  Eliza 25 Daughter-in-Law Orleans    
  Ida 2y 4m Granddaughter Orleans    
  Charles 2 mo Grandson Orleans    
WATERBURY Barton 53 M Rensselaer Farmer 132-S
  Mary J. (Peaslee) 44 Wife Rensselaer    
  Angeline 23 Daughter Orleans    
  Daniel 21 Son Orleans    
WATERBURY Stephen 25 M Rensselaer Farmer 131-S
  Celestia 24 Wife Rensselaer    
  Erwin 6 mo Son Rensselaer    
WATERBURY William 54 M Rensselaer Farmer 133-S
  Laura 52 Wife Rensselaer    
  John 24 Son Wayne Farmer  
  Celestia 21 Daughter Wayne    
  Webster 19 Son Orleans Farmer  
  Henriette 16 Daughter Orleans    
  Sarah 12 Daughter Orleans    
WHITE Philo J. 37 Son-in-Law Orleans Painter  
WHITE Phebe (Waterbury) 24 Daughter Wayne    
WHITE Alvina 6 mo Granddaughter Orleans    
WEBSTER Lucius 32 M Otsego Farmer 65-S
  Aurelia (Linsley) 27 Wife Orleans    
  Charles 2y 10m Son Orleans    
  Clara 8 mo Daughter Orleans    
MERCHANT William H. 21 M Orleans Laborer  
AXTELL Mary L. 14 F Orleans Domestic  
WELCH John       See CADY 91-N
WELD Andrew 60 M VT Farmer 247-S
  Clarissa (Root) 62 Wife #2 Oneida    
HOOKER Warren 17 M Orleans Laborer  
WELLS Edward 23 M Orleans Farmer 99-S
  Charity 20 Wife Onondaga    
WELLS Horatio 58 M Madison Farmer 98-S
  Harriet (Cummings) 58 Wife Cortland    
WHITE         See WATERBURY 133-S
WHITNEY Sabrina 64 F CT Widow (2) 11-S
TORPEY William 43 Son Genesee Widower/Army  
WICKHAM Samuel Kenyon 58 M Onondaga Farmer 110-N
  Lucy (Dewitt) 55 Wife Cayuga    
  Dewitt 22 Son Orleans Carpenter  
  Fernando 19 Son Orleans Farmer  
WICKHAM Wallace 29 Son Orleans Farmer  
WICKHAM Mary 25 Daughter-in-Law Niagara    
WICKHAM Fred 3y 10m Grandson Orleans    
WILCOX Joseph       See ACKLES 126-S
WILD Owen 55 M MA Farmer 152-S
  Rhoda 60 Wife Madison    
WILLIAMS Alonzo       See CLARK 141-N
WILLIAMS Julia 32 F Germany Married 82-S
  John 9 Son Canada    
  Emma J. 7 Daughter Orleans    
WILLIAMS Orcelia A.       See PETTIT 196-S
WINEGAR Charles M.       See HALSEY 145-N
WINEGAR Henry 44 M Columbia Farmer/Married (2) Divorced  
          Husband of Reliance  
  Isabel 15 Daughter Orleans    
  George H. 12 Son Orleans    
WITTENSTINE Charles       See PETRIE 96-N
WOOD David 30 M Orleans Farmer 66-N
  Melissa (Angle) 20 Wife Orleans    
  Bertha 8 mo Daughter Orleans    
WOOD Lewis 56 M Tompkins Farmer 65-N
  Eunice (Coon) 51 Wife NJ    
  Mary 23 Daughter Orleans    
  Wesley 19 Son Orleans    
WOODWORTH Alonzo G. 42 M Montgomery Farmer 96-S
  Harriet M. 37 Wife Cortland    
  Ella R. 9 Daughter Orleans    
  Willie G. 6 Son Orleans    
  Frank 1y 5m Son Orleans    
WYNER John 30 M Germany Farmer 204-S
  Dora A. 24 Wife #2 Germany    
  John 4 Son Erie    
  Matilda 2y 4m Daughter Erie    

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