17th New York Volunteer Light Artillery Biographical Sketches

Unless otherwise stated, men were mustered out 6/12/65 at Richmond, VA;
This list will be continuously updated on the Orleans Co. NY GENWEB site.

“Right 1st” through “Left 6th” refers to which of the guns the men were assigned to, when known.
Center Sections were mostly men from Barre (Albion); Ridgeway - Right 1st + Left 5th; Shelby - Right 2nd; Yates - Left 6th

26 men assigned to the 3rd NYLA on 6/10/65 had committed to 3 years service in 1863 or 1864

UPDATED – July 1, 2020, from "The Orleans Battery - A History of the 17th New York Light Artillery in the War of Rebellion"


1. Ackerson, Henry [Ackerson, John Henry or J. Henry] - Center 4th; 8/23/62 at Barre age 18 (11/17/44? at Carlton?, Orleans Co. NY-9/8/24 at Rochester, NY); age 7 in 50 Ridgeway Census; son of Tunis [often listed as Thomas] and Anna Crandall; 65 Carlton Census Farmer age 20 with sister Catherine and brother-in-law Smith Hunter; married Martha Jane Cook (6/16/42 at LeRoy, NY-5/9/19 from pneumonia following influenza) 12/7/69 at Niagara Falls, NY; Carpenter in 70 Barre, NY Census as John H.; in 80 Hudson, Charlevoix Co. MI Census; 8/27/88 invalid in MI 66987827; Shoemaker in LeRoy, Genesee Co. NY 1900 Census; no occupation in 1910; widower in 1920 Census; sold popcorn for years as “Cap” Ackerson on Main St. in LeRoy; Martha is buried at the Myrtle St. Cemetery in LeRoy; Henry is at LeRoy’s Machpelah Cemetery; brother Edward M. (4/4/47-7/11/26) served in 2nd NY Mounted Rifles

2. Allard, William Henry - 9/6/64 at Lockport age 19; (9/17/44 at Chester, MA-6/21/73 of consumption at Honeoye Falls, NY); resident of Albion, NY; father Rev. Samuel Richardson; mother Mary Rust Gibson; in 50 Norwich, Hampshire Co. MA Census; in 60 Chester, Town of Huntington, MA Census; also served in Co. G 32nd MA Infantry 6/18/62-11/26/62; married Helen “Nellie” Gordon (5/?/49 in Saxonville?, MA-11/6/22 at Minneapolis, Hennepin Co. MN) circa 1872; she is in 80 Perinton, Monroe Co. NY Census [misspelled as “Nillie G.”; misread as “Millie G.”] with brother John R. [both boarding Teachers; she later lived with him and his wife in Minneapolis]; widow pension 8/17/88 329031 NY with only MA Infantry service listed; widow Helen G. in 90 Soldier Census at Penn Yan, Yates Co. NY; mentions only MA Infantry service; William was first buried at Honeoye Falls Cemetery, Monroe Co. NY, but was reburied June 1903 in grave 7 sec 16 lot 127 at Lakewood Cemetery, Minneapolis, MN; wife Nellie is in grave 8

3. Allen, George Ebenezer - 9/12/64 at Rochester age 26; (8/11/36 in Brockport, Monroe Co. NY-9/30/13 at Medina, NY after being injured 9/27 when a wagon he was on tipped over); son of William P. Jr. and Lucinda Dwyer; married Elnora Amelia Hunt (6/7/43 in Ridgeway, NY-3/2/34 of bronchial pneumonia at Medina, NY) 2/11/62; “Leather Dresser” in 75 Ridgeway Census; 80 Ridgeway Census “Policeman and Roofer”; 92 Ridgeway Census age 55; Streets Commissioner; wife Elnora age 48; invalid 9/18/04; widow pension 10/15/13; both at 193 Old in Boxwood Cemetery near Medina, NY; brother Henry L. of Co. D 28th NY Infantry was killed at Cedar Mountain August 1862 and was buried there

4. Allen, Henry H. - Left 6th; 8/20/62 at Medina age 31; deserted 10/26/62 at Baltimore and returned 11/25/62; 65 Yates Census age 34; Farmer; son of Simon and Elizabeth Botsford; invalid pension 2/19/78; 80 Yates Census Cooper; (4/3/31 at Yates Center, NY-7/5/13); never married; at Lynhaven Cemetery, Lyndonville, NY

5. Ambler, George - Center 4th; 8/21/62 at Barre age 36; out at Rochester, NY 6/7/65; (1/?/26 in Yorkshire, England-3/1/03 in Brooklyn, NY); immigrated 1840; son of John and Edna; wife Louisa Brind (10/7/25 in England-4/1/96 in Brooklyn, NY); she immigrated 1835; family moved to NJ after war and lived with his widowed mother; 80 Census at Paterson, Passaic Co. NJ; Baker; invalid pension in NY 8/1/90; both in 92 Brooklyn, NY Census; he is in 1900 Brooklyn, NY Census; Louisa is buried in Paterson, NJ; George likely is

6. Amess, Samuel - Left 5th; 8/20/62 at Medina age 42; (8/18/19 in Norfolk, England-11/25/90 in Burr Oak, MI); son of Robert and Mary A. Wiseman; married Nancy Elizabeth Daughtery (9/1/23 at Hasbro, England-4/4/04 in MI) 12/17/44 at Norfolk, England; immigrated 1851; “Amos” in 55, 60, and 65 Shelby, Orleans Co. NY Census; moved to Burr Oak, MI in 1868; Farmer in Burr Oak, MI 80 Census; invalid pension 12/20/87 in MI; widow pension 1/10/91; both buried in Burr Oak Cemetery, St. Joseph Co. MI

7. Anderson, Michael - 10/6/64 at Rochester age 29; trans. 6/10/65 Batt. K 3rd NYLA; out 7/15/65 at Syracuse, NY; earlier served 12/26/63-3/1/64 in Co. K 8th NY Heavy Artillery; discharged for disability at Fort McHenry, Baltimore MD; [based on C.W. enrollment record (4/4/30 in Ireland-10/27/11) and son of George and Mary Flynn; based on burial record born 6/17/33 to Joseph and Judith Powell or Power]; immigrated circa 1852; married Ellen M. McKernan (8/?/36 in Ireland-8/4/13) circa 1858; 65 Murray Census age 35; occupation "Army"; wife Ellen age [25]; Laborer in 80 Murray Census; invalid pension 7/10/89; widow pension 11/3/11; both at Sandy Creek Cemetery in Town of Murray, Orleans Co. NY; his marker lists only his Co. K 8th NY service

8. Andrews, Reuben M. - Center 4th; 8/18/62 at Medina age [23]; 65 Ridgeway Census age 30; Tinsmith; son of Dominic and Ann; brother of William H. of the 17th; age 13[?] in 60 Tonawanda, NY Census; married Elvira Membert (4/?/47? in Columbia Co.? NY-7/6/31) circa 1865; Tinsmith in 80 Columbia Co. NY Census; invalid 8/4/90 in NY; (9/?/36? in Canterbury, Orange Co. NY-1/27/09 at Washington, D.C.); buried in Arlington National Cemetery, Section 17, site 17530 [as Ruben M.]; widow pension 2/4/09 at Washington, D.C. 913.233; Elvira also buried in Arlington at site White Enl 17537; brother Elam L. served in Co. A 151st NY Infantry; brother John T. of the 2nd NYLA was killed at 2nd Bull Run and was buried on the field

9. Andrews, William Henry [Andrews, Henry W.] - Center 4th; 8/20/62 at Medina age [21]; (1846? at Peekskill, Westchester Co. NY-7/24/66 of chorea at Tyler Island, GA); 50 Rome, NY Census as H.W. age 3; age 12 in 60 Tonawanda, NY Census as Henry; received furlough 2/65 for being “neatest private soldier in 4 batteries”; 65 Ridgeway Census age 18; son of Dominic and Ann; brother of Reuben M. of the 17th; enlisted 6/13/66 as a Private in Co. F 7th U.S. Infantry, buried in Beauford National Cemetery in SC; brother Elam L. served in Co. A 151st NY Infantry; brother John T. of the 2nd NYLA was killed at 2nd Bull Run and was buried on the field

10. Anthony, George Tobey - commissioned Captain; from Medina, NY; Merchant; 2nd cousin of Susan B.; son of Benjamin Mason and Anna O’Dell; married Rosa A. Lyon (11/11/24 in NY-12/21/16 at San Antonio, TX) 12/14/52; moved to Leavenworth, KS and became editor of Daily Bulletin and Daily Commercial; was president of Kansas State Board of Agriculture 1873-1876; Governor of Kansas 1877-1879; later ran for U.S. Congress; (6/9/24 in Mayfield, Fulton Co. NY-8/5/96 of pneumonia/diabetes in Topeka, KS); widow pension 9/12/04; both buried at Topeka Cemetery, Shawnee Co. KS

11. Atkins, Edward S. [Simmons?] - Left 6th; 8/22/62 at Medina age 22; (4/?/40 at Annsville, Oneida Co. NY-9/1/02 in MI); from Hartland, Niagara Co. NY; son of Dana and Catharine M. Simmons; in 50 Hartland, NY Census; 70 Somerset, Niagara Co. Census age 29; married Martha H. Kaynor (9/19/46 in Niagara Co. NY-11/23/23 in Grand Rapids, MI) 2/?/70; invalid pension 10/22/79; in 90 Soldier Census as “Edwin”; lived at Beaver Lake, MI in 1891, Carpenter in 1900 Census at Berlin, Ionia Co. MI; widow pension no date; both buried in lot 477, Saranac Cemetery in Ionia Co. MI; received government headstone in 1932

12. Axtell, Franklin R. - Left 5th; 8/22/62 at Medina age 36; (8/10/26 at Windsor, MA-10/20/00 at Gilmore Township, MI); Sgt.; Chief of the Piece; reduced to Private 6/6/64 and replaced by Henry Lozier; son of Thomas and Lovina Slocum; married Delia "Dolly" Brown (8/9/30-12/4/60) in 1852; she is buried at West Gaines Cemetery; Gunsmith in 65 Ridgeway Census; married widow of Amos Evans, Thecla Janet Brown Evans (1/27/32 at Castile, Wyoming Co. NY-8/11/16 at Gilmore Township, MI) 7/18/65; in 70 Benzie Co. MI Census; invalid pension 6/25/80; 1900 MI Census name misread as “Frenchie”; widow pension no date; both buried in Gilmore Cemetery, Elberta, Benzie Co. MI; brother Arnold served in Co. A 151st NY Infantry, and died 6/3/64 shortly after being wounded at Cold Harbor

13. Bacon, George - Left 5th; 8/22/62 at Medina age 22; (6/?/40 at East Ruston, Norfolk England-4/3/10); son of William and Charlotte Waterson; came to U.S. 4/20/51; married Charity Pratt (1/?/45 in England-3/31/17) 7/13/65; 70 Ridgeway Census Quarry Worker; 80 Somerset, Niagara Co. Census; invalid pension 3/16/89; widow pension NY 4/17/10 939763; both buried at Lynhaven Cemetery in Lyndonville, NY

14. Barber, Edwin Joel - Center 3rd; 8/26/62 at Medina age 33; 1st Sgt.; promoted to Senior 2nd Lieut. [Chief of Caissons] 1/30/63 replacing Irving Thompson; (2/21/29 in Cornwall, Addison Co. VT-5/24/14 at Onarga, IL); son of Woodbridge Little and Sarah “Sally” Kipp Delong; House Carpenter in 60 Yates Census; married first wife Sarah Matilda Rockwell (9/10/33 at Ridgebury, Fairfield Co. CT-5/14/76) 10/7/51 at Yates, NY; House Carpenter in 60 Yates, NY Census; both are in 70 Onarga, IL Census [he as “Edward”]; invalid pension 5/8/73; married 2nd wife Arabella "Belle" (11/9/43 in NY-3/5/24) 6/27/77 at Langley, Fairfax Co. VA; she was a daughter of Virginia farmer Abner Stevenson on whose land the 17th had camped near Fairfax Court House; his first choice Catherine "Kate" was already married when he got there; Farmer in 80 Onarga, IL Census; he attended 1894 reunion with son Willie; he was totally blind by 1904; widow pension 6/1/14; all 3 buried at Onarga Cemetery, Iroquois Co. IL; brother James E. served in Co. A 88th IL Infantry, and died 2/64 soon after his medical discharge

15. Barnes, Philo M. [Marvin?] - Right 1st; 8/18/62 at Medina age 24; (9/20/37? at Manchester, Ontario Co. NY-10/1/11 in Lockport, NY); son of Marvin G. and Sarah Holmes; married Mary Ann Wilson (12/31/39 in Niagara Co. NY-12/16/15 at Philadelphia, PA) 9/11/62 at Medina, NY; went into “House, Sign, Carriage and Ornamental Painting” business with William H. Nixon 6/65; 70 Shelby Census Painter age 29; 80 Lockport Census as “Farlow”; invalid pension 10/30/91; 1900 Census Carriage Painter; in 1910 Lockport, Niagara Co. NY Census; lived at 278 Walnut St. in 1911 Lockport Directory; widow pension Mary A. 10/3/11; both in unmarked graves at Cold Springs Cemetery in Lockport, NY

16. Barringer, [James] Alfred - Right 2nd; 8/22/62 at Barre age 22; (1839 at Nassau, Rensselaer Co. NY-12/31/89 at Watertown, NY); son of John [Johannes] and Eve [or Eva] Miller; married Electa L. Williams (2/?/51 at Shelby?, Orleans Co. NY-1937) circa 1866; Farmer in 70 Ridgeway, NY Census as “Baringer”; graduated from Buffalo Medical College at the University of Buffalo 2/25/73; had practice in Elba, Genesee Co. NY in 1876; 80 Census as “Barrenger”; invalid pension 6/14/80; widow pension Electa 3/24/91; she remarried circa 1897 to George W. Witbeck (11/?/50-1922); all 3 are buried at Nassau-Schodack Cemetery

17. Beecher, Spencer Hezekiah - Right 2nd; 8/25/62 at Barre age 21; promoted to 1st Corp. [Gunner] 1/20/63; 50 Ridgeway Census misread as “Bucher”; 60 Albion, NY Census age 19; son of Johannah “Jane” Wright and Dr. Hezekiah; (9/27/40 at Knowlesville, NY-1/2/26 in Ionia, MI); married Rebecca F. Schaeffer (3/7/38 at Canoga, Seneca Co. NY-1/14/23 at Toledo, OH) 9/9/66 at Mt. Pleasant, Washtenaw Co. MI; “Ticket Agent at R. R.” in 70 Lansing, MI Census as “Beacher”; Store Clerk in 80 Mason, Ingham Co. MI Census; later was Mayor of Mason; invalid pension 12/6/87; in 1910 Toledo, Lucas Co. OH Census; lived near Toledo, OH in 1911 [came to annual reunion from there]; had worked there in “artificial stone” business and for the Toledo Bee; he is buried at Maple Grove Cemetery, Mason, Ingham Co. MI

18. Belgard, Henry E. - 8/26/62 at Barre age [18]; Boatman; deserted 5/9/63 at Camp Barry; (4/18/42 at Prescott, Ontario Canada-8/2/91 at Ogdensburg, NY) [villages are across the St. Lawrence River from each other]; 1851 Grenville ON Census age 9; son of Antoine and Lucinda Pratt; Henry of Albion, NY married Anna Milvy [Milby] (1835 in Canada-?) of Lockport, NY 9/30/62 at Albion according to newspaper announcement; she is single using her maiden name in 65 Cambria, Niagara Co. Census and 70 Lockport Census; he is single in 1871 Prescott, ON Census; married Sarah McNally (1/28/51 at Rossie, NY-12/2/37 at Ogdensburg, NY) 1876 at Ogdensburg; Printer in 80 Ogdensburg, St. Lawrence Co. NY Census age 37; both at St. Mary’s Cemetery in Oswegatchie, NY

19. Bennett, Franklin B. - Right 1st; 8/21/62 at Medina age 24; (12/4/37 in Shelby, NY-11/4/75); son of Franklin and Elizabeth Martin; 75 Shelby Census age 37; retired; married widow Mary Elizabeth Thompson Mount (10/?/37 in Schenectady, NY-6/10/07 in Cuyahoga Co. OH) circa 1874; widow pension 5/1/80 264281; both are buried at 161 Old at Boxwood Cemetery in Medina, NY; she as Mary E. Mount, widow of John William

20. Bentley, George Washington [not Bensley] - Right 2nd; 8/18/62 at Shelby age 31; discharged 6/5/65; son of John and Marsilva Bugbee; Farmer in 60 Shelby Census as “Bently” with 1st wife [Martha] Jane Parker (1830 in Shelby, NY-12/30/63 in NY?); married 1/20/50 at Shelby, NY; married 2nd wife Mary Ann Miller (7/23/47 in Canandaigua, NY-4/21/00 in Hillsdale Co. MI) 2/2/68 in Hillsdale Co. MI; Farmer in 70 Somerset, Hillsdale Co. MI Census; invalid pension 2/16/92; he is a widower in 1900 MI Census; (4/17/29 in Shelby, NY-5/5/07 at Hillsdale, MI); married 3rd wife Sarah A. Luke (9/6/54 at Camden, Hillsdale Co. MI-3/10/23 at West Unity, Williams Co. OH) 7/7/01 in Hillsdale Co. MI; widow pension Sarah A. 5/29/07 in MI; George and 2nd wife Mary buried at Lake View Cemetery in Hillsdale, MI

21. Benton, Oliver Charles - Center 4th; 8/18/62 at Barre age 26; 2nd Corp. [Caisson]; promoted to Sgt. [Chief of the Piece] 4/8/63 replacing William B. Young; (1/13/36 at Barre, NY-1/8/07 at Albion, NY); son of Oliver and Elvira Starr; married Cora S. Beach 9/10/57; her letters to Charlie collected in book Hard Breathing Days; (9/11/38 at Penfield, NY-12/19/02 at Five Corners north of Albion, NY); Peddler in 80 Albion Census; invalid pension 2/16/92 1091778; both buried at Mt. Albion Cemetery

22. Bessac, Addison Gardner - 9/10/64 at Rochester age 24; (11/12/39 in Albion, Orleans Co. NY-8/19/88 of consumption); son of Benjamin Lisk and Caroline Gardner Baker; became a Lawyer; married Alice E. Butler (9/?/40 in Orleans Co. NY-10/16/17) 12/5/66 at Albion, NY; widow pension Alice E. 7/16/90; both at Mt. Albion Cemetery

23. Bidwell, Hiram H. - Center 4th; 8/18/62 at Barre age 28; out 6/15/65 at Fortress Monroe, VA; (8/26/33 at Palmyra, Wayne Co. NY-8/2/02); son of Phineas and Tryphenia [or Tryphena] S. Robbins; Laborer in 60 Greece, Monroe Co. NY Census; invalid pension 8/31/65 NY; married Emma J. Newland (6/?/44 in Ontario Co. NY-5/18/26) in Albion, NY 12/24/67; lived at Beaver Lake, MI in 1891; she listed her birth date as 6/53 in 1900 Brutus, Cayuga Co. NY Census; widow pension Emma J. 1902 NY; both buried 25 miles west of Syracuse in section 9 of Weedsport Rural Cemetery, Weedsport, NY

24. Bingle, Henry - 8/30/64 at NYC age 38; (1826? in Germany-?); Hat Maker; possibly age 41 in 70 NYC Census; born in Darmstadt; wife Cecilia; (1830? in Austria-?); no later Census; no pension info

25. Bitz, Charles F. [Beitz, Charles Friedrich; Beitz, Carl Friedrich] - Center 4th; 8/20/62 at Medina age 22; (9/23/39 in Gunterburg, Prussia-2/14/17 in WI?); son of Christian Friedrich Beitz and Johanna Charlotte Bartz; immigrated 9/6/43 as "Carl"; 50 Buffalo, NY Census with parents as Charles “Betz”; Carriage Maker on C.W. Muster Roll Abstract; 60 Buffalo, Erie Co. NY Census as "Bates"; Carriage Maker; married Anna F. Westphal (1848?-before 1900) 4/20/70 at Jackson, Washington Co. WI as "Beitz"; 70 Buffalo, Erie Co. NY Census as "Baitz"; Carriage Maker; in 80 Milwaukee, WI Census as “Beitz”; invalid pension 5/16/92 at NY 1111491; pension attorney was W. Bowen Moore of Buffalo; Servant in Niagara Falls, NY 1900 Census; in 1902 Niagara Falls, NY directory as Wagon Maker; was treated 1903-1906 at Bath, NY Veterans’ Hospital; listed as widower; daughter Lillian Bitz closest relative; 1911-1913 at a similar hospital in Milwaukee, WI; daughter Ann Behling of Buffalo, NY listed as closest relative; a Beitz family history states that Charles would entertain his fellow soldiers by acting out Shakespeare plays he knew by heart

26. Bland, Charles - Left 5th; 8/22/62 at Medina age 38; 65 Shelby, NY Census age 41; Mason; (3/25/24 in England-8/7/01 at Medina, NY); 1st wife Mary Pearson (6/21/22 in England-11/16/76); both at Boxwood Cemetery; married 2nd wife Mary Jane Smith (1/?/43? in NY?-after 1901) circa 1878; invalid pension NY 6/25/80; widow pension Mary J. 9/20/01

27. Bleekman, John Woolley - Right 2nd; 8/21/62 at Medina age 18; 65 Shelby, NY Census age 20; Laborer; (6/28/44 at Madison, NJ-8/30/19); with parents John and Sarah Woolley in 60 NYC Census; with father and married sister Hannah Ross in 80 Shelby Census; married Ethel M. Stimers (8/13/62 at Rochester, NY-9/9/28) 11/16/87 at Shelby, NY; invalid pension NY 7/7/90; widow pension 9/8/19; both buried at Mt. Pleasant Cemetery in Shelby; brother George R. served in 97th NY Infantry

28. Blott, Jonathan Jr. - Center 4th; 8/21/62 at Barre age 21; (2/22/41 in Albion, Orleans Co. NY-11/19/20 at Albion, NY); son of Jonathan and Sarah Harris; 75 Albion Census Butcher; invalid pension NY 7/31/96; never married; buried at Mt. Albion Cemetery

29. Bookey, Edward - 9/22/64 at Rochester age 25; out 5/15/65 at Richmond; (9/?/39? in Ireland-5/19/26 at Rochester, NY); 65 Kendall Census age 24; Farmer; son of John and Ann Morrisey; married Mary E. Doyle (8/?/44? in Orleans Co. NY-2/22/30 in NY) circa 1867; invalid pension 7/11/90; Trainman in 92 Rochester, NY Census as “Booky”; “Railroad Crossing Tender” in 1900 Rochester, NY Census; widow pension Mary 5/26/26; both at Mt. Albion; his brother Richard served in Co. K 8th NY Heavy Artillery; Mary’s father Hugh served in the 164th NY Infantry, was wounded and captured at Cold Harbor, and died at Andersonville Prison circa 8/64

30. Booth, James - would have been in Center 3rd or 4th section; 8/18/62 at Barre age 37; (1829? in Luton, Bedfordshire England-10/7/62 at the American Hotel in Lockport, NY of typhoid fever contracted at Camp Church); son of John and Charlotte Flavell; married Frances "Fanny" Jones 3/21/50 at Luton, England; (10/30/28 in England-8/30/02); Fanny christened 6/21/31 at Luton; he was a Barber in 60 Albion Census; she married Robert Ripper 9/7/65 at Medina, NY; she filed for pension for 4 children 6/8/68; according to 65 Rochester, NY Census, her sister Mary Ann Jones Button adopted daughter Emma S. (10/27/52 in England-3/18/52 at Rochester, NY), and son Henry William (2/?/51 in England-11/17/23 at Buffalo, NY) lived there as an apprentice; Henry (now a Barber), Emma, and John A. (12/?/55-6/12/86) lived with them in 70; daughter [Alice] Rosa (3/9/60-11/12/32 at Rochester, NY) was with mother and stepfather in 70; government supplied headstone in 1879; James, son John, and both Rippers are buried at Mt. Albion

31. Boyce, Reuben Henry - Left 6th; 8/21/62 at Medina age 32; was listed as a Corp. 10/62; (8/6/30 at Auburn, Cayuga Co. NY-10/1/08 at Battle Creek, MI; struck by train at railroad crossing); son of Mathew and Rosanna Rowley; 65 Yates Census age 34; Butcher; wife Martha Wilson age 30; (3/3/34 in Ireland-6/26/98); 80 Census Farmer in Bear Creek, Emmit Co. MI; invalid MI 2/8/89; had a meat market in Grand Rapids, MI in 1890; both buried in Riverside Cemetery in Albion, Calhoun Co. MI; married 2nd wife Caroline A. Babcock Lee (3/17/41 in Truxton, NY-7/4/04 at Bedford, Calhoun Co. MI) 3/15/99 in Banfield, Calhoun Co. MI; she was widow of James Lee; she is buried at Joy [Union] Cemetery in Maple Grove Township in Barry Co. MI as Mary Boyce; Reuben married 3rd wife Matilda C. Fisher Francisco (6/9/48 at Middlesex, Ontario Co. NY-6/30/19 at Battle Creek, Calhoun Co. MI) 9/7/06 at Essex, Ontario Canada; she is buried as Francisco with first husband Addison B. at Prairieville Cemetery in Barry Co. MI; Reuben’s daughter Estella Rosanna married Frank Wilmarth of the 17th 12/26/72; his brother Charles W. served in Co. D 28th NY Infantry

32. Bridgen, William - 4/10/64 at Rochester age 35; trans. Battery K 3rd NYLA 6/10/65; out 6/30/65 at Richmond; son of Robert and Agnes Brown; left Ireland circa 1850; in 60 Ridgeway, NY Census; “Laborer and Soldier” in 65 Royalton, Niagara Co. NY Census age [47]; (7/24/28 in Armagh, N. Ireland-2/24/23 at Medina, NY); married Elizabeth E. McKinley [or McKenzie] (9/27/24 in Johnstown, ON Canada-12/9/02 at Middleport, NY) circa 1853 in Canada; invalid pension 11/10/90 NY 909.951; both buried at Mountain Ridge Cemetery in Royalton, NY

33. Briggs, Nathaniel Brightman - Center 3rd; 8/19/62 at Medina age 20; Clerk; (10/17/42 at Kendall, Orleans Co. NY-3/23/17); son of Brightman and Emeline C. Fox; widowed mother married Truman Straight; married Mary Elizabeth Chidester (6/29/47 at Waddington, St. Lawrence Co. NY-12/8/24) 3/5/68 at Clifton Springs, Ontario Co. NY; Druggist; invalid pension 12/1/04; widow pension Mary E. 4/9/17 NY; both at Clifton Springs Village Cemetery; please contact tomtaber_14411(at)yahoo.com if you know where his C.W. letters are located!

34. Brown, Gustavus D. - 9/20/64 at Royalton age 20; previously in Navy; trans. to Battery K 3rd NYLA 6/10/65; out 6/30/65 at Richmond; son of Jesse and Belinda; (4/4/44 at Darien, Genesee Co. NY-4/1/34 in Grayson Co. TX); 65 Royalton Census age 21; Farmer; married Ellen Simmons (12/21/46 in IL-7/15/20 at Grayson Co. TX) 10/17/67 at St. Clair Co. IL; Farmer in 80 Census at Collin, TX; invalid pension 12/27/98 TX; 1900 Census as “Gus”; he lived in Sherman City, TX in 1925; both are buried at Friendship Cemetery, Grayson Co. TX

35. Brown, James C. - 8/18/62 at Ridgeway age 28; from Town of Barre; Painter; (1834? at Rochester, NY-?); discharged 10/23/62; rejected by examining surgeon

36. Brown, John Jr. - Center 3rd; 8/18/62 at Barre age 21; son of John and Margaret; Farmer; age 20 in 60 Barre Census; (12/?/40? in Ireland?-3/29/63 of typhoid at Falls Church, VA); buried at St. Joseph's Cemetery in Gaines, NY; father received pension 9/7/78

37. Brown, Nathaniel H. [possibly Hollister] - Center 4th; 8/18/62 at Medina age 30; discharged for disability 5/17/65 at Camp Barry, Washington, D.C.; (5/?/32 in Canada-9/27/00 at Rochester, NY); immigrated 1849?; possibly son of Samuel and Lucy; wife Eliza A. Randolph (1832 in Burlingham, Sullivan Co. NY-8/3/89 at Rochester, NY); invalid pension 11/3/79; Cabinetmaker in 80 Albion, NY Census; both at Mt. Albion; remarried circa 1891; 1900 Rochester Census misread as “M” Brown with wife Mary E. (9/?/49? in NY-after 1900); widow pension Mary E. Brown 10/16/00

38. Brown, Reuben Cash - Center 4th; 8/26/62 at Barre age 19; promoted to Corp. 12/8/64; (1/15/43 in Sandusky, OH-9/25/90 at Dayton, OH); 50 Pendleton, Niagara Co. NY Census age 7; son of William and Hannah Ann Fuller; 65 Carlton Census age 22; occupation Miller; married Alice A. Nettleton (1844 at Wheatland, Monroe Co. NY-8/27/79 at Chicago, IL) 2/13/68 at Rochester, NY; lived in Paw Paw, MI at time of marriage; Miller in 70 Watervliet, MI Census; Alice is buried at Oatka Cemetery in Wheatland, NY; married 2nd wife Mary Matilda "Mollie" Hale Clark (10/10/54 at Dayton, OH-5/12/37 at Dayton, OH) 10/2/87 at Dayton, OH; widow pension 7/1/91; he is buried in section 89, lot 303 Woodland Cemetery, Dayton, OH as Rueben C. Brown, age 47; Mary is also buried there

39. Buck, Hiram Jennings - Center 3rd; 8/18/62 at Barre age 25; (8/29/36 at Batavia, NY-8/4/77 at Providence, RI); Mason in 55 Albion, NY Census; father Samuel; mother Susan Dennison; 60 Albion Census wife “Abba”; wife was Abigail H. Whitney; (12/?/37? in Steuben Co. NY-4/5?/08 at Rochester, NY); he was a Jeweler at the time of his death; buried at North End Cemetery in Providence, RI; 80 Providence, RI Census Abby H. widow; widow pension Abbie H. 7/29/90? RI 458178; she appears in 90 Soldier Census in RI; she is buried at Mt. Hope Cemetery in Rochester, NY; his brother Frederick Page Buck served in Co. A 151st NY Infantry

40. Burns, Peter - 4/18/64 at Rochester age 27; “only borne on recruitment roll”; possibly in 60 Rochester, NY Census; (1834? at Dublin, Ireland-?); wife Catherine; (1837? in NY-?)

41. Callard, John - 9/21/64 at Rochester age 22; (1/?/42 at Dean Prior, Devon England-12/2/18 at Albion, NY); son of George and Mary Shute; immigrated 1854; married Dorcas Malinda [or Margaret] “Dora” Raymond (9/5/47? at Johnsburg, Warren Co. NY-8/19/14 near Eagle Harbor, NY) circa 1867; invalid pension 4/22/78; Laborer in 80 Albion, NY Census; 90 Soldiers Census at Eagle Harbor, Orleans Co. NY; both at Mt. Albion Cemetery

42. Chase, Cyrus P. [or B.] - 12/24/63 at Rochester age 30; transferred 6/10/65 to Battery K 3rd NYLA; out 6/30/65 at Richmond; (11/8/33 in Providence, Saratoga Co. NY-7/8/80 at Saratoga Co. NY); son of John and Samantha Adeline Lord; married Eliza Ann Brewer (12/15/31 at Saratoga Co. NY-3/8/22 at Haines, Baker Co. OR) 3/11/55; worked at a grist mill in Broadalbin, Fulton Co. NY in 1880; invalid pension 4/23/80; he is buried at Woodard Cemetery, Providence, Saratoga Co. NY; widow pension Eliza A. 8/2/82 295.329; she is in Broadalbin, Fulton Co. NY in 90 Soldiers Census; she is buried in Haines Cemetery, Haines, Baker Co. OR

43. Chase, Louis Joy [Chase, Lewis James] - Left 5th; 8/20/62 at Medina age 24; Bugler until replaced by Henry Cleveland around 3/63; promoted to 1st Corp. [Gunner] replacing Henry Lozier 6/6/64; composer of “Just Before the Codfish”; 65 Ridgeway Census age 26; Painter; (3/?/38 in Orleans Co. NY-2/26/10 at Medina, NY); son of Horace and Amanda Turner; invalid pension 12/16/79; Railroad Worker in 80 Ridgeway Census as “Chaise”; married Harriet “Hattie” Britt (1845 in Oneida Co. NY-1893) circa 1867; both at 55 Old at Boxwood Cemetery

44. Church, Orange Sanford - 12/17/63 at Rochester age 21; out 5/22/65 due to illness; (8/23/42 in Yates, NY-5/13/15 at Lapeer, MI); 50 Yates Census age 8; son of Seth Danils and Irena [or Irenia] Evans; 22 year old boarder in 65 Yates Census; married Catherine C. Russell (3/26/45 in OH-2/1/25 in MI) 5/7/69 at Elba, Lapeer Co. MI; age 37 Carpenter in Lapeer, MI 80 Census; still in Lapeer in 1910 Census; invalid pension 8/3/81 MI; raised to $24/month in 1914; widow pension Catherine 6/4/15 MI; both are buried at Mt. Hope Cemetery in Lapeer, MI; brother William Edward served in the 3rd NY Cavalry; brother Grosvenor Daniel in the 1st NY Artillery

45. Clancy, David D. [sometimes Clancey] - 9/13/64 at Rochester age [20]; (1846 in Ireland-4/3/00 at Rochester, NY); christened 8/13/48 at Castlelyons, Co. Cork Ireland as “Clanchy”; son of John and Ellen Roche; Laborer in 80 Rochester, NY Census; wife Mary L. Rice (3/?/47 in Ireland-1/16/31); lived in Rochester in 90 Soldier Census; invalid pension 12/31/96; widow pension no date; both buried in sec. 13, east div., lot 129 in Holy Sepulchre Cemetery, Rochester, NY

46. Clark, Charles E. - 8/21/62 at Medina age 25; was on sick list for most of his service; discharged for disability at Fairfax Court House, VA 4/30/64 [Henry Mervine in his 5/1/64 letter home stated “Charlie Clark who has lain in jail here since February obtained an honorable discharge and will start for Medina tomorrow morning”]; 60 Ridgeway Census with father Samuel H. [Medina Tribune editor] and mother Jane Cathlena Van Valkenburg; Saloon Employee in 65 Ridgeway Census; 75 Shelby Census Painter; 92 Ridgeway Census age 55; Painter; (1837? in Harrisburg, PA-6/21/93 of Bright’s disease at Medina, NY); wife Mary A. Alcorn; (9/6/42? in Orleans Co. NY-6/16/06 at Medina, NY); her sister Helen married Edwin O. Draper of the 17th; widow pension 7/12/93; both at 135 Old at Boxwood Cemetery

47. Clark, George O. - 9/21/64 at Rochester age 32; previously served in the Navy on U.S.S. Henry James; son of Richard William and Caroline B. Simonds in 50 Buffalo, NY Census; possibly Sailor with wife Catherine (1846? in Ireland-?) in 60 Buffalo Census; Printer in 1871 Chicago directory and 80 Chicago Census; (1832? at Herkimer, NY-6/8/91); invalid pension 1/12/91 in IL 1076220; buried in Civil War section H 47 at Rosehill Cemetery in Chicago, IL

48. Cleveland, Henry Batchelor - 8/18/62 at Medina age 22; became Bugler around 3/63 replacing Louis Chase; out 6/3/65 for disability, but was home by mid-May; (3/20/40 at Mendon, NY-3/16/23); son of Benjamin Penfield and Caroline Batchelor; married Mary Jane Brown (1843? in NY-?) 8/19/61; she left him Spring 1865; he married Mary Amelia Marsh (2/22/47-12/28/24) 4/9/66; invalid pension 12/12/92; Farmer in 1900 Kendall, NY Census; widow pension 4/13/23; both at Mt. Albion Cemetery

49. Coakley, Michael J. - 2/25/64 at Rochester age [18]; trans. 6/10/65 to Batt. K 3rd NYLA; out 6/30/65 at Richmond; (7/?/46 at Buffalo, NY-10/14/18 at Pleasantville, PA); “Cockley” in 50 Rochester, NY Census age 3; son of Dennis and Johanna [Buckley?]; “Coakly” in 60 Rochester, NY Census; Machinist in 70 Rochester Census with widowed mother Johanna; 90 Soldier Census at Pleasantville, Venango Co. PA; invalid pension 9/8/94 PA 1160498; single in 1900 and 1910 Pleasantville Census; had worked as a Baker; lived with niece Mrs. David [Minnie] Kuntz in Titusville at time of his death; she was Michael’s sister Mary’s daughter; his death certificate lists his profession as “soldier”; buried as “Cookley” in section E, lot 695, grave 5 at St. Catharines Cemetery near Titusville, PA

50. Coleman, George [Colman, George] - 12/10/63 at Medina age [18]; trans. Batt. K 3rd NYLA 6/10/65; out 7/15/65 at Syracuse, NY; (1/1/46 at Rochester or Ridgeway, NY-?); 50 Ridgeway Census age 6; 55 Ridgeway Census age 9; 60 Ridgeway Census age 13; 65 Ridgeway Census age 19; son of John Eldridge and Margaret Allen; no pension found

51. Coleman, Samuel [Colman, Samuel] - 8/22/62 at Medina age 24; “Asst. to Carpet Weaver” in 51 Kidderminster, England Census; 60 Ridgeway Census wife Catharine [Bennett] age 25; (12/?/34 at Columbia Co. NY-after 1900 in MI); son of George and Sarah Ann; (1?/?/38 in Catfield, Norfolk England-4/8/63 of disease at Minor’s Hill, VA); christened at Catfield, Norfolk England 2/18/38; buried at West Ridgeway Cemetery; government marker 11/29/79; widow and minor pension 5/14/63; she was remarried circa 1864 to George W. Lewis (1835 in NY-1892 in MI)

52. Collins, Cornelius - 8/22/62 at Medina age [20;[claimed to be born 1842 in Ireland]; deserted 9/12/62 at Lockport [NOTE: he was about 14 years old at time of his “desertion”]; 55 Ridgeway Census age 6; son of Bartholomew and Bridget Horan; (5/?/48? in Orleans [or Niagara] Co. NY-2/13/06); married Elizabeth Sexton (4/?/53-6/18/29) circa 1878; lived in Albion in 80 Census; his birth date 5/50 in 1900 Census; both at St. Mary’s Cemetery in Ridgeway; brother Thomas of the 14th NY Heavy Artillery was wounded at Petersburg and died in a rebel prison; brother James also of the 14th was killed by a shell at Petersburg 1/17/65 and buried there; Cornelius’ son William J. (4/?/95-9/29/18) was Corp. in Co. F 108 Inf. 27th Div. in WWI

53. Collins, Michael - 12/7/63 at Rochester age 18; son of Timothy and Bridget Burke; age 16 in 60 Ridgeway Census; (11/18/44 at Rochester, NY-7/19/64 of chronic diarrhea at Camp Barry Post Hospital); 8/3/64 Orleans Republican said buried at Soldiers’ Burying Ground at Arlington Heights; likely brought back and reburied at St. Mary’s Cemetery near Medina, NY, as he has a marker there, and is not listed as buried at Arlington National Cemetery; mother pension 4/4/78

54. Compton, Samuel - 9/13/64 at Rochester at age 27; (1/24/37 in Ovid, Seneca Co. NY-2/2/04); son of James S. and Caroline Coon Bailey; married Fidelia L. “Delia” Williams circa 1872; (9/?/49 in NY-9/3/32 at Medina, NY); Day Laborer in 80 Hartland, Niagara Co. NY Census; invalid pension 3/4/97; he is buried at Mt. Pleasant Cemetery in Shelby, NY; widow Fidelia L. pension 1904 NY; she married widower Jay S. Rowe (5/?/47-3/2/16) 3/10/10; both buried at Hartland Central Cemetery [Skeels Burying Ground]

55. Conde, Albert Ogden Jr. - Left 6th; 8/21/62 at Medina age 18; 2nd Corp. [Caisson]; reduced to Private 4/30/63 and replaced by Elias Goodman; son of Albert Ogden and Ophelia Allen; Farm Laborer in 70 Yates, NY Census as “A. Ogden Conde”; (8/5/44 in Yates, Orleans Co. NY-4/1/81 at Dansville, NY); invalid 12/23/79 327.682; buried at Lynhaven Cemetery, Lyndonville, NY

56. Cook, George C. - commissioned Junior 1st Lieut. 9/2/62 at Medina age 37; had command of the Left Section [5th and 6th guns]; resigned due to ill health 1/30/63; (11/4/24 at Schenectady, NY-12/24/98 at Ridgeway, NY); Farmer in 75 Ridgeway Census; son of Seelye A. and Sarah Swartout; brother of Truman G. of the 17th; sister Sarah married Elias Goodman; married Olive B. Comstock (1/21/27 in Onondaga Co. NY-2/18/82 of typhoid pneumonia in MN) 6/4/47 at Ridgeway, NY; married 2nd wife Hannah James Field (8/26/36 in Cambridgeshire, England-5/21/27) 10/23/82; widow pension 7/23/00; all three are buried at West Ridgeway Cemetery

57. Cook, John - Center 3rd; 8/21/62 at Medina age 36; (7/30/26 in England-6/6/04 in Vernon, MI of Bright’s disease); son of John and Clarissa; married Elizabeth Keeler (7/10/30 in England-7/28/05 in Vernon MI) circa 1852; Farmer in 65 Yates, Orleans Co. NY Census; invalid pension 4/18/78; both in 80 Foster, Ogemaw Co. MI Census; both in Vernon Township, Shiawassee Co. MI 1900 Census; widow pension 6/22/04 in MI 808967; both at Greenwood Cemetery, Vernon Township, Shiawassee Co. MI

58. Cook, Truman Gerry - Left 6th; 8/22/62 at Medina age 26; from Hartland, Niagara Co.; (2/?/34 at Schoharie Co. NY-9/25/22 in CA); son of Seelye A. and Sarah Swartout; brother of George C. of the 17th; sister Sarah married Elias Goodman of the 17th; married Mary Lovinia Saxton (5/12/36 in Niagara Co. NY-8/19/14 at Ceres, CA) 11/18/58; Farmer in 60 Hartland Census misread as “Fuman G.”; invalid pension 10/21/90 ID; in Shelley, Bingham ID 1900 Census; 85 years old in Ceres, CA 1920 Census; both buried at Ceres Memorial Park in section D tr 10, graves 31 and 32

59. Coon, Andrew - 8/21/62 at Medina age 26; discharged for disability 5/7/63 at Washington, D.C.; son of Almon and Polly Bentley; invalid pension 12/11/05 NY; Farmer in 1910 Shelby, NY Census; (11/?/36 in Shelby, Orleans Co. NY-5/28/13); buried at Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, Shelby, NY

60. Dalton, Martin L. - 8/22/62 at Medina at age 27; discharged 10/23/62; rejected by U.S. examining surgeon; served in Co. K 27th NY Infantry 5/21/61-10/3/61 and was discharged for disability; invalid pension 10/17/61 #45; married Caroline Smith Durkee [Dalton Knickerbocker Smart] (6/29/38 at Fenner, Madison Co. NY- 8/4/02 at Bellingham, WA) 6/27/54 in Oneida, NY; she had remarried by 1860; Tailor in 60 Albion Census misread as “Datton”; Tailor in 70 Howell, Livingston Co. MI Census; (1834? in Ireland-after 1870)

61. Davey, Byron A. - Center 4th; 8/18/62 at Medina age 23; Wagon Maker; (11/13/38 at Skaneateles, Onondaga Co. NY-6/17/94 at Willard Asylum in Romulus, Seneca Co. NY); son of John and Phoebe Sophia Lee; 55 Ridgeway, NY Census Painter; 75 Ridgeway Census Wagon Maker; married Jane "Jennie" Miller (4/11/54 in London, Ontario Canada-4/12/33 in Ogden, UT) 10/26/80 at Medina, NY; invalid pension 10/15/90; widow pension 6/26/94; he is buried at N Old at Boxwood Cemetery; she at Mt. Ogden Memorial Cemetery [Aultorest Memorial Park]

62. Delong, Jacob [or Joseph] William - 12/8/63 at Medina age 31; trans. 6/10/65 to Battery K, 3rd NYLA; out 7/15/65 at Syracuse; (10/11/32 in Ithaca, Tompkins Co. NY-2/29/12); son of Jonas and Elizabeth E. Tracy; married Sarah Ann (6/14/33 in Genesee Co. NY-4/17/22) circa 1854; Cooper in 65 Shelby, Orleans Co. NY Census; invalid pension 3/8/90; widow pension 4/15/12; both at Boxwood Cemetery; his marker lists Battery K, 3rd NYLA at Soldiers’ plot

63. Deyo, Jacob Miller - 8/22/62 at Medina age 37; Artificer; (6/6/25 in Wallkill, Orange Co. NY-4/30/13 at Scottsville, NY); Blacksmith; son of Charles and Priscilla Kincaid; married 1st wife Maria Mercy Remington (2/16/31 in Monroe Co. NY-6/23/84 at Shelby, NY) 7/3/51; both at Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, Shelby, NY; married 2nd wife Caroline “Carrie” Matilda Wheeler Shadbolt (4/?/34 in NY-1920) 2/24/86 at Scottsville, NY; she is buried with 1st husband Thomas at Oatka Cemetery in Wheatland, Monroe Co. NY; invalid pension 7/7/90; “retired” in 1900 Wheatland, Monroe Co. NY Census; widow pension 6/11/13; brother William served in Co. H 1st NY Artillery

64. Dingey, Peter [often as Dingee] - likely Right 2nd; 8/18/62 at Shelby age [43]; listed in Alabama, Genesee Co. NY soldier list; (1808? in Delaware Co. NY-?); 50 Unadilla, Otsego Co. NY Census age 42; wife “Novina” (1821? in OH-?); 60 Shelby Census age 52; Mason; wife Lovina age 37; was court-martialed 1/1/63 for two months' desertion [10/26/62-12/18/62] at Baltimore; dishonorable discharge; sentenced to 3 years hard labor at Ft. Delaware at no pay; was reinstated; deserted from hospital 11/22/64-2/27/65; listed as out at Richmond 6/12/65; no other Census matches found

65. Dorrance, George Thomas - 8/25/64 at Rochester age 18; 65 Albion Census age 18; son of William Henry and Juliet “Julia” Amanda Baldwin; (4/18/46 in Albion, NY-3/23/33 at Eagle Rock, CA); married 1st wife Martha “Mattie” B. Harbaugh (1852? in Cuyahoga, OH-8/27/78 at Jackson, MI) 3/23/71 in Cuyahoga Co. OH; Jeweler in 80 Jackson, MI Census age 34; widower with 3 young boys; married 2nd wife Cora A. Baldwin (1/31/47 at Pitcher, Chenango Co. NY-8/25/20 in Jackson, MI) circa 1881; both wives buried in section O lot 126 at Mt. Evergreen Cemetery in Jackson, MI; invalid pension 4/20/08 MI; still in Jackson in 1920 Census; buried in Angelus Rosedale Cemetery, Los Angeles, CA; his brother William Henry served as a musician in the 27th NY Infantry and the 8th NY Heavy Artillery

66. Doty, Edward Pugsley - enlisted 9/4/64 at Albany, NY and mustered out 5/6/65 at Hart's Island in NYC harbor; served in Co. A 4th NY Infantry 4/22/61-5/25/63; son of Elias and Christena Shears; Engineer; (4/24/44 at Stanford, Dutchess Co. NY-11/19/15 at Noroton Heights, CT); brother of Isaac and Theodore; married Jennie Lamont of NYC (1858?-?) 8/31/74 in Bergen Co. NJ; married Hedwig von Bothmer (4/?/51 in Prussia-1919 in CT) 10/27/77; 80 Census Carpenter in Bridgeport, CT with wife “Harriet”; invalid pension 6/30/91; widow pension Hedwig P. 1/12/16 in CT; both buried in section 31 lot 48 at Mountain Grove Cemetery in Bridgeport, CT near brother Isaac

67. Doty, Isaac Smith - enlisted 9/4/64 at Albany, NY and mustered out 5/6/65 at Hart’s Island in NYC harbor; son of Elias and Christena Shears; Carriage Manufacturer; (10/28/47 at Stanford, Dutchess Co. NY-5/16/05) [listed birth as 10/54 in 1900 Census]; brother of Edward and Theodore; “Clerk in Express Office” in 80 Bridgeport, Fairfield Co. CT Census; invalid pension 1/22/92 in CT; “boarder” in 1900 CT Census; buried in section 31 lot 48 at Mountain Grove Cemetery in Bridgeport, CT near brother Edward

68. Doty, Theodore James - enlisted 9/4/64 at Albany, NY and mustered out 5/6/65 at Hart’s Island in NYC harbor; Carpenter; (8/7/37 at Stanford, Dutchess Co. NY-3/11/79); son of Elias and Christena Shears; brother of Edward and Isaac; widow Mary A. [Harris?] (4/?/46 in NY-3/26/38) pension 12/22/81 288558; she lived in Bridgeport, Fairfield Co. CT 1880-1930 Census; both buried in section 6 lot 54 at Mountain Grove Cemetery in Bridgeport, CT

69. Drake, Robert William - Right 2nd; 8/18/62 Shelby age 37; (4/28/25 in Norwich, England-1/31/11 at Franklinville, Cattaraugus Co. NY); son of Robert and Letictia Stibbard Bally; immigrated circa 1832; Carpenter; married Mary Jane King (9/7/28 at Franklinville, Cattaraugus Co. NY-8/30/13) 12/24/49 at Barre, NY; she was a Seneca Indian; Grocer in 50 Albion Census; invalid pension 4/26/75 NY; 90 Soldiers Census at Cattaraugus Co.; “deafness of both ears”; widow pension 2/8/11 NY; both at Mt. Prospect Cemetery, Franklinville, NY

70. Draper, Edwin O. [sometimes Edward] - 8/22/62 at Medina age 21; (1841 in Lockport, Niagara Co. NY-1906); son of Benjamin and Ann [Wright] in 60 Lockport, NY Census; discharged for disability 2/13/63 at Camp Barry; Edwin O. in 65 Ridgeway Census as a "married boarder"; age 23; occupation Brewer; wife Helen A. Alcorn age 19; (1846? in Orleans Co. NY-after 1880); separated and with his parents in 70 Census; she with hers as Draper in 70 Census; under maiden name in 75 and 80 Census; Helen's sister Mary wed Charles E. Clark of the 17th; invalid pension 12/18/90; in Buffalo, NY 90 Soldier Census; was at Bath, NY Veterans’ Hospital in 1890s and 1904-05; also in 1905 Newfane, Niagara Co. Census; likely buried in Niagara Co., NY

71. Drescher, Ferdinand - 12/19/61 9th NYLA at NYC; trans. 6/7/64 to 17th NYLA; trans. 7/3/64 to 6th NYLA; out 12/19/64 near Winchester, VA; (6/?/27? in Bavaria-5/1/09 at Staten Island, NY); married Margaretta Kohler (10/?/29? in Prussia-2/11/06 at Staten Island, NY) circa 1847; he immigrated circa 1847; she circa 1859; Butcher in 70 NYC Census; invalid pension 7/11/84; was at Dayton OH Soldiers’ Hospital in 1904; he is buried in Koltes Post plot row 11, grave 14 at Lutheran [now All Faiths] Cemetery, Middle Village, Queens NY

72. Edmonds, Morton M. - Right 2nd; 8/20/62 at Medina age 21; son of Maria Elizabeth Corey and Dr. Almon B.; 50 Shelby Census as age 9 “Menzo M. Edmonds”; in 65 Shelby Census; (11/?/40 in Onondaga Co. NY-9/7/17 at Minneapolis, MN); married Agnes Nancy Conkey (1846? in Ireland-3/?/87) circa 1866 at Edinburg, Saratoga Co. NY; 70 Yates Census age 28; Farmer; in 75 Shelby Census as “Mortimer”; “Works Drill House” in 80 West Bay City, MI Census as “M. Edmunds”; invalid pension 2/8/86; he lived in West Bay City, MI in 1891; Flint, Genesee Co. MI in 1900 Census; he is buried [with no marker] in G.A.R. A8 A 16 at Lakewood Cemetery in Minneapolis, Hennepin Co. MN

73. Ellicott, Chandler Gerrish - Right 2nd; 8/21/62 at Medina age 18; son of Charles and Harriet Farnham; great-grandson of noted mathematician and surveyor of Washington, D.C. Andrew Ellicott; cousin of George G.; Clerk in 60 Batavia, Genesee Co. NY Census; married Mary J. Bailey (6/2/47 at Shelby Center, NY-7/22/33) 3/25/66; 80 Shelby Census Laborer; invalid 6/9/80; (7/21/44 in Shelby, NY-4/11/44 at Boston, MA); both at 19-21 Cleveland at Boxwood Cemetery; last known living member of the 17th Battery; attended 75th Gettysburg reunion July 1838 when just short of his 94th birthday; brothers David Farnham and Frank each served in Battery M 1st NY Light Artillery; David was killed at Chancellorsville 5/3/63

74. Ellicott, George G. - Center 3rd; 8/18/62 at Shelby age 25; (7/27/36 at Batavia, NY-5/16/84); son of Andrew and Mary S. A. Fairman; great-grandson of noted mathematician and surveyor of Washington, D.C. Andrew Elliott; cousin of Chandler; wife Antoinette Deuel; (5/5[or 20]/43 at Alabama Center, NY-4/15/35 at Medina, NY); invalid pension 9/12/75; Laborer in 80 Middleport, NY Census; widow pension Nettie 7/24/85; both at Boxwood Cemetery; he at Soldiers’ plot

75. Elliott, Charles Delevan [not "Ellicott"] - Center 3rd; 8/26/62 at Barre age 20; son of James E. and Eunice B. Coats; (4/13/42 at Brockport, NY-5/2/05 at Albion, NY); Apprentice Carpenter in 60 Albion Census; married Frances S. “Frank” Wirt (5?/?/50 in Orleans Co. NY-6/21/74) 5/20/74 at Albion, NY; married 2nd wife Elizabeth R. “Libbie” Smith (3/?/64 in Canada-1/24/23 at Waverly, NY as McOmber) 7/16/84; all 3 are buried at Mt. Albion; invalid pension 5/17/88; widow pension no date; widow became 3rd wife of Hiram Lee McOmber (3/9/52 at Gaines, NY-11/22/28 at Holley, NY) before 1920; Charles' brother William Henry served in the 8th NY Heavy Artillery

76. English, Edwin Francis - 8/27/62 at Ridgeway age 23; from Town of Barre; rejected by U.S. Examining Surgeon and discharged 10/23/62; son of Joseph Warren and Melinda [Melenda?] W. Dyer; Journeyman Printer in 60 Albion, NY Census; (1/?/38 in Barre, Orleans Co. NY-7/17/66); buried at Mt. Albion Cemetery

77. Everett, John E. - 9/22/64 at Rochester age 20; (11/17/43 in Gaines?, Orleans Co. NY-7/21/99 at Gaines, NY); Farmer in 80 Gaines Census; son of George H. and Sarah Cornell; invalid pension 6/1/92 NY; husband of Adelia Ball (10/6/40 in Monroe Co. NY-11/22/22 at Gaines, NY); widow pension Adelia 7/29/99 NY; both at Mt. Albion Cemetery; brother George served in the 151st NY Infantry and lost an eye; brother Edmond served in the 8th NY Heavy Artillery, lost a limb to amputation at Hatcher’s Run 2/65, and died at Washington, D.C.

78. Farries, Andrew [Ferris, Andrew] - 9/9/64 at Rochester age [23]; (6/11/38 in Penningham, Wigtown Scotland-8/9/11 in MI); son of David and Jane McGarrey; Wagon Maker; in Forest, Genesee Co. MI 80 Census as “Ferris”; wife Jane McClew (3/31/49? in Scotland-4/3/91 at Genesee Co. MI); invalid MI 12/5/89 as “Ferries”; widower and Farmer in 1900 in Forest, Genesee Co. MI Census; both in section 2F of Smith Hill Cemetery in Otisville, Genesee Co. MI as “Ferris”

79. Fellows, Lewis C. - Left 6th; 8/21/62 at Medina age 25; son of William Leander and Mary Pauline “Polly” Higby; (3/27/36 at Alexander, Genesee Co. NY-10/26/17 of paralysis at Lockport, NY); married 1st wife Lois (1839? in NY-4/19/62) circa 1860; she is buried at Yates Cemetery; 65 Yates Census age 28; Wagon Maker; widower; married 2nd wife Abigail “Abbie” A. (3/?/30? in NY- 7/19/09 at Lockport, NY) circa 1876; invalid pension 7/29/90; he is in Lockport, NY 1900 and 1910 Census; both buried in unmarked graves in section 1, 35-36 at Glenwood Cemetery in Lockport, NY; brother Adin served in Co. A 8th NY Heavy Artillery

80. Ferguson, Thomas - Right 1st; 8/21/62 at Medina age 21; (1841 in Medina, NY-1/10/70 of “lung disease”); “Thomas Kenyon” in 50 Ridgeway Census, with Mary and her brother John Ferguson; he is their “Servant” in 55 Ridgeway Census; Harness Maker in 65 Ridgeway Census; buried at 98 Old at Boxwood Cemetery; foster mother Mary Ferguson of Medina, NY was granted a $12/month pension 8/15/90 through Special Act of Congress

81. Filer, William Thomas - 8/18/62 age 31; Artificer; son of Thomas Alvah and Ann Elizabeth Fairman; married Helen M. Hudson (5/?/33 at Laurens, Otsego Co. NY-1910) in 1852; Merchant in 60 Shelby Census; North Greece, NY Postmaster in 1869; 80 Census Farmer in Parma, Monroe Co. NY; in Parma, Monroe Co. in 90 Soldier Census; invalid pension 2/4/93; (11/8/30 at Morris, Otsego Co. NY-early 1906); widow pension Helen M. 4/2/06 NY; both buried at Falls Cemetery in Greece, Monroe Co. NY

82. Finnay, Brian [or Fenney, Bryan] - Center 3rd; 8/22/62 at Medina age 25; (1837 in Ireland-1888? in KY); Laborer from Kendall, NY; 60 Kendall Census as “Brian Finny” age 22; lived on farm with Ethan and Hannah Graham; believed to have moved to Louisville, KY soon after war; married Matilda Smith (1848? in Warsaw, KY-12/30/13 in Louisville, KY) 1/1/70 in Dearborn Co. IN; Distillery Worker as “Bryant Phiney” in 80 New Haven, Nelson Co. KY Census with wife Matilda; widow pension Matilda Fenney 8/20/90; “Tillie” Finney, widow of “Bryant,” in 89 and later Louisville Directories; she is buried as "Finney" at St. Louis Cemetery in Louisville, KY

83. Fisk, Fred [Frederick?] - Right 2nd; 8/18/62 at Shelby age 19; (5/23/43 in Dilham, Norfolk England-3/7/19 at Cleveland, OH); son of Luke and Eliza Bensley; immigrated circa 1852; married Sarah M. Vroman (or Vrooman) (9/16/42 in Schoharie Co. NY-2/5/26 at Cleveland, OH) circa 1868; Farmer in 70 Yates, Orleans Co. NY Census; invalid pension 11/6/79; 1910 Census at Cleveland, OH; widow pension 4/7/19 OH; both at Lynhaven Cemetery; brother James served in 8th NY Heavy Artillery and died 3/30/65 of disease acquired in a rebel prison

84. Flattery, Michael - Left 5th; 8/21/62 at Medina age 18; son of John and Margaret Curie or Cusack; (1844? in Wyoming Co. NY-12/20/63 at Fairfax Court House, VA); fatally wounded when Corp. Murdo McDonald accidentally dropped revolver; buried at St. Mary's Cemetery in Ridgeway; no pension info; brother John served in the 94th NY Artillery; brother Patrick served in Co. A 8th NY Heavy Artillery and was wounded at Cold Harbor; brother Thomas of Co. A 151st NY Infantry was killed there 6/3/64

85. Flynn, Nelson J. - Center 4th; 8/21/62 at Barre age [27]; brother of Silas of the 17th; son of William and Lucy Dixon; (1832? in Ridgeway?, Orleans Co. NY-12/16/95 at Ridgeway, NY); in 50 Hartland, Niagara Co. NY Census as "Flim"; Farm Worker in 60 Murray, NY Census as “Flym”; invalid pension 2/24/69; 80 Census at Carlton, NY; wife Mary Ann “Maud” Nichols (5/?/43? in Cornwall, England-3/7/03); widow received pension; both buried at Daniels Cemetery in Ridgeway

86. Flynn, Silas Joseph - 9/10/64 at Rochester age 24; brother of Nelson J. of the 17th; son of William and Lucy Dixon; (10/25/39? at Lockport, Niagara Co. NY-5/10/00); in 50 Hartland, Niagara Co. NY as "Flim"; with mother in 60 Royalton, Niagara County NY Census read as “Flyer”; 65 Royalton Census age 24; Cooper; married; Railroad Track Hand in 70 Royalton Census; wife Mary C.; still with Mary in 75 Lockport Census; invalid pension 2/17/80; Mary alone with daughter in 80 Census as “Flinn”; Farmer in 80 Census at Kingsbury, Dakota Territory with “2nd wife” Sarah Jane Kary [moved there 3/80]; their daughter Francis was born in Chicago, IL 6/4/79; he is in Kingsbury Co. SD in 90 Soldier Census with incorrect service listed; he is buried in block 3 lot 31 grave 6 at Lake Preston Cemetery, Lake Preston, Kingsbury Co. SD as “S.S.J. Flynn”; widow pension Mary C. (8/11/39 in Niagara Co. NY-10/9/20 at Rochester, NY) 1900? NY 730025; she was already listed as a widow in 1899 Rochester, NY directory; Mary Cassandra Flynn is buried at Riverside Cemetery in Rochester, NY; Sarah J. Flynn (2/?/52? in NY-10/12/06 in Kingsbury Co. SD) is “contest widow” in SD 723552; she claimed 9/3/76 marriage at Lockport, NY in pension application [see 10/28/01 New York Times - “Fined For Pension Fraud – Woman Who Made Fraudulent Application Pays $1,030” (he evidently never divorced Mary, nor Sarah her husband) and 10/24/01 Minneapolis Journal]

87. Ford, Jarvis - Center 3rd; 8/22/62 at Ridgeway age 22; (9/2/40 in Onondaga Co. NY-7/30/96 at Dayton, OH); 50 Skaneateles, Onondaga Co. Census misread as “Parvis”; son of John and Sarah; 60 Albion, NY Census misread as James; Painter; 65 Gaines, NY Census as “Jarvis Forbes” with wife Lovisa [Brown]; 70 Census House Painter at Albion, Calhoun Co. MI; 80 Census “Commercial Traveler” at Albion, MI; wife “Levisa” (9/2/28 in Orleans Co. NY-12/23/06 at Gaines, NY) “Tailoress”; she is in 92 Albion Census as “Lavica”; she is listed as a widow in 1900 Orleans Co. Census; he married 2nd wife Lelia L. Campbell; (2?/?/56? in Hamilton, OH-11/28/98) 3/26/91 in Montgomery Co. Ohio; invalid pension 7/17/90; widow pension Lelia L. C. 9/10/96 640366 OH; he and Lelia are buried in section 106 lot 2992 at Woodland Cemetery in Dayton, OH

88. Foreman, John - 2/26/64 at Rochester age [18]; trans. Batt. K 3rd NYLA; out 6/30/65 at Richmond; son of Edward and Elizabeth Blunt; brother of William of the 17th; immigrated 1852; Cooper; married Adelaide Betsy Porter (7/?/49 in Orleans Co. NY-8/26/07) 11/15/68; (7/31/46 at Cambridgeshire, England-6/3/30 at Medina, NY); invalid pension 6/23/80; he is buried at Otter Creek Cemetery in Gaines, NY; she is buried in Union Cemetery, Town of Albion

89. Foreman, William - 2/25/64 at Albion age 19; 60 Barre Census age 16; son of Edward and Elizabeth Blunt; brother of John of the 17th; (9/15/44 at Cambridgeshire, England-7/26/64 of typhoid fever at Camp Barry, Washington, D.C.); name is on family marker at Otter Creek Cemetery in Gaines, NY, but he is buried at Arlington National Cemetery section 13 site 5437; mother pension 12/13/71

90. Frisbie, Daniel D. - Center 3rd; 8/25/62 at Barre age 22; (8/24/40 at Vestal, Broome Co. NY-7/24/15 of heart failure at Rudd’s Corners, Gaines, NY); son of Lorenzo D. and Nancy Lewis; leg was broken 7/8/64 when a limber chest overturned; discharged for disability 1/20/65 at David's Island in NYC Harbor; invalid pension 1/31/65; married Martha Endora Skidmore Babcock (1/31/41 at Royalton, Niagara Co. NY-2/11/98 at Gaines, NY) 6/21/68 in Albion, NY; she was widow of Sgt. Orrin E. Babcock (6/6/35-10/8/64) of the 8th NY Heavy Artillery; Carpenter in 80 Gaines, NY Census; married Alice Louise Sibley (3/16/68 at Gaines, NY-10/12/48) in 1899; widow pension 9/15/16; she married widower Frank G. Rudd (3/?/67 in Orleans Co. NY-7/4/54) 10/17/17; all except Orrin at Mt. Albion Cemetery

91. Fuller, George W. [Warren?] - Center 4th; 8/26/62 at Barre age 27; son of Reuben Warren and Jennette E. Pitcher; Farm Worker in 60 Carlton, NY Census; was hospitalized 1/14/65 near Signal Hill, VA for chronic bowel troubles; died at home while on furlough; (1835 in Carlton, Orleans Co. NY-3/22/65); buried at Waterport Cemetery, Waterport, NY; mother pension 4/18/65

92. Fuller, Henry C. - 8/20/62 at Medina age 20; son of Edmund and Elizabeth Tate (or Lane) in 55 Ridgeway, NY Census; Butcher in 60 Ridgeway Census; (1842? at Medina, NY-2/16/63 of typhoid at Minor’s Hill, VA); no burial found, but should be with parents at Boxwood, as men of 17th raised $67 to have his remains embalmed and sent home; pension record info confused with Henry G.’s

93. Fuller, Henry G. - Center 4th; 8/18/62 at Ridgeway age 31; son of Josiah and Anna Wordon; in 55 Ridgeway Census; Albion Produce Dealer; (1830? in Wyoming Co.? NY-7/18 or 7/21/64 at Fort Monroe, VA); married Mary A. Childs (9/9/32 in Sweden, Monroe Co. NY- 10/31/20 at Parma, NY) 5/3/52; he died of either “typhoid dysentery” or sunstroke; he has a marker at Knowlesville Cemetery; also listed as buried at Hampton VA National Cemetery; widow married Reuel Knowles (1812-12/29/93) 2/28/67 and lived in Parma, Monroe Co. NY; widow pension 11/25/64; guardian pension 5/2/67; in 90 Soldier Census as Henry’s former widow; she is buried at Parma Union Cemetery

94. Fuller, Myron Sherwood - Center 4th; 8/23/62 at Barre age 21; (11/20/40 at Carlton, NY-3/13/14 in Salem, OR); 65 Carlton Census age 24, Farmer; son of Thomas and Elizabeth Sherwood; married Emily Jane Goodrich (2/?/50 in NY-4/10?/21) 1/27/67 at Assyria, Barry Co. MI; Carpenter in 80 Census in Atlantic, Cass Co. IA; invalid 12/2/90; in 1900 Englewood, Marion Co. OR Census as “Marion Faller”; in 1910 Salem, Marion Co. OR Census; widow pension Emily J. 4/14/14 in OR; both at City View Cemetery lot 2, blk 6, section A in Salem, OR

95. Garry, John R. - 3/1/64 at Rochester age 26; trans. 6/10/65 Batt. K 3rd NYLA; out 6/30/65 at Richmond; Baker in 65 Shelby Census; age 26; (1837 at Toronto, ON Canada-1/22?/93 in PA); son of Patrick and Mary Walsh; immigrated circa 1849; with parents in 50 Lockport, NY Census; wife Maria Kelly (10/?/40 in Niagara Co. NY-2/16/24 at Indianapolis, Marion Co. IN); 80 Census Laborer in Pleasantville, Venango Co. PA; invalid pension 3/20/90 PA; widow pension Maria 2/6/93 PA 570021; she is a widow in 1900 Pleasantville, PA Census [misread as “Gassy”]; he is buried in section A at Fairview Cemetery, Pleasantville, PA; she is buried at Estates of Serenity in Marion, IN; his brother Robert served in the 3rd NY Cavalry and was 1st Lieut. in Co. C 90th NY Infantry

96. Goodman, Elias - Left 6th; 8/22/62 at Medina age 37; was listed as a Corp. 10/62 before leaving Camp Church; promoted to 2nd Corp. [Caisson] 4/20/63 replacing Albert Conde; son of John and Rebecca Bascom; from Somerset, Niagara Co.; his sister Jane C. married Richard Vedder of the 17th; moved to Wyoming Territory 1872; 80 Census Ranchman at Mill Creek, Hilliard, Wyoming Territory; invalid 5/27/79 WY; (3/31/25 in Gorham, Ontario Co. NY-12/19/95 at Evanston, WY); 7/1/86 Medina Tribune called him “one of the wealthiest ranchmen in the [Wyoming] territory”; married Sarah Catharine Cook (7/17/30 at Green, Chenango Co. NY-11/19/05 at Evanston, WY) 12/24/45 in Niagara Co. NY; she was sister of George C. and Truman of the 17th; widow pension no date; both buried in plot 5-0A-O15 01 and 02 at Evanston City Cemetery, Uinta Co. WY

97. Goodsell, Harmon [sometimes Herman] - 1/5/64 at Rochester age 20; trans. 6/10/65 to Batt. K 3rd NYLA; out 6/30/65 at Richmond; immigrated circa 1845; son of Jacob and Anna [or Mary] in 50 and 60 Rochester, NY Census; 75 Shelby Census age 31; Cooper; (2/?/43 in Baden, Germany-before 1905); wife Ann age 31; (1843 in Ireland-1/5/89 at Medina, NY); married 2nd wife Hannah Fox (4/14/51 in Austenburg, Germany-1/25/38 in Lockport, NY) 5/6/91 at Medina; all buried at 139 Old at Boxwood Cemetery; no pension info

98. Goold, Olin May - Left 6th; 8/22/62 at Medina age 18; Tinner; (5/14/44 in Yates, Orleans Co. NY-9/30/18 in Los Angeles, CA); son of Horace Octavius and Laurinda Fuller; married 1st wife Sarah Catherine Pennock 12/7/65 at Lyndonville, NY; (6/30/45 [or 9/16/46, if marker is correct] in Jefferson Co. NY-6/23/90 at Grand Rapids, MI); she is buried at Oakhill Cemetery in Grand Rapids, MI; invalid 6/28/79; moved to Petoskey, MI 9/79; worked in Hardware in 1889 Grand Rapids, MI directory; married 2nd wife Nora Matteson (2/10/73 at Warsaw, NY-3/31/48 at San Bernardino, CA) 2/10/92 [her 19th birthday]; widow pension Nora M. 10/14/18 CA; he is buried at Angelus Rosedale Cemetery, Los Angeles, CA

99. Gotts, Samuel - Left 5th; 8/21/62 at Medina age 19; Farmer, (12/17/42 in East Ruston, Norfolk, England-6/1/24 in Whitehall, MI); son of George and Ann Waterson; came to U.S. in 1850; married Emily Goffen (1/6/47 in England-2/2/07) circa 1862; she immigrated in 1852; Drayman in 1880 Whitehall, MI Census; invalid pension 7/23/90; lived in Whitehall in 1891; both buried in Lot #386 at Oakhurst Cemetery in Whitehall, Muskegon Co. MI; married 2nd wife Emily Daniels Croxson (2/1/42 at Richland, Oswego Co. NY-5/2/32 in Muskegon Co. MI) 3/29/09 at Grand Rapids, Muskegon Co. MI; she is buried in Whitehall Cemetery

100. Graves, Delos A. - Right 1st; 8/21/62 at Medina age 26; Dentist before war; ill from 7/17/63; discharged for disability [“phthisis pulmonalis” or tuberculosis] 8/5/64 at Washington, D.C.; son of Charles and Sarah Ann; in 50 Albion Census twice, with mother at age 14 and as a student living with a lawyer at age 16; 65 Shelby Census with remarried [husband not listed] mother Sarah Ann Graves Jackson Vaughn and his half-brother Adin Jackson; invalid pension 6/12/65; (1836 in Vermilion, Erie Co. OH-7/15/65 at Barre, NY); buried at Pine Hill Cemetery, Barre, NY; mother received pension in 1879

101. Graves, William Hawkins - Right 1st; 8/21/62 at Medina age [24]; accidentally shot himself through left wrist while practicing with a revolver 1/63; son of Joseph and Sarah A. Dewitt; with Farmer William and Mary Bent in 50 Shelby Census; 55 Shelby Census with Hawkins family; 65 Shelby, NY Census age 27; “Oil Manufacturer”; invalid pension 7/19/65; Saloon Keeper in 70 Shelby Census; (4/15/35 at Medina, NY-11/25/70); husband of Sarah E. Simpson [Simson]; she was sister of 17th soldier William H. Simson; (1837 at Albany, NY-3/4/98 at Medina, NY); widow pension no date; both at Boxwood Cemetery

102. Griffis, William [middle name possibly Thomas] - 9/10/64 at Rochester age 31; son of Thomas V. and Betsy A. Carpenter; (9/16/33 at Royalton, Niagara Co. NY-3/1/94 at Mason, MI); 60 Newfane, Niagara Co. NY Census with wife Ann L.; (1836? in NY-before 6/65); married circa 1859; 65 Royalton, Niagara Co. NY Census age 32; Cooper; “health middling”; Cooper in 80 Hillsdale, MI Census; invalid pension 11/9/89 MI 738222; married 2nd wife Martha L. Blackmer (4/28/37? in ON Canada-4/23/90 in Weare, Oceana MI) circa 1869 in Niagara Co.; both buried at North Weare Cemetery, Weare, Oceana Co. MI; his brother Duane served in 104th NY Regt.

(Griswold, Linus E.) - see Sutter, Linus Enrico Griswold

103. Grover, Andrew - 9/5/64 at Rochester age 18; out 5/30/65 at Richmond; 50 Elbridge, Onondaga Co. NY Census age 5; son of Elias and Cornelia Ann Wickham; 65 Carlton Census age 19; Farmer; (9/?/45 in Onondaga Co. NY-before 1870?); lived with his uncle James Wickham; no pension; no burial; no later Census found

104. Haas, Christian - 2/17/62 at NYC in 9th NY Light Artillery; trans. 6/7/64 to 17th; trans. 7/3/64 to 6th NYLA; mustered out 2/16/65 at Harper's Ferry, WV; (5/12/29 in Baden, Germany-7/31/73 at Montclair, NJ); son of Christian and Sophia Bernhardt; immigrated 1850; married Margaretha [Margaret] Seidel (9/19/26 in Germany-11/6/13 at Montclair, NJ) 9/12/51 in NYC; became a citizen in 1855; received invalid pension due to sunstroke, date unknown; widow pension 4/22/84 in NJ; both buried at Bloomfield Cemetery, Bloomfield, NJ; great-grandparents of 20s and 30s baseball star George William “Mule” Haas (10/15/03-6/30/74)

105. Hales, Thomas - Center 3rd; 8/25/62 at Barre age 22; Clerk; (7/6/40 at Langdon Church, England-7/20/84); son of Thomas and Jane Gethin; believed to have shook hands with President Lincoln 1/1/63; married Jane Hanington (10/?/44 in Albion, NY-5/7/90) 8/22/66; 80 Albion Census Grocer [with William Nichols and John Normile]; invalid pension 2/14/84; widow pension no date; both buried at Mt. Albion

106. Ham, Alonzo [Hand] - Center 3rd; 8/18/62 at Shelby age 36; listed as Corp. 10/62, but was promoted from Private replacing George Harvey as 1st Corp. [Gunner] 4/10/63; Paper Maker; (6/16/26 in Greene Co. or Taghkanic, Columbia Co. NY-11/27/04 at Blue Rapids, KS); son of Andrew and Elizabeth Jane Schermerhorn; married Emma Elizabeth Clark (8/26/27 in Columbia Co. NY-5/18/86 at Elm Creek, KS) 9/28/44; 50 Chatham, Columbia NY Census age 23; 55 Shelby Census [Hand] age 28; Carpenter; wife Emma 28; 65 Shelby Census [Hand] age 39; wife Emma 39; had 8 children; invalid pension 7/30/90; father of William of the 17th; married Letitia Mulvina “Lettie” Bras Orr [widow of Abner] (2/3/37 in MI-9/11/18 at Blue Rapids, KS) 3/21/87; widow pension 1/7/05 KS; he and Emma are buried at Elm Creek Cemetery in Marysville, Marshall Co. KS

107. Ham, William Lorenzo [Hand] - enlisted in 17th twice; 8/18/62 Shelby age [18]; discharged for disability 10/23/62 at Lockport; enlisted again 1/5/64; trans. 6/10/65 Batt. K 3rd NYLA; out 6/30/65; Paper Maker; (2/5/46 in Chatham, Columbia Co. NY-12/8/04 at Leavenworth, KS); son of Alonzo of the 17th and Emma Clark; 65 Shelby Census Laborer; 1st wife was Mary Elanora Ticknor (2/27/49 at Ridgeway, NY-2/11/79 at Lansing Co., KS); she was sister of Frank Ticknor of the 17th; married 2nd wife Emma Frances Plowman (10/25/50 in OH-9/16/17 in KS) 6/16/81; invalid pension KS 7/25/90; widow pension 12/24/04 in KS; all 3 buried at Mt. Muncie Cemetery in Lansing Co., KS

108. Hanlon, James - Left 5th; 8/21/62 at Medina age 31; (1829? in Ireland-1886); trans. 8/26/64 to 39th Co. Veteran Reserve Corps; out 6/26/65 at Washington, D.C.; 55 Ridgeway Census age 26; Laborer; wife Ellen Murray age 23 (1832? in Ireland-before 1870?); invalid pension 5/10/69 [as Hanlin]; 75 Ridgeway Census age 45; 2nd wife Margaret Lawler Murphy (5/?/27? in Ireland-10/30/09 in Medina, NY); widow's pension 4/8/87 NY; she is buried at St. Mary’s Cemetery near Medina, NY; his death reported as at Medina at 1886 reunion; probate record 8/9/86; probably also buried at St. Mary’s

109. Hart, Albert H. - 2/25/64 at Rochester age 22; (1842? at Minerva, Essex Co. NY-?); deserted 4/12/64 at Elmira, NY

110. Harvey, George C. [Crimbley or Crumbley] - Center 3rd; 8/18/62 at Barre age 31; 1st Corp. [Gunner]; promoted to Sgt. [Chief of the Piece] 4/10/63 replacing Jairus Lewis; (8/18/34? in NY-11/28/64 of diphtheria at Fortress Monroe at Hampton, VA); age 15 in 50 Albion Census; son of Norman E. and Betsey; married Mary Ann Cordelia Waters (4/1/37 in St. Thomas, Elgin Co. ON Canada or NY-7/27/18 in Chicago, IL) 6/?/56, probably in ON Canada; 60 Albion Census Gas Fitter; has a marker at Mt. Albion Cemetery; also listed as buried at National Cemetery at Hampton, VA; widow pension Mary Ann C. Harvey 12/10/64; she moved with two daughters to Indianola, IA circa 1865; guardian pension to Mary Ann C. Noble (her sister’s married name) 9/2/72; widow with daughter Carrie Forman in 1910 Lancaster, NE Census; she is buried at Elmwood Cemetery in River Grove, Cook Co. IL

111. Hatch, Melville Heston - Right 2nd; 8/22/62 at Medina age 44; discharged for disability 5/18/65 at Camp Barry; Barber; (7/24/18 in Groton, Tompkins Co. NY-2/5/82 at Isabella Co. MI); son of Oliver and Anna Hatch; married Mahala Thomas (1824 in NY-7/29/53 at Pembroke, NY) 2/11/41; married Betsy Ann Waldron (9/17/32 at E. Pembroke, NY-9/26/05 at Carlton, NY) 6/14/54 at Pembroke, NY; she was previously married to George W. Manson circa 1850; she was Luke Waldron of the 17th's sister; in 60 Pembroke, Genesee Co. NY Census as “Mlvill”; Laborer in 80 Union, Isabella MI Census; buried in Lincoln Cemetery, Lincoln, Isabella Co. MI; widow and minor pension 4/12/83; pension record has his name as “Melvin”; widow married Rowan Summers (1824? in Canada -7/25/99 at Jackson, MI) 6/5/90 and lived in Jackson, MI; he was 1st Lt. in Co. G 17th MI Infantry; she is buried at Mt. Albion Cemetery

112. Hawes, William Henry [Hawes, Henry E.] - Center 4th; 8/18/62 at Barre age 18; used “Henry E. Hawes” alias in war; wounded 7/11/64 in right foot at Petersburg, VA; was moved back north 7/17/64 on hospital steamer George Leary as L.H. Hawes; (7/20/44 in Albany, NY-4/8/10); son of Peter S. and Caroline Van Alstyne; married Margaret “Maggie” Littebrant (8/14/50 at Albany, NY-5/17/43) 6/16/71 at William B. Young’s home; “Confectionary” in 80 Albion Census; 90 Soldiers Census “loss of toe”; invalid pension 1/3/70; widow pension 4/16/10; she married widower Robert W. Stout (2/15/37-7/18/20) circa 1913; all 3 buried at Mt. Albion

113. Henion, Charles Edward - 12/2/63 at Medina age [18]; (11/17/46 in Yates, Orleans Co. NY-4/3/02 of nephritis at St. Joseph, MO); trans. to Batt. K 3rd NYLA 6/10/65; out 6/30/65 at Richmond; son of John D. and Elizabeth Barker; brother of David G., George W., and William L.; married Augusta Culver (7/13/42? in Orleans Co. NY-8/11/12 at Kansas City, MO) 9/20/64 near Lockport, NY [an elopement]; 80 Census Farmer at Odessa. Ionia Co. MI as “Henian”; invalid pension 2/6/94 IL; read in 1900 St. Joseph, MO Census as “Hemon”; he is buried in Mt. Mora Cemetery in St. Joseph, MO; widow pension Augusta MO

114. Henion, David Garrett - Left 6th; 8/21/62 at Medina age 24; 65 Yates Census Wagon Maker; brother of Charles E., George W., and William L.; son of John D. and Elizabeth Barker; (7/5/38 in Yates, Orleans Co. NY-3/8/15 at Saginaw, MI); married Elsie Adelia “Delia” Paul, daughter of Robert Paul of the 17th, 2/15/62 at Waterport, NY; (6/30/43 in NY or Canada-4/2/16 in MI); invalid pension 12/7/89 NY; moved to Saginaw 1902; widow pension Delia 3/13/15 1043396 MI; both at Lynhaven Cemetery in Lyndonville, NY

115. Henion, George W. [Washington?] - 12/2/63 at Medina age 28; trans. 6/10/65 to Batt. K 3rd NYLA; out 6/30/65 at Richmond; (1835? in Wayne Co. NY-6/4/73); Saddler in 55 Yates Census; son of John D. and Elizabeth Barker; brother of Charles E., David G., and William L.; married Mary E. Jacobs (2/?/51 in Yates, Orleans Co. NY-4/12/21) 7/22/67; she was daughter of 17th soldier John D. Jacobs; both buried at Lynhaven Cemetery; she married Allen Toms (1/?/53?-6/10/27 at Lockport, NY) 12/2/75; widow pension Mary E. Jacobs Henion Toms 1891 NY; minor 4/23/92 NY

116. Henion, William L. - Left 6th; 8/21/62 at Yates age 22; (8/20/40 in Yates, NY-6/14/71); son of John D. and Elizabeth Barker; brother of Charles E., David G., and George W.; married Margarette “Maggie” E. Post (3/?/44 in Genesee Co. NY-6/25/07) 8/22/62 at Gaines, NY in double ceremony with John Duffy Paul of the 17th and his bride; 65 Yates Census age 25; Bartender; 70 Ridgeway Census Innkeeper [in Knowlesville]; buried at Somerset Cemetery in Niagara Co. NY; widow pension Maggie E. Stanfield NY 12/14/91 753366; she married William R. Stanfield (1833-9/19/94) who had served in Co. B 1st Ohio Light Artillery and lived in Buffalo; both buried in Forest Lawn Cemetery in Buffalo, NY

117. Hevenor, Allen D. [Davis?] - Right 1st; 8/20/62 at Medina age 19; 2nd Corp. [Caisson]; son of Peter Frederick and Augusta Davis; Cigar Maker; (2/29/44 at Red Hook, Dutchess Co. NY-9/4/78 during yellow fever epidemic as “Havenor” and “E. D. Havanac” at 121 St. Charles St., New Orleans, LA); 60 Shelby Census age 16; Cigar Maker; 65 Ridgeway Census age 21; Cigar Maker/Army; married Ella L. Bullard circa 1866; appears to be with wife Ella in 70 Census at hotel in Lockport, NY; no burial record found at New Orleans; she was widow with parents James and Anne under maiden name in 80 San Francisco, CA Census; widow pension Ella L. (1844? in England-11/5/12 in San Francisco, CA as “Hevener”) 8/21/90 CA; she was partner in “Bassler & Hevener”, importers of French millinery in 80s; when Hevenor and Lyman F. Zimmerman found that the apple tree near Appomattox Court House, where Lee had awaited word concerning the surrender meeting, had been completely removed for souvenirs, they made use of their tobacconist skills to make and sell souvenir cigars (at 25 cents each; no change given) in the hole in the ground where the tree had stood. They reportedly made $150!

118. Himes, Daniel Crandall - Right 1st; 8/20/62 at Medina age 18; (7/7/44 at Hamlin, Monroe Co. NY-8/13/25 at Brockport, NY); 65 Shelby Census age 20; son of Paul and Keziah Mary Ann Crandall; married first wife Anna Barker (5/26/47 at Shelby, Orleans Co. NY-4/28/79 at Medina, NY) 10/3/67; 75 Shelby Census age 30; Marble Worker; married Mary Ann Donovan (11/28/51 in NY-7/11/30) 4/25/80 at Medina, NY; invalid pension 3/11/88; widow pension 8/24/25; all 3 are listed at Garland Cemetery, Clarkson, Monroe Co. NY, but Anna would logically be buried elsewhere

119. Horan, Edward - 8/22/62 at Medina age 26; listed as a Corp. before he deserted 10/12/62 at Camp Church, Lockport, NY; 60 Shelby Census Laborer; age 26 (1833? in Ireland-?); no pension

120. Huff, Swart - Right 2nd; 8/22/62 at Medina age 22; (1840 in Schoharie Co. NY-10/12/00 of hepatitis in Grosse Point, MI); 50 Schoharie Co. NY Census age 9; son of Lorenso and Jerutha Knowles; married [Mary] Elizabeth Turner (8/30/52 at Mt. Clemens, MI-10/30/33) 7/30/68 at Sterling, Macomb Co. MI; Laborer in 80 Census at Ash, Monroe Co. MI as “Sport” Huff; invalid pension 5/6/87; lived in New Haven, Macomb Co. in 1890; he is buried with no marker in section A, lot 64 at Clinton Grove Cemetery in Mt. Clemens, Macomb Co. MI; widow pension Mary E. 10/20/00 MI; Mary E. is buried at Utica Cemetery in Utica, Macomb Co. MI

121. Hunt, Albridge G. - 9/9/64 at Rochester age 26; (6/22/38 at Carlton, NY-7/3/11 at Osceola, MI); son of Wilson and Anna Folinsky[?]; brother of Andrew in 17th; married Harriet Esther Durkee (5/30/49 in Carlton, MI-12/15/28 in MI) 11/19/65 at Carlton, MI; Farmer in 80 Census at Carlton, Barry Co. MI; invalid 8/27/88 as “Albridg”; lived at Hastings, Barry Co. MI in 1891; 1910 Census at Osceola, MI; widow pension Harriet 7/20/11; both at Sylvan Township Cemetery in Osceola Co. MI

122. Hunt, Andrew J. [Jackson?] - 9/9/64 at Rochester age 24; out 5/30/65 at Richmond; brother of Albridge in 17th; 55 Carlton Census age 17; son of Wilson and Anna Folinsky[?]; married Sarah L. Manderville (5/?/49 in WI-8/27/37 in Medina, NY) circa 1875; invalid pension 9/21/87; Machinist in 1900 Shelby Census [listed his birth date as 6/45]; (6/?/40 in Orleans Co. NY-9/3/04 of gangrene); widow pension Sarah L. 10/14/04; both buried at 75 Cleveland at Boxwood Cemetery

123. Hunt, Eliphalet J. - Center 4th; 8/26/62 at Barre age 29; son of "S." and Jane [“S.” must be brother of Elijah, if Eliphalet is uncle of George S. of the 17th]; Carpenter in 60 Royalton, Niagara Co. NY Census; (10/12/32 in Romulus, Seneca Co. NY-1/25/64 from typhoid fever at Fairfax Court House, VA); buried at LeValley Cemetery in Hartland, Niagara Co. NY with a government marker obtained in 1879; mother Jane Hunt filed for pension 3/24/64

124. Hunt, George Sherman - Center 3rd; 8/22/62 at Barre age 18; promoted to 1st Corp. [Gunner] replacing Henry Smith in Left 6th 5/22/65; age 16 in 60 Royalton, Niagara Co. NY Census; son of Elijah and Julia A. "Sally" Sherman; reportedly nephew of Eliphalet J. of the 17th; married Mary Jane Bowen (6/?/50 at Royalton, NY-7/?/20 in CO) circa 1867; invalid pension 9/9/90 NY; Bookkeeper in 1900 Montague Co. TX Census; (4/16/44 at Middleport, NY-4/20/08 at Bowie, TX); he is buried in plot D at Elmwood Cemetery, Bowie, Montague Co. TX; widow pension Mary J. 10/30/08 TX; she is buried at Crown Hill Cemetery in Wheatridge, Jefferson Co. CO

125. Hunt, George W. [Washington?] - Right 1st; 8/22/62 at Medina age 19; 55 Ridgeway, NY Census age 12; son of Thomas and Eliza Ann Tyrell; 65 Ridgeway Census Boatman/Soldier; (2/20/43 in Medina, NY-2/18/68); married Augusta Campbell (1841? in NY-after 1892) 7/17/65; he is buried at 108 Old in Boxwood Cemetery; widow pension Augusta 3/11/68; widow at Elmira, NY in 90 Soldier Census

126. Hurd, Harlan Page - Right 1st; 8/20/62 at Medina age 24; promoted to 1st Corp. [Gunner] 8/18/64 on the Center 4th gun replacing Nelson Wickham; (4/5/38 at Medina NY-4/23/26 near Newark, NJ); son of Russell Frost Hurd and Nancy Ann Frost; brother of Levi of the 17th; Carpenter; married Mary Catherine Krause (2/17/36 in NY-1/8/12 at Newark, NJ) 7/9/57 at Brockport, NY; 70 Census in Erie, PA; invalid 12/18/79; both buried at Bloomfield Cemetery, Bloomfield, NJ

127. Hurd, Levi Parsons - Right 1st; 8/20/62 at Medina age 25; (12/12/36 in Knowlesville, Orleans Co. NY-10/28/01 at Newark, NJ); brother of Harlan of the 17th; 55 Ridgeway Census age 18; son of Russell Frost Hurd and Nancy Ann Frost; married Catherine F. Culp [Kulp?] (1843? in Canada-before 1869?) 9/3/61 at Medina, NY; 65 Shelby Census age 25; Carpenter; wife is listed as Canadian born 22 year old “Mrs. K”; married Sarah E. Hatheway (11/19/41 in PA-2/6/03 at Newark, NJ) 11/19/69; “Foreman in a Sash Factory” in 70 Erie, PA Census as “Hurt”; 1900 Census as “Levie”; invalid pension 7/16/90; widow pension no date

128. Huxley, Nelson Luther - 8/22/62 at Medina age 27; Quartermaster Sgt.; 55 Shelby Census age [31]; son of Moses [or Amos] and Sarah Rowe; (3/9/34 in Shelby, NY-2/18/11 in Mason, MI); 50 Shelby Census as Luther, with a different family; married Emeline J. Spinning (11/10/37 in NY-5/4/62 in Shelby, NY) 11/18/60 at Shelby Center, NY; she is buried at Shelby Center Cemetery as “Emma”; married Louise M. Pomeroy [Mary Louisa Pomeroy] (7/?/44 in Columbia Co. NY-10/2/18 at Effingham, IL) 10/14/62 at Shelby, NY; Grocer in 80 Shelby, NY Census; invalid pension 3/29/87; lived in Mason, MI in 1891; age 76 in 1910 Mason, Ingham Co. MI Census; he and “Louisa” buried in section 1 lot 290 at Maple Grove Cemetery in Mason, Ingham Co. MI; widow pension Louise 2/27/11 in MI