17th New York Volunteer Light Artillery

17th NY Vol Battery, 17th NY Light Artillery, Orleans Battery, 17th NYLA
Unless otherwise stated, men were mustered out 6/12/65 at Richmond, VA


129. Jackson, George B. [Burr or Beckwith?] - 9/13/64 at Rochester age 18; (12/6/45 at Shelby, NY-2/3/95 of consumption at Medina, NY); son of Philip Burr and Anna D. Beckwith; husband of Anna Haines (1845 in Orleans Co. NY-1888); in Buffalo, NY 70 and 80 Census; both at Millville Cemetery; married 2nd wife Alvine S. “Olive” Laskey Wilkes (3/16/55 at Ticonderoga, Essex Co. NY-6/4/37 at Medina, NY) 9/10/90 in Shelby, NY; she was widow of Jesse Wilkes (1843 in Warwickshire England-?) and both were in 80 Census at Elm Grove, Antelope Co. NE; invalid pension 12/12/91; Farmer in 92 Shelby Census; widow pension 2/16/95; Olive is buried at East Shelby Cemetery

130. Jacobs, John D. - likely Left 6th; 8/19/62 at Medina age 38; from Yates; mother was Mary Wesley; discharged for disability 4/7/63 at Utica, NY; (1/1/23 in Onondaga Co. NY-10/20/76 at Lyndonville, NY); married Sarah M. Allen (10/?/21 in Little Falls, Herkimer Co. NY-5/4/03 at Yates, NY) 12/30/49 in Yates, NY; Cooper age 40 in 65 Yates, Orleans Co. NY Census; daughter Mary E. married George Henion of the 17th; widow pension 8/6/84; both at Lynhaven Cemetery

131. Johnson, Henry O. [B.] [Bell?]- Right 1st; 8/20/62 at Medina age 21; 65 Shelby Census age 24; son of Edward and Hannah Bell; married Anna B. “Annie” (10/?/43? in Scotland-1922) circa 1865; Carpenter in 80 Lockport Census; invalid pension 1/30/81; in Lockport 90 Soldier Census as “Henry B.”; (9/8/40 in Medina, NY-3/4/17 at Lockport, NY); both at Cold Springs Cemetery in Lockport, NY; widow pension 3/21/17

132. Johnson, William Henry- 9/22/64 at Rochester age 19; from Carlton, Orleans Co.; (12/?/44 in England-5/5/65 of typhoid fever at Point of Rocks, VA); son of Robert and Jane Hadden; christened 2/2/45 at Faversham, Kent England; family immigrated circa 1848; buried in plot 1059, City Point National Cemetery, Hopewell City, VA [incorrectly listed as being in 17th NY Infantry]; mother received pension 7/5/87

133. Jones, William - 3/12/64 at Rochester age 19; (1844? in Buffalo, NY-?); Farmer; received bounty from Town of Murray; deserted 3/28/64 at Elmira, NY

134. June, Marcus Millard - Center 4th; 8/18/62 at Barre age 18; missing from Civil War Data list; (2/19/44 in Carlton, NY-1/19/16 at Syracuse, NY); son of Benjamin and Chloe M.[Millard?]; married Emma Augusta [or Augustus] Parsons (5/18/49 at Ogdensburg, NY-2/23/14 at Syracuse, NY) 1/17/77 at Albion, NY; she was 1 in 1850 Barre, NY Census; he was “Butter Dealer” in 80 Union, Branch Co. MI Census; in Onondaga Co. NY in 90 Soldiers Census; invalid pension 4/25/00 NY; 1910 Census Vice President at printing business in Syracuse, NY; both buried at Oakwood Cemetery in Syracuse, NY

135. Kate, Charles M. [or Kates, Charles M.] - Right 1st; 8/22/62 at Medina age 38; (1824? in Somerset, England-2/20/98 in MI); married Maria Caple (9/30/17 in St. Charles, Somerset England-1/5/99 in Charlotte, Eaton Co. MI) 4/7/48 at Syracuse, NY; 50 Census at LeRoy, Genesee Co. NY; in 60 Shelby, Orleans Co. NY Census as “Rates”; 65 Ridgeway Census age 40; Tanner; wife Mariah age 45; 70 Census Currier in Buffalo, NY; 80 Buffalo Census Grocer as “Kates”; invalid pension 6/30/80; “Kates” in Buffalo, NY 90 Soldier Census; widow pension Maria 1898 in MI; they are buried as “Father and Mother Kates” in section 40 at Forest Lawn Cemetery in Buffalo, NY; son Thomas Wilbur (5/7/65-5/6/31) was awarded the Medal of Honor for his actions during the Boxer Rebellion in 1900; he later deserted at NYC in 1903

136. Kearney, John - Left 5th, 8/21/62 at Medina age 26; 2nd Corp. [Caisson]; (1835 in Kilkeny, Ireland-3/31/93 at Medina, NY); son of James and Mary Kennedy; married Catherine Eagin (3/20/47 in Ireland-4/18/19 at Medina, NY) 2/4/75 at Medina, NY; Saloonkeeper in 80 Ridgeway Census; invalid pension 8/29/90; widow pension no date; both buried at St. Mary's Cemetery in Ridgeway, NY

137. Kennedy, John - Right 2nd; 8/21/62 at Medina age 24; supposedly from Royalton, Niagara Co. NY at enlistment; not found in any Census; lived in Kalamazoo, MI in 1886; resident at Michigan Soldiers’ Home, Kent, MI 7/30/86-9/24/90; signed admission papers with his “mark”; “asthma since war”; listed as a single Laborer who had lived in MI since 1868; nearest relative Cornelius Kennedy of Suffield, CT; invalid pension in MI 10/31/87; (1834? in Ireland-9/24/90 of heart disease at Michigan Soldiers' Home); buried in plot 3, row 4, grave 3 at Soldiers’ Home Cemetery, Grand Rapids, Kent Co. MI; pension guardian listed as "Thomas Kimmet" 1/10/92 in NY

138. Kerwin, Martin [or Kirwin, Martin] - Left 6th; 8/21/62 at Medina age 23; 65 Yates Census age 27; (3/3/38-5/5/03 of consumption at Petoskey, MI); Laborer; son of Philip and Margaret Scanlon; all born in Ireland; married Ella E. Barry (11/?/50 in NY-10/18/17 at Somerset, Niagara Co. NY) 10/24/74 at Yates, NY; invalid pension 6/7/80; in Petosky, MI in 80 and 1900 Census; separated by 1900 Census, where she is listed as a widow; he is buried at St. Francis Xavier Cemetery in Petoskey, Emmet Co. MI; widow pension no date; she is buried at Lynhaven as “Kirwin”

139. Ketchum, Henry Lockwood [or Ketcham, Henry Lockwood] - 9/10/64 at Rochester age 23; also served in 3rd NY Cavalry; 50 Royalton Census age 9; son of Joshua and Keziah Penny [she died 7 weeks after his birth]; 65 Royalton Census age 24; Cooper; single; (6/3/41 in Niagara Co. NY-2/4/13 at Chicago, IL); married Ellen Luzetta Palmer (1/24/48 in MI-9/15/26 at Chicago, IL) 9/2/69 at Flint, Genesee Co. MI; 70 Saginaw, MI Census Shingle Dealer; 80 Saginaw, MI Census Cooper; invalid pension as "Ketcham" 12/2/99; widow pension 1913; both buried in Mount Greenwood Cemetery, Cook Co. IL as “Ketcham”

140. Kimball, Alanson Edson Jr. - Center 3rd; 8/26/62 at Lockport age 24; (1/14/38 at Holley, NY-1/25/27 in Belleville, Eaton Co. MI); son of Alanson Edson and Josephine Hobby; 65 Carlton Census Farmer; age 27; married 1st wife Emeretta C. Mixer (1848 in Cattauragus Co.? NY-3/12/78) 12/15/70 in Ingham Co. MI; married 2nd wife Ella E. Wade (9/16/52 [based on 39 years, 7 months, 24 days] in MI-5/10/92) 4/17/79; lived in Leslie, Ingham Co. MI in 80 Census; invalid pension 10/21/86; 90 Soldier Census at Grand Rapids, MI; Butcher in 1899 Grand Rapids directory; in 1910 E. Orange, NJ Census; 1920 Census at Belleville, MI; he is buried in Riverside Cemetery, Bellevue, Eaton Co. MI; both wives are buried at Woodlawn Cemetery in Leslie, Ingham Co. MI; brother Henry Harrison served in Co. F 3rd NY Cavalry; brother J. Edson was in Co. C 8th NY Heavy Artillery and died 6/21/64 from Cold Harbor wounds at Washington, D.C.

141. Knight, Cyrus Maxwell - 3/30/64 at Rochester age 27; discharged 12/2/64 after cutting his foot 6/23/64; (4/24/36 [based on “age 77 yrs, 10 m, 17 days”] at Barre, NY-3/11/14 in LeRoy, NY); son of William and Mary “Polly” Burns; 60 Murray Orleans Co. NY Census Farm Laborer; married Abbie G. Cole (6/?/39 in NY-12/5/61) 3/11/60; Abbie is buried at Pierce-Smith Pioneer Cemetery in Murray, NY; married 2nd wife Elizabeth Marlton (8/9/39 in the Netherlands-7/31/15 in Genesee Co. NY) 3/23/65 at Clarendon, NY; Farmer in 70 Murray, Orleans Co. Census; invalid pension 1/31/91; in 1910 Genesee Co. NY Census; widow pension Elizabeth 3/28/14; both buried at Stone Church Cemetery north of LeRoy, Genesee Co. NY

142. Lahey, Michael [Leahey or Laehey] - Left 5th; 8/22/62 at Medina age 22; (8/?/37 in Ireland-1/12/12 at Medina, NY); son of Richard and Margaret Connors; he immigrated 1853; married Katherine Rice (5/22/42? in Ireland-12/8/21) circa 1866; she immigrated 1848; Blacksmith in 80 Ridgeway Census; invalid pension 6/2/85; widow pension 3/1/12; both are buried at St. Mary’s Cemetery in Ridgeway, NY

143. Leavens, Samuel Bowen [Levene in Civil War Data] - 9/6/64 at Rochester age 37; son of Joseph Bowen Leavens Jr. and Hannah Moon; (8/12/27 at Chester, Saratoga Co. NY-2/12/09 at Carlton, Barry Co. MI); married Mary Crandall (10/12/39 in Orleans Co. NY-10/15/80 at Barre, NY) in 1854; she is buried at Mt. Albion Cemetery; invalid pension 7/6/67; 80 Barre Census Farmer; 2nd marriage 3/9/81 to Parria Sadie Ann Keeler (5/28/60 at Carlton, NY-5/15/29 at Carlton, MI); lived in OH 1885-1890; in KS 1890-1904?; widow pension no date; both buried at Fuller Cemetery in Carlton, MI

144. Lefler, Abner D. - Center 4th; later Right 2nd; 8/18/62 at Shelby age 25; out 8/30/65 at Elmira, NY; 1st Corp. [Gunner]; reduced to Private 5/16/63 dishonorably when he was “miffed” at not getting promotion to Sgt. that Charles Benton got; later found guilty at court-martial [with Magowan] for desertion at Washington, D.C. [after drinking all night 6/18/63 (the day of George Moore's death), they put on civilian clothes and were arrested 6/19/63 on railroad tracks at or near Bladensburg, MD]; sentenced to hard labor at Dry Tortugas for rest of enlistment; forfeited all pay; pay restored 12/2/63 through efforts of Capt. Anthony; probably also in Batt. K 3rd NYLA as “Lefner”; (1836? in Shelby, Orleans Co. NY-10/1/04 at Lockport, NY); “Abram Lafler” age 14 in 50 Shelby Census; "Leflor" in 65 Shelby Census; age 27; son of Christiana; she has marker at Shelby Center Cemetery as “Christeann Lefler” (1798? [marker says 1820]-1865); 75 Ridgeway Census age 34; Day Laborer; wife Jeanette age 25; Tailoress; (11/?/45? in Orleans Co. NY-after 1904); 80 Ridgeway Census age 42; Machinist; in Lockport in 90 Soldier Census; invalid pension 7/10/90; founded A. D. Lefler Creamery across from Locust St. home circa 1893; 1900 Lockport Census as “Seffler” with incorrect ages; buried at Cold Springs Cemetery [no marker found]; widow pension no date

145. Lepel, Frederick [Friederick or “Fritz”] - 1/1/62 at NYC in 9th NYLA [there is a possibility he was enlisted as soon as he got off a boat from Germany]; trans. 6/7/64 to 17th; 7/3/64 to 6th NYLA; out 2/2/65 at Harper's Ferry, WV; married Bertha Pollfuss (1853? in Germany-possibly 5/25/90 at Denison, Crawford Co. IA) 4/19/73 at Carver Co. MN; invalid pension 3/9/78; (1839? in Mecklenburg, Germany-8/?/86 in Carver Co. MN); with wife Bertha in 75, 80 [as Fridrich Leppel], and 85 Census in Camden, Carver Co. MN

146. Lewis, Jairus W. [not Jarius] - Center 3rd; 8/22/62 at Ridgeway age 32; Sgt. [Chief of the Piece], promoted to 1st Sgt. 1/30/63 replacing Edwin Barber; became 1st Lieut. 2/25/64 in Battery A, 2nd U.S. Colored Light Artillery; (12/1/29 at Wells, VT-8/11/96 at Rutland, VT); son of Ethelbert and Paulina Goodspeed; married Nancy M. Reynolds (12/?/38 in Orleans Co. NY-6/5/22) 7/27/57 at Albion, NY; Restaurant Keeper in 80 Poultney, Rutland VT Census as “Jerry”; lived in Jasper, MO in 1890; invalid pension 5/12/92; widow pension no date; he is buried in Old Public Ground Cemetery in Wells, VT; she is buried at Mt. Albion

147. Lewis, James William - Center 4th; 8/18/62 at Medina age 24; (1838 in Rochester, NY-5/26/84 of consumption at Bath, NY Soldiers’ Home); son of David E. and Tryphena in 50 Rochester, NY Census; with parents in 65 Rochester Census; Harness Maker in 80 Batavia, NY Census as William; widow pension Kittie A. [Katherine] Hayden [her maiden name] (1860? at Oakfield, NY-9/22/92 in Buffalo, NY) 10/20/84; pension to guardian Livingston J. Lyman [who married Kittie’s sister Lillie M. in 1883] 11/17/92, for daughter Hattie; he is buried at Batavia Cemetery, Genesee Co., NY; grave unmarked 

148. Lozier, Henry Harrison - Left 5th; 8/21/62 at Medina age 25; 1st Corp. [Gunner]; promoted to Sgt. [Chief of the Piece] 6/6/64 replacing Franklin Axtell; (2/?/36 in Niagara Co. NY-7/30/18 at Rochester, NY); son of Ezekiel and Mary; brother of William of the 17th; their sister Harriet married George Warner of the 17th 2/18/61; 60 Ridgeway Census as Harrison with wife Mary Ann; (1836? in Canada-before 1892); married circa 1856; invalid pension 10/9/84; 92 Ridgeway Census widower as Harrison; age 56; Carpenter; lived in Rochester, NY in 1900; 1915 Carlton Census age 79; at Bath National Cemetery section J row 5 site 14 in Steuben Co. NY

149. Lozier, William - Right 1st; 8/18/62 at Medina age 36; Wagoner; (1826 in Wayne Co. NY-5/5/91); 65 Ridgeway Census age 39; Millwright/Army; son of Ezekiel and Mary; brother of Henry of the 17th; their sister Harriet married George Warner of the 17th 2/18/61; wife Martha Timmerman (1820? in Herkimer Co. NY-9/26/87) is buried in North Shelby Cemetery; invalid pension 5/8/80; he is buried at 27 Old in Boxwood Cemetery in Medina, NY; mother received pension

150. Lysett, James R. Jr. [Lysit in Civil War Data] - 2/25/64 at Rochester age [18]; trans. 6/10/65 to Batt. K 3rd NYLA; out 6/30/65 at Richmond; 55 Ridgeway Census age 8; son of James and Hanoria Walsh; Farmer in “Big Thompson District” Larimer Co. CO 70 Census; (6/14/46 in Tipperary, Ireland-9/7/84 at Hugo, CO); christened at Tipperary, Ireland 6/18/46 as “Lysaght”; invalid pension as “Lysit” under Co. K 3rd NYLA 7/28/70; married Frances Jane "Fannie" King (2/1/65 at Jacksonville, TX-7/6/47 at Caddo Parish LA) 11/12/81 at Anderson Co. TX; remarried widow pension 2/25/30 to Fannie English; she is buried at Rose Hill Cemetery in Texarkana, TX; he is buried at St. Mary's Cemetery in Ridgeway, NY

151. Mace, Charles - Right 2nd; 8/18/62 at Shelby age 18; brother of James Jr. of the 17th; 65 Shelby Census age 21; son of James and Eleanor Ainsworth; married Elizabeth Wright (5/?/44-11/8/11) circa 1874; invalid pension 8/1/90; 1900 Shelby Census Farm Laborer; (5/4/44 at Fisher’s Falls, Newstead, Erie Co. NY-2/29/12 at Shelby Center, NY); both buried at 106 Cleveland at Boxwood Cemetery

152. Mace, James Jr. - 1/5/64 at Rochester age [18]; trans. 6/10/65 Batt. K 3rd NYLA; out 6/30/65 at Richmond; 65 Shelby, Orleans Co. NY Census age 19; son of James and Eleanor Ainsworth; brother of Charles of the 17th; (4/16/47 at Fisher’s Falls, Newstead, Erie Co. NY-4/24/32 at Shelby, NY); married Julia Fidelia Handy (1851? in NY- before 1920?) 7/2/71 at Gaines, NY; Paper Maker in 75 Shelby Census; invalid pension 6/30/80; he and Julia living separately by 1900; he is buried at Mt. Pleasant Cemetery in Shelby, NY

153. Magowan, Horatio Wellington [often spelled McGowan] - 8/18/62 at Medina age 34; Guidon; replaced by William Young 4/7/63; (6/13/28 in Highgate?, Franklin Co. VT-9/20/16 at Elmira, NY); son of James and Susannah Reynolds; married “Antinett” Curtis (8/10/33 in Orleans Co. NY-12/18/16) at Yates, NY 7/27/51; 55 Ridgeway Census age 26 with wife Antoinette age 20; found guilty [with Lefler] at court-martial for desertion at Washington, D.C. [after drinking all night in Washington 6/18/63 (the day of George Moore's death), they put on civilian clothes and were arrested 6/19/63 on railroad track at or near Bladensburg, MD]; sentenced to hard labor for remainder of enlistment; forfeited all pay; pay restored 12/63 through efforts of Capt. Anthony; sentence remitted; released from confinement 9/1/64; returned to 17th at Deep Bottom, VA 9/20/64; he was a Tinsmith in Elmira, NY 1866-1890s; invalid pension 7/16/90; widow pension Antinett NY 9/25/16; both buried at Woodlawn Cemetery, Elmira, Chemung Co. NY

154. Maloney, James - Left 5th; 8/22/62 at Medina age 28; (1834? or 47? in Ireland-?); son of James and Johanna Fitzgibbon; possibly a boarder age 22 in 55 Shelby Census; possibly 23 year old Farmer with mother “Hanna” in 70 Hartland, Niagara Co. Census; no burial found; no pension info

155. Mange, Charles Albert - 1/1/62 at NYC in 9th NYLA; trans. 6/7/64 to 17th; trans. 7/3/64 to 6th; out 1/2/65 at Harper's Ferry, WV; son of Francis and Johanna Dorothea Friederika Woerner; father Francis of the 52nd NY Infantry was wounded at Antietam and died 12/4/63; (10/28/44 at Philadelphia, PA-7/10/20 at Anniston, AL); Paper Merchant in 70 NYC Census; married Georgia Alice Trimble (10/17/62 in AL-5/2/40 at Anniston, AL) 3/6/81 at Floyd City, GA; had 12 children; invalid pension 6/10/92; Charles was Commander of Alabama contingent to 49th G.A.R. Encampment in 1915; widow pension 8/2/20; both buried at Edgemont Cemetery in Anniston, AL

156. Marsham, Thomas - Center 3rd; 8/22/62 at Medina age 34; (10/8/28 in Neatishead, Norfolk, England-2/14/07 at Bath, NY); son of James Howard and Eliza Beth Bacon; married Mary Janette Bradley Keeler (6/29/23 at Walcot, Norfolk England-11/3/01 at Shelby, NY) 3/?/48 in Norfolk, England; both immigrated 1853; 60 Yates Census age 31; Farm Laborer; 65 Gaines Census age 38; invalid pension 7/26/90; Farmer in 92 Albion Census; he was at the Bath Soldiers’ Home from 7/15/02 until his death; both listed at Mt. Pleasant Cemetery in Shelby, NY; he is also listed at National Cemetery, Bath, NY in section G row 7 site 1

157. Martin, Edwin [Edward after 1900?] - Center 4th; 8/22/62 at Medina age 21; son of William and Mary Moon; in 50 Clarendon, NY Census; in 65 Ridgeway Census age 26; Blacksmith; (8/11/43 in Pulaski, Oswego Co. NY-4/7/20 of pneumonia in Wixom, Oakland Co. MI); in Somerset, Niagara Co. 80 Census; 1st wife was Adelia Vaughn (1843? in Niagara Co. NY-after 1880); married Mary Jeanette "Nettie J." Carmer (9/20/62 in Wayne Co. MI-1/8/40 at Oakland Co., MI) 8/15/89 at Northville, Wayne Co. MI; lived in Northville, Wayne Co. MI in 1890; invalid pension 12/5/90; widow pension Mary Jeannette 7/1/20; both buried in Rural Hill Cemetery, Northville, Wayne Co. MI 

158. McCargar, David Henry - Center 4th; 8/22/62 at Medina age 32; son of Thomas William Jr. and Phoebe Beach; immigrated 1840 or 1851; married Betsey Chase (1827 in Niagara Co. NY-12/25/79 at Shelby, NY) circa 1857; invalid pension 10/22/68; 75 Shelby Census age 49; Blacksmith; (3/29/30 in Kemptville, Ontario Canada-2/27/15 at Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Home, Grand Island, NE); wife Betsy age 48; she is buried at Mt. Pleasant Cemetery in Shelby, NY; widower in 80 Royalton, Niagara Co. NY Census; married Anna Elsie (5/?/37 in OH-after 1900) circa 1881; she is in 1900 Randolph, McLean Co. IL as a widow with sister "Pathena"[?] Elsie; he married Amy Willcock Bryant (9/18/48? in Newnham, Kent, England-after 1914) 7/30/00 at Marshall Co. KS; both in 1910 Stockton, Hamilton Co. NE Census; she was widow of David Z. Bryant (1848? in Iowa- 8/12/98 in NE); Bryant served in Co. C 37th WI Infantry, and Co G 5th U.S. Artillery after the war  

159. McCarthy, John [Sr.] - Left 5th; 8/22/62 at Medina age [35]; (6/19/33? in Ireland-4/12/14 in Murray, NY); son of Daniel and Mary Coveney; immigrated circa 1852; married Catherine Sullivan (5/?/31? in Ireland-3/2/02) circa 1854; she immigrated circa 1852; invalid pension 6/14/80; Farmer in 92 Murray, NY Census; both buried at St. Joseph’s Cemetery in Albion, NY

160. McCollum, Owen - Left 6th; 8/23/62 at Medina age 26; 65 Yates, NY Census age 29; Laborer; mother Ruth Wild, widow of Stephen; (11/1/35 in Sullivan Co. NY- 4/19/16); invalid pension 12/17/78; in 90 Yates Soldier Census; married Susan C. Furman McGuire (12/?/45 in Erie Co. NY-10/20/27) 11/9/11 at Lyndonville, NY; he is buried at Lynhaven Cemetery as “McCullum”; widow pension 8/30/16

161. McDonald, John Duncan - Right 2nd; 8/18/62 at Shelby age [27]; Sgt. [Chief of the Piece]; promoted to 1st Sgt. 5/22/65 replacing William Nixson; (10/21/30 in Balnain, Scotland-7/5/11 of “senility and excessive heat” in Detroit, MI); served in the Crimean War circa 1854; from Royalton, Niagara Co. NY; son of Duncan and Marion Sarah "Sally" McLeod; brother of Murdo of the 17th; married Marion Biggar (5/2/32 at Glasgow, Scotland-7/10/11 in Detroit, MI) 8/14/58 at Middleport, NY; he immigrated 1857; she in 1858; 65 Royalton Census age 33; Laborer; “health not very good”; invalid pension 6/23/80; in 90 Soldiers Census at Bengal, Clinton Co. MI; lived in Fowler, MI in 1891; 1900 Census at Sumpter, Bradley Co. AR; both lived in Detroit, MI in 1910 Census; both buried at Evergreen Cemetery in Detroit, MI

162. McDonald, Murdo [originally Murdock] - Center 3rd; 8/22/62 at Medina age 24; 2nd Corp. [Caisson]; replaced George C. Harvey 4/10/63 as 1st Corp [Gunner]; promoted to Sgt. [Chief of the Piece] 12/8/64, replacing George C. Harvey, who died 11/28/64; (9/3/38 at Balnain, Scotland-1/2/22 at St. Johns, MI); son of Duncan and Marion Sarah "Sally" McLeod; brother of John of the 17th; immigrated circa 1855; 65 Royalton, Niagara Co. NY Census age 26; Farmer; single; married Emma Eliza Davis (3/21/47 in Medina, NY-11/5/28 at St. Johns, MI) 11/19/69; had drug store in Maple Rapids, MI in early 1870s; Sheriff of Clinton Co. MI 1879-1882; returned to drug business after two terms as Sheriff; invalid pension 7/24/90; lived in St. Johns, Clinton Co. MI in 1891; 1897-98 Board of Education; Village Clerk in 1900 Census; still employed as Auditor in 1920 Census at age 81; widow pension Emma MI 7/13/22; both in mauseleum at Mt. Rest Cemetery in St. Johns

(McGowan, Horatio) - see Magowan

163. McGurn, John - Right 2nd; 8/21/62 at Medina age 28; was listed as a Corp. 10/62 before leaving Camp Church; (9/13/34 in Providence, RI-4/26/22 at Hastings, MI); son of Patrick and Mary Gallagher [or Mary Anne Armstrong]; 55 Shelby Census age 20; Farm Laborer; married Mary C. Freemyer (9/12/39 in Orleans Co. NY-9/8/15) circa 1859; 65 Shelby Census age 30; Farmer in Hope, Barry Co. MI in 80 Census; invalid pension 10/27/89 MI; 1920 Census widower at Hastings, Barry Co. MI age 85; both at Cedar Creek Cemetery in Hope, Barry Co. MI

164. McLean, John - Left 6th; 8/21/62 at Medina age 23; son of James and Margaret Walker; came to U.S. in 1857; (12/6/38 at Ayrshire, Scotland-2/5/36 in U.S. Marine Hospital at Cleveland, OH of pneumonia); married Mary Jane Thayer (9/24/45 in Oneida Co. NY-2/21/24 at Medina, NY) 3/11/68 at Lyndonville, NY; Laborer in 75 Yates Census age [33]; invalid pension 5/23/95 1167599; 1930 Census at Bristol, Kenosha Co. MN; returned to Lyndonville, NY 1933; both buried at Lynhaven Cemetery

165. McOmber, Lorenzo - 2/29/64 at Rochester age 25; 50 Carlton Census age 11; son of Van Rensselaer and Angelia Osborne; Farm Hand in 60 Cuba, Allegany Co. NY Census; (10/?/38 in Fulton Co. NY-8/2/64 of typhoid fever at Balfour Hospital, Portsmouth, VA); buried in plot #4733 at Hampton National Cemetery, Hampton, VA on 8/3/64 [records say 1884]; his father Van Rensselaer (9/2/07 at Saratoga, NY-5/6/64; drowned in creek in Carlton, NY) served in the 8th NY Cavalry; brother Elbridge in 150th Ohio Infantry; Otis in 76th NY Vol. Infantry; and Charles in 23rd NY Vol. Infantry [killed 12/12/62 at Fredericksburg]

166. Mervine, Henry Gird - Right 1st; 8/18/62 at Medina age 40; son of [Rear Admiral] William and Amanda Maria Crane; graduate of Kenyon College in Ohio; School Teacher circa 1844 at Orange, OH, with future President James A. Garfield as a student; (1/12/22 at Litchfield, Herkimer Co. NY-11/7/95 of pneumonia at Canastota, NY); married Eliza H. Fairman (12/11/25 in Otego, Otsego Co. NY-8/4/95 at Syracuse, NY) 12/2/50 at Lockport, NY; 43 year old Clerk in 65 Ridgeway, NY Census as “Mervoine”; invalid pension 8/1/90 NY; at Canandaigua, NY in 1900 Census; both buried at Oakwood Cemetery in Syracuse, NY; brother Charles Hunter served in Co. C 122nd IL Infantry and was wounded at Paducah, KY 3/64; brother Catharinus Buckingham “Cass” of the 5th Army Corps died 8/17/64 of typhoid at City Point Hospital

167. Montgomery, Robert W. [Wilson?] - Left 5th; 8/21/62 at Medina age 19; immigrated 1860; 65 Shelby Census age 22; Farmer; son of Hugh and Mary Wilson; (10/12/43 in Tyrone, Ireland-8/5/06); married Mary W. Adams (5/29/48? in Peterborough, England-12/10/40 at Medina, NY) 6/9/74 at Medina, NY; they had 8 children; step-son William [or Wellington] Hammond married Lyman Zimmerman’s daughter Louise; invalid pension 1/26/91; he never fully recovered from injuries sustained at Orient St. bridge while railroad employee circa 1901; widow pension no date; both buried at 238 Old in Boxwood Cemetery

168. Moore, Alphonzo P. - Right 1st; 8/22/62 at Medina age 21; had enlisted 9/23/61 at Brockport, NY in Co. C 6th NY Cavalry and deserted at Camp Scott 9/27/61; son of John and Mary H. Coleman; (1841 in Clarkson, NY-9/1/84); retired Farmer in 80 Clarkson Census; married Catharine E. Downes Hoy (9/?/41 in Ireland-11/25/07) circa 1878; she was widow of Robert Hoy (1803?-after 1875); invalid pension 12/29/83; widow pension no date; widow Catherine listed in 90 Soldiers Census at Clarkson, Monroe Co. NY; both at Garland, NY Cemetery

169. Moore, George - likely Right 2nd; 8/22/62 at Medina age 19; son of Asa Burnham and Laura A. Porter; Farmer in 60 Shelby Census; (5/19/43 in Shelby, NY-6/18/63 of typhoid fever at Camp Barry, Washington, D.C.); no pension; all buried at Mt. Pleasant Cemetery in Shelby, NY

170. Moore, Stephen Virgil - Center 4th; 8/25/62 at Barre age 44; son of Ebenezer and Mary N. Burnett; married Marie Hall (9/24/21 in Stanhope, NJ-10/28/05 at King, WI) 6/2/39 at Essex, NY; had 13 children; 46 year old Chair Maker in 65 Carlton, NY Census; Farmer in Waupaca, WI 80 Census; invalid pension 3/17/90; (4/13/19 in Williamson, Wayne Co. NY-6/19/99 at King, WI); both buried in Lakeside Memorial Park, Waupaca, WI; widow pension no date; son William Grover Moore (4/9/42 at Essex Co. NY-6/3/64) enlisted 8/24/62 in Co. C 8th NY Heavy Artillery and was killed by a shell at Cold Harbor 6/3/64 and buried on the battlefield

171. Neal, William - Right 2nd; 8/18/62 at Medina age 27; son of Thomas and Hannah Gibbons; (7/14/35 in Paston, Norfolk England-8/1/18 at Shelby, NY); married Sarah Fairman Smith (2/4/38 at Ashmanhaugh, Norfolk, England-8/27/14 at Shelby, NY) 7/8 [or 23]/55 at Ingham, Norfolk England; both immigrated 1856; Sarah was sister of Robert W. Smith of the 17th; 30 year old Shoemaker in 65 Shelby, NY Census; invalid pension 1/28/80; still a Cobbler in 1900 Shelby Census; both buried at Mt. Pleasant Cemetery in Shelby, NY

172. Newman, Henry W. [not Neuman] - Left 5th; 8/22/62 at Medina age 21; (1841 in Germany-5/5/97 at Medina, NY from blood poisoning from scratch at work); mother Mary; 65 Ridgeway Census age 24; 75 Ridgeway Census age 34; Stonecutter; wife Henrietta age 34; invalid pension 7/23/91 NY; widow pension Henrietta 5/27/97 NY; he is buried in Soldiers’ plot at Boxwood Cemetery; Henrietta (9/?/42? in Germany-2/20/16) is buried at Ridge Lawn Cemetery in Cheektowaga, NY

173. Nichols, William Henry - Center 3rd; 8/18/62 at Barre age 21; (1/25/41 in Albion, NY-7/4/23); son of Charles S. and Eliza Thompson; Stonemason; shook President Lincoln’s hand at White House 1/1/63;  married Sarah Z. Braley (3/7/41 Gaines, Orleans Co. NY-1/24/89) 3/16/70 at Albion, NY; 75 Albion Census Grocer [with Thomas Hales and John Normile]; married 2nd wife Emma Stocking Webster of Rochester, NY (7/6/59 at Rochester, NY-4/5/17 in NY) 9/9/91; invalid pension 3/31/04; all three at Mt. Albion Cemetery

174. Nixson, William H. [or Nixon] - Right 1st; 8/18/62 at Medina age 21; Sgt. [Chief of the Piece]; promoted to 1st Sgt. around 3/1/64 replacing Jairus Lewis; out 5/22/65 due to illness; (1840 at Medina, NY-8/7/90 at Newport, Rock Co. NE); son of Joseph, who had come to Medina, NY from England before 1830; William was earlier in Co. F 3rd NY Cavalry 8/20/61 as "Nixon"; Qtrmstr. Sgt. 1/15/62; out 5/19/62 at Washington, D.C.; 55 Ridgeway Census with 19 year old brother Alderson as “boarders”; 60 Ridgeway, NY Census as “Nickson”; married Marion [Marium] Hoxie (1845? in NY-1/13/19 at Los Angeles, CA as Amsden) of Kiantone, Chautauqua Co. NY 9/16/62 at Ridgeway, NY; went into “House, Sign, Carriage and Ornamental Painting” business with Philo M. Barnes 6/65; listed as a divorced Painter in 80 Battle Creek, IA Census; she married Lorenzo Samuel Amsden (4?/53 in VT- 1/29/32 at Seattle, WA) circa 1883; invalid pension NE 7/16/90 922369; burial record for Newport Cemetery misread as Sgt. W.A. Nixon of Co. I 3rd NY Cavalry; William’s daughter Una Nixson Hopkins (11/17/69-9/8/56 at Los Angeles, CA) was an author and Hollywood’s 1st female Art Director; her son George James Hopkins (3/23/96-2/11/85 at Los Angeles, CA) was also an Art Director from 1917–1970s, and won 4 Academy Awards

175. Normile, John - Center 3rd; 8/26/62 at Lockport age 31; promoted to 1st Corp. [Gunner] in Center 4th 5/16/63; (6/5?/31 in Ireland-7/3/07); son of Henry and Mary McNamara; immigrated 1852; married Mary J. Murray (3/?/53? in Monroe Co. NY-2/3/33) of Rochester, NY 2/9/75; 80 Albion Census age 45; Grocer [with William Nichols and Thomas Hales]; invalid pension 2/25/97; widow pension 5/20/08?; he was buried at St. Joseph’s Cemetery in Gaines, Orleans Co. NY, but was moved to Holy Sepulchre in Rochester, NY 12/5/31; wife Mary also buried there

176. O'Brian, Jerry H. [O’Brien, Jeremiah?] - 8/22/62 at Barre age 23; discharged 10/23/62; rejected by Examining Surgeon; 60 Albion Census as “O’Brien”; wife Mary; likely same man who enlisted in Co. K [and served in C] 8th NY Heavy Artillery 12/11/63; (12/25/39 in Ireland-3/13/80); son of Dennis and Julia Collins; married Mary Donovan (4/?/30-3/12/01) 12/5/58 in Albion, NY; she immigrated 1851; he was wounded in right leg and left foot 6/19/64 at Hatcher’s Creek; hospitalized until 12/16/64; discharged due to wounds 6/5/65; invalid pension 7/19/65; Laborer in 75 Albion Census; widow pension 12/19/85; both buried at St. Joseph’s Cemetery in Gaines, NY

177. Olds, Edward Allen - Company Clerk; 8/18/62 at Medina age 18; (4/24/44 at Lockport, NY-7/30/26 at Hotel Marie Antoinette in NYC); son of Martin and Lavilla J. Stoughton; 60 Shelby Census age 16; Clerk [probably in father’s grocery store]; in 1872 purchased half interest in “Packer’s Tar Soap Co.” in Mystic, CT; married Ella Knapp (9/9/52 at Kings Co. NY-6/15/34 at Kings Co. NY) 7/22/75 in Brooklyn, Kings Co. NY; 90 Soldiers Census at Brooklyn, NY; no pension; probably the most financially successful of the 17th men; both are buried at Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn, NY section 155 lot 23718

178. Orton, Berlin [Burlin] [Horton, James Berlin] - 2/25/64 at Rochester age 21; trans. 6/10/65 to Batt. K 3rd NYLA; out 6/30/65 at Richmond; son of Allan B. Horton and Paulina Wandell; (2/26/43 at Milton, Rock Co. WI-2/1/05 at Shawnee, OK); Photographer in Lodi, Columbia Co. WI 70 Census; married Sarah E. Rose (1859 in IL-5/10/39 in Colfax Co. NM) at Kansas City, MO 10/3/87; 90 Soldiers Census at Kansas City, MO lists all service as being in the 3rd NYLA; invalid pension MO 7/11/90; buried at Fairview Cemetery in Shawnee, OK as J. B. Horton; marker lists 3rd NYLA; widow pension Sarah Horton 7/6/05 NM and 1922; she is buried at Fairmont Cemetery in Raton, NM; James Berlin Horton from Whitewater, WI enlisted in Battery C 2nd Illinois Light Artillery 8/6/61 and deserted 7/20/62; used alias "Berlin Orton" to join 17th

179. Osten, Charles [Osten, Carl L. W.] - 7/20/64 at NYC age 36; trans. 6/10/65 to Batt. K 3rd NYLA; out 6/30/65 at Richmond; (1828? in Germany-1892? at NYC?); married Auguste Gommel (9/?/48? in Germany-after 1915) in Manhattan, NY 6/10/67; Bookkeeper in 80 NYC Census; invalid pension 7/11/90; widow pension Augusta 7/6/05 NY; lists alias Carl L. M. Olsten

180. O’Sullivan, Daniel J. - Left 5th; 8/22/62 at Medina age 34; (12/?/27 in Ireland-8/14/00 at Albion, NY); married Mary (12/?/39 in Ireland-12/18/16) circa 1871; invalid pension 3/29/77; Quarryman in 80 Albion Census as “Daniel O. Sullivan”; daughter Agnes married Linus Griswold’s son Walter; 1900 Census as “Sullivan”; widow pension no date; both at St. Joseph’s Cemetery, Gaines, NY 

181. Patterson, Lyman Kelly - Center 3rd; 8/18/62 at Ridgeway age 26; (7/10/36 in Barre, Orleans Co. NY-10/18/02 in MI); 65 Barre Census age 29; Soldier; son of Lyman O. and Cynthia Kelly; married Phoebe G. Shepard (4/?/41? in Albany Co. NY-11/1/25) circa 1868; Carpenter in 75 Albion, NY Census; Retail Grocer in 80 St. Johns, Clinton Co. MI Census; still in St. Johns, MI in 1891; in 1900 Bear Creek, Emmet Co. MI Census as “Syman H.”; invalid pension 7/3/90; he fractured his skull when he fell off the roof of his cottage at Bay View, MI, and died at home seven weeks later; widow pension illegible date; both buried in Mt. Rest Cemetery in St. Johns, MI

182. Paul, Archibald Duffy - Left 6th; 8/21/62 at Medina age 32; discharged for disability 8/30/64 at Washington; (3/15/30 in Williamstown, Oswego Co. NY-5/14/03); son of John and Nancy Duffy; brother of Robert and uncle of John Duffy Paul [both of the 17th]; 1st wife was Louisa (1833 in Madison Co. NY-5/16/58); he is remarried Collar Maker in 65 Yates, NY Census; 2nd wife was Lois C. (1840?-11/23/92); invalid pension 6/20/66; he was at Bath Veterans’ Hospital in 1900; all three at Lynhaven Cemetery in Lyndonville, NY 

183. Paul, John Duffy - Left 6th; 8/21/62 at Medina age 22; (4/8/40 in Sullivan, Madison Co. NY-7/5/11 at Saginaw, MI); married Elizabeth Coughlin (1841? in Monroe Co. NY-before 1875?) 8/22/62 at Gaines, NY in a double ceremony with William L. Henion of the 17th  and his bride; son of Robert [of the 17th] and Mary Ann Wald; nephew of Archibald; 65 Yates Census age 25 Cooper; his sister “Delia” married David Henion of the 17th; married 2nd wife Elizabeth “Lizzie” Smith (4/?/56 in CT-2/20/05) 9/16/75 at either Thorold or Midland City, ON Canada; invalid pension 7/9/90; both buried in section 12, lot 24 at Forest Lawn Cemetery in Saginaw, MI

184. Paul, Robert F. - 12/15/63 at Royalton, Niagara Co. age [38]; trans. 6/10/65 Batt. K 3rd NYLA; out 7/22/65 at Rochester; Boatman; (4/4/14 in Monroe, Rockland Co. NY-3/24/70); son of John and Nancy Duffy; father of John Duffy Paul and brother of Archibald [both of the 17th]; married Mary Ann Wald [or Wild] 1838; 55 Ridgeway Census age 45; wife Mary age 45 (1810? in Madison Co. NY-after 1870); 65 Yates Census age 51; occupation Laborer/Army; wife Mary age [50]; no cemetery listing for her; pension under Co. K 3rd NYLA; widow pension 7/11/70; he is buried at Lynhaven Cemetery [no dates on marker obtained 11/29/79]

185. Pepper, James - Left 5th; 8/19/62 at Medina age 44; (1818? in Newington, Kent England-3/10/69 in NY?); son of William; married Mary A. Woolley (12/?/18 in Lincolnshire, England-4/?/04 at Indianapolis, IN) 6/22/42 at Spaulding, Lincolnshire, England; immigrated circa 1852; 47 year old Laborer in 65 Ridgeway, NY Census; widow pension 7/9/70; she and 4 children ages 14-28 in “Township 7 Range 8” Macoupin Co. IL 70 Census; she lived in Bunker Hill, Macoupin Co. IL with son William’s family in 80 Census; 1900 Census at Indianapolis, IN; she is buried at Crown Hill Cemetery in Indianapolis, Marion Co. IN

186. Pfeffer, Peter - 1/1/64 at unknown; (1845?-10/13/05); out 6/22/65 at unknown; invalid pension 2/24/79; widow pension 9/8/10; at Garland Cemetery, Clarkson, Monroe County, NY; his headstone is only connection found to 17th; he was actually a member of the 27th NYLA

187. Pirnie, Alexander - 10/7/64 at Rochester age 18; trans. 6/10/65 to Batt. K 3rd NYLA as “Pernie”; out 6/30/65 at Richmond; (1845 at Cargill, Perth, Scotland-10/14/32 at San Diego, CA); son of Michael and Janet Sharp; immigrated 1853; married Ida Lillian Palmer (3/14/60 at Webster Hill, Oneida Co. NY-12/10/09 at San Diego, CA) circa 1878; invalid pension 12/19/79; lived in Rome, NY in 1880; Stonecutter in 1900 Boonville, Oneida Co. NY Census; both at Mt. Hope Cemetery in San Diego, CA

188. Pitner, Michael - 1/5/64 at Rochester age 18; trans. to Batt. K 3rd NYLA 6/10/65; out 6/30/65 at Richmond; son of John and Katarina Benrick; 55 Ridgeway Census as “Bidner”; 70 Ridgeway Census Cooper; age 23; wife Mary (1848? in NY-before 1875); widowed Blacksmith in 75 Ridgeway Census; neither found in 80 U.S. Census; invalid pension 1/9/86 as “Pitney”; age [37] in 92 Ridgeway Census; single Laborer in 1910 Ridgeway Census; (1846 in Germany-6/19/13 at Medina, NY); he is buried in Soldiers’ plot at Boxwood Cemetery

189. Pitts, Silas Wright - Right 1st; 8/18/62 at Medina age 20; promoted to 1st Corp. [Gunner] 9/1/63 replacing John Vosburgh; Sgt. [Chief of the Piece] around 3/1/64 replacing William Nixson; (9/25/42 at Yates, Orleans Co. NY-6/24/29 at Clifton Springs, NY); 65 Ridgeway Census age 22; occupation "Army"; son of John M. and Mary Ann Clark; married 1st wife was Leora C. Garrett (5/9/47 in Ireland-8/24/72 at Syracuse, NY) circa 1866; she is buried at Oakwood Cemetery in Syracuse; married 2nd wife Fanny B. Allen (8/17/47 at Lyons, NY-12/31/21 at Clifton Springs, NY) 9/8/75 at Pompey, NY; she is buried in Lyons Rural Cemetery, Wayne Co. NY; invalid pension 8/28/91; Commercial Traveler in 1900 Ontario Co. Census; married 3rd wife Mary Avery (1846 in NY-7/22/27) 6/9/24 at Niagara Co. NY; they had first met in 1862 in Lockport while he was at Camp Church, and, according to the newspaper story, she had never married [her non–appearance in 1880-1920 Census questions that]; Silas continued to work as a salesman for J. and F. B. Garrett [his first in-laws] Paper Company into his mid 80s, without a sick day in 50 years [see 7/26/24 Olean Evening Herald]; he is buried at Clifton Springs Village Cemetery, Ontario Co. with Mary; married 4th wife Josephine K. [Chipps?] Colvin (1858-4/18?/29 at Clifton Springs, NY) 1/24/28 at Waterloo, Seneca Co. NY; she was widow of Joseph Colvin, and is buried with him at Glenwood Cemetery in Geneva, Ontario Co. NY

190. Polster, John - Left 5th; 8/22/62 at Medina age 31; out 1/12/65; (5/6/31 in Bavaria-9/17/81 at Medina, NY); wife Reka Heffner (4/?/34 in Bavaria-12/8/24 at Medina, NY); she immigrated 1851; 80 Shelby Census Laborer; widow pension 2/8/84; both at St. Mary's Cemetery, Ridgeway, NY

191. Post, Michael E. - 12/7/63 at Medina age 18; trans. Batt. K 3rd NYLA 6/10/65; out 6/30/65 at Richmond; 50 Rochester, NY Census with mother Mary and stepfather Warren Burrows; possibly Servant in 55 Monroe Co. Census; Shoemaker in 70 Ridgeway Census; wife Mary age 18; (1852? in NY-before 1880?); (10/20/45 at Rochester, NY-10/24/83); he is buried in section D, tier 3, grave 58 at Holy Sepulchre Cemetery in Rochester, NY [as Pvt. of the 3rd NYLA]; pension to mother Mary [Clafflin or Coughlin] Burrows 2/14/84? NY

192.Putnam, Charles - 3/12/64 at Rochester age 26; Mechanic; "dropped from rolls, only borne on recruit roll"; (1837? at Royalton, Niagara Co. NY-?); likely same soldier from Lockport who enlisted 8/19/64 in Co. E 64th NY Infantry and served until 6/22/65

193. Randall, Clark Mathew - Left 6th; 8/26/62 at Barre age 32; Sgt. [Chief of the Piece]; son of John and Margaret in 50 Medina, OH Census; married Nancy Ann Britton [or Brittain] (10/2/32 in Akron, OH-1/13/61 in Kalamazoo, MI) 1/10/53 in Akron, OH; Moulder in 60 Kalamazoo, MI Census; wife was Teacher in Ohio with their two sons; 65 Albion Census age 34; Soldier/widow; (11/21/30 at Brockport, NY-2/3/90 at Topeka, KS); married 2nd wife Mary Ann Tyrrell (6/1/42 at Lockport, NY-11/29/30 at Dudley, Clearwater Co. MN) 6/10/66 at Barre Center, NY; Farmer in Palmyra, Otoe Co. NE 80 Census; widow pension 5/7/90 KS; he is buried with government headstone at Topeka Cemetery, Topeka, Shawnee Co. KS [same as Capt. Anthony]; Mary Ann is buried at East Zion Cemetery in Clearwater Co. MN

194. Rawson, Moses Lowell - 9/12/64 at Rochester age 34; (7/10/30 [1900 Census says “10/29”] at Nunda, Livingston Co. NY-3/14/02 at Veterans’ Home, Napa, CA); son of James Harvey and Clarissa Miriam Lowell; married Susan Ashley (1834 in Portage?, Livingston Co. NY-7/3/91) circa 1860 [“married within year” in 60 Barre Census]; 75 Albion Census Farmer; 80 Victoria, Ellis Co. KS Census Farmer; at Portage, Livingston Co. NY in 90 Soldiers Census; invalid pension 4/25/91 NY 1019293; she is buried in Pennybrook Cemetery in Livingston Co. NY; he is a widower with son Grant in 1900 Perry, Wyoming Co. NY Census; buried at Napa Veterans’ Memorial Grove Cemetery with a government supplied marker in section A row 5 grave 8

195. Remde, Frederick C. - 1/5/64 at Rochester age 26; trans. 6/10/65 to Batt. K 3rd NYLA as “Renvoe”; out 6/30/65 at Richmond; (1837? in Germany-6/12/86); son of Henry and Margaret; “Doratha” believed to be step-mother; 1st wife Catherine “Kate” (1843? in Germany-about 1871); their children were raised by his brother William and his wife; both brothers were Coopers living next to each other as “Reneker” in 70 Ridgeway Census; married 2nd wife Amelia R. “Millie” Hainsworth Driver (12/25/32 in Bradford, Yorkshire England-after 1892) 6/6/73 at Brantford, ON Canada; both were Orleans Co. residents; she was widow of Richard Driver (1831in England-9/21/70); he is a 37 year old Brewer in 75 Ridgeway Census; was Proprietor of Farmer’s Hotel in Medina when he died; he is buried at 194 Old in Boxwood Cemetery; pension info under Co. K 3rd NYLA; invalid pension 2/20/85; widow pension to Amelia 7/26/90? 444855; she is in 92 Ridgeway Census living with George C. Cook [of the 17th] and wife Hannah James Cook

196. Rice, David Willard - Left 6th; 8/22/62 at Medina age 45; son of Sewel and Hannah Stearns; from Hartland, Niagara Co. NY; (8/30/16 in VT-12/29/82 at Newfane, NY); married Martha Darling (11/6/22 at Hartland, NY-7/20/90 at Royalton, NY) 6/29/44 at Somerset, Niagara Co. NY; Farmer in 80 Hartland Census; no pension info found; both are buried at Skeels [Hartland Central] Cemetery, Ridge Rd., Niagara Co. NY [he is mistakenly listed in some places as “Reno, Daniel W.”]

197. Rice, Nathaniel N. [Nelson?] - 9/5/64 at Schenectady age 36; out 5/6/65 at Hart's Island, NYC harbor; (3/21/30 at Northumberland, Saratoga Co. NY-2/10/06 of apoplexy at Soldiers’ Home, Grand Island, NE); son of Nathaniel W. and Jane Nelson; also served in 77th NY Infantry; married Elizabeth Katherin Ketcham (10/1/31 in Saratoga Co. NY-10/7/00 in NE) 2/13/53 at Northumberland, NY; had 12 children; Farmer in 80 Columbus, Platte NE Census; invalid pension 2/10/88; both buried at Ogallala Cemetery, Ogallala, Keith Co. NE  

198. Riggs, George C. [Charles or Cook?] - 9/19/64 at Rochester age 18; 50 Murray Census age 3; (1846 in Orleans Co. NY-3/6/83 at Albany, NY); 65 Clarendon Census age 18; Printer; son of Charles Davis and Juliette S. Cook; married Susan Isabel Artcher (10/9/48 in Albany, NY-2/20/22 of bronchial pneumonia at Albany, NY) 6/?/68; Printer in 80 Albany, NY Census; widow pension to Susan I. 9/8/08 NY 903951; she is a widowed lodger in 1900 Albany, NY Census; both are buried in section 26, plot 303 at Albany Rural Cemetery

199. Root, Cyrus E. - 2/13/64 at Rochester age 19; age 10 in 55 Carlton Census; son of Harvey and Mary F. Thompson; stepson of Abel A. Woodhull; (1/23/45 at Clarendon, NY-4/12/64 of typhoid fever at Augur Hospital, Alexandria, VA); caught measles at Elmira, NY on way to 17th and died eight days after leaving there without ever joining battery; buried at Arlington National Cemetery section 13 site 7514; no pension

200. Rubadeux, William Joseph [or Rubadeaux, or dozens of other spellings] - 8/22/62 at Medina age 24; deserted 1/17/63 [with Wallace] as 17th began move to Minor’s Hill, VA; (4/25/38 at Rochester, NY-5/12/99 in Toledo, OH); son of Joseph and Lydia Eagar; “married within year” 22 year old Cooper in 60 Hartland, Niagara Co. NY Census as “Rebadow” misread as “Rbalow”; wife was Elizabeth [Connor]; (1837? in Monroe Co. NY-after 1910 in IL?); had son George William (10/20/63 in Galt, ON Canada-2/27/94 at Grand Rapids, MI) 9 months after his desertion; second son was Lavelle Bertram “Bertie” Rubadeaux (4/21/68 at Galt, ON-1930 at Reddick, IL); “George Connor” married Mary Prest (1/1/52? in Queenston, ON Canada-10/30/34 in Toledo, OH) at Galt, ON Canada 10/28/68 [George Connor was name of wife Elizabeth’s brother, and it is likely that William Joseph used it as an alias for the bigamous marriage]; Mary was then nearly 4 months pregnant with son John Camel Rubadeux (4/7/69 at Rochester, NY-6/7/51 at Toledo, OH); Elizabeth and William’s son Lavelle was raised by Elizabeth in Lockport, NY 1868? to his adulthood; she is listed in 75 Lockport Census as a widow; Elizabeth married Avery T. Owens (1818-4/16/80) circa 1879; Lavelle became a Physician, and Elizabeth was living with him and wife Etta in Chicago, IL in 1910 Census; William was a Cooper in Rochester, NY [where mother Lydia and other relatives still lived] in 1869 Directory; Farmer in 80 Sylvania, Lucas Co. OH Census with wife Mary and various children, including oldest son George; they [he?] had 12 children, 10 still living in 1900 Census; William and Mary are buried in unmarked graves in lot O 140 7, 8 at Forest Cemetery, Toledo, OH; William’s brother Francis G. Rubadou (9/?/40 in Rochester, NY-6/10/03) served in Co. K 108th NY Infantry, and was wounded at Antietam in September 1862; O. Charles Benton stated in a 2/26/63 letter to his wife Cora that they had received a letter from Canada from one of the two deserters; possibly Rubadeux

201. Shanley, David H. [Hines?] - Left 5th; 8/22/62 at Medina age 18; (1844 at Medina, NY-7/17/97 at Medina, NY); son of Peter and Bridget C. Hines; invalid pension 8/17/91 1048291; Machinist in 92 Ridgeway Census; buried at St. Mary's Cemetery in Ridgeway, NY

202. Sheppard, William Adelbert [or Shepard or Shephard] - Left 5th; 8/22/62 at Medina age 18; from Royalton, Niagara Co.; Farm Worker; son of Hiram and Betsy Jane Cowdrey; in 50 Lisle, Broome Co. Census as “Adalbert”; 70 Royalton Census with wife Betsey Ann (1840? in Niagara Co. NY-after 1888); William A. in 80 Shelby, NY Census; 90 Soldiers Census at Bath, NY Soldiers and Sailors Home; invalid pension 7/7/90 as “Shepperd”; (1844? in Lisle?, Broome Co. NY-8/4/99 at Bath, Steuben Co. NY); no widow’s pension; in section B row 5 site 16 at National Cemetery, Bath, NY with a government marker

203. Sickels, Hiram Edward - 8/26/62 at Medina age 35; Senior 1st Lieut. commanding Right Section [1st and 2nd guns]; Lawyer; (6/24/27 in Albion, NY-7/4/95 at Albany, NY); transferred to 16th NYLA 11/64 for Fort Fisher expedition; returned to 17th duty 2/4/65; son of Hiram and Helena "Lana" Lasher; married Caroline A. Fairman (2/19/32 [based on 86 years, 9 months, 11 days] at Medina, NY-11/30/18 at Kinderhook, NY) in 1852; ran unsuccessfully for NY Supreme Court in 1869; moved to Albany 7/70 to join law firm; he was official NY State Reporter at Albany 1872-1895; widow pension 10/12/08; both in lot 24 section 36 at Albany Rural Cemetery

204. Simonds, John [or Simmons; Simms in some war records] - Left 6th; 8/21/62 at Medina age 36; immigrated in 1852; (7/12/25? [his marker says “74 yrs”, which would be 1832, but is believed incorrect] in Ireland-8/5/06); Farm Laborer in 75 Yates Census; invalid pension 6/3/80 under “Simons”; never married; buried at St. Mary's Cemetery in Ridgeway, NY

205. Simson, William H. - 12/24/63 at Rochester age 28; trans. to Batt. K 3rd NYLA 6/10/65; out 6/30/65 at Richmond; son of William and Sarah Martin; (3/27?/35 in Albany, NY-1/16/19 in Rochester, NY); age 15 with Francis and Maria Hogle as “Simpson” in 50 Ridgeway Census; Laborer in 65 Ridgeway Census as “Simpson”; wife Clarisa [“Clarsia” on marker] M. Stride (7/20/37 in Niagara Co. NY-8/10/07); his sister Sarah E. married 17th soldier William H. Graves; invalid pension 11/18/79; she is 55 in 1900 Shelby Census, while claiming 48 years of marriage!; both at 167 Single at Boxwood Cemetery; his marker lists only 3rd NYLA service

206. Slack, Michael - Left 5th; 8/21/62 at Medina age 21; son of Bryan and Nancy Ann Quinn; immigrated 1850; 1900 Ridgeway Census age 59; Contractor; widower; invalid pension 5/17/04; elected President at 1911 reunion of 17th; (8/11/40 at Aclare, Tobercurry, County Sligo, Ireland-2/4/17 in Medina, NY); married Catherine "Kate" Dolan (8/22/44 in Canada-5/10/92 in Medina, NY) 5/12/70; both buried at St. Mary's Cemetery

207. Smith, Avery A. - Right 2nd; 8/20/62 at Shelby age 22; 2nd Corp. [Caisson]; (9/19/40 at Shelby, NY-7/16/23 at Shelby, NY); son of Nicholas Jr. and Catherine Ann Sleight; married Jane P. Snyder (1840-4/13/95 at Shelby, NY) circa 1867; Carpenter in 80 Shelby Census; invalid pension 6/9/80; married Mary Estelle Bailey (7/18/68 at Shelby, NY-4/23/41 at Shelby, NY) 8/25/00 at Shelby, NY; widow pension 8/11/23; all at Shelby Center Cemetery

208. Smith, Henry D. - Left 6th; 8/18/62 at Medina age 24; 1st Corp. [Gunner]; promoted to Sgt. [Chief of the Piece] 5/22/65 replacing John McDonald in Right 2nd; (6/18/38 in Barre, Orleans Co. NY-11/11/13 at Albion, MI); 65 Yates Census age 26; Coppersmith; son of Joel Phillip and Ann Eliza Hurd; married Emma E. Rockwell (4/11/43 at Barre, NY-10/9/81 at Albion, MI) circa 1870; invalid 2/25/90 MI; “Capitalist” in 1900 Albion, MI Census; City Treasurer of Albion, MI in 1901; he lived with daughter Ella S. Bayles in 1910 Babylon, NY Census, both he and Emma in block 31, lot 7, graves 1 and 3 at Riverside Cemetery, Albion, Calhoun Co. MI 

209. Smith, Hiram D. - 8/26/62 at Medina age 25; Junior 2nd Lieut. commanding Center Section [3rd and 4th guns]; (7/4/37 at Medina, NY-12/26/85 at New York City); 65 Ridgeway Census age 28; Confectioner; son of Eugene and Laura Warner; cousin of George Warner of the 17th; wife Mary A. age 25; (1840 in Genesee Co. NY-after 1890); Grocer in 70 Ridgeway Census as “H.D.”; could not find in 80 Census; he lived in Woodside, Long Island, NY and was Chief Salesman for the Hamilton Rubber Co. of Trenton, NJ in 1885; he was found in front of 103 West 28th St. in Manhattan [a “disorderly house”] with a fractured skull, and died soon after without regaining consciousness [1/7 and 1/14/86 Medina Tribune; see also pg. 5, 12/30/85 and pg. 2, 1/5/86 New York Times]; buried at Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn, NY 12/28/85 in section 3, lot 18372, grave 147, but is listed in their records incorrectly as “Harry D. Smith”; grave unmarked; widow pension to Mary 7/12/90 in IL 429201

210. Smith, Lorenzo A. [Alanson?] - 9/20/64 at Rochester age 37; (6/5/27 [based on 86 years, 9 months, 13 days] in Orleans Co. NY-3/18/14 at Rochester, NY); son of Hiram S. and Anna or Amy Clark; married Caroline Dennison (6/?/32? in Canada-after 1910) circa 1850; 65 Ridgeway Census age 28; Baker; wife Caroline age 23; invalid 6/30/80; he is in G.A.R. lot 366 at Mt. Hope Cemetery in Rochester, NY 

211. Smith, Robert Woolston [W. incorrectly read as H. on pension form] - Right 2nd; 8/18/62 at Medina age 22; 60 Shelby Census Shoemaker; son of John Leist and Elizabeth Fairman; (11/29/39 in Ashmanhaugh, Norfolk, England-11/8/20 at Rochester, NY); his sister Sarah married William Neal of the 17th; married Harriet Elizabeth “Libbie” Wells (12/18/45 at Onondaga Co. NY-11/8/89 in Cuyahoga Co. OH) 4/6/66 at Medina, NY; graduated from University of Buffalo Medical School in 1872; Physician in 80 Barre, NY Census; invalid pension 6/30/80; “Retired” in 1900 Rochester, NY Census; both at Lynhaven Cemetery

212. Sowl, William A. Jr. - Right 2nd; 8/18/62 age 37; son of William and Hannah Meeker; (5/30/24 in Shelby, NY-11/7/64 of disease on his way home at Corning, NY); married Orinda Peck (1828 in NY-2/4/58) 8/16/49 at Ridgeway, NY; both in 50 WI Census with baby Rosabelle (5/?/50 at Dane Co. WI-?); Farmer in 60 Shelby, NY Census; his marker at Maple Ridge Cemetery in Shelby says "40 years old"; pension 1864 to J. A. Peck, guardian [likely Julius A. of Lockport, NY]; cousin George B. (1837-11/5/62 in a hospital at Harper’s Ferry, VA) and brother Albert D. served in Battery M 1st NY Light Artillery; orphan Rosabelle lived with Charlie Benton’s childless brother Floyd and sister-in-law Mary Jane in 1865, and was informally adopted by them; in 75 Albion Census as “Belle Soules,” their 22 year old daughter

213. Spencer, Charles Hungerford - Center 3rd; 9/2/64 at Rochester age [18]; (8/16/47? in CT-3/18/68 at Buffalo, NY); son of Calvin and Caroline Emeline Hungerford; in 60 Hartford, CT Census age [17] with parents (stepmother Clarissa Maria Root); member of “Charter Oak Base Ball Club” in Hartford; had been a Clerk at Bingham’s dry goods store in Albion before enlistment; age 18 boarder in 65 Albion, NY Census with Lucien Bingham; buried in Sec. H at Spring Grove Cemetery in Hartford, CT; no pension found; having left his job at Bingham’s a few months previous, he turned to drink and gambling; after sleeping at the police station in Buffalo for three nights, he went to a gun shop, and, upon purchasing a Sharp’s four-shooter and ammunition, shot himself through the right temple; his remains were returned to Hartford [see 3/25/68 Orleans Republican]

214. Stocking, Charles H. - 8/22/62 at Medina age 31; from Hartland, Niagara Co. NY; discharged for disability due to lung problems 3/24/63 at Washington, D.C.; son of Benjamin and Louisana Benedict; married Sarah Agnes Leavens (12/12/35 in Monroe Co. NY-1/22/17 in Charlotte, Eaton Co. MI), sister of Samuel Leavens of the 17th, circa 1854; invalid pension 1863; Farmer in 65 Barre Census age 36; (10/18/29 in Niagara Co. NY-11/10/07 in Charlotte, Eaton Co. MI); at Charlotte, Eaton Co. MI in 80 Census; widow pension 1907 MI 636063; both at Maple Hill Cemetery in Charlotte, Eaton Co. MI

215. Stockton, Albert - 2/29/64 at Rochester age [18]; trans. 6/10/65 Battery K 3rd NYLA; out 6/30/65 at Richmond; brother of Henry of the 17th; son of Thomas and Ann Gentle; immigrated in 1849; married Josephine “Josie” Bissell (2/?/49 in Monroe Co. NY-5/19/30 in Orleans Co. NY) circa 1876; 80 Carlton Census Farm Laborer; (4/5/47 in Spilsby, Lincolnshire England-10/26/31 at Albion, NY); invalid pension 8/29/96; both at Mt. Albion; marker mentions 3rd, not 17th

216. Stockton, Henry Frank - 2/25/64 at Rochester age 18; trans. 6/10/65 Battery K 3rd NYLA; out 6/30/65 at Richmond; brother of Albert of the 17th; son of Thomas and Ann Gentle; immigrated in 1849; married Emeline Adelaide Forsaith (7/10/47 in Niagara Co. NY-10/3/81 in Lapeer, MI) circa 1868; Farmer in 80 Hadley, Lapeer Co. MI Census; married Sarah Francis Howe (7/26/53 in Genesee Co. MI-12/18/36 in Lapeer, MI) 11/21/82 at Elba, MI; invalid pension 9/13/90; (6/3/44 at Silsby, Lincolnshire, England-1/17/36 at Carlton, NY); buried at Mt. Albion; marker mentions 3rd, not 17th; both wives are buried at Greenwood Cemetery in Hadley, MI

217. Stone, Warren Cantine - Center 3rd; 8/18/62 at Barre age 20; promoted to Corp. after 7/63; out 6/20/65 at Rochester, NY; son of George Henry and Melinda Farwell; (2/13/42 at Gaines, NY-7/20/04 at the Government Hospital for the Insane [St. Elizabeths] at Washington, D.C.); married Isadore “Dora” Barber (12/14/42 in Orleans Co.-11/1/66 of typhoid fever at Washington, D.C.) 11/14/65; she is buried at Mt. Albion; married 2nd wife Laura Rhodes (3/3/42 at Gaines, NY-9/3/23 in Ogden, Monroe Co. NY) circa 1869; she is buried at Fairfield Cemetery in Ogden, NY; he obtained his law degree from Georgetown 1873; Lawyer in 80 Washington, D.C. Census; Professor and Dean of Howard Law School 1880-81 at Howard University; invalid pension 6/6/92; Lawyer in 1900 Washington, D.C. Census as “Wallace E.”; widow pension no date; she lived with daughter Ada G. and son-in-law Josiah Robinson in 1910 Los Angeles, CA Census; with daughter Dora Laura and son-in-law Julius Gustavus Stettner in 1920 Ogden, Monroe Co. NY Census; he is buried at site 14636 at Arlington National Cemetery; brother George Henry Jr. served in Co. A 8th NY Heavy Artillery, and brother William Farwell served briefly in 194th NY Infantry at the end of the war

218. Stratton, Charles Clinton Sr. - Right 1st; 8/18/62 at Medina age 18; (1/8/44 at Medina?, NY-1/25/19 in Macon, GA of pneumonia); son of Abram and Cornelia Eckerson [or Lonnen]; age 21 in 65 Ridgeway Census; “Boot and Shoe Dealer” living with widowed mother in 70 Shelby Census; married Elizabeth “Lizzie” W. Rogers (5/3/54 in GA-11/16/12 in Macon, GA) at Bibb Co. GA 4/30/78; Brickmaker in 80 Macon, GA Census; manufactured first paving used in Macon; invalid pension GA 6/12/97; in Bibb Co. GA 1900 Census; he is listed as divorced in 1910 Census, but it is not evident in her obit.; both buried at Riverside Cemetery [old section] in Macon, GA; brother George W. served in Co. I 90th NY Infantry

219. Streeter, Fred V. [Streeter, Frederick Villroy] [initial listed as B. at enlistment and pension] - 9/8/64 at Shelby age [24]; Capt. Anthony gave him $25 from “company fund” to buy music books to start a 17th Battery choir circa 11/64; according to his obituary he was transferred 12/17/64 to commissary dept. of U.S. military railroads as acting 1st Lieutenant; discharged 5/12/65; (6/22/43 in Vernon, Windham Co.VT-3/7/25 at New Britain, CT); son of Noyes and Mary Gould; attended Macedon Academy in Wayne Co. NY 1862-63; home was NYC at that time; married Josephine L. Spaulding of NYC (1844-5/10/82 in Long Island, NY as Streeter) 6/1/65; she married David Henderson 10/23/78 at NYC, but was seeking divorce a year later; Fred was a published songwriter in the 1870s; divorced Music Dealer in 80 Saginaw, MI Census; 90 Soldiers Census in Grand Rapids, MI; invalid pension 12/18/91 in MI as Frederick; widowed Piano Tuner in 1910 New Britain, CT Census; commanded the CT state G.A.R. 1914-15; buried at Fairview Cemetery 118-1 section H in New Britain, CT; marker lists “17th NY Ind Btry”; son Morill Bertram D. "Morris" or "Morrie" Streeter (3/20/66 in NYC-6/3/48 in Los Angeles, CA) was a vaudeville performer with wife Blanche Bryan (5/21/79 in IL-5/2/76 in CA) in the early 1900s

220. Strickland, John - 9/3/64 at Rochester age 36; (5/10/32? [based on 58 years, 4 months, 6 days on his marker; likely 4 years older] in Wayne Co. NY-9/16/90 in MI); son of Guy and Anna Reynolds; Farm Laborer in 50 Savannah, Wayne Co. NY Census; 60 Carlton, Orleans Co. NY Census with wife Sarah (4/29/33 in Orleans Co. NY-3/23/13 in Carlton, MI) as “Stricklin”; Farm Laborer in Carlton, Barry Co. MI 70 Census; invalid pension 7/14/79; at Carlton Center, MI in 90 Soldier Census; widow pension Sarah A. 10/8/90 MI; both buried at Fuller Family Cemetery in Carlton Township, Barry Co. MI

221. Sutter, Linus Enrico Griswold - 8/18/62 at Medina age 21; promoted to “full” Bugler 4/10/63; (2/25/41 in Niagara Co. NY-6/22/20 at Albion, NY); son of Aruna Wheeler Griswold [died 5/20/45] and Martha Sabrina Plumley [died 11/6/44]; was adopted by [aunt] Anna Eliza Griswold and George Sutter, but dropped "Sutter" in late adulthood; 60 Ridgeway Census Carriage Maker; married Elizabeth Courtney (6/10/49 in Ancaster, ON Canada-11/13/38 in Medina, NY) 6/11/69 at Albion, NY; Shop Laborer in 80 Albion Census; son Walter married Daniel O’Sullivan’s daughter Agnes; invalid pension 1/3/90; widow pension 8/23/20; both at Mt. Albion as Griswold

222. Thompson, Irving Mead - 9/2/62 at Medina age 31; Senior 2nd Lieut. [Chief of Caissons]; promoted to Junior 1st Lieut. commanding Left Section [5th and 6th guns] 1/30/63 replacing George C. Cook; son of Cyrus and Charlotte Hamlin Mead; Lawyer; (3/15/31 at Verona, Oneida Co. NY-3/22/05); wounded in left thigh while unmasking a gun near Petersburg 7/25/64; worked at Bureau of Military Justice in Washington until 6/16/65; married Melissa Mary Warner (3/24/32 in Orleans Co. NY-6/18/16 at Albion, NY) 9/13/65 in Albion, NY; Orleans Co. District Attorney 1866-68; in 80 Albion Census as “Ervin”; invalid pension 2/14/95; widow pension no date; both buried at Mt. Albion 

223. Ticknor, Franklin M. [born Ticknor, Francis Marion] - Right 1st; 8/22/62 at Medina age 19; (6/10/43 in Yates, Orleans Co. NY-11/5/25 at Lyndonville, NY); son of Daniel and Sarah Brown; married Jane A. “Jennie” Dutcher (3/5/49 at Carlton,NY-4/18/10 at Cook Co. IL as remarried "Jennie Knorr") in Orleans Co. 5/4/67; his sister Mary married William Alonzo Ham of the 17th; Farmer in 75 Ridgeway Census; invalid pension 2/10/79; possibly divorced in the 1880s; 90 Soldiers Census states “disabled by being thrown from horse”; he may have been at the Willard [NY] Hospital for the Chronically Insane in 1900 Census; he was at Soldiers and Sailors Hospital in Bath, Steuben Co. NY in 1920 Census; he is buried at Bates Road Cemetery in Ridgeway, NY; she is at Montrose Cemetery in Chicago, IL; his brother James served in Co. G 90th NY Infantry

224. Vedder, Richard Henry - Left 6th; 8/22/62 at Medina age 20; son of Richard and Elizabeth Schriver; in 50 Hartland Census as “Vader”; Farmer with mother Elizabeth in 60 Hartland, Niagara Co. NY Census; married 17th soldier Elias Goodman’s sister Jane C. “Catherine” (1840 in Niagara Co. NY-3/21/23 at Millers, Orleans Co. NY) 4/10/62; (1/3/42 in Niagara Co. NY-7/16/64 of disease at the Hospital of the 16th Corps); buried at Broadway Landing on the Appomattox River [reported in 8/3/64 Orleans Republican]; has a marker at Smiths Cemetery, Ridge Rd. at Newfane/Hartland town line in Niagara Co.; Niagara Co. will 32-5-358; widow pension 10/25/64; she remarried circa 1869 to Hugh Flack (1834 in Ireland-11/1/85 at Hartland, NY); she is buried at Hartland Central Cemetery

225. Vosburgh, John Selah [T. in pension record; Vosburg, John S.] - Right 1st; 8/20/62 at Medina age 21; 1st Corp. [Gunner]; replaced by Silas Pitts 9/1/63 after he was “reduced to ranks,” likely caused by desertion from Camp Barry hospital 7/17/63-8/12/63; discharged for disability 1?/11/64 at Convalescent Camp, VA; (9/19/40 in Alabama, Genesee Co. NY-1/9/31 at Los Angeles, CA); son of Selah and Martha Gumaer; Farmer in 60 Alabama, NY Census; Gunsmith in 70 Tucson, Arizona Territory Census as J. S. Vosburg with $5000 personal estate; married Kate Sayre Slauson (5/24/61 in NYC-2/16/31 at Azusa, CA) 6/3/85; she was the daughter of banker/capitalist Jonathan Sayre Slauson, and remained in Los Angeles with her parents and 2 of their 3 children after their 1898-1902 divorce; Philanthropist; her ashes were buried on her Azusa estate; he is not in 90 Soldier Census; he is a boarder in 1900 Census at Skaneateles, Onondaga Co. NY with oldest son Roydon [Kate was in court trying to get Roydon returned to CA]; married 15 years, but wife is not listed; married Anna Sarah McCrillus  (12/12/61 at Paoli, IN-9/22/48 at Los Angeles, CA) circa 1909; pension record is stamped “SEE UNIDENTIFIED EVIDENCE FILES” and  “10/11/23” [may be confused with another John Vosburgh]; he is buried at Evergreen Cemetery in Los Angeles, CA; Anna is buried at Inglewood Park Cemetery in Inglewood, CA; As Col. John S. Vosburg, he became Adjutant General of the Territory of Arizona 1873-75.  While an Arizona gunsmith, he “grub-staked” a prospector, paying for $300 in supplies.  The prospector had been told that all he would get in Arizona was his tombstone – they were wrong – he found silver, and Tombstone, AZ got its name.  Vosburg was worth $150,000 at the time of his first marriage.

226. Vreeland, Syron B. - Right 2nd; 8/18/62 at Shelby age 32; (6/5/30 in Romulus, Seneca Co. NY-9/21/00 at Shelby, NY); son of Abraham and Catharine Goodman; married Lavina Alvira Westcott (3/4/29 in Mendon, Monroe Co. NY-1/23/07 at Shelby, NY) 6/21/51 at Lancaster, NY; 36 year old Laborer in 65 Shelby Census; invalid pension 6/28/80; widow pension no date; both at Shelby Center Cemetery; brother Abram served in Co. D 28th NY Infantry and died in April 1862 from his wounds     

227. Waite, Jeremiah - Left 5th; 8/19/62 at Medina age [24]; (10/?/26 in Columbia Co. NY-2/26/10); likely son of Josiah and Cynthia Palmer; 75 Clarendon Census Farmer age 45; invalid pension 6/18/78; husband of Helen Mae Haynes (4/27/30 in Westfield, CT-3/12/87 at Clarendon, NY); both at Hillside Cemetery in Clarendon, Orleans Co. NY

228. Waldron, Luke - Right 1st; 8/21/62 at Medina age 32; (11/24/30 at East Pembroke, Genesee Co. NY-5/22/22 at Williamsville, Erie Co. NY); son of Samuel B. and Rhoda Grennells; 65 Shelby Census age 35; Carpenter; wife Ann 28; 1st wife was Dartha [Dorothia?] Ann Mathews (10/13/37 in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada-10/14/76 at Medina, NY); likely married in Canada; she is buried at Boxwood Cemetery; invalid pension 6/22/80; married 2nd wife Elizabeth H. Hinckley (1/29/49 in Kent, England-10/?/22) 2/27/90; widow pension 6/15/22; both in section B, row 15 north at Williamsville Cemetery, Williamsville, NY

229. Wallace, John - 8/18/62 at Barre age 29; deserted 1/17/63 [with Rubadeux] as 17th began move to Minor’s Hill, VA; he later served in Co. A and K of the 5th U.S. Cavalry; son of Henry and Anna [Gradler?]; (6/28/29? in Scotland or Port Hope, ON Canada-12/4/06 at Michigan Soldiers’ Home in Grand Rapids, MI); married Rebecca Robinson (5/7/38 in Canada-12/10/09 at Saginaw, MI) in 1853 in Canada; son David was born in Canada around 1854; immigrated 1855; Farm Laborer in 60 Kendall, NY Census as “Walace”; invalid pension 1/8/99; both in 1900 Saginaw, MI Census; widow pension [based on Co. A 5th U.S. Cavalry service] 1/14/07; he is buried in plot 4, row 21, grave 6 at the Grand Rapids Veterans Home Cemetery; she is in section 14, lot 224 at Forest Lawn Cemetery in Saginaw; son James John (3/19/58 in NY-2/11/17) is also buried there; Wallace’s 2nd son William G. was born 5/18/56 in Brockport, NY, and won $15,000 in the 1890 Louisiana lottery; he used proceeds to buy a large farm in Highland Township, Oakland Co, MI, where his father had had a farm circa 1877

230. Ward, Eli - Right 2nd; 8/18/62 at Shelby age 21; son of Isaac and Sarah Eliza Causman; (4/5/42 at Parma, Monroe Co. NY-4/20/14 at Medina, NY); married Ellen Corey (4/8/43 in Orleans Co. NY-3/10/10 at Shelby, NY) 9/7/62 at Shelby, NY; 23 year old Farmer in 65 Shelby Census; invalid pension 2/7/91; both at Mt. Pleasant Cemetery in Shelby, NY

231. Warner, George Edward - Right 1st; 8/18/62 at Medina age 20; (11/28/41 at Ridgeway, NY-2/22/20 at Michigan Soldiers’ Home Hospital); son of Charles Calvin and Eliza Foote; cousin of Hiram D. Smith of the 17th; married 1st wife Harriet “Hattie” Lozier (2/18/43? in Niagara Co. NY-2/6/66 in Ridgeway, NY) 2/18/61; she was sister of Henry and William of 17th; 22 year old Baker/Soldier in 65 Ridgeway Census; invalid pension 5/25/67; married 2nd wife Mary Louise Hooker (2/26/51 at Ridgeway, NY-3/6/12 at Williamston, MI) 2/21/69 at Oak Orchard, NY; Farm Laborer in 80 Wheatfield, Ingham Co. MI Census; scheduled to marry Belle [Bartlett] True (1874 in St. Claire Co. MI-?) 3/?/14, but wedding “declared off by groom”; he and Mary are buried at Summit Cemetery in Williamston, Ingham Co. MI; brother Calvin T. served in Co. M 8th NY Heavy Artillery

232. Weaver, Anthony James - Center 3rd; 8/26/62 at Lockport age 21; (9/17/40 at Rotterdam, Schenectady Co. NY-6/9/19 at Grand Rapids, MI); 65 Gaines Census age 23; Laborer; son of William and Mary Fisher; married Alice M. Jeffers (8/25/45 at Gorham, Ontario Co. NY-5/31/10 at Easton Township, Ionia Co. MI) 10/21/68 at Rotterdam, NY; invalid pension 7/25/90; both buried at Easton Township Cemetery, Ionia Co. MI

233. Weed, Alonzo - 8/19/62 at Medina age 40; deserted 5/3/63 at Camp Barry, Washington, D.C.; married Mary Castle (1825? in Canada-after 1870) 3/16/45 at York, ON Canada; Carpenter in 1851 York Township, ON Canada Census age 29; probably son of Fertules and Hannah on same Census page; 60 Ridgeway Census age [35]; House Joiner; Carpenter in 1866 Titusville, PA Directory; Carpenter in 70 Titusville Census; (1821? in Wyoming Co. NY-10/20/79 at Medina, NY); wife Mary age [31]; he returned to Ridgeway, NY, as he appears in 75 Census as a Canadian-born Livery Laborer, age 54; fired from livery job for intoxication a few days before he died in his sleep from heart disease; likely buried near Medina in unmarked grave.

234. Welch, Anthony [or Welsh] - 8/19/62 at Medina; from Yates; listed in 1867 “Fourth Annual Report” book as “deserted before joining regiment”; listed as born in Canada; was a farmer; likely was same soldier [born in Ireland 1817? and had lived in Canada] who enlisted at Niagara Co. 8/21/62 in 25th NYLA and was mustered out 10/24/62; wife Mary (1817? in Ireland-?)

235. Weller, Edward George [Sr.] - 9/22/64 at Rochester age [26]; out 5/30/65 at Richmond, VA; son of Simons and Margaret Kepp; (1832 in Ontario Co. NY-4/8/98 of apoplexy at Barre, NY); married Amarette Spaulding (12/26/33? in Orleans Co. NY-4/6/09) 10/30/57; both in Kendall 60 Census next to her parents; invalid pension 6/24/89; Farmer in 92 Barre Census; widow pension no date; both at Mt. Albion Cemetery

236. Welsh, Thomas - 4/18/64 at Rochester age 26; (1837? in Ireland-?); deserted 4/25/64 at Elmira, NY; discharged from previous service in Batt. K U.S. Army 4th LA 1/15/64; no pension found

237. Whipple, Henry E. [Whipple, George Henry] - Left 6th; 8/21/62 at Medina age 24; from Hartland, Niagara Co. NY; (11/22/38? at Henrietta, Monroe Co. NY-1/25/28 at Newfane, NY); 50 Hartland Census age 11; 60 Hartland Census age 22; Farmer; son of George A. and Caroline Whitcomb; married Angeline C. Hartwell (8/28/39 in Wilson, NY-after 1900) 12/15/59; invalid 2/6/90 as George H. Whipple [Henry E. listed as “alias”]; lived apart in 1900 Census, and she is listed as “single”; he is buried at Wrights Corners Cemetery, Newfane, NY

238. Whipple, J. Milton - Right 2nd; 8/21/62 at Medina age 21; (2/?/42 at Gallopville, Schoharie Co. NY-6/22/70); son of Griffin and Louisa Barber; Teacher in 65 Shelby, NY Census; married circa 1866; at Maple Ridge Cemetery in Shelby; widow pension to Bertha Electa Sherwood Whipple Masten (10/?/42 in Orleans Co.-5/7/03 at Medina, NY) and minor 4/21/73 [sons Irving M. and Frank G.]; she married Ephraim Masten (7/18/31 in Ridgeway, NY-1884?) 6/27/74; she is buried at Boxwood Cemetery

239. Whitmore, James Herman - 9/13/64 at Rochester age 26; son of Samuel S. and Laura Ann Nowlin; (6/30/38 in Almont, MI-11/1/22 at Brookline, MA); School Teacher in 1862, graduated from Albany Law School 1865; Lawyer in Lockport, NY; became Adventist Clergyman 1867; Clergyman in 75 Shelby, NY Census, author of books on religion; wife was also named Laura Ann Nowlin; (2/17/55 in Dearborn, MI-2/3/23 in MA); she was an unmarried Teacher in 92 Barre, Orleans Co. NY Census; they married 1/8/00 in Boston, MA; invalid pension 10/27/04; widow pension 12/2/22; both buried at Mt. Albion

240. Wickham, Nelson James - Center 4th; 8/18/62 at Barre age 24; promoted to 2nd Corp. [Caisson] 4/8/63 replacing O. Charles Benton; became 2nd Lieut. 8/18/64 in Co. I 45th Colored Troops Infantry; out 11/4/65; son of Case and Mariette Butts; Farmer in 1870 Sherman, Crawford Co. KS Census; (4/5/38 in Gaines, Orleans Co. NY-11/7/07 at Girard, KS); married Emma S. Jones (6/15/51 in IN-7/31/33) 10/5/76; invalid pension 4/15/04 KS; widow pension Emma S. 5/28/08 KS; both are buried at section 6, lot 27 in Girard Cemetery, Crawford Co. KS; he has both a government and a regular marker

241. Wildey, Davis John [born Brewster, Davis John] - Center 3rd; 8/18/62 at Medina age 28; son of James Brewster [died 1838] and Charlotte Lemon Brewster Wildey; stepson of Joseph Wildey; 65 Shelby Census age 30; 2nd husband of Amanda B.; age 30; Cheese and Butter Maker in 80 Plymouth, Wayne MI Census; 90 Soldiers Census at Plymouth, Wayne Co. MI; lived in Elm, MI in 1891; invalid pension 2/24/91; (5/7/34 in Gates, Monroe Co. NY-1/29/20 at Plymouth, MI); wife Amanda (1835 in Sullivan Co. NY-8/22/94 at Northville, MI; death record has her 1st name as “Harriet”); married 2nd wife Mary L. Spitler Banker (3/12/49 in IN-10/2/18 in MI) 1/9/96 at Lansing, MI; age 85 in 1920 Northville, Wayne Co. MI Census; died as “John D. Wildey”; all 3 buried at Riverside Cemetery in Plymouth, Wayne Co. MI

242. Wilmarth, Francis P. [not D.] "Frank" - 9/13/64 at Rochester age 18; 50 Shelby Census age 5; son of Samuel Nelson and Harriette Gordon; (5/24/44? in Medina, Orleans Co. NY-12/1/15 at Emmet Co. MI); married 17th soldier Reuben Boyce’s daughter Estella Rosanna (1853? in NY-5/23/99 at Emmet Co. MI) 12/26/72 at Medina, NY; lived with Reuben and was Farm Worker in 80 Bear Creek, Emmet Co. Census; invalid pension 1/15/92; Meat Cutter in 1900 Petoskey Census; both at Greenwood Cemetery, Petoskey, Emmet Co. MI

243. Wilson, Almeron Calvin - 9/9/64 at Rochester at age 36; (1/25/29 at Wilson, Niagara Co. NY-7/22/14 at Montrose, Genesee Co. MI of arterio sclerosis); Farmer; son of Alexander and Catherine Hefner; married Lydia Lovina Phelps (7/26/34 in Parma, Monroe Co. NY-12/7/21 at Montrose, MI) at Carlton, NY 3/17/52; had 15 children; played the violin; invalid pension 10/10/89; widow pension 8/8/14; both buried in section 1 lot 126 at Montrose Cemetery; brother Valentine Alexander Wilson served in Co. A 151st NY Infantry, and married Lydia’s younger sister Susan Adelia Phelps

244. Young, Joseph - 1/5/64 at Rochester age 35; trans. 6/10/65 Batt. K 3rd NYLA; out 6/30/65 at Richmond; had also served in Co. C 11th U.S. Infantry; 65 Ridgeway Census age 30; Farmer; (1832? in Germany-6/20/02 at Bath, NY Soldiers’ Home); wife Mary Ann Felstead; age 29; married circa 1855; had 9 children; daughters Cora and Flora born 6/8/68; died 10/24 and 10/23/69; [they named another daughter born in 1870 Flora]; 75 Ridgeway Census Mary Ann age 38 listed as a widow; (4/15/36 at Ludlow, Norfolk England-4/19/30 at Medina, NY); invalid pension 1/27/77; twins and mother buried at Daniels Cemetery in Ridgeway; 90 Soldier Census listed Mary as a widow, but it is crossed out, with note below that he was living, and had left her “19 years ago”; possibly at Binghamton, NY State Hospital in 1900 Census; he is buried at Bath, NY National Cemetery section G row 10 site 33; widow pension 8/8/02

245. Young, William Baxter - Center 4th; 8/18/62 at Barre age 27; Sgt. [Chief of the Piece]; reduced to Private [Guidon] 4/7/63 “at own request” [according to O. Charles Benton who replaced him, “at own request” was a face-saving gesture]; (7/2/35 at Verner’s Bridge Township, Ireland-2/6/18 at Albion, NY); son of English father Joseph and Scottish mother Ester; said to be a direct descendant of Richard Baxter, the “Calvin Saint of England”; immigrated 1841; married Nancy Catherine Littebrant (8/3/40 at Schoharie, NY-6/14/30) 12/21/59 at St. Johnsville, Montgomery Co. NY [or 12/31/59 at Eparatah, Fulton Co. NY]; Printer, and later Publisher of The Saturday Chronicle in Albion 1876-88; invalid pension 4/11/91; lost his eyesight circa 1908; widow pension 3/4/18; both buried at Mt. Albion

246. Zimmerman, Lyman Franklin - Right 1st; 8/21/62 at Medina age 20; 55 Ridgeway Census age 13; father Rollandus; mother Roxanna Gluck; 65 Ridgeway Census age 23; Farmer; married Mary L. Snyder (7/11/44 in Cambria Center, Niagara Co. NY-4/25/34 at Elkhart, IN) 5/27?/67; 75 Shelby Census age 33; Bank Clerk; (3/10/42 at Cambria, Niagara Co. NY-8/26/24 at Elkhart, IN); later he was an Insurance Agent; held many “17th reunion” offices; invalid pension 8/29/04 in NY; 1915 Ridgeway Census “Retired”; moved to IN in 1916; widow pension Mary L. 10/11/24 in IN, both buried in section 13 at Rice Cemetery in Elkhart, IN; see Hevenor

Further research has yielded the following:

When George T. Anthony first ran for governor of Kansas in 1876, letters from some of his former soldiers appeared in Kansas newspapers. The letters appeared again in the Topeka Tribune in 1892, when he was running (unsuccessfully) for Congress.  

                                                                                              George T. Anthony War Record

          A short time ago we published extracts from the report of a Republican mass meeting held in Leavenworth on the evening of October 24th, 1876, in which certain charges were made against Geo. T. Anthony.  We stated at the time that if these charges were disputed we would publish the documentary evidence sustaining them.  It seems that the Lawrence Journal wants to see some of those documents, as the following appeared recently in its columns:

          It is claimed now that during the war Geo. T. Anthony was a great coward.  As the fellows who are accusing him of cowardice were as far from the battlefields as was possible for them to get, it is hard to understand how they found it out.

         An examination of the following documents will show that it is the men of Geo. T.’s own command who make the charges, and the Journal, as usual, is wrong.  The following certificate is signed by eight members of his command:  

                                                                                                                         Shelby Center, N.Y., October 2, 1876           The undersigned, members of the Seventeenth New York Battery, served under Capt. G. T. Anthony nearly three years.  The battery, for nearly two years, laid at or near the city of Washington.  His character, from our observation during our time of service, is that of a coward.  He was tyranical, cruel and oppressive to his men, often inflicting upon them excessive and unjust punishment.  We believe that he holds several thousand dollars of money realized from the sale of rations of which we were deprived.  We believe that he has money raised by subscription for the purpose of embalming Comrades [Eliphalet J.] Hunt and [Henry G.] Fuller, that he has never paid to the embalmers.  It is our belief, and we think the impression prevails throughout our community, that he is destitute of business integrity, morally dishonest, and that he left our village on account of the feeling of dislike and hatred openly expressed against him.

L.[yman] F.[ranklin] Zimmerman
Chan[dler G.] Ellicott
L.[yman] F.[ranklin] Zimmerman
William Lozier
Avery A. Smith
M[orton] M. Edmonds
N.[elson] L.[uther] Huxley
Charles Mace
John W.[ooley] Bleekman

A nearly identical letter was signed October 13th by:

S.[ilas] W.[right] Pitts
O.[lin] M.[ay] Gould [Goold]
Luke Waldron
D.[avid] G.[arrett] Henion
David [Henry] McCargar
A.[rchibald] D.[uffy] Paul
Owen McCollum
Charles C.[linton] Stratton [Sr.] Fred[erick C.] Remde
D.[aniel] C.[randall] Himes
M.[ichael] Pitner
Syron [B.] Vreeland

A letter dated September 21, 1864 to Alfred Barringer from one of the embalming surgeons, verified the claims of nonpayment.


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