Town of Shelby - 1818

The Town of Shelby was formed on March 6, 1818. It is located in the southwest corner of Orleans County and is 7-1/2 miles across from east
to west and 6 miles across from north to south. The southern half of the Village of Medina is in the Town of Shelby.
It has four hamlets; Millville, East Shelby, Shelby Center and West Shelby. One of the ealiest settlers was Ralph Gregory.


Fletcher Chapel
Freeman Road
Hagerman Farm
Hellert Farm
Maple Ridge
Mt. Pleasant
North Shelby aka Mt. Hope
Shelby Center
West Shelby

Three of these cemeteries are still active: North Shelby, Millville & Mt. Pleasant.

Historic Maps of Orleans County

Census Records

1830 / 1850 / 1855 / 1865 / 1875 / 1880 / 1892 / 1900 / 1915 / 1930

Town Clerk

Darlene Rich

4062 Salt Works Road
Medina, New York 14103
Phone: 585-798-3120
Fax:     585-798-1108
Hours: Mon - Fri 8:30am to 4pm

Vital Statistics records start in 1882

Town Historian

Shane Sia

Medina, NY 14103

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