CECILIA BRAZZELL (1887 - 4 Oct 1911)

Petition Surrogate Court
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State of New York

To the Surrogate Court of the County of Orleans:
The Petition of George T. Brazzell
of the Town of Ridgeway in the County of Orleans, respectfully showed: That
Cecilia B. Brazzell resident of the Town of Ridgeway on or about the 4th day of
October 1911. That at the time of her death she was an inhabitant of the said County of Orleans. That she has left no Will so far as your petitioner has heard or been able to discover. That she left as husband or wife if any, and as next of kin, the following named persons, their places of residence and degree of relationship, which are as follows:


That in the opinion of the petitioner there is cause of action granted to the administratů.of said estate by special provision of the law, and that the probable amount to be received therein will not exceed $ nothing
That the real estate owned by the deceased at the time of her death does not exceed in value $ nothing
And your petitioner further showeth: that no petition of grant of Letters of Administration upon said estate has been filed in any Surrogate's Court of this State, and that all the goods, chattels and credits of the said deceased do not exceed in value the sum of about one hundred Dollars.
That the Post Office address of your Petitioner is 410 E. Center St., Medina, NY.
(Sign Here) George T. Brazzell
Dated November 15, 1911

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George T. Brazzell being duly sworn, says that he is the petitioner named in the foregoing petition, and that said petition is true of his own knowledge, except as to the matters which are therein stated to be alleged on information and belief, and as to those matters...he...believes it to be true.
(Sign Here) George T. Brazzell
Sworn to before me this 15th
day of Nov. 1911
[unreadable] Notary Public

I do swear that I will well honestly and faithfully discharge the duty of Administratrix of the estate of Cecilia B. Brazzell, deceased according to law.
George T. Brazzell

[stamped by notary public]

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Know all men by these Presents, That we George T. Brazzell of Medina NY as principal and William Brazzell and Sebert Barrett both of same place,as sureties are held and firmly bound unto the People of the State of New York in the sum of Two Hundred Dollars, to be paid to the said People , which payment well and truly to be made, we bind ourselves and each of our Heirs, Executors and Administrators, jointly and severally, firmly by these presents.
Sealed with our seals. Dated this this 15th day of Nov. 1911.
The Conditions of this Obligation are such, that if the above bounden George T. Brazzell about to be appointed Administratr-- of all and singular the goods, chattles and credits of Cecilia B. Brazzell deceased shall faithfully discharge the trust repose in him as such, and obey all lawful decrees and orders of the Surrogate Court in the County of Orleans, touching the Administration of the Estate committed to him then the above obligation is void; otherwise to remain in full force and virtue.
Sealed and delivered in the presence of
George T. Brazzell
Wm Brazzell
Sebert Barrett

[stamped by notary public]

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William Brazzell and Sebert Barrett the sureties named in the within bond, being duly sworn, each for himself doth say, that he is a resident of and a householder or a freeholder within the State, and is worth Two Hundred Dollars over all the debts and liabilities which he owes or has incurred, and exclusive of property exempt by law from levy and sale under an execution.
Wm Brazzell
Sebert Barrett

[stamped by notary public]

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