DAVID L. CARR (Died: 21 May 1892)


IN THE NAME OF GOD, AMEN, I, David L. Carr of Knowlesville Orleans County NY

Being of sound mind and memory, and considering the certainty of this frail and transitory life, do therefore make, ordain, publish and declare this to be my last Will and Testament, that is to say:

First—After all my legal debts are paid and discharged, I give and bequeath:

To my beloved wife, Mary Ann Carr, the use of all my real estate and personal property during her life except the insurance on my life, which is therein dispersed of.

Second, At the death of my beloved wife, Mary Ann Carr, I give & bequeath the whole of my property both real and personal to my Daughters, Carrie J. Clark and Minnie L. Carr to be divided equally share & share alike. In case of the death of either without heirs the other to receive the entire estate.

Likewise, I make, constitute and appoint Sylvester Gregory of Shelby Orleans Co NY with full power to sell the real estate to be executor of this my last Will and Testament, hereby revoking all former Wills by me made.

In Witness Whereof, I have hereunto subscribed my name and affixed my seal the 17th day of July in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and eighty.

David L. Carr

The above written instrument was subscribed by the said, David L. Carr in our presence, and acknowledged by him to each of us; and he at the same time declared the above instrument, so subscribed, to be his last Will and Testament; and we, at his request, have signed our names as witnesses hereto, in his presence, and in the presence of each, and written opposite our names our respective places of residence.

C. L. Stevens, Knowlesville, Orleans Co. NY

Sadie E. Stevens, Knowlesville, Orleans Co. NY




The Petition of Sylvester Gregory of the town of Ridgeway in the County of Orleans, respectfully showeth:

That David L. Carr late of the Town of Ridgeway in the said County of Orleans, deceased, died the said Town of Ridgeway on or about the 21 day of May 1892, being at that time a resident of the County of Orleans, that he died, leaving a last Will and Testament which is now produced in the Surrogate’s Court, of the said County of Orleans, which Will bears date the 17 day of July 1880 and by which said last Will and Testament the said deceased nominated and appointed your petitioner ???? executes thereof; that the said deceased died possessed of real & personal estate in the said County of Orleans, and that the following are the names, places of residence, and degree of relationship (with the ages of such as are minors, and the names of guardians or persons with whom any of said minors, under 14 years of age reside), of all the heirs at law and next of kin, and husband and wife if any, of said deceased; and the names and residences of all persons in being who would take an interest in any portion of said estate by the provisions of said Will:

Mary Ann Carr widow Ridgeway

Carrie J. Clark daughter Ridgeway

Minnie L. Carr Van Heusen [Heuren?] daughter Syracuse


Submitted by: Candace Carter-Green 24 Jan 2004