1915 CLARENDON Orleans, NY Census

1915 Census - Orleans County, NY

Town of Clarendon - L

LACY, CURTIS - SEE BUTCHER                                       D2-P  2

LANGHAM, EDWARD S.          43 HEAD     USA         FARM LBR.    D1-P  7
LANGHAM, MARY F.            55 SISTER   USA         HOUSEWORK

LAVENDER, ALBERT            40 HEAD     USA         COOPER       D1-P 12
    NELLIE M.               23 WIFE     USA         HOUSEWORK
    ALBERT                   8 SON      USA         SCHOOL
    LESTER                   6 SON      USA
    WILLIAM J.               4 SON      USA
    EARL                     2 SON      USA
    ESTHER M.              319 DAYS     USA

LAWLER, PHOEBE B.           79 HEAD     IRELAND                  D1-P  7
    MAMIE R.                40 DAU      USA         HOUSEWORK
    PETER                   52 SON      USA         FARMER
    MARY                    46 DAU/LAW  USA         HOUSEWORK
YATES, CHARLES              64 SERVANT  USA         FARM LBR.

LAWLER, THOMAS J.           57 HEAD     USA         FARMER       D1-P  7
    JULIA                   57 WIFE     USA         HOUSEWORK
    WILLIAM T.              16 SON      USA         FARM LBR.

LAWRENCE, MARY - SEE MILLIKEN                                    D2-P  4

LAWTON, REUGENE E.          63 HEAD     USA         CURIO MFGR.  D2-P  9
    CORNELIA                60 WIFE     USA         HOUSEWORK

LEE, NICHOLAS               76 HEAD     IRELAND     COOPER       D1-P  9
    BRIDGET M.              72 WIFE     IRELAND     HOUSEWORK
    THOMAS H.               47 SON      USA         COOPER
    MARY E.                 43 DAU      USA         HOUSEWORK

LEE, WILLIAM J.             48 HEAD     ENGLAND     FARMER       D1-P 11
    MARY E.                 39 WIFE     USA         HOUSEWORK
    LILLIAN G.              18 DAU      USA         SCHOOL
    MABEL B.                17 DAU      USA         SCHOOL
    WILLIAM H.              16 SON      USA         SCHOOL
    ROBERT A.               11 SON      USA         SCHOOL
    GLADYS M.               10 DAU      USA         SCHOOL
    ALICE R.                 6 DAU      USA         SCHOOL

LEWIS, WARNER - SEE TUPPER                                       D1-P  8

LOCKHART, FRANK - SEE McFARLAND                                  D1-P 13

LUDINGTON, GEORGE W.        47 HEAD     USA         FARMER       D1-P 11
    ELLA B.                 46 WIFE     USA         HOUSEWORK

LUSK, ADELBERT H.           52 HEAD     USA         FARM LBR.    D1-P  6
    MARGARET                48 WIFE     USA         HOUSEWORK
    JOHN L.                 16 SON      USA         FARM LBR.
    WILLIAM M.              13 SON      USA         SCHOOL
    FLORA E.                 5 DAU      USA

LUSK, ADIN B.               54 HEAD     USA         FARMER       D1-P  5
    MARY A.                 33 WIFE     USA         HOUSEWORK
    FRED C.                  9 SON      USA         SCHOOL

LUSK, WALTER A.             29 HEAD     USA         BLACKSMITH   D1-P 10
    LOUISE E.               24 WIFE     USA         HOUSEWORK
    JOSEPH C.                7 SON      USA         SCHOOL
    LEWIS W.                 4 SON      USA

LYNCH, CATHERINE            45 HEAD     USA         HOUSEKEEPER  D2-P  9
    WILLIAM P.              21 SON      USA         FARMER
    BERNARD J.              19 SON      USA         FARM LBR.
    CLEMENT J.              16 SON      USA         FARM LBR.
    GENEVIEVE J.            16 DAU      USA         FARM LBR.
    GEORGE L.               15 SON      USA         FARM LBR.
    MARIE K.                 8 DAU      USA         SCHOOL

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