1915 CLARENDON Orleans, NY Census

1915 Census - Orleans County, NY

Town of Clarendon - P & Q

PACKARD, ZEBULON            74 HEAD     USA                      D2-P  7
    MARGARET J.             69 WIFE     USA         HOUSEWORK
    RENA A.                 24 DAU      USA         TEACHER

PAINE, WILLIAM              61 HEAD     USA         FARM LBR.    D2-P  9
PAINE, MARY                 77 MOTHER   USA         HOUSEWORK

PARKER, NATHANIEL V.        60 HEAD     ENGLAND     FARMER       D2-P 11
    MARY H.                 61 WIFE     USA         HOUSEWORK
    FLORENCE M.             15 DAU?     USA         SCHOOL

PARMER, GEORGE B.           29 HEAD     USA         FARM LBR.    D1-P  4
    LILY B.                 28 WIFE     USA         HOUSEWORK
    GLADYS L.               10 DAU      USA         SCHOOL
    AVIS M.                  7 DAU      USA         SCHOOL
    VERONA B.                6 DAU      USA         SCHOOL
    EARL E.                  4 SON      USA
    GEORGE R.                2 SON      USA

PARMER, ROBERT W.           62 HEAD     ENGLAND     FARMER       D1-P  1
    MARY E.                 61 WIFE     USA         HOUSEWORK
POSTLE, ROBERT W.           22 NEPHEW   USA         FARM LBR.

PERRY, MINA M. - SEE TUPPER                                      D1-P  8

PIEDEMONTE, JOSEPH M.       44 HEAD     ITALY       FARMER       D1-P  4
    MARY L.                 42 WIFE     ITALY       HOUSEWORK
    JOHN N.                 20 SON      ITALY       MACHINIST
    MICHAEL                 18 SON      ITALY       FARM LBR.
    MARGARET                16 DAU      USA         HOUSEWORK
    ANTHONY                 13 SON      USA         SCHOOL
    MATTHEW                 12 SON      USA         SCHOOL

PLUMMER, CLYDE H.           25 HEAD     USA         FARMER       D2-P 13
    SAVILLA                 25 WIFE     USA         HOUSEWORK

POSTLE, ROBERT W. - SEE PARMER                                   D1-P  1

POTTER, ALFRED M.           52 HEAD     USA         FARMER       D2-P 11
    BERTHA M.               49 WIFE     USA         HOUSEWORK
    JOHN N.                 19 SON      USA         FARM LBR.
    CLEORA                  15 DAU      USA         SCHOOL

POTTER, FRANKLIN J.         39 HEAD     USA         FARMER       D2-P 10
    NELLIE                  35 WIFE     USA         HOUSEWORK
    HAROLD B.               15 SON      USA         SCHOOL

POTTER, FRED T.             45 HEAD     USA         FARMER       D1-P 14
    GRACE W.                40 WIFE     USA         HOUSEWORK
    RALPH A.                15 SON      USA         SCHOOL
    MARK W.                 13 SON      USA         --
    MILDRED R.              10 DAU      USA         SCHOOL
    WARREN D.                7 SON      USA         SCHOOL

POTTER, HENRY M.            31 HEAD     USA         FARM LBR.    D2-P  8
    JANE                    23 WIFE     USA         HOUSEWORK
    EDNA M.                  4 DAU      USA

POTTER, JAMES R.            50 HEAD     USA         PAINTER      D1-P 10
    JENNIE                  46 WIFE     USA         HOUSEWORK


PRATT, JAMES H.             48 HEAD     USA         FARMER       D1-P  4
    ALICE M.                42 WIFE     USA         HOUSEWORK
    MILO J.                 25 SON      USA         FARM LBR.
    HOMER W.                 7 SON      USA         SCHOOL
    RAYMOND L.               6 SON      USA         SCHOOL
    DORIS L.                 4 DAU      USA

PRESTON, JOHN C.            36 HEAD     USA         FARMER       D2-P 13
    JESSIE                  36 WIFE     USA         HOUSEWORK

PRIFUME, CHARLES            26 HEAD     ITALY       TIREMAKER    D1-P 11
    MINNIE I.               27 WIFE     GERMANY     HOUSEWORK

PUTNAM, CHARLES F.          58 HEAD     USA         FARMER       D2-P  6
    MARY                    59 WIFE     USA         HOUSEWORK
    MATTIE                  31 DAU      USA
    ESTELLA                 26 DAU      USA         TEACHER
    FRANK                   21 SON      USA         FARM LBR.
    McKINLEY                18 SON      USA         FARM LBR.

PUTNAM, HENRY S.            29 HEAD     USA         FARMER       D2-P 12
    EDITH M.                27 WIFE     USA         HOUSEWORK


QUARANTO, JOSEPH            67 HEAD     ITALY       FARMER       D1-P 11
    MARY                    62 WIFE     ITALY       HOUSEWORK
    NICHOLAS VITO           32 SON      ITALY       FARMER
    JOSEPH                   8 GR.SON   USA         SCHOOL
    ANNA                     7 GR.DAU   USA         SCHOOL
    MARY                     4 GR.DAU   USA
    FRANK                    3 GR.SON   USA
    JAMES                    1 GR.SON   USA

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