1930 YATES, Orleans, NY Census - R

1930 Census - Orleans County, NY

Town of Yates - R

RAY, LAURA ANN           73 WIDOW OF FREDERICK    NY, PAR/ENG    37-31-34

RAY, WALTER C.           34 HEAD                  MI, F/ENG, M/NY 37-32-213
                            AGE 1ST MARR 19       FARMER
     MILDRED M. (AMOS)   36 WIFE, 1ST MARR 21     NY, PAR/NY

REINGRUBER, LEONARD - SEE BURNETTE                               37-31-123

RIAMANN, LOUISE          61 WIDOW OF CARL         GER, PAR/GER   37-32-214
                                                  IMM 1882N
     CARL JR.            32 SON, FARMER           NY, PAR/GER, 1ST MARR 19
     LENA                34 DAU-IN-LAW            NY, PAR/NY, 1ST MARR 21

RIBBLE, MARGARET         70 WIDOW OF EDWARD       NY, PAR/NY     37-31-222

RIEMER, AUGUST G.        34 HEAD                  NY, PAR/GER    37-32-48
                            AGE 1ST MARR 26       FARMER
     DONALD L.            6 SON                   NY
     SHIRLEY J.           2 YR 5 MO. DAU          NY

RIEMER, ENO C.           35 HEAD,  WWI            NY, PAR/GER    37-31-80
                            AGE 1ST MARR 33       WHOLESALE GAS & OIL
     HELEN ROSALINE      24 WIFE, 1ST MARR 22     NY, PAR/NY
BARNEY, FRANCES          61 SERVANT               NY, F/GER, M/NY, WIDOW

RIEMER, WALTER A.        32 HEAD                  NY, F/GER, M/NY 37-31-110
                            AGE 1ST MARR 30       CANNING CO LBR
     RUTH E. (MOWER)     25 WIFE, 1ST MARR 23     NY, PAR/NY
                                                  TELEPHONE OPERATOR

RIEMER, WILLIAM E.       69 HEAD                  GER, PAR/GER   37-31-70
                            AGE 1ST MARR 35       GREENHOUSE LBR, IMM 1878N
     BERTHA C.           62 WIFE, 1ST MARR 20     GER, PAR/GER, IMM 1885N
     BERTHA M.           19 DAU                   NY

RINKER, ELAINE J. - SEE THAYER                                   37-31-53

RINKER, WILLIAM A.       68 HEAD                  NY, F/GER, M/NY 37-32-74
                            AGE 1ST MARR 34       FARMER
     CORA M. (BURCH)     53 WIFE, 1ST MARR 19     NY, PAR/NY
     WILLIAM A. JR.      15 SON                   NY, SCHOOL

ROBERTS, KENYON N.       37 HEAD                  NY, PAR/NY     37-32-111
                            AGE 1ST MARR 27       FARM LBR
     CORAL E. (CLARK)    29 WIFE, 1ST MARR 19     NY, PAR/NY
     MARIE C.            10 DAU                   NY, SCHOOL
     DONALD G.            6 SON                   NY, SCHOOL
     WILLIAM A.           3 YR 8 MO. SON          NY

ROBINSON, FRED           48 HEAD                  NY, PAR/NY     37-31-56
                            AGE 1ST MARR 24       ODD JOBS
     CLEON L.             6 SON                   NY, SCHOOL

ROBINSON, NICHOLAS       65 HEAD                  CAN-FR, PAR/UNKN 37-31-202
                            AGE 1ST MARR 19       FARMER, IMM 1888N
     FLORA E. (NEAL)     63 WIFE, 1ST MARR 15     NY, PAR/ENG
     EDWARD J.           42 SON                   NY, F/CAN-FR, M/NY, LBR

ROBINSON, RALPH R.       34 HEAD                  NY, F/GER      CTY LINE-23
                            AGE 1ST MARR 20       M/NY, FARM LBR
     HAZEL L.            34 WIFE, 1ST MARR 20     NY, PAR/NY

ROBINSON, WILLIAM H. - SEE SWAN                                  37-32-249

ROLFE, WILLIAM J.        62 HEAD                  NY, F/NY, M/ENG 37-31-139
                            AGE 1ST MARR 56
     MARTHA E. (HOUSEL)  47 WIFE, 1ST MARR 41     NY, F/NJ, M/ENG
FULLER, MARION H.        14 STEPDAU               NY, PAR/NY, SCHOOL
FULLER, MELBA A.         13 STEPDAU               NY, PAR/NY, SCHOOL

ROOT, NATHAN W.          68 HEAD                  NY, PAR/NY     37-31-40
                            AGE 1ST MARR 29       ODD JOBS
     ELLA (MALOY)        58 WIFE, 1ST MARR 18     NY, PAR/NY
     ARNOLD T.           23 SON                   NY, ODD JOBS LBR, SINGLE
     DONALD N.           18 SON                   NY
     DOROTHY E.          18 DAU                   NY, SCHOOL
MILLER, JACKIE            6 GRANDSON              NY, PAR/NY, SCHOOL

ROWLEY - SEE BATEMAN                                             37-32-152

ROWLEY, ERNEST W.        51 HEAD                  NY, PAR/NY     37-31-88
                            AGE 1ST MARR 23       FRUIT FARM
     SLYVIA I. (YAXLEY)  46 WIFE, 1ST MARR 18     NY, PAR/NY
     ERNEST R.           22 SON                   NY, FRUIT FARM LBR
     LEWIS E.            20 SON                   NY, FRUIT FARM LBR
     DONALD E.           18 SON                   NY, FRUIT FARM LBR

ROWLEY, HARMON J.        49 HEAD                  NY, PAR/NY     37-31-95
                            AGE 1ST MARR 28       LYNDONVILLE ICE & COLD
                                                  STORAGE MANAGER
     MARY A.             49 WIFE, 1ST MARR 28     VA, F/NY, M/MA
     LAURA               16 DAU                   NY, SCHOOL

ROWLEY, JAY H.           54 HEAD                  NY, PAR/NY     37-32-84
                            AGE 1ST MARR 37       FARMER
     MARY H.B.           46 WIFE, 1ST MARR 29     NY, PAR/NY
                                                  DISTRICT SCHOOL TEACHER
     MARGARET B.         15 DAU                   NY, SCHOOL
     ELMER J.            12 SON                   NY, SCHOOL
     IDA LOUISE          11 DAU                   NY, SCHOOL

ROSS, WILLIAM H.         75 HEAD, SINGLE          NY, F/SCOT, M/IRE 37-31-5
ROSS, JOHN D.            73 BROTHER, SINGLE       NY, F/SCOT, M/IRE
                                                  SHOP MACHINIST
ROSS, ANNA N.            69 SISTER, SINGLE        NY, F/SCOT, M/IRE

RUTHERFORD, NETTIE BELL - SEE MARSHALL                           37-31-25

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